Sadda Haq 5th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 5th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says why would they think they just need cheap entertainment. Parth says to vidushi I am sorry. I judged on without knowing anything. Everyone apologizes vidushi. she is in tears. Parth says to vidushi go to your room and buck up. Vidushi says why you never told me you love me. He says you started again. SHe says you can’t change my opinion. He says I just did what I should to respect a girl. She says I should have died. He says lets go.

Randhir asks doctor how is sanyu? He says she is fine. yoyo asks him how is she? Randhir says he said she will be fine. Jiggy says thank God they delayed the exams. Randhir says if she doesn’t recover I will give her proxy exams. Peon places on board that practicals are being done before exams. yoyo says this never happened before. jiggy says its all over. Yoyo says what will sanyuu do now.

Vardhan writes a question on board. Randhir comes to him and says how can practical start from tomorrow. sanyu will give exams. She needs some time to recover. He says I can’t help you every time in breaking rules,
Randhir says I never meant this. Vardhan says I can’t do anything about it. I know maya would have said the same. Randhir says this is so important for sanyu. I just want competition, it doesn’t matter whether she gives exams or not. Vardhan says if that doesn’t matter you can leave. Randhir leaves. Maya goes to vardhan why is randhir so concerned about sanyu? He says that pretty normal they are friends. She says I never change my rules for anyone and that’s certain. Vardhan says all right.

Everyone is in queue to register for the exams. Randhir gets enrolled. Parth says why two forms? Randhir says, I made some mistake in filling the form. He leaves. Parth says in heart I know you are doing this for sanyu.
Randhir goes to hostel secretly. He breaks in sanyu’s room. Vidushi says what are you doing here. He says I will throttle of you shout. She says what are you doing in sanyu’s closet. Tell me or I will call warden. Randhir gets the documents. Vidushi says tell me what are you doing. He says I will say her that you locked me here with you.

Randhir goes back to his room and fills sanyu’s form. He is doing something on the study table and sleeps after a while.

Scene 2
Next morning Jiggy wakes up and finds Randhir sleeping on the chair. He sees the form, before her gets there Randhir wakes up and collects all his stuff. Jiggy says what is this? Randhir says nothing. Randhir goes out. He submits sanyu’s form. The receptionist says she has to fill her form. Randhir says she has signed it. Randhir says you can find out if you want she asked me submit the forms. Maya comes there. She says come to my cabin.
Ranhdir gets a call from sanyu. She says I have got the exams schedule. He says you are so restless in sick room too. She says I will fail in third year. He says stop it.

Maya says to randhir how dare you to think hat you can give sanyu’s proxy exams. He says what are you saying ma’am. I never did that. She says I will never let anyone break the rules. You can’t fool me and the cameras. I will be keeping an eye on you.

Randhir goes to the canteen. Jiggy says we don’t know what you are doing but we will all be with you. Randhir says then we will go out together. Sahil says we will confuse her like she will never know. he says I don’t need to do all this for sanyu. She doesn’t deserve it. Parth says you filled her form as a proxy, marking her attendance. Randhir says okay I will tell you the plan.
Vidushi says to parth maya almost expelled me I can’t take risk for sanyu. He says sanyu asked randhir to help you. You have to do this for her now. She says okay I am ready but just for you not sanyu. Tell me what I have to do. He says you will know that in some time.

Randhir explains the plan to everyone. They are all in a room. Randhir says anyone has doubts? They so no. They vow.

Next morning, vidushi goes to the clinic and says I feel like there is some sprain in my neck. The doctor comes closer to her. Parth makes the video. He says look how are you misbehaving with your patients. Vidushi says yeah I was feeling the same. Hes says please delete this video. parth says you ahev to do something for us. He says I am ready to do anything.

Yoyo and randhir break in maya’ office. They are rummaging through the stuff. Maya says there is some noise in the cabin. She asks the guard to come with him. Randhir and yoyo hide behind the window. Maya says I am sure there were some noises. What are you guards for?

