Tum Aise Hi Rehna 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kailash asks Abhi and Ria, what did Rukmani say. Abhi says she told us that she will talk at home. Sarthak says she will not forgive them. Kailash says he will stay there. Ria says she will stay and asks them to go. Abhi asks Ria to take care of herself and leaves. Ria checks Dadisaa’s reports in the morning and says your reports are fine. She asks Dadisaa to walk with her. Dadisaa says yesterday I was operated, how can I walk. Rukmani asks Dadisaa to wait and goes to ask the doctor. Dadisaa tells Ria that Rukmani won’t trust her easily. She says if you wouldn’t have hide your truth then I wouldn’t have been alive today. You lie have given life to me. Rukmani comes and tells Dadisaa that Doctor asked her to walk. Ria makes her walk. Dadisaa gets happy.

Abhi and Ria bring her home. Dadisaa prays to the God and says she is happy to be back at home. Abhi says I will take you to your room. Dadisaa says I will go to my room once Rukmani takes a decision. She asks her to forgive Ria. Rukmani says she can’t forgive Ria so easily. She says she has crossed the limits now. She is Dr. Ria. I can’t forget her as you are saying. I am hurt and won’t be able to forget it all my life. Ria and Abhi look at each other. Ria tells her that they are guilty of her and will accept her decision. Abhi also says the same thing. He says if you wants us to leave this house then we are okay with it. Everyone get shocked.

Dadisaa tells Rukmani that Ria didn’t do a big mistake and asks her to remember that she gave her a new life. Kailash asks her to forgive Ria. Rukmani says she have one condition. Ria agrees to do as she says. Rukmani says she will accept that Ria is a doctor, but she can’t let her work in the hospital. She says you can’t work. Ria says I became a doctor to give new life to poor and help them. She says it is my hardwork. Abhi asks her to open the clinic at home. He says charity begins at home. Kailash says this idea is good. Everyone approve of this idea. Rukmani gives her approval at last. Ria is in tears as she doesn’t agree on this decision.

Dadisaa praises Ria for saving her. She asks Rukmani to put rice in the kalash. Rukmani goes in and puts all the rice in the kalash. Everyone get happy. Revathi hugs Ria and says everyone accepted you from heart. She says I will make the arrangements for the grah pravesh. Dadisaa says we will get her grah pravesh after two days on good mahurat. Sheetal says we shall decide about Ria’s clinic name. Ria says Dadisaa needs to rest now. Sarthak thanks God. Abhi says he observed Ria’s expressions. Ria doesn’t want to open the clinic and wants to work in hospital. Sarthak asks him to have faith on God.

Ria gives medicines to Dadisaa. Dadisaa praises Ria and asks Rukmani to take out jewellery box. Rukmani gives the jewellery box to Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells her that she brought this jewellery long back and asks Ria to accept it as a blessings. Ria accepts it and thanks her. Ria asks if you don’t feel bad then can I give this necklace to Kiran. Revathi says Dadisaa has given you this. Ria says she wants to give this necklace to Kiran as she wants Dadisaa’s blessings to be with her always. She gives it to Kiran. She gets Lata’s call. Lata asks her about Rukmani’s reaction. Ria tells her that everything is fine. Dadisaa asks her to go to her room and talk to Lata freely. Dadisaa thinks now I understood why Abhi likes Ria. She praises her destiny as she got Ria as her bahu.

Ria comes to her room and sees it decorated with flowers. Abhi tells her that whatever you have done was special for me and treats her specially by showering flower petals on her. Ria says she didn’t do much. Abhi says you have won my family’s heart today.

A lady is seen looking at Abhi’s photo in the newspaper and says she has been searching for Abhi since two years. She says you have to give an answer to me.

The lady says destiny played so many games with her, but she has won. She says atleast we met Abhi.

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