Bigg Boss 8 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 75
Song ghulmile starts playing. all inmates dances. Diandra and Gautam hug.

Gautam is cleaning lounge, Puneet is making breakfast, Dimpy ask Upen can you do something, dimpy says I have to knead the flour, I have elbow pain, can you do it, Upen says Gautam have to do it, its his punishment so I cant do it, Dimpy says it will be late as Gautam is doing other work, Upen says we have to understand, two people are doing every work so we have to wait. Dimpy says ok but then its our punishment as breakfast will be late.
Upen goes in garden and tell Ali and Pritham about this thing.
Dimpy tells Puneet about upen thing.
Ali says to Upen that Dimpy is root cause of every problem, and then she becomes innocent, Pritham says Puneet said to me that I didn’t nominate Upen because Upen have invited to his house in London, Upen laughs, Pritham says how can this be point for not nominating you.

Puneet says I will make breakfast, they will eat whenever they want, I will not take that thing that Karishma will come and ask for hot breakfast, Dimpy says my father says that nature of person is known when he eats, he shows his nature when food is concerned and I have seen two people so much selfish for food that is Sonali and Karishma, world can go upside down but they will eat their food.

bigg boss calls Pritham in confession room and says you have to decide two names for contender to be captain, one name will be given by you and second name will be chosen by inmates, you can take your name too.
Pritham comes in lounge and tells everyone about giving one name to be captain, he ask Puneet first, Puneet, gautam, Dimpy gives Pranet’s name, Sonali says I am thinking, Praneet gives his name, Diandra, Upen, Ali, Pritham votes Karishma then Sonali votes for Karishma too, Praneet gets 4 vote and Karishma get 6 votes, so Karishma is selected, Karishma kisses Sonali on cheek as thanks.
Upen says to Praneet that I had promised Karishma for this week, next week I will vote for you, Praneet says don’t promise, Upen says I am giving you my promise, you are acting like a kid, I will not give you vote, I am happy that I didn’t vote for you. Ali says he is just saying, Upen starts shouting and says you are poking, Praneet says I am just saying that don’t promise.
Dimpy says that Pritham will take Praneet’s name, Puneet says no as I have given Praneet’s name so he will not take his name as he want to show that he is not influenced by me, Puneet says I am hurt with Sonali’s decision, she gave vote to Karishma.

Bigg boss ask names contenders for captaincy, Pritham says with mutual discussions we have decided Karishma’s name, Bigg boss ask other name which will be given by Pritham only, Pritham says second name in mine only, I want to stand for captaincy again, Bigg boss says Karishma and Pritham you are contenders for captaincy, you have to do one task, there will be two teams, so both decide your teams, only 9 players will play in game so one team will have 5 members and other team will have 4 members, they remaining inmates will be spectator/judge, Pritham ask Karishma to choose first, Karishma gives Upen’s name, Diandra, Sonali, Praneet as her team. Pritham gives ALi name, Gautam, dimpy, Sonali as his team, Pritham says Puneet will be judge of this task.

Pritham says now Puneet is stuck, he cant make Karishma win and now he don’t want me to win too, if I had given Praneet’s name then w would have been happy but now I have given the names which he doesn’t like at all.
Puneet says to Gautam he is very selfish. Gautam says his personality is out..
Pritham ask Ali to give 100% in task, Ali says I will, but don’t know about others, Pritham says we have to do good task.
Puneet says to Gautam that we made Pritham captain, Gautam says I will make Karishma win in task infront of Karishma, I don’t care who becomes captain, all are partial, so I will show our big heart by making Karishma’s win, we cant trust anyone, not even Diandra, Puneet says don’t trust her, she didn’t vote for Praneet, Gautam says she is my friend but in game, we are in game, I hope she is positively playing but even then we cant trust.

now there will task between Karishma and Pritham, task name is “tick Tack Toe”, Karishma’s team is X and Pritham’s team is O, all members of respective team have to stand on respective place in garden where X and O marks have been placed, they have to stand in zig zag position, they have to make a line of three members, it will be done when one team members have to make other team members agree that they should leaves their place so that they can take that place and make their team member captain of house.

