Dil Dosti Dance 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rey and Sara were lost in the rehearsal hall. They both think that they don’t recall what happened yester night. They all ask what is he thinking. He says he was thinking they must spend this night… then corrects that this time together to think about some ideas. Swayam suggests that they must keep the musical’s name as Musical Extravaganza. Nil and Amar were reluctant, Sara suggests about Tara Rum Pum. Sara suggests Dance Marathon. Rey says they must all go home, and come tomorrow, after thinking a bit. He says they must try, if they have any hope of sponsors.
Sara and Rey stay there. Sara turns to him, Rey asks if all is good. She says yeah, everything is fine. Rey stammers, I mean to say if there is some problem. Sara denies. Rey gathers the courage, and asks if she remembers what happened last night. She keeps thinking, and says she thinks they were a little close. Rey closes his eyes. Vikram and Nil come and ask they know what happened last night. Rey and Sara were worried. Sara tells them not to tell anyone, as it is embarrassing. They both shout, that they finished all the pani-puri last night. They get easy, and Sara takes a leave.
The teacher tells them to prepare the test well. Karma says he hates surprise quizzes to Huma, she nods. He thinks he shouted outside, what if she gets annoyed. He makes a heart for her, on register. She thinks this heart will be gone, the day he gets to know her reality. He thinks he isn’t a loser anywhere.
Rey was hurt, how could he do so with Kriya. He thinks he must tell her, and face her. He heads to text her, then thinks he won’t be able to take his words back. He looks at Kriya’s photo and says where is she, there must be no problem if she was here. He thinks he has to face it. Chintoo comes there, and says he can’t sleep. Rey says he also can’t. Chintoo says he misses mummy papa. Rey takes him to help him sleep.
Raghv’s vision blurs as he watches the FRIENDS promo. He stands up and gets dizzy. Ishika comes there to him, he hugs her and asks she must not leave her anywhere. Ishika makes him relax, Ishika watches Dida there and tells Ishika that she doesn’t want to hear anything. Its late and she must go to her room. Raghv also goes inside.
Rey and Sara come to each other, and gets cozy together. Rey wakes up from sleep and says this is too much, it is ridiculous. He thinks about talking to someone about this and thinks about Swayam. Sharon’s phone rings, it was Sara. Sara says she wants to ask something. Sharon asks can’t she come to the side room. Sara says she isn’t in a mood. Sara asks if lying is good in love. Sharon says if it’s for love’s sake, then yes. Everything is fair in love and war. She asks if it is about Sara.
Swayam asks Rey why he called so late. Rey says he must sleep now. Swayam asks if he must come to his home. Rey thinks this must be unfair with Sara, to tell him about such a thing about a girl. Swayam asks shall he come, Rey says it isn’t needed. He was tensed about musical. Swayam makes him relax. Rey thinks whom he must talk to.
Sara tells Sharon that there is nothing between her and Rey. Sharon says they all thought there is something going, her intuition can never be wrong. Sara says her intuition is working over time, and disconnects. Sharon wonders what is the problem in her life. Sara regrets lying to Rey.
Swayam comes to café, in the morning. Swayam comes too and asks what is the tension that he is drinking so much coffee. Rey says he thinks he has lost control from over himself. Sharon and Sara just come to join them. The four of them look at each other.
Karma comes to Huma in the library, she tells him she has to submit the assignment. He tells her he did her assignment. She stands up in awe. He smiles. She thinks winning in such a bet, he is doing too much. Karma thinks is he really doing it all, for the sake of bet.
They were all quiet. Sharon wish she was late, she wouldn’t have to sit with Swayam. Swayam wonders that once he liked Sharon’s presence. Sara says the silence is much prolonged. She asks Swayam about his treatment, he says he in on medication. Rey and Sharon talk about having a dinner. Rey thinks to God, why he is putting him in such a situation. The silence is disturbing.

PRECAP: Swayam and Sharon are locked in library. Sharon says he is a loser that he can’t find a place to get out. He say he has the way out, and moves to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Boring show.. miss kriya and kriyaansh … n this sara is cute bt i dont like it when they play kriyaansh music behind saraansh 🙁

    1. swaron kriyansh

      i totally agree with ….sara is good but how can they play kriyansh music in sara and reys scene

  2. https://polldaddy.com/poll/8494820/
    Hey all the swaron fans please check the link and vote for sharon and swayam

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