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Day 106 (continued)
Ajaz says to Pritham that Ali himself pressed my neck, he did violence too, we are friends from15 years so believe me, Pritham says I know you and him both, both are my friends, I only know that violence happened, what I saw that you had grip on Ali, Ajaz says this is Ali’s drama to provoke others and then ask them to hit so that they can go out, he did this with Upen too, I gave shelter to him in my house.

bigg boss says to inmates that you all know about the show very well, you all know that you can say anything but cant do anything, violence is prohibited, you blamed bigg boss on many issues but reality is that we took decisions by seeing the intention behind the incident and what happened between Ali and ajaz today, the way Ajaz did violence on ali. the only intention shown was to hurt Ali, ajaz you were put in house again just cause you were great entertainer not to see your misbehave, this time you didn’t look like entertainer at all, in many years, bigg boss is feeling guilty to bring you back, but if mistake has happened then we have to rectify it too, bigg boss want to tell all that AJAZ IS CULPRIT OF VIOLENCE AND HE IS EVICTED FROM HOUSE, Ajaz gets up, bigg boss ask Ajaz to pack his bags and comes out of house, Ajaz go in washroom, Rahul says bigg boss took right decision, Ali I am proud of you that you took stand, Pritham says what is right is right, Ali says I don’t know him, he is a liar, and jealous from me.
Ajaz says ali will not win, true person will win, he is not entertainer, he is fake. Karishsma says first he slapped Ali on head, Rahul says you can verbally abuse you, Mahek says that how can you get so much aggressive.
Gautam says to ajaz that not to worry, you accepted your mistake and that’s good, Mahek comes to him and says it was action and reaction thing, Ajaz says I accepted my mistake, Mahek says you accept your mistake, Ajaz says yes and atleast I exposed that he is not entertainer, Mahek says I will say it again to you that touching someone is not good, Ajaz says thanks for telling, please leave, don’t become my teacher.
Karishma says Gautam is crazy, standing with Ajaz and helping him, Pritham says that both are my friends, Rahul says even if my friend is wrong then I will go against him, Pritham says that’s why I am sitting with Ali. Gautam hugs Ajaz and ask him to hug Ali too, it will be great on your part, Ajaz says no, Sambhavna hugs Ajaz and says I will miss you, he says will miss you too, all the luck, Ajaz comes to Rahul and hug him, Ajaz extend his hand to Ali, Ali says your mother is my mother, Ajaz ask to not speak like that and take backs hi hand, ali says fake person, Ajaz hugs Pritham and says plya like a man, Rahul ask Ali to control, Ajaz hugs Gautam and says may the real person win, he leaves the house.
Pritham says to Dimpy that you just cant stand on one thing whole life that I am no.1 entertainer, you have to show different shades of yourself to others, person was way behind you, you maybe right helping Ali but you cant treat him like low infront of yourself.
Gautam says to Sambhavna that Ajaz had no intention to hit, sambhavna is in tears and says I am feeling bad, Gautam says he did mistake, he had to control, Sambhavna says I didn’t like him till yesterday but now.. Gautam says he is nice person, Sana says what was so big that he couldn’t even hug Ali before going, he is punished then Ali could have hugged him too.
Pritham says to Karishma that Ajaz earned everything, he became no.1 and now he has become 0 on same show, this is life.

Sambhavna is crying and says Ajaz, Ali comes to her and ask why you are crying, she says you could have stopped him, I got to know that you both were friends, Ali says I am not his friend, I helped him, we parted ways 6 years back, he said slang to me, I didn’t raise my hand on him, I didn’t say to bigg boss to throw him out, I asked him to play game, for what you are crying, he was wrong, he did mistake and you are crying for that, bigg boss said that he was sent to do entertainment but what he did was not entertainment, I just want to say that, Sambhavna say you cant decide that I am right or wrong in crying, ali says he was insecure and comparing between his and mine entertainment, he just used to say that I am no.1, I said yes you are, you see my personality I am not like that, I have come here with my patience, I folded my hand and asked him to hit, I didn’t raise my hand, Sana says I thought you both are good friends, Ali says I will sit with him after show, Sana ask you think he will sit with you, Ali says I will try.

Rahul says Dimpy fight passionately, Pritham says that man just finished fighting with her, Rahul ask Gautam to be away from Dimpy, Dimpy says Gautam is lucky, his soap(mind) is slow so he understand after two days of fight, Gautam says nothing like that, Rahul says she is very clever and planner, Dimpy sys really.

Gautam says to Sambhavna that you have started great, you are on top, I have seen for first time that a women comes in house and throws shoe on someone, Dimpy was afraid of you, Sambhavna says she irritates others, let imitate her, you become Sambhavna and I become Dimpy, Gautam acts like her and says I did mistake Dimpy, forget it, lets be nice, Sambhavna acts like Dimpy and says no no, you cant go back your act, you talked about father, she says Dimpy think like that she is intellectual, Gautam says I have seen her talking so much nicely, I just said that you are from good family so talk nicely but she talk cheap manner that other person don’t like to talk to her.

Day 107
song anreji weed de plays, all inmates dance on it.

Dimpy calls Rahul and ask him that I talk my touching with finger only, Rahul agrees, Pritham says one can get killed by this, Dimpy ask Rahul to say 10 good things about me, I am depressed, Pritham says do suicide, Rahul says one minute, let me think, Dimpy says ok tell 5 things.
Sambhavna says to Sana that I think they will have reunion in house, Sana says that will be good, if you are outside then there is influence of others, we will not interfere, Sambhavna says it will be good if divorce stops.
Rahul says to Pritham that Dimpy’s English is nice, she celebrates festivals, she is family oriented, respect elders, friend of friends and death for enemies, she keep smiling, her sense of humor is good.
Sambhavna says Dimpy is not that bad, Sana says I agree, Sambhavna says she is much more bad than that, she laughs.

Dimpy says to Mahek that when I was parting ways with Rahul, I left the country, I don’t live in india but in Dubai, I left the country because I couldn’t live in same city but now we are living in same house, then you realize that above man to women love is friendship, respect, I am still fond of him, I am not bothered if he is infront of him, Mahek says when love fades away then its friendship that remains, you think that you have spent so much time with that person, after love going away then you can see personality of a person, Dimpy says absolutely, Dimpy says that possessive type of love fades away or you accept that now it should not exist with you.

luxury budget task is “my house, your house”, one team is challengers, one is champions, as champions are in house from many weeks, they have more right on house then challengers, bigg boss is giving chance to challengers to claim right on parts of house, challengers will challenge champions for every part of house, there will be tasks for every part of house, the team who wins that task will get that part of house, at end of luxury budget task, the team which has won more parts of house will win the task, then the losing team member will have to take permission to winning team to go in that won part of house and have to take visitor’s pass from them, in start bedroom, living area, bathroom, kitchen are under champions, garden is of both champions and challengers. there si be task for garden first, there are two trees in garden, red one is of challengers and green is of champions, both team have to protect fruits on their tree from other tree and have to try to steal fruits from other’s tree at same time, at end of task, the team which have more fruits will win garden, you will have time till tomorrow for this task.

Gautam says to Rahul that this is peaceful task, we will do with peace, suppose you don’t sleep and all slept of your team and you sleep you then I can steal fruits, Rahul says I am not going to sleep, Rahul says its about between you and me, all will sleep except you and me, Rahul ask should we become corrupt and divide parts of garden with each other? Gautam says look brother, I don’t take bribe, Rahul says I am doing land deal, Gautam says no, Rahul sys ok will play with honesty, Gautam says right, we will not be physical, Rahul saus I wont either, Gautam says karishma is thinking something like that, Rahul says will deal with her, Gautam says she can fight.
Rahul comes to Karishma that don’t grab fruits from hands, you can rob them and don’t eat either, Mahek laughs.

Dimpy has got a fruit from challenger’s tree and Sambhavna has also plucked a fruits from their tree, Rahul says it will not happen like this, if someone is not seeing tree then you can pluck fruit, Rahul runs and pluck on fruit, Prithma pluck theirs, Sambhavna pluck from their tree, its all chaos, all are running to others tree to steal fruits, they are laughing and having fun.
Karishma comes in kitchen and hides fruits there. Ali steals a fruit, Sana says this is wrong, we were standing here only, Gautam says now just save your tree, it can be played like this, Mahek says they are taking fruits inside house and we cant even go in house, Rahul says this is wrong, Karishma hides fruits inside couch.
there is a fruit a much height on tree, Karishma ask who can pluck it.

Rahul ask Karishma to let him allow bring my bag from inside, Karishma doesn’t agree, Pritham sys for task karishma can burn herself, Rahul says she will become good mother of kids. Dimpy comes and says Rahul is on our side, Sambhavna says Dimpy you do everything for task, she says to Rahul that I cant trust a little, Rahul says Dimpy and Sambhavna are sisters, Sambhavna says I cant have sister like her, I am sorry, she says I can see your type of love between brother and sister (taunting Sana and him), Rahul ask why fighting with me? I will go ahead of all, Sambhavna says I know you are of no one, Rahul asys I am so afraid of you that I have done pee here, see, Sambhavna says I am seeing how you are telling Dimpy that you are so nice girl dimpy, looking good on tv and all.
Gautam says to Mahek that you cant grab things like that, she said sorry to me and then grabbed apple from me.
Rahul runs to pluck apple, Ali doesn’t allow him, sana ask Ali to give it as all are stolen, some are left only, Rahul ask Sambhavna to hold Ali, she says why should, I was not playing game with you but I am sorry now.

