Beyhadh 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun Confesses His Love for Saanjh

Beyhadh 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun runs behind Saanjh and holds her, scolds why she is running away from him. She says it is better to be in his heart than in front of him and shows bombs around her waist. She jumps from roof top, but Arjun holds her and pulls her back. Saanjh says Maya is very ruthless and will not spare him, so it is better she die. He says he will not let that happen until he is alive. Their conversation continues. Maya comes and says Saanjh is still alive as she is Arjun’s friend, but now she will die. She asks Arjun to move before she presses bomb button.

Aryan says nobody can separate Duffer and Dusky now and Maya can press button. Maya asks him to move aside. Arjun expresses his love for Saanjh and says he loves her, the way she fell from roof top to save him, he realized it so late. Maya says he is meant for him. Saanjh says the are best friends and he cannot think of love between them.

Arjun continues that he realized so late that he love Saanjh and she was supportive whole life. Maya says even she loved him so much and cannot give him to anyone. She reminisces Arjun making 7 vows and reminds him each vow. She says if he cannot be hers, then it is better she kills him. Arjun asks her to go ahead, if he cannot live with Saanjh, she can die with her. She asks Maya again to press bomb button.

Maya removed bomb button from her neck and warn Arjun she will press button. Arjun asks her to go ahead and hugs Saanjh tightly. Saanjh asks to leave her, if he has gone mad. Arjun continues provoking Maya. Jahnvi comes walking and slaps Maya repeatedly and says she gave her this reward, Saanjh fulfilled duty of a daughter instead of her. She continues slapping Maya..

Precap: Inspector Ranveer arrests Maya. Maya tells Arjun he cannot do this to her, she does not share her things with anyone.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. MayaMadamPagalHai

    Bhaj kuch logo ko dekh ke lagta hai ki ye bluewhale challenge game inke liye hi banaya gaya hai. Jaise ye apni maharani Maya madam or dusra ye KS.
    bhai aadhi baat to teri samajh hi nai aati. Itni hifi angrezi hai. Ab mujhpe chadhna mat sab ki angrezi hi sab kuch nahi hoti. Bilkul nahi hoti bhaya. Main khud Hindi me baat kar rahi hun. Hindi me koi kharabi hai kya? Asli kadi ninda to hindi me hi ki ja sakti hai.
    Bhai KS mujhe pata nahi ki Jhanvi acchi maa hai ki nahi. Or bachpan me Maya madam k sath hua kya tha kyunki wo kabhi dikhaya hi nahi gaya. Haa itna zarur dikhaya ki Ashwin jab maya ko andhere me band karta tha to Jhanvi hi aati thi. Remember that lift scene? Dobara dekh lo aisi bhi kya baat hai.
    Ab ye dekho. Bachpan me hua galat. Maya sociopath ban gayi. Hona hi tha. Lekin hum aisa samajhte hai k Maya ji ki kahi galti hai hi nai. But aisa hai nahi. Arjun ko Maya ne kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi. Arjun ko ek cheez ki tarah rakha. Jab shadi ki to bechare ko apne jaal me fasa kar apni hi maa bhai or dost se alag kar diya. Kyun kiya? Agar maya madam ji ko Arjun or saanjh se takleef hai to Aam admi ki tarah apne pati se bolti ki bhai ye sab acha nai lagta.
    Aisi pagal aurat ka kya karenge? Khud pregnancy ka natak karti hai or khud hi bhaang pilati hai. or fir khud hi rona rappa nachati hai. Bechara arjun. Maya ne apne baap ko mara. Kyu bhai? Police k paas ja sakti thi. Chalo wo sabki apni apni soch hai.
    But fir arjun ko apne ghar se hi alag kar diya? Alag hi rehna tha to sati savitri ka natak kaye ko? Or fir pregnancy ka natak, arjun pe spy karna, arjun ki loyalty or pyaar pe bharosa na karna, samay ka sach, Ayaan pe rape case wo bhi jhuta, apna hi baby marna, Pati ka mental torture, Samay or vandana ka murder, Jhanvi ka attempted murder wo bhi do bar, arjun or saanjh ko galat case me fasana. Uff!!! Itne jurm kiye hai baba. Isko to 220 saal ko za sunao.
    Ye sab avoid ho sakta tha agar maya madam ji sacche dil se arjun ko pyaar karti or uspe bharosa karti. Shadi k baad Vandana ka bharosa jeet leti or pyar se rehti. Agar aisa asli mei kisi k sath hota to. Ye to ek serial hai to chalta jai. Asli me hota to khair baat hi kya thi. Bhai mere anusar maya ne jo kiya galat kiya gunaah kiya. Or usko kadi saza milni hi chahiye. Or KS madam/sir ji, please yaar hindi me baat kar liya kar. Samajh hi nahi aata ki kehna kya chahte ho.

