Bigg Boss 8 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 111
Weekend Ka Halla Bol
Farah comes on stage, she welcomes all in bigg boss, she says that challengers have opened house more, words, shoe and a contestant was thrown in house, Ajaz is no more, I mean no more in house, voting lines are off and there will be ELIMINATION today but we will keep suspense till end for contestant.
clip plays, Karishma says to Rahul that for me it is my boyfriend only, Rahul says you were ignoring me, I am raising my security because of your boyfriend, Karishma laughs, Karishma says no he will not threaten you, Gautam says I told Rahul that Karishma is like your sister but he said no I am flirting with her for 6 years, Karishma gives hi-five to Gautam and laughs, Rahul says Choksi is your brother, Karishma says choksi is my boyfriend, Rahul says no he is your boyfriend, Rahul says ok princess, Karishma ask to not call princess, call Kaite, Rahul says yes you will have to explain to people too that why I call you Princess and you used to smile, Karishma says hain? I don’t smile at your princess word, Gautam laughs.
Rahul ask Sambhavna that is Karishma like me? Sambhavna says no she doesn’t like you at all, you are finding reason to stay in house but here on Karishma, it will not work, you have to find other reason, Rahul says I know Karishma, Sambhavna says when she doesn’t reply on messages then how will she give you attention in house.
Ali says to Dimpy that wish you were some tall, Dimpy says that Rahul used to say from marriage time to me that wish you were tall, ii said wish you were little young, Rahul laughs.

