Bigg Boss 8 5th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 5th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 14
weekend Ka Vaar
Eviction special
Salman Khan makes an entry on stage and dances on tunes of Banjaara song.. after performance, Salman welcomes all to bigg boss. Salman says yesterday we nominated three comedies, Sukirti, Gautam and Praneet, we declared praneet safe but one will go out of house who has got less votes by audience, we will announce that in sometime but first the call is connected to house, salman find living room empty, they made living room a leaving room, where are all contestants, all contestant are in different rooms, the song ‘Mera hi Jalwa’ starts, all contestants starts dancing passionately on song, all contestants come in living room and dnaces, Arya and Karishma dances, Salman enjoys it, Gautam bare body comes and dances with Sonali, Puneet dances and shakes his big belly, all surround him and applauds for him, inmates sit on couch, Salman says if I knew that you all will become like this after Saturday class then I would do that every day, Salman says I will show you wax statues now, Salman shows picture of Arya and upen wearing shorts only. Salman jokes about arya that you were upset that gautam is singing and enjoy, you said that girl should be respected and girl should respect herself, I mean you did a meeting and went to Gautam for serious discussion and then it went to other but you patiently waited that when girl point will come and then you said, Arya says what to say, Salman ask Natasa did you learn shouting? Natasa says yes, Salman ask from whom? Natasa says gautam, Gautam shouts to be shut, Natasa shouts like him, all applauds, Salman says this voice will go to Serbia too, Salman ask Natasa did you lear any other song, Natasa says yes and sings Ghullabi ankhen jo teri dekhi.. video call ends.

Salman says to audience that I will keep feeding inmates. Salman says we will know in sometime who is leaving this loving bigg boss family but we are now introducing something different, two people will come here, every week panel will come on stage which will comprise of different celebrities. they will talk to inmates and will share their experiences and will also tell the contestants what audience think about them, This weekend, comes the ex-bigg boss contestants, VJ Andy and Kamya Punjabi comes on stage. Salman welcomes them, Salman says now you two will question inmates, Kamya says I know deephikha and Karishma from before, Andy says I know upen and Sushant from before, Salman ask are they same outside like they are inside, Kamya says no, the task from which the big issue started, I know saying slang is wrong but what happened in season, to that level nothing happened now, Salman ask Andy who is like Adnay and Kamya in house now, Andy says nobody can become like me but I can see gauhar in them (hinting Karishma), Salman says to kamya that you spent a lot of time in kitchen and now lets see what kitchen politics is going on now. Video clip is shown in which minissha says to diandra that next time when grocery items, you should become incharge, only 30 roties will be made, Diandra says Karishma make small roties which are not enough, minissha says she doesn’t know that and also she doesn’t know how to cook but she made herself kitchen incharge, whenever you made food, she used to make face but on your face, she used to say that food is nice, video ends.

Andy says to Salman that what Karishma do, minissha is doing same, she is gossiping about her behind her back. Salman says lets meet the inmates, call is connected, Salman shows them Kamya and Andy, salman says they were strong contestants so they are sitting here. Kamya says audience think that even after two weeks, you all seem frightened, Karishma says, I feel like some people are conscious,Kamya says to deepshikha that you were good when you were supporting your team, asking them to win but then you lost hope and gave up on task, deepshikha says all started saying that take stand for girl and I was taking stand but then all lost the interest in task, what I could do, I gave up too, we all have families outside I don’t know why inmates are making relations in house, I sometime feel that they should name from bigg boss to family soap. Kamya says This is Bigg boss’s house and there will be no relations here. I mean this season is weird, everyone has made siblings. You are all individuals and nobody is with you in house, Salman jokes that when they think something is wrong then they shout, they attack, he shouts, Kamya says to Puneet, we all know you are a nice man but you can’t keep everyone happy. VJ andy says can you keep everyone in the world happy? He says no but I try to. Kamya says, people will get you wrong. This is Bigg boss’s house and there will be no relations here, play game for yourself, Salman jokes about relations being made in house, he says inmates think that they will all girls sister in house and will go back safely to their wives, Minissha says I felt that when there was stress environment, we all were supporting each other in task but I cant do that, applying chilies on girls’ face, I cant do that, Andy says you can do whatever you want, if you didn’t want to apply chilies then you could have used other thing too, Minissha says I just wanna say that our team was strong but an unfortunate incident happened when Gautam said slang.. Kamya says to gautam tell me what you said? I have heard it a lot. Gautam says bit**. She says yes I am one, stay away. Everyone applauded. VJ says to gautam take this jacket off. You have such a good body you should show it. He follows and takes off his jacket, salman says he need chance to show off his body. Kamya says I know slang is a slang and he asked forgiveness so thing finished there but Karishma you said it again and again, you didn’t accept his apology, by doing that you should that women are weak, Karishma says I was not in mood to listen his apology, I was in anger, Kamya says to be true, thanks to Karishma now people recognize and like gautam a lot, Karishma gives angry look to Kamya, Kamya says I listened more slangs than you in season 7, Karishma says I am different from you, Kamya says when he said sorry, there was no point to stretch the matter, Salman says you wanted his disqualification as he is popular, Kamya says my apologies if I hurt anyone but I request you to come out of your shell, play the game, have fun guys, Salman shouts like gautam, all laughs on it, Kamya and Andy leaves from there.