They all gather. Parth says part one is complete. Ranhdir says we have got the files. Randhir says get your clothes ready.
Randhir is flirting with a girl. He takes her number. Randhir says you won’t tell this to anyone. He kisses her hand. She is excited.

maya says to vardhan I will monitor cctv footage and you will help me. Vardhan says all right I have no interest in exams. Randhir goes up in the lab to alter the camera.

The practical exam starts. PKC comes in with the camera. There are 6 students in each batch. A guy says sanyu isn’t here. Can I join their team. PKC says no. jiggy says to PKC can I sit at that place? PKC says yes. Randhir says to yoyo don’t move from here. maya says why are they exchanging their tables. Vardhan says everything is in front of us. PKC says you have to fix these motors in 30 minutes. Everyone starts working. Maya and vardhan are monitoring. Randhir turns on his phone. He calls that girl. The cctv camera video glitches. Maya says what is this? Vardhan says they always happen. a girl comes in. Vardhan says interesting. I never thought sanyu would come to give exams. maya calls the compounder and asks where is sayu? He says she has gone to give her exams. Maya satnds up and says I am going to supervise the exams. vardhan says what if something happens when you are on your way. The girl comes in and says sir I need your help can you come out. Randhir asks vidushi to satnd at the door. Ranhdir starts working on sanyu’s paper. Randhir recalls when he asked parth and vidushi to control the compounder. he says we will steal last years footage and sanyu will be in that video. We all have to wear the same clothes. Jiggy says I wish kaustuki was here. Yoyo says that’s my line. jiggy and yoyo start fighting. randhri says then we will hack maya’s video and she will see the old video. PKC will be sent out and I will arrange that. everyone said I hope it works.

Vidushi says to randhir pkc is coming come on. Maya says there is something wrong. vardhan says everything is going fine. maya says why are they all so calm and composed. PKC says she asked me to kill the cockroach. He comes back in the lab. PKC says who completed sanyu’s task? Randhir says he came here and did her exam. She has left. They all start flattering PKC. PKC says okay okay complete your task. maya says I am going to the lab. she calls the warden and says is sanyu there? The girl comes there and stops him. maya comes in and asks where is sanyu? Parth says she has left after doing her task. PKC syas she is super fast she. when I went out she came and completed her task. maya says how can you be so irresponsible. Randhir says ma’am please let us complete our task pkc won’t give us extra time. They are all done.

PKC goes and submits the papers to maya. she says you were wearing red shirt? He says no I am wearing this pink shirt today. Maya calls and says I want the recording of today’s lab feed. they say it was not recorded.

They all gather and enjoy their accomplishment. Jiggy says this was amazing. Vardhan comes there and says well done guys I am proud of you. did you have any difficulty in finding cctv footage? You have shown the team work today. Maya knows something happened in exam hall and she will never know what it was. I expect this kind of team work from you. and never break in my cabin again. radhir texts sanyu and tells her.

Precap- sanyu says I never get you randhir. WHy you did so much for me? he says I did all this me. I like to give you competition. get ready for your defeat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow wow.. Bestest episode ever ever… Kya planning, strategy,. Intelligence use kiya hai.. I could watch last half only.. But hats off to all dream team… Bus i m speachless now

  2. totaly cool………..right what a planing…..hands off to dream team and randhir love uuu

  3. Nice episode… team work.kiya planning thi….bt ye randhir kyu sanyu se itna rudely bat kar raha hai…

  4. rd ko sanyu ke liye kitne papad belna pad rha h..just luv this episode <3

  5. awesome yar..maza aa gaya

  6. Luv u randhir

  7. What ws that,i ws shocked :-Q rd is flirting wid that girl n kissed hr hand also ,kash me hoti uski jagah 😉

  8. u know we have also fpught for our friend who was not allowed to give exam due to some issues with prof..we all boycotted xam then final ahmedabad medical association allpwed him to give xam.