all inmates take their place in garden, Karishma says to Gautam that you said you will make me captain next week so please leave your place and give your place to Upen, Gautam says what will you do as captain? Karishma says I will not be partial unlike all assume I would be, I cant be partial as I have to answer audience, Salman and myself, Gautam says you answer every week very selfishly, so what if you become selfish now too, Karishma says all are selfish in this world, I wasn’t made captain, Karishma ask Ali to leave its place as I was not captain for weeks, Ali says to Pritham that Karishma says isayign she was not captain fro weeks, and I had also promised her to make her captain, what reason will you give to make me stay on place? Pritham says its now about my team, you talked about team spirit, Ali says ok I am thinking. Gautam ask Pritham what you did as captain? were you fair? Pritham says you will know how much I was fair, it will said on weekend Ka Vaar, and If I am called unfair on weekend then I will touch your feet and will ask forgiveness, Ali ask Pritham to forgive him, I cant stay on my place, Pritham says this is wrong, you have to show now your team spirit, Ali says please friend, Gautam says to Upen that I want to give chance to Karishma, Pritham was partial and is not agreeing that, so I want to make Karishma captain, he changes his place with Upen, Upen says game over, we have made three members in line, Puneet says game over, Karishma’s team have made line so she won, Pritham says my lose is my win too, Karishma hugs all, Gautam and all, bigg boss says that KARISHMA is new CAPTAIN.
Pritham says to ali that Gautam was trying to convince me that I was not fair in captaincy.

Karishma says that I want to make vice captain Ali, dimpy says that vice captain cant keep eye on everything, and how can you believe just vice captain on whatever he sees, Karishma says if Dimpy you find anyone speaking English then point out to me, Dimpy says you were saying about being fair then you made ALi captain so I can think that you are partial as Ali is close to you, Upen says no Ali is not close to Karishma.
Ali says to Sonali that whats Dimpy’s problem if I am made vice captain, its Karishma’s decision.

Ali ask Karishma if you are vice captain or not? Karishma says no, Ali says I am vice captain, I don’t care about anyone, Sonali says if you want to make him vice captain? Karishma says not now, sonali says so discussion over, Ali says I don’t want to take game to different level, Karishma says don’t bore me, Sonali says leave him for now, finish the talk.
Dimpy says Ali called me Poking artist so now I will poke him, Upen says Ali is coward man.
Karishma says to Sonali that there is no need for vice captain.

Puneet says when Pritham was given punishment to remove pulse from wheat, it was difficult task, so we said to camera that all P3G want to help him, then bigg boss forgave him, Dimpy says you started crying for him, Puneet says I was shivering fro him, and we are given punishment yesterday and we are doing all work of house, on humanity basis he can appeal for us, he is not concerned about it, we have done whole work of house without even complaining, this shows what kind of man he is.

Karishma reads statement of bigg boss that Luxury budget task was completed. for luxury budget shopping, bigg boss surprises inmates offering that two inamtes can go out of house for luxury budget shopping. , two people will go out of house for shopping, the two inmates who got this chance are Gautam and Sonali, Sonali is excited, she says bye guys, she starts dancing and says I wanted to go on drive.

Gautam says I want to buy hair wax, he laugh, alarm rings calling Sonali and Gautam on gate.
Karishma does Sonali’s make up. Ali says I am hating you Gautam and Sonali, Sonali says we are coming after some hours, they leave the house, KArishma says I cant believe they have gone out, Ali says you have become captain and see what is happening, Karishma laughs.
Sonali and Gautam are blindfolded and is taken out of house, they sit in car and goes for shopping., Sonali ask Gautam aren’t you excited? Gautam says I am afraid.

Gautam and Sonali are in some mart, there blindfolds are taken off, Gautam reads the statement that they have convince costumers to buy things for them, they have 15 minutes to convince costumers, Gautam ask Sonali to not sleep here. task starts. Sonali ask one costumer can she buy chicken for her, lady ask how much, Sonali says we are ten people so ten packets, Lady ask who will pay? Sonali says you people will have to pay, lady ask why? sonali says its a task, Lady says no I cant, I can buy one packet for you.
Gautam comes to one costumer, he says I have to buy these packets for house, can you pay for it, costumer agree to pay for two packets, Gautam buys thing.
Sonali says please to lady to buy 3 packets for her, lady says why you are pushing me so much, Sonali buys three packet of chicken, lady buy for her.
Gautam ask other costumer to buy for hi, she says I am in hurry and leaves from there. Sonali comes to one old couple, they ask are you Sonali raut, she says yes, they say we enjoy you in BB, man says your slap was amazing, Sonali as them can you buy noodles for me, lady agrees, Sonali buy two big packets of noddles. Gautam ask can anybody give me 800rs, one costumer come forward and pay for them, one girl gives money to Sonali to buy chocolates and other things, Gautam and Sonali thanks people for helping them.

Sonali and Gautam comeback to house with luxury budget iteams, they have 3 baskets full of things, all says wow, Gautam says see what I have bought, Karishma says chicken, they all are happy to see things, Gautam tells them the task that they have to shop with people’s money, Karishma ask were they recognizing you? Sonali says yes, Gautam says I got two neutella chocolates as gift from mart, he gives it to Puneet pointing that its his personal, all inmates thank people who helped them.

Ali says Gautam is lying that he got gift of neutella, Karishma says who is selfish now, I was opening it and he stopped me, Ali says he has hidden it, Karishma says I don’t want it now. Sonali comes there, she says I don’t know he got it in gift or what, we were separate. Sonali says I don’t think that he can get gift like that as it was task and we had to pay on counter for getting things.
Gautam says I was missing house when I got out, we fight here but we have got addicted to each other. Gautam says Sonali is afraid of going out on Saturday, she was doing cheap things today, she was trying to kiss me, Puneet says she want to get footage fo camera, Gautam says she was talking about diandra that whats my scene with her? I said that she I my friend then she said that will you date me after bigg boss, Gautam says we will think when we go out, Gautam says then she said that should I kiss you, I said no but when I was blindfold she kissed me, I removed mark and said that all will see in house, then she said that should I kiss on neck, I said no, she is very cheap women, he ask Dimpy to not talk about it to anyone.

Gautam comes to Puneet in washroom, he laughs, Gautam says my mind have started working living in this house, I have bought neutella by asking money from people so I took it for myself only, Sonali came to me and asked how did they gift me neutella? I said that I asked the counter people that I like neutella a lot so they gifted it to me, all housmate are jealous with it, now we will enjoy neutella.

PRECAP- SAlman is coming in weekend Ka Vaar, Varun Dhawan will come too and eviction twist will open up too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Puneet n gautam u pPl can simply make fun nd back bite abt girls BT no1 should raise voice against dem wen De r absolutely wrong…..Wat kind f logic s dis…..!!!!?????u both r disgusting…….Ali s far better Dan u both…

  2. Pritam u wer fair as a captain n 2day u took d right decision…..hate puneet n gulaati….

    1. Wrong …..pritham was unfair and partial in his captaincy as he saved upen ….and Gautum was just telling what happened with him …..and PG both talk about girls in a proper manner unlike ali

  3. Gautam is by far the fairest one pritam showed his true nature the only thing I don’t like abt Gujarati is he is greatly influenced by Puente by the way parameter and pritam are jealous of gulati

  4. Good episode

  5. And guys what pritham did …he again nominated himself for captaincy he didn’t give a second thought for his so called best friend praneet.

  6. i dnt think pritham did any wrong thing in his captaincy…he is far more fair than dat taklu puneet n his puppet gautam..

  7. n dis dimpy is soo annoying..plz kick her frm d house..kitna aag lagati hai isne toh puneet ka record bhi tod dia hai

  8. gautam said kariz is selfish n wat he is…luxury budget ka nutrela akele dono chor kha rahe..blo*dy selfish pg..atleast she has dat much dare k muh pe bolti hai k selfish h or tm muh pe ache or pith pichhe kutte

  9. Yes indeed pritham is better than puneet and gautam…

  10. Plz guyz dont abuse gauti…he is doing what he has to do.. He is right in all way

  11. Pritham was fair in his captaincy….takla puneet has no othr job othr than backbiting..thz dimpy is the root cause of ol the prblmz as ali said..hope dia comes to knw tht gulati dont evn trust her so tht she’l go away frm him n gulati’l get rid of her

  12. gautam bas puneet ki hi baat manta hai usse lageta hai ki puneet sahi hai . bas ab gautam ke samne puneet ka assli chera aa jaye aur woh bi pritham praneet ki tarah puneet ke jaal se aazad ho jaye and pritham was fair in his captaincy.

  13. I like gautam-sonali pair

  14. Plsss show gautam-sonali scens

  15. If puneet n gautam wer gud den along wid p3g more contestants would have come in deir group…BT see wats going on now……..

  16. I think that gautum is lying about what happened with sonali !! He’s just taking advantage of the situation! He’s playing with all the girls !Such a dog

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