Salman says, now the time has come when we have to.. suddenly Cargo boy (jallad/devil) comes on stage with a box, Salman opens the box and finds rakhi in it, Salman says lets see the video related to it. video plays, in video Karishma and Arya is talking, They talk about upen, Arya says he is a good friend, my mother has made our house lovely, scuffle happens in every house but we can solve it, we live in one house, we should be cordial like a family, video ends. Salman laughs, Cargo boy shows a picture in which all inmates are posing like big happy family, Salman says see this big happy family, all laughs. Salman says lets see the family love of bigg boss house. video plays, in video all clips are shown in which contestants to other that you are my sibling, like puneet says to Karishma that you are my daughter and everything for me, video ends. Cargo boy leaves the stage. Salman sings song fro sibling love, audience laugh.

the video call is connected to house again, Gautam says to all that I was hurt when you all sidelined me, I am very joyful person, I want to make everyone happy, if I hurt anyone then I am sorry, maybe I am leaving the house, Sukirti says if I get eliminated, I will miss everyone like upen, soni etc, there was issue between me and sonali but its sorted now, Salman ask gautam to come out. Gautam says I feel sorry for using slang, I felt that even if I am disqualified, I will accept, Salman says what a thought but we are giving more chances to use slangs, he ask sukirti to come out, he says they are bad people skuirti, you come out of them to me, come out, Sukirti is eliminated, Sukirti hugs everyone and goes to room, she takes her luggage, all hugs her, she ask them to not make her emotional, she ask upen to not hug her like that. she goes out of house.

Salman says sukirti is coming here, sukirti comes on stage, Salman welcomes her, Salman talks about Arya-upen friendship, Sukirti says actually they always hang out together, also I gave them name Karan-Arjun, the call is connected to house, deepshikha sys hi to sukirti and ask how they are looking in video, sukirti says very nice all of you, Salman says Sukirti is leaving, upen will say some poetry, upen says why not, upen says some poetic lines:

Hum tou deewane hain aapke name ke
Dil tou pakary bethe haim tham ke
Ishq ne nikama kardia admi the kaam ke

All applauds for her, arya says we all will miss you, come back if you can, Salman talks to puneet and says can you something for us, an you do jumme ki raat, puneet dances with full energy and shakes his big belly, all laughs on it, salman enjoys it a lot, Sukirti says this was very good, Salman says now its about weekly awards, Sukirti will give two awards, one award is hangover award, Salman says this award you will give to that person whose hangover will be on you after going from here in positive way, sukirti gives it to upen and Arya, salman ask who is hang and who is over between them, next award is black spot award, Sukirti gives that to Gautam, Gautam apples black spot award. Salman says now time is for grenade bomb, he gives bomb to sukirti and says you have the authority to release one from gautam or praneet from serving in house and he can enjoy all the luxuries then but you have to select another person who will serve in place of him, sukirti says I am reliving praneet from house work and pritham will do his work now, Salman greets Sukirti and sends her from stage.

salman says 14 people are still inside house, they will their colors so keep watching bigg boss.

PRECAP- Karishma says I am not taught to use a slang in return of a slang, I cant do that.
bigg boss says to inmates that you didn’t use the grocery in limited way, you impulsively use it so from now on we are stopping supply of food items till you make us sure that you will use grocery items given limited way.
All contestants start blaming each other for splurging food items.
for the first time nominations are done on Monday, all inmates gives vote against each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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