    1. Wht an answer man u rock!!!!
      Actually by seeing yesterday’s episode all maya fans r in shock.. maya fans ko 440 volt ka jordaar jhatka laga so they start blaming jhanvi they have nothing to say rather then blaming saanjh nd now jhanvi also

    2. You guys will get shock in upcoming story,Abi story bhaki hi dear.uff still you guys habitat to cry on Maya fans..carry on ?

    3. Mis/mr pagal…tum aadhe paksh ki kahaani ke saath bahas karane ka iraada nahin hai. Tum keval vahee chaahate hain jo aap chaahate hain.tum apane javaab paane ke lie apane pichhale episod dekh sakate hain.ab door raho. Agar tum ke pasman hain tho,tum merey tippani se uttar praapt karenge. aur phir se baat karane ka iraada nahin pichhale kahaani.ab door raho.enjoy

    4. evil loses in the end

      vo starting me ek pandit ko bhi maarti.
      usko jala deti. yad hai ? jab maya aur arjun mauritius jata .

  2. Ha Ha.. ‘MayaMadamPagalHai’.. Whoever you are, you rocks man.. What an answer to that KS..
    And one of the best episodes.

    1. Ha ha ?? i did not find any answer guys in ur half story,bt you find your answer what you want,so over act math karo,enjoy karo ? ??

  3. Shilpa

    Although not a hard core Maya fan watching the episodes till now I have felt that everyone around Maya are equally responsible for her present state. She had a dark childhood and if there was someone who could have extended a helping hand and show her the right path she must have not ended like this. Judging Arjun’s character nobody can call him a 100% trustworthy husband. He actually runs away from problems instead of facing them. There were times when Maya did try to change herself but then too the people around her were not ready to accept the change that she was forced to revert back to her old self. Yes, Maya is not a saint…..she has her grey shades but so are the other characters around her

    1. Maya’s change was simply her own mother and father’s responsibility! Arjun ,saanjh, or any other character not related to her are not responsible for her “change”. And what makes you think they didn’t give her a chance? Arjun married that woman and Saanjh got them married. Saanjh and Ayan both supported Maya after marriage and tried to convince Vandana to accept her. Vandana as a mother was right in her place (to make sure her son isn’t with a wrong woman). After all, Maya did show her true colors since the beginning. Yeah Vandana over reacted, but she wasn’t up on killing spree or whatever. Maya has always gone to extremes no matter how big or small the situation. And anyway, if a person wants to change, they themselves are primarily responsible for their own change. You can’t blame other characters for Maya’s behavior at all. In fact Maya was the manipulator and others were her puppets. How about apply your theory in reverse? Think of Saanjh, for example. After Arjun chose Maya over her, Maya ruined her life, and even Samay ruined her, Saanjh could become a bad person too? I mean she has been treated so poorly that she has the right to go and destroy other innocent people’s lives now. Has she and will she? Nope. That’s called a person’s conscience and character.

  4. Shit,I’ve watched this episode by mistake.such a crap!’khabardar meri beti ko hath lagaya maya’.oh witch,why you haven’t told this to Ashwin when he tortured her.they’re changing relations like dresses yaar.I love Maya for this character too.she never gave up arjun for anything.maya was correct about guessing Arjun.she did right by separating him from that family.else they would have them as couple earlier.’maya apni koi bhi chiz share nahi karthi’??.you have to come back,noone loves need for you too to do that back.