Call is connected to house, Farah says you all are looking nice, Karishma you are all looking professional, wish you all had cleaned house like this too, all laughs. Farah says Mahek and Sambhavna are nominated, Sambhavna says I have said many things, If I go today I would say that I have done my work, Farah says the much people say in three weeks, you do that in one week, all laughs, Farah says to Dimpy that you are becoming week after Rahul’s entrance, its like 1960’s heroine, that my husband is not mine, my house is not working, where is strong Dimpy? Dimpy says Rahul is sensitive topic for me and all don’t allow me to talk, Farah says Rahul genuinely care for you and you are champion, you have to play your game and our tissues are becoming less so cry less, all laughs. Farah says now you have to me who failed and who passed with 1st position this week, Pritham says Karishma is 1st, Sambhavana failed, Ali says 1st me, Sambhavna failed, Karishma says 1st Pritham, Failed Sambhavna, Dimpy says 1st Karishma, Sambhavna failed, Mahek says 1st Gautam, Failed Ali as he hit below the belt which is not needed in fight, Ali says when you hit other person then he will not see over or below the belt, Rahul says 1st me as I am competition to myself, Farah says we had to see your body in soap task, why this torture on us? Rahul says common person look like this with big belly, 99% people are with belly and .99% are with six packs, failed Sambhavna, she is nice girl but seeing camera her tongue slips, Sana says 1st was Pritham, failed Ali, Sambhavna says 1st Gautam, Failed Ali, Gautam says 1st Rahul, failed Ali. Farah ask Sambhavna to sit on punishment chair, Farah says to Karishma and Rahul will get gift as they are first, Karishma says thanks, Farah says don’t be thankful as it can be date with Rahul, all laughs. Farah ask Pritham that did someone take Puneet’ position for Gautam, Pritham says yes, Sambhavna have taken place of Puneet for Gautam, autam remain fine with you till you agree with him and if you don’t agree with him then he snap at you, Farah says yes Sambhavna have same physique like Puneet all laughs. Ali says it feels like negative energy have come in house, Rahul says energy is energy negative or positive is nothing. Farah says many questions are in minds of people, we have to discuss it, a witness box is presented, Farah ask Ali to stand in witness box, Farah says that Ali you are mastermind, I mean its amazing how you made Ajaz get evicted from this house, hats off to you, when we see football players, they fall on ground to get penalty kick, Ali says you are saying that I did for sympathy then you come, I will strangle your neck then I will ask that are you acting or you are really hurt, Farah says I am not saying what Ajaz did was right but you know Ajaz better, you provoked him in right quotient, Ajaz is an idiot, you hit his button, Ali says I was hurt, Farah says you were fine when Ajaz got eliminated, ali says only I know how much I was hurt, Farah says Ajaz I want to tell you that Ajaz you are an idiot, you were not following rules, Ali provoked you and you got in his trap so you are evicted because of your stupidest, Sambhvana no person say that he wants mouth to mouth breath when he is dying, Farah says if Rahul had given him mouth to mouth breath then Ali would have died, all laughs, Sambhavna says for Ali it was 10% hurt and 90% acting, Ali says that if Karishma strangle your neck for 10second then your tongue which moves so fast will stop, the way you speak is like gutter boiling, Sambhavna says you are gutter mouth not me, Farah says Ali you also said gutter things, I didn’t like what you said to Mahek, agreed you said sorry to her in sweet manner but this is not the way to say he is not my level and all, you all are equal, Ali says I will keep it in mind, Farah ask Gullu which Ali is more fair Monday one or Friday one? Gullu says Ali fight with you on Monday, take that to Wednesday then sing for you on Friday then do comedy on Saturday, all laughs, Farah ask Ali were you fighting with Gautam or were you about to smooch him? all laughs, Ali says I like Gautam, Farah ask who all think that after Ajaz’s enterance Ali is changed, 8 contestant think he is changed. call ends.
Farah says that Gautam and Karishma share strange relation. clip plays.
champions will choose luxury budget item for themselves individually and only one challenger will choose for himself, Challengers give Rahul’s name. karishma starts writing things of luxury items, she looks at Gautam and ask should I write Nutella for you? he says yes, they smile, Karishma write Nutella for him. late Ali says to Pritham and Dimpy that why did Karishma write Nutella for Gautam, suddenly she is all sweet with Gautam. ali ask Karishma that you don’t like Chocolates then why did you write Nutella for him, Karishma says I like to eat it too, I don’t crave but I like it, Ali says we could get chicken too,Karishma comes to Rahul and says they are cribbing over a chocolate, I know I don’t crave for it but i like to eat nutella too, so what if wrote Nutella for Gautam, Rahul says don’t worry i will put factories of chocolates for you. he comes to Dimpy and Ali and ask why did you bicker with KArishma on chocolate, she also like to have chocolate, Dimpy ask are you her spokesperson? Rahul nothing like that but we all will share it, Dimpy says forget now she will share it Gautam only and you will watch from far, Ali and Dimpy laugh. clip ends.
call is connected to house, Farah ask Sambhavna to come in witness box, Farah says that you are taking your target so seriously. Farah says to Sambhvana that how Dimpy did so much provoking to you that you had to throw sandal on her, Sambhavna says when I entered house, I went to bedroom and Dimpy started with who will work what, I said that let us get ready atleast, don’t do this at this time, Farah says we know that you are volcano and people like it but what you did was shocking, Sambhavna says that’s right, I said sorry to her, Farah says Dimpy can be irritating but she never threw shoe at anyone, and your aim was also bad, all laughs, Farah says it doesn’t look good on show that one women throwing shoe at other women, Mahek says I asked Sambhavna to go and say sorry and she went, Farah ask Karishma that why you didn’t take stand for Dimpy, Farah says not a single could openly, daringly say to Sambhavna that what you did was wrong, throwing Sandal is not done, Karishma says we did say but not so much openly, Farah ask why? were you all afraid of Sambhavna? Farah says why you people didn’t get angry, if anybody throw shoe at me then see what I do, but you people were silent at things which is embarrassing, she says to Ali that you are Dimpy’s friend but you were silent, Ali says I thought Rahul would speak up but he was silent so I didn’t know what to do, Farah says that its not about personal matter, if someone do this on road then I will stop my car to support a unknown person, she ask Dimpy whom you are disappointed in most, Dimoy says Rahul and Karishma, I thought they will take stand, Farah says to Karishma that you take strong stand for yourself but not for your friend? Sambhavna says that topic is closed and I am sorry for that, Farah says to Karishma that when you were captain you were so polite and it feels like you are afraid of Sambhavna, you feel like that Sambhavna can do with you what she did with Dimpy, Karishma says nothing like that, Farah says you people get angry on wrong things, you play women card conveniently like when its in your favor only, i am in industry for 25 years, not a single person will say that i ever played a women card and cried over pity issues, all claps, Rahul says that Sambhavna is a nice girl but she change herself for camera, she try to get footage and is not herself on camera, she is funny person in real life but on camera she try to become vamp, she did ghat bandhan on my marriage, though she took money for that, all laughs, Karishma says Sambhavna get angry on every issue, i asked Dimpy to remember duties and tell me when i assign to inmates but Sambhavna got angry on Dimpy that she is interfering, there was nothing to get so aggressive, Farah ask Sambhavna that did Rahul say to you that handle Dimpy? Sambhavna says Rahul told me that he will not fight with Dimpy, if you take on her than handle yourself but I agree he said that don’t be violent, Rahul says If I ask you to jump off cliff then willy you? Farah ask why you taking on Dimpy so much? Sambhavna says that I don’t like her, just for show I cant be fake that I am now friends with her and all, Dimpy says you called me chameleon, you say things to me, you pass comments and then you say that you don’t come in my way, Sambahvna says I am here as your challenger, Dimpy says I try to mend things with you, Sambahvna says really? that’s why you took my name in nominations, Dimpy says I didn’t say much things that you don’t like me, Sambhavna says because of you groups broke here? Dimpy says if because of me, a group breaks then that group was not there at all, Farah ask Sambhavna to come down. Farah ask what was strategy of challengers to do the task, Rahul did most of the tasks and he was not chosen as best challengers and you did kid’s act like choose the stick and he will be best, she ask Rahul how you are feeling that now Mahek is safe from next nominations? Rahul says if she get saved today only then she will be saved from next nominations, Farah says oh very clever Rahul. Farah ask champions that do they really think Gautam was weakest champion? really Gautam was weak? Karishma lost the task so how Gautam was weak? Karishma says Gautam doesn’t follow team, he is not there in planning, Farah says but he played well for team, Farah ask Pritham and Ali that did you make the strategy to sideline Gautam first then call him weakest, Pritham says no not at all, when you are part of team then you should know and make strategy with team, you are playing alone, making your own strategies, not discussing with team mates, you don’t know to which team you belong, this is confused state of Gautam and in confused state you tend to become weak, he is always like this, Farah says you are really looking like Rj, all laughs, Gautam says Pritham is my friend, I take it what he says, Farah ask Gautam how you felt when you were chosen as worst contestant? Gautam says its nothing new for me, Farah ask why you were not shocked that you won the task too, Gautam says I knew it. Farah ask challengers to change report card, Mahek changes that Target, Danger and Zero all are Ali for her. Sambhavna changes that her Target is not Dimpy anymore but Ali. Farah says Ali you have become popular. Farah says now punishment time, if anybody say that I will not do punishment then luxury budget of house will be cut, Sambahvan washed many people in house so Sambhavna will wash clothes of two people, Karishma will decide that people, Karishma says Dimpy and Rahul’s clothes will be washed by Sambhavna, Sambhavna agrees.
call is connected to snapdeal costumer, she wishes Farah belated birthday, she says I have bought bell for Gautam, I think Gautam is influenced by Sambhavna, when she came in house in party, she asked him to be away from Diandra then he got away from her, he was first under Puneet’s influence and now under Sambhavna’s influence, we audience want to alert you, you are a nice person then why you are influenced by others, Gautam asys when you sit with a person, you like and don’t like things what other person is saying, I also pointed to Sambhavna on some words that these words are not right, customer says that Gautam we like you to be with Champions, all cheers, Karishma smiles, Farah ask inmates whom they think should go out today. Pritham, Ali, Karishma, Dimpy, Rahul says Sambhavna should go
Sana Mahek Gautam says Mahek should go.
Farah says Sambhavna is safe, Mahek gets up to go but Farah says Mahek is safe too. all applauds, Farah says Rahul it was your chance to hug Karishma, all laughs. Farah says I took your class but it was necessary, TOMORROW THERE WILL BE EPISODE BECAUSE OF STARDUST AWARDS.

