Sinhasan Battisi 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, gopal is calling yamraj and asking tat now how will he fulfill his fathers order as he never thought tat samrat will create obstacle there arrives yamraj and he convinces gopal tat samrat did dharma and saved his life for good cause and I m also happy tat he changed the system of donation and tat is y I saved ur life there comes samrat and chitralekha seeing tthem gopal says tat he is sorry for his wrong words samrat then says tat he didn’t mind it yamraj then takes their leave saying tat he has to punish a foolish man
Gangaprasad is seen shouting to the villagers to take this ox as donation people around him then say tat v now y u r donating this ox as it is unwell and wen tat ox was fine by health u never allowed anyone to touch it too he then asks people around to stop advicing him and take the ox if they want to then yamraj sees this and says tat ganga Prasad u will get to know wat wrong u r doing and then the ox gets crazy and start hitting ganga prasad
Into samrats palace gopals mother thanx samrat for saving gopals life and he then tells gopal tat she is his mother and gopal runs towards her and his mother says tat now she will leave but samrat and chitralekha ask them to stay in the near by ashram while chitralekha says tat It would be nice if they stay around as she will be able to be near to gopal samrat then says thank you to mahamaya for helping him while mahamaya says tat it was her duty and she will be available any time for help wenever he needed and leaves
Into old fort kritika says tat this was how samrat did his kartvya raja bhoj says tat it was nice tathe did this but wat happened ti ganga Prasad then kritika tells tat after ganga Prasad was punished by yamraj one fine day he realized his mistake and came to samrats palace and pleads him to kill him as he has understood how wrong and adharma he did to his kid samrat then says tat he is been forgiven for his mistakes only because he realized his mistake but now his punishment is to have a family and look after them ganga Prasad agrees and then says sorry too gopal and his wife gopal then forgives his father and goes along with him into old fort kritika says tat this is the story of samrats kartavya and now its ur turn to prove ur self raja bhoj then says tat now its his time to do kartvaya and there comes mahamaya and asks samrat a question Wat are the duty of a raja he should follow dharma ,do justice, and change accordingly mahamaya asks raja bhoj to go to his palace and do a rajasi yagya (pooja) for his kingdoms safe secure borders raja bhoj then asks his first kartvya is to achieve singhasan battisi mahmaya then says tat wat if the next exam is to do kartvya in his own kingdom and then raja bhoj is seen in his own palace
Maharani vallari sees raja bhoj and happily asks how come he is here and asks her dasis to bring the pooja thali brahmdat also arrives and says tat he is happy to see him here maharani vallari asks raja bhoj wat happen about the singhasan battisi did he achieved or not even brahmdat wants to know about it and raja bhoj then tells tat he is doing it for now he has to do a rajasi yagya in our kingdom for safety and security and for all the people in the kingdom he then asks brahmdat tat who can do this yagya at its best brahmdat then tells tat it is one from Kashi rushi purshotam is best
Raja bhoj then asks brahmdat to send them invitation and also announce it in the entire kingdom about the yagya then an announcement is made to the entire kingdom and rushi purshotam arrives in a palkhi and wen he steps out his leg there is seen a lotus under his leg and everyone welcomes him warmly
Raja bhoj then takes him to the palace and takes his blessings and thanx him for coming here on his invitation rushi purshotam then says tat it his goodness and tells tat before starting this yagya he wants to tell tat all earn punya doing this yagya the raja as well as the people in kingdom and the one he do’s this yagya raja bhoj then promises to do the yagya in one go and not leave it in middle rushi purshotam then asks raja bhoj to do ahvan to his kuldevi to come for this yagya and to do this he has to take along with him all the people in his kingdom to invite them.

PRECAP:-A rushi is blaming rushi purshotam tathe is the husband of his daughter while raja bhoj asks rushi purshotam about this but rushi purshotam says tat he will not answer as the yagya is going on but raja bhoj says tat he will do his duty in front of the promise he made.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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