What’s your reaction on Siddharth Shukla’s exit news from Balika Vadhu?

Balika Vadhu on Colors will soon showcase a death sequence and bring in a major twist in its storyline. Shiv’s role in the show is going to die before the leap. Siddharth Shukla, who made a positive movie debut with “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”, is bidding goodbye to his ongoing serial “Balika Vadhu”. His track will soon end in the show leaving many fans disheartened and disappointed. As per the upcoming track, we will give a brief on it, by the ongoing promo airing on the channel Colors.

Balika Vadhu which has been highlighting many hard hitting issues will once again highlight a hard hitting issue of terrorism. The story will unfold where a terrorist will hide himself in the city of Jaipur, as he is planning a terrific attack on the capital (Delhi) and so he will take a shelter in Jaipur to execute his vicious plan.

He will hide in a hotel room in Jaipur where Shiv will come to attend a wedding.Shiv’s friend who is an ATS officer has been handed over the duty to find out about the terrorist as they have got the lead about them who are hiding in a hotel.

Thus the terrorist will attack and when he will be about to get caught he will escape from the spot by explosives materials. Shiv will chase the terrorist and both will reach at the terrace of the hotel. Both of them will indulge in a fight owing to which both of them will tumble from the building. Shiv will breath his last and die, while Anandi will be sensing Shiv in danger. Anandi will face a major shattering news in her pregnancy. After his death there will be a leap in the show where Anandi will give birth to twins. Well, his fans do not need to worry, as Siddharth has not said good bye to the small Tv industry, and will be taking new projects after a much needed break. Will you miss Shiv in Balika Vadhu? Let us know in this poll.

  1. pllllllllllllllsssssssssssss end the serial…… im from bangalore

  2. plz dnt gve more pain to anandi…………

  3. waste serial withou shiv

  4. waste serial without shiv

  5. Plz change d writter n replce shiv bck…………..Its waste mesg………..

  6. who s the hell writter,,,,, again y should andndi lost her happines…. dis s really worst serial…. without shiv the serial wont b gud….. If u dnt keep shiv back den plz end d serial… As of nw i were wachin bt without shiv its really bore n i damn sure d serial wil get flop….. No one vil watch dis…

  7. come back shiv………….. without u the serial s waste…………

  8. And i cant watch dis serial without shiv….. Anandi and shiv r d best couples and best serial as of now…… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz replace him……….

  9. Really i felt vry bad. Without shiv the serial s waste. plz replace him back…… orelse end the serial…. Its better….

  10. Anandi suffered enough in this drama, we don’t understanding why remove Shiv,really stupus scenery.

  11. SHIV, you must come back.the end of this movie must be different. You and Anandi like a couple changed mentality and reinvented a lot of womens. Without you and with this final will be broken all we are working until now for oyr self.i am not from India.
    Believe me is trouth what I am saying now.

  12. Anandi was settled after marrying to shiv ,, now what … Removing shiv from serial is a NOT a good idea

  13. Anandi was settled after marrying to shiv ,, now what … Removing shiv from serial is a good idea

  14. from starting u r showing all the difficulties to anandhi life and without shiv the serial is really boring

  15. if you would have replaced siddharth shukla with another best actor…. withoaalika vadhu is nothing… he died for good reason but you would have kept shiv alive make terrorist die..

  16. without shiv baalika vadhu is waste…. its better you would have end the serial.
    again Anandi’s life is going to be in sadness…. 🙁

  17. seriously serial should be stopped as without shiv there is no anadi nd seriously they are best ideal couples

  18. I want Shiv back. I can`t watch the movie if Shiv is out.

  19. we want shiv he is most ideal person if you didnt place shiv back then stop the serial so goodbye to ballika vadhu

  20. Stupid writers….. if u r killing shiv in bv. Kill ur blody serial toooo. No one will watch it. How could u end shiv’s role??? I am d one who is watching d show for him(siddharth shukla). How could u do this…… this show is now gng to be a flop show…. goodbye balika vadhu…

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