Humsafars 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alvira talking to doctor on phone. She says Arzoo is fine and taking medicines. Arzoo comes there and returns her bangles. She says I wants to return your amanat. Alvira says it is yours. Arzoo says it is someone else. You forgot to tell me that you made someone else wear the bangles. Why did you hide from me that Sahir is married. Alvira says Sahir told you already. Arzoo says you didn’t tell me before. Alvira asks did you think that Sahir’s love is fake and betrayal. Arzoo says she knows as Sahir himself told her that it was all fake. Alvira says I thought you are the one who can heal his wounds and fills his life with happiness, but you are shaken at first step itself. Whoever is in love doesn’t keep conditions. Arzoo keeps bangles on Alvira hand and apologizes. Sahir and Arzoo collide with each other and have an eye lock.

Arzoo realizes and goes from there. Sahir follows her and comes in her way. He says I wants to talk to you and takes her to his room. He asks what problem you have. He says that taxi driver is in jail and says that he didn’t plan that incident. He says, tell me that you trusts me. Arzoo says everyone is saying that. She asks how can I trust the person who is a betrayal. She asks him to jump in the pool and not come out until she forgives him. She asks him to play. Sahir says yes you are right. My life is a game for me. Let’s play. He takes out knife from the box and says he will cut his veins. Arzoo says shall I bring big knife from the kitchen and says she don’t care if he cuts his wrist. It doesn’t affect her. She goes. Sahir cuts his wrist.

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Arzoo comes to Zaki and says Alvira said that Sahir didn’t lie. She says she can’t differentiate between right and wrong. Whenever I see him, I feel hurt. Zaki asks her to sit and close her eyes. He then asks her to have a heavy breathe. He asks her to forget everything and reminds her that she is Arzoo Nausheen Khan. Arzoo says she can’t forget the betrayal. Zaki says you have seen world more than me. You should know. He says I know about your qualities and that’s why I wants to spend the rest of my life with you. Wants to marry you. Arzoo is shocked. Zaki says I know it is difficult for you to take this decision, but I assures you that my love will keep you happy being your friend or your humsafar. He leaves the decision in her hand.

Sahir comes to Alvira and tells her that time is less. Rahman Saheb is pressurizing him. He asks her to make Zaki agree to marry Samaira. He says Zaki has some responsibility towards Samaira and her child. Zaki says he has only one responsibility towards her and says he shall throw her out. He shows DNA report to them and says he showed it to Arzoo as she trusts him. Zaki says he doesn’t need to marry Samaira. Alvira asks Sahir what he will do now. Zaki says Sahir is intelligent enough to crack a deal. He informs them that he proposed marriage to Arzoo. Alvira and Sahir get shocked. Sahir asks what is her reply. Zaki says it will be yes. Sahir says yes, but it will be for me. This marriage will happen, but Sahir and Arzoo’s. He laughs. Alvira looks on shockingly.

Zaki comes to Nausheen and greets her. He says he wants to talk to her about something. Nausheen asks him to say. Zaki says I wants to ask something from you. Nausheen says I have nothing except these lines and shows her hand. Zaki holds her hand and says you have wealth. He asks Arzoo and says he wants to marry her. Nausheen gets shocked and says but she…….Zaki says she loves Sahir, but he don’t love her. I know that she don’t loves me, but I have immense love for her which will be sufficient for both of us. May be I am not suitable for Arzoo, and promises to prove himself. I won’t let her cry and won’t let anyone take advantage of her innocence. I will become her humsafar in real means. Arzoo hears him and gets emotional. He asks Nausheen to accept his Arzoo and gives his Jahanaara to him. Arzoo is shocked now and moves back. Nausheen gets thinking.

Rahman tells Sahir that paternity report says that Zaki is not the father of Samaira’s child and asks what does it means. Sahir says it means you wants to encash fake rupee and do business. If your daughter would not have lied then they would have been married. Samaira comes and says she is not lying. She says this child is of Zaki’s. Rahman asks Sahir to get Samaira married to Zaki else…Sahir gets angry. Arzoo recalls Zaki proposing her and thinks she didn’t understand Zaki’s feelings for her. She thinks Zaki didn’t sign her before and approached her mother directly. She thinks she can’t break Zaki’s heart and can’t even say yes to him. She thinks her heart is still taking Sahir’s name and feels pain.

Sahir says he acted to love her because of the bet between him and Zaki.
He says if Zaki and Samaira don’t marry then everything will be ruined. He asks her to marry him to save his home and business. Arzoo looks stunned.

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  1. dishtv spoilers.

  2. oooh Harshu……how did u know?

  3. Wow thanks Harshu…..Where did you get this news

  4. There is a good news. This friday wil b full of drama. Sahir and Arzoo’s wedding will take place. Cant wait for friday. Arzoo will not found in marriage hall,she will found to sahir and zaki walking on coal in sadness and will fall in sahirs arm and say she is ready to marry him. Sahir will bring half concious and hurt arzoo in his arms to marriage hall..

  5. Arzoo needs peace of mind yaar….it all started with this Rahman…. If not for him torturing Sahir all this wouldn’t have happened…. But surely SaAz marriage will take place.. How? will have to wait and watch

  6. Is it that no one really cares for Arzoo? The poor girl is being tortured in Niyamat house. Sahir himself says it’s all a game still asks her to marry him ( going by the precap), Alvira is like my son did nothing wrong, we dint tell you the entire truth but still expect you to marry him….. Zaki is another one who is looking more like a selfish guy who is in a hurry to marry Arzoo.Nausheen khala ko Kuch farak nahi padti as if he Arzoo is someone else daughter..

  7. Hope arzoo marries sahir

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