  5. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Good friends make a good.marriage…. so I’d be very happy if saanjh and Arjun end up together..but I have a problem… Y does saanjh love Arjun so actually? he is nothing but a lousy piece of trash, he never stood strong for his family nor his wife nor his friend.. all he wanted was a rangeen life n his ticket to it was Maya…. So I don understand how can one love someone just like that just coz u know someone from childhood… Coming to saanjh, I dislike she’s not worth it too..coz as a true friend she never properly advised Arjun nor led him in a correct direction Wen he needed some sound advise… All she kept ranting was Maya pagal hai tu APNI life jee…not once did she as a true friend, try to save their marriage by even advising something as close as “Ur wife needs medical help have patience n get her treated”..and yeah mind u Maya was only an obssessive lover then that everyone knew…. But now coming to Maya…. Yes she deserved the slap.. she deserves the punishment coz she’s crossed all limits… But I hate Maya doesn’t mean I’ll support other characters blindly too.. they have their share of flaws..

    1. But the truth is they are not good friends.saanj may be(sometimes) but most of most of the times,she tried to separate them.but I’m damn sure Arjun is not good for any relation.such a swinging person can’t keep up with anyone.are you thinking he’ll keep saanj happy after marrying her?definitely not.he’ll again oscillate between money,Maya and saanj.I’m thinking this love is not true.means,it’s saanj and arjun’s plan to trap Maya.maybe saanj has been loving Arjun,coz of her strong relationship with him since childhood.that’s she has been loving him since childhood(but I think saanj’s hate for maya is more than her love for arjun) but I wonder,wth Maya loved Arjun?yeah,Arjun was smart(in that times) and different.and helped Maya(sometimes).but I don’t think these are all enough to love a person.but if Maya loved him coz he’s his soulmate(just decided by god)they’ll unite at the end

    2. You people make me wonder if you even get this show? Clearly at this point it’s clear how these characters are and what they do. Saanjh tried to separate them? Bruh why don’t you go back to Arjun and Maya’s wedding and recall she got them married. Also watch few episodes after that. Saanjh was supporting Maya in her marriage as her friend. And about the other times where she didn’t try to separate them, but warned Arjun (her childhood bff) to be cautious of Maya (a very shady woman), yeah that’s a very right thing to do. Just think of your own bff and if you know they’re getting involved with someone who seems like a shady person, they wouldn’t you warn your friend so that they don’t get harmed in any way?

    3. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I get it more than u miss sonia.. coz.first of all. A married woman… It’s ok to warn Ur friend Wen they’re getting associated with the wrong person..
      But once married.. best friends indeed become a third person to speak in between a couple…. the most important thing that anyone should do if at all they’re approached to sort out issues between a couple is, Advise to work on a marriage rather then breaking free
      .. I never once said saanjh tried to break their marriage… But she handled issues insensitively… N yeah there’s no need to snap back for everything dear…. U need to grow up in Ur approach…

    4. I agree wit both dhbf&teju.

    5. @sonia, you know the difference between Maya and saanj.both of them are obsessed with Arjun.but their way of expression is are saying saanj was ready to give her life for Arjun(in bomb problem),joined with samay (who killed her father)….just to save her so called friend.oh yaar,It’s definitely a extramarital relationship.and many times,she openly challenged Maya about separating her from Arjun.(don’t want to recall all the annoying and boring moments).but I know,Arjun is not a steady person to make his wife feel secure.everytime saanj and arjun acted like,’maya,be aware,we can marry at anytime’.maya’s insecurity is not wrong really,he proposed saanj. saanj hasn’t done anything directly.but has done manythings indirectly.she too(as a normal person) hasn’t cared about her father and joined with samay.but Maya done all things directly.but she killed ppl for Arjun by reaching the peak.but don’t forget she’s not like saanj and has no family like her.the main pt is she’s a mentally affected person(by all).

    6. that’s made by all

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