Sambhavna says to Sana that Rahul asked to expose Dimpy, to tell world what type of girl she is, don’t get physical but expose her and now he is playing game with me, I have caught him, telling me that people say I am great for bearing Dimpy and inside praising Dimpy, making angle with karishma too, you use Dimpy too for footage, then you are telling Dimpy to be away from Sambhavna and all, outside saying to me that expose her, he can stoop so low for game, Sana says yes when were sitting outside house, he talked to you about Dimpy, Sambhavna says if I stay here then I will expose them both.

there is one fruit in pool, Rahul is cleaning bucket of fruits they collected, Ali comes there and distract Rahul while Pritham comes and take the bucket from there, they laugh, Ali then take out fruit from pool too, Sana says Rahul you are not supposed to do that, Pritham gives bucket to Ali, ali runs in house, Sambhavna says brilliant Rahul.
Ali comes to Karishma with challenger’s fruit bucket and ask her to hide it, she hides behind painting.
Sana says to Rahul that you should have not left bucket there, Sambhavna says now Rahul will become kid, Gautam says Rahul is very smart, I have worked with him, I know him, now he will become innocent, Karishma comes to Gautam and puts hand on his knee, he ask why you are coming so close to me? go inside, she leaves, Mahek says I knew it we will lose as we had only one guy that too a mad one.

Gautam says task was to steal not to rob it, Rahul you started it, Rahul says I gave that back, Mahek says it was dimpy that started it, Gautam says then I cant say anything, Sambhavna says Rahul should be made hen. Gautam says Rahul is very smart. Rahul ask to not go over broad.

Sambhavna says to Sana that Rahul just make others do his work, Mahek says he is reality show queen, he is over sweet.
Rahul ask Gautam that don’t you want to be my friend after house, Gautam says I am your friend brother. Rahul say some cheap, Gautam ask Rahul to just be friend, what you are talking like girls, did I ever talk to you like this.
Ali says to Karishma that Gautam is singing that I have sent Ajaz out of house, Ali says its bigg boss who has sent him not me, I wanted you to leave, then he said that now he understand my game.
Sambhavna says to Gautam that Ali did acting, Gautam says yes, now he is all fine, Ali comes there and ask to talk openly, you said that Ajaz is sent by me, nothing will happen with my saying, its bigg boss who decide it, Gautam ask are you guilty? Ali ask Gautam to take off your mask of fakeness, Gautam ask why you are getting serious. Mahek says Ali this is right that Ajaz grabbed you by neck but you were acting too, Ali says I was not, Mahek says when you were paining a little then you made it look like its so much has hurt you.

there will be task to claim right on kitchen, they have to crush tomatoes with feet, one person from both the team will come forward, other member will drink juice coming out from crushing tomatoes in tub. Sambhavna and Rahul broke the rules by using washroom and bedroom so challengers will start task after 15 seconds.
Mahek says from your side Dimpy will crush tomatoes, and karishma will drink juice. from our side Rahul will crush it and Sambhavna will drink juice. Ali cheers for Dimpy, juice starts coming out of tub by null, Karishma and Sambhavna starts drinking juice, Sambhavna drinks it first, they won the kitchen side.

karishma to Pritham that we have to not to give bathroom and bedroom to them. Pritham says its good that they have got kitchen as they will cook food, Karishma says if they get bedroom then they will be stuck there. Ali says to camera that we are hiding apples from challengers but Gautam have betrayed us and he is with Challengers now, Karishma says he is not involved in our plan, Ali says he is planning with them to steal apples from us, Ali says he is not a hero, he is just playing his game, he is twisting game, he is not what he shows, Salman asked to stick together but he has run away when problem came, now he is planning with them to steal from us and we are awake tp protect apples, Gautam is shown talking with challengers in garden. Ali says audience please see this and see who is true and who is fake.

PRECAP- Gautam says to Ali that I don’t use bad words, Ali says then how Rahul said that you say this and that about others. Gautam ask Rahul what you are talking about me, Rahul says I just said that you have aggressive nature, Gautam says don’t talk about me that I am bad guy or what. Ali says you are a fake person, Gautam says you think that I am Ajaz, Ali sys you are below Ajaz. Gautam and Ali come closer. later Rahul says that Dimpy is a snake, Smabhavna says wow you said it finally on her face, dimpy see. Dimpy says to Rahul that you have spit venom on me first, Rahul ask God to take her away. Dimpy says to Rahul in peotry that how much pain you give, I will bear it, love will not lesson from my side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Winner is sum1 who doesn’t follow d crowd but has a mind of his own. I had lost respect for Gautam aftr d “Diandra refusal to accept things” but today wen he was d only person who came fwd to hug ajaz while he ws leaving showed he has a mind of his own while others were busy gossiping without REALLY KNOWING WHAT EXACTLY happened! Maybe they were thankful ki ek toh gya! Ajaz was way above ali in entertaining and its clear he was provoked by ali. I stopped seeing aftr salman bt aftr reading d update went to colors site to check in d video wat exactly hapnd-v.unfair decision, ali is nt hurt at all! Idiotic cheapster!

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