  9. Hahahaha.. 😀 dis ws ws juz perfct…maya ko kitna ghumaya sabne !!! 😀 i luvd it!! N aaj chomu nai dhikhaaaaaa….dis ws the bst episode !! 😀 brillant!!! I luv u param singh…:D

  10. wow wow wow wow wow awwsome superb brilliant cute …… just simply no wrds to describe this epi yaar !!!

  11. thier plan was superb !!! poor maya and even vardhan supported them how sweet na !!! rd did it all 4 sanyu

  12. wow… was an awesome epi….bt yar ye apna Romeo Juliet ko propose kab karega????????

  13. that new girl is also a cute one.. Aaj ka epi bhi without sanyu… But still best.. Harshi recover ho gayi na?? And precap mai dekh nahi payi. Kya sanyu ka dikhaya hai precap mein? Or its just her voice on phone?? Pls someone answer me. Aisi friendship b maine aaj pahli bar dekhi..

  14. ranyuktha nahi wo sanyu hi the .. usko dikhya tha

  15. yeah that girl is kinda cute aur agar rd us ladki ko pata the waqth sanyu waha hothi tho jal rahi hothi !

  16. I was up to ask for reguler * commentors n i found some of them.. @gc, An.. @ An, wanna tell u that my real name is also Aparna. R u from maharashtra??

  17. thanks An for clearing. Or gc mera 3rd oct ke session me likha hua aajka cmmnt jarur padhna.. Last 4 mere hi the..

  18. @ranyukta thank u so much…….wo actually previous epi k comment section me maaine aapka comment abhi padhi…

  19. Todays epi was interesting…..very interesting

  20. wow that’s called a team work…
    Sabne apne apne kam bahot perfectly nibhaye…
    randhir flirting with dat girl,superb…

  21. baki sab to thik hai lekin rd ko us ladki ki hand me kiss karneki jarurat nahi ladki to rd ke ek baar bolne par hi raji ho jati.rd kissed hr hand ye mujhe thora odd laga.or rd ka jaisa character hai, uspe uska aise flirting karna accha nahi lagta.aaj rd ne apne character se hatke kuch kiya hai us flirting bale scene me,par ye uspe suit nahi karta.

  22. awsome epi!!!!!loved dream teams work!!RD ka xpressions tho flawless.wo sanyu ke liye kitna kuch karta hai..awwwww so sweet!!!!

  23. Its one of the best episod today.
    Good team work with an excellent plan.

    But gyz all of u might hv seen withn 15 Minutes How Randr answard Sanyus paper….

  24. Interesting , its very interesting

  25. Frnds,, now the time comes to wish u all – Happy Idd-ul-Adha Mubarak.

    1. @MDH same 2 u….and one more thing u know what ‘mubarak’ wrd ka meaning hi ‘happy’ hai……

  26. sanyuta says” I never get you randhir. Why you did so much for me?”what’s that?aare sanyukta randhir tumhare liye itna sab karta hai kyuki randhir tumse se bohooooooooot jyada pyaar kar ta baat tum bina kahe kyu nahi samajhti sanyukta?sanyukta tum kab samjhogi randhir ki dil ki baat?

  27. A good episode now that randhir has returned sanyukta’s favor they both r even now….and luv the way randhir still hides her feeling for sanyukta and parth surely knows how to push the right buttons 😛
    Grt episode overall and pkc weight loss XD

  28. this episode is the best episode . one thing is sure dream team can do anything and randhir can do any thing for sanyu 🙂

  29. i loved the flirting avtar of Randhir…flirting me b rank one can beat him in this too..!! 😛

  30. @ranyuktha aapka naam bhi aparna ! good to knw ….
    i’m frm kerala

  31. hey me too a big fan of this show !!! aap logo ke record (610) jodha akbarians ne thod diya with more than 635 cmmnts !!!

  32. ***Eid Mubarak****
    to @atiba and all my frnds

  33. hey…anybody knows, where is meera?? ??

  34. ha yar @ranyukta mai bhi abhi yahi poochhne wali thi…[email protected] kahaaaa ho yar???

  35. Hi guys i m new here can i join?

  36. I read ur comments daily and i am big fan of show and lead actors. Can i join ur group.?

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