PRECAP- Dimpy says to Rahul that you have nice intentions for me but your way is insulting, its not because of your closeness with Karishma but its your behavior, Rahul says if I say things about you then it wont be good for you, Dimpy says don’t threaten me, I can say many things too, do not threaten me. later bigg boss says that nominations time has started, later someone enters house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think SALMAN is better host than FARAH…

  2. whoz at fault btwn rahul and dimpy in their personal lyf,dont know…but isnt rahul being a jerk?.a blo*dy MCP….and hez a womaniser……doesnt seem like he belongs to a good. family….cheapo


  4. Upen patel wil enter… what?? i hate upen. Wat is big boss thinkin?

  5. gautam u r the best…. Play as u like…

  6. May be upen Patel is coming to promote his movie I .
    I don’t think upen will re enter as a contestant. Becoz he is not entertaining at all.

  7. We love we love Gauti.

  8. I don’t like this Rahul-dimpy drama. Nonsense.

  9. wish praneet gad come!

  10. Gautam is just fine the way he is, I don’t know what that caller saw to think he’s getting influenced by Sambhavna. For the first time he’s not under anyones influence and he’s playing the game really well. As for on who’s side he should be, he’s a grown man he can make decisions on his own. It’s better to be with real ppl like the challengers (excluding rahul) than with fake people like Ali and Dimpy who just want to start fights and ASSUME things. Honestly, though this assumption thing among the champions (excluding gautam) has to stop.


  12. Why did Farah not reprimand Prtham for taking biased wrong decision in the soap task. he was selfish in making Dimpy win. he is not fair at all. he is the silent killer villan. beware.

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    thinking himsekf as king but actually not deserve to be a servant

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