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My first ff part 1?

Both shivika had join the same school in standard 6 but they never talk with eachother in almost 4 and half year neither face to face nor in any social media (all shivika, gaurika, ruvya, tia , dyusant were in same college and in same class )while anika, gauri and bhavya ,priyanka were best friend and shiomru and ranveer were best friends and tia and anika are like sisters very close to eachother they all enjoyed in class and fun while the boys were last benchers and girls were 1 benchers but opposite in sides like  this days passes then one day anika was on social media for the first time then as a classmate he started talking with boys of her class..but In school she had never talked and then when next day she come online she saw shivaay online and messaged him he too reply within a minute (like he was waiting for her message)

they never used to talk in school but they had already started to talk on social media they always share each and every moment of the day with eachother it goes like this  now they reach 10 standard and their talked goes more and more they used to chat till 12 of night but both r unaware that they have a little feeling for eachother.When they r on last month of 10 standard anika got to know that he loves tia and tia too loves him but hadn't express till now.. (actually he didn't loved him he just got attracted by her charm of face but he thought it's love and accept that like truth)That day anika cried whole night and didn't ate her food then after few days she realised her feeling and said to him that she loves her he got a shocked he said he loves tia and also said that I am very lucky that u love me and u r very close to me but only as a frend they were best friend from when they started talking with eachother she was too much hurt but she manages herself they still talked with eachother and he talked about tia with her sometimes she feeled really bad but as always she manages herself in school tia used to talk about shivaay and anika used to listen her as a good listener becoz anika didn't want tia to know that she loves him(guys today no precap i will post part 2 soon )how it plzz comment below hope u like it☺

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  1. Awesome…. Eagerly waiting 4nxt…. Post ASAP….

    1. Dreamy2857

      Thank you ..will soon post next part

  2. awesome

    1. Dreamy2857

      Thanks alot

  3. Alekhika20

    Nice update

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