Bigg Boss 8 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 10
Song tune mari entry yaar plays, all contestants get up from sleep and starts dancing.

Arya talks to minissha and ask what will happen today? minissa says its shifting day.
in plane, deepshikha and sushant are packing bags to go in new house.

Karishma says humans are not bad but sitautions make them bad, soni says we all have seen which kind of man is guatam, Karishma agrres
Diandra talks to upen and says i talked to gautam but he said he wont listen to anyone,,

Diandra says nothing will happen,,
Karishma is in kitchen with soni and Praneet, Karishma says it was justified to ask for gautam disqualification, soni says we lost the task too. i told him that i didnt find his one sorry convincing, upen says puneet said that gautam is acting and he doesnt know i am in acting line from past 40years. Sukirti says yes he is not sorry, he talked to me rudely yesterday, i told him to keep his ego to himself, Diandra says nothing can happen to him, Upen says this is not your problem, Diandra says definitely but i am done with him, i mean why is he promising to me but not fulfilling it.

Karishma says that praneet has beard, he could have brought scissor with him but he takes much time in bathroom, diandra say scissor is not allowed but he should talk to bigg boss, he takes much time in washroom , Gautam says what is wrong is wrong, Diandra says i will tell praneet on his face too but it will bring in another fight, puneet comes there, diandra says ask praneet to cut his beard, it is creating problems for us.

Puneet talks to praneet and says you should cut your beard, some in mates have problem with it, praneet says diandra said that? puneet says karishma and deepshikha was there too. Puneet says i will talk to them in my way, you take care of your beard.

Bigg boss talks to inmates, he says in sometime, new house will be opened for deepshikha’s team and pritham’s team will clean the house(aero-plane area).
karishma comes out of plane and sees soni cleaning the house, Soni is in garden area, wearing weird clothes, Karishma calls her servant, she says soni is looking like a bai( maid),
all inmates come in house, the luxurious house is opened for the first time, deepshikha’s team goes in house and screams in happiness, Karishma says I will go mad with happiness, this house is awesome. Diandra and all discusses how to divide the bed,
All girls come in kitchen and finds bottle of water for everyone, Karishma says i love this house, they sit on couch, /minissha says i love color of this house. Karishma l=jokes that sushant oepn tv, i want to watch colors tv.

Diandra finds one door in house and opens it (store room), they are stunned to see fruits and edible things there in bulk, all girls scream in happiness.
outside in garden area, soni says to sukirti that we should be in house, we did alot, sukirti agrees and says w more pain and we had more tears, we didnt hurt other team like they hurt us and also we took stand for karishma.

Bigg Boss in the evening announces that Pritam’s team can enter the house but cannot use the facility of the house and act as the servant of the house. Pritam’s team will be allowed to use the facility of the house if their perform good in the upcoming tasks. Bigg Boss asks Pritam’s team to give two names who will remain servants throughout the season and will not get opportunity to perform and win the facility.

Pritham’s team discusses the names to be chosen for servant, puneet says gautam broke the rule so he should be chosen first, all agrees.
in house, deepshikha says to upen that if you get emotional for some other contestant during task then you should ready yourself to get punishment, lets see whose name will be given as servant.

Puneet says to team that praneet was not involved in task at all, all agrees. Gautam Gulati, Praneet Bhatt get nominated and will serve as servant throughout the season.

Bigg boss announces that pritham’s team can go in house now, all contestants who were left goes in house with their luggage.

Soni is miffed with deepshikha, she says to karishma that deepshikha showed me attitude, she was rude to me, the matter becomes serious, soni says deepshikha call you beta(dauhgter) as you are younger but i am younger too so why ego showing to me, sushant hugs soni to comfort her.
otherside deepshikha says to minissha and diandra that soni is weird, i didnt do anything and i am elder to her, she said that i am loud, it hurt me.

Karishma ask deepshikha and soni if they want to solve the matter or not? dont waste our energy, tasks will start from tomorrow so solve it now, Soni says to deepshikha that i told you that you are loud as you do talk in loud tone, deepshikha says i was working in kitchen,you came there, i didnt talk to you so you thought that i am showing ego, i didnt do anything wrong. you came in my way, Minissha says nobody is coming in anyone’s wa, its just that ways are clashing, you both end this matter here, just leave it, talk to eahc other tomorrow, just leave it for now, soni goes from there.

After discussing with Karishma, Deepshikha tells gautam to make 28omlets and prathas for dinner.

Bigg boss says its true that new house is beautiful but the bitterness of outside has come alongwith contestants in house, lets see what happens next.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations time is coming so buck up. All contestants give their opinion about other contestants, Minissha says she( must be deepshikha) is blowing fire everywhere, Puneet says I saw selfishness in her, Karishma says he is not hygenic, Sushant says gautam abuse then say sorry, Praneet says I don’t trust him.
Sonali Raut comes back in house, All applauds, Karishma says why did she comeback? Sonali says I saw your fish market, sukirti gives killing look, Bigg boss says see sonali coming back in house again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. rittika mittal

    who are the two serving as servant.. one is puneet other is?

    1. Its nt punit… ITS PRANEET and gautam

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