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Itti Si Khushi started on Sony TV on 29th September 2014 and looks like having an unique story line, yet innocent and fresh. It revolves around a girl Neha who meets an accident by the age of 14 and goes into coma for 15 years. She wakes up as a beautiful girl of 26 years. Neha is a girl who is innocent by heart but very kiddish at the same time. She wants to enjoy the time which she has missed in her life, people feel weird looking at her stupid and kiddish behavior, but she wins everyone’s heart by her innocence which makes her even more special. It’s a battle of the sane and grown-ups versus retaining youth and enjoying life. Let’s share the story line in brief. At 14, Neha was an absolute live wire, always ready to get out or do something. Neha’s family gets excited on learning about her return after 12 years in coma. The doctor informs her dad to keep her away from any shock. At home, while decorating her room, Akanksha hides a ‘A/N’ written card and also tells her mom to hide about her. Neha reaches home and wants to meet Aman, Akanksha tries to distract her. Later she finds her missing from home and wonders. While visiting the market, Neha unknowingly encounters Aman, spoils his shoes and apologizes. He cutely looks at her and realizes her mistake.

Neha reaches Aman’s home and gets caught by his Dadi. At home, everyone panics as they finding her missing. On being questioned by Aman’s dadi, Neha runs to save herself. Aman’s dadi tries to catch her and falls. Aman meets Neha and takes her inside. Neha’s family learns about her location and go there. Aman’s Dadi’s rude behaviour towards Neha hurts both Aman and Neha. On returning home, Neha’s sadness worries her dad. But soon, he see her jovial and gets happy. At Aman’s house, Jayanti instigates Aman’s dadi against Neha, while Aman and his mom overhear. Neha wonders about Aman’s Dadi’s rude words and questions Akanksha, but she distracts her. While leaving for work, Akanksha promises to take Neha to the beauty parlour. While Aman pushes his bike to reach the fuel station, Neha meets him and apologizes. He too apologizes on his Dadi’s behalf. On returning home, Neha fails to convince Dadi to use the wheelchair. Aman’s Mom and Dadi learn about 3 auspicious dates and invite Sunita home, to choose one. Akanksha stops Neha from going to Aman’s house, but she stays put. She notices Neha admiring him and gets worried. Neha’s younger sister Akansha, acts like her elder sister and supports her when she comes back from her Coma. Neha had a secret crush on Aman when she was 14 years old. It was an open secret to her sister & her best friend. Aman’s father passed away when he was just 8 years old. While Neha dreams of the impossible, Aman has matured beyond his years and has stopped enjoying his life.

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