Everest 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali getting ahead of the debris. Abhiyankar asks Nima to come and cross the ladder. Nima says I can’t. They ask him to come and keep trying. The sherpas try to pull him. Abhiyankar says you can easily come, its dangerous to wait here, we are all safe. Ramesh asks Sam to check his equipment. Sam says all running fine, let me do my work. Ramesh asks him to keep contact with team. He says I would have taken someone else. Lisa asks Sam to relax. Ramesh says Arjun is century corp’s face, if anything happens to him, or I get into problem, then you will know I m a bad man. Lisa says we are trying out best. Ramesh fumes. Rina asks can we help you Sam. Sam nods no and is worried. Sam says we can just wait, we don’t have any option.

Sherpas encourage Nima and reminds his dad’s words. Nima stands. Abhiyankar contacts Sam. Sam asks how are they, where are they. Abhiyankar says we were in glacier movement, team is safe. Sam asks are they ready to go camp 1. Abhiyankar says we will contact when we are ready. Sam says be safe. Ramesh is glad and asks is Arjun fine. Sam says everyone is fine, thanks for asking. Ramesh says great news, let me talk to Abhiyankar, I have to give some instructions. Sam says it will take time. Ramesh says I need to talk to Arjun. Sam says you have to wait, else talk by your wireless. Sarita calls and Sam takes the call. She asks about Anjali. He says she is not here, I will inform her and make her call. She says thanks.

Sam looks for Anjali and asks Pemba. He gives the message to him asking him to inform Anjali. Akash looks for his wireless and contacts Anjali. He says I just want to say we all are fine. Anjali hears this. Ramesh talks to Arjun. Arjun says we are fine and will go ahead. He says if I report you all the time, who will concentrate on climbing. Ramesh says I don’t know, be in contact. Nima walks on the ladder and the mountain breaks. Nima falls down and they shout Nima. Nima starts bleeding. Dorjee says I m going to him, he is hurt. They all stop him. Dorjee says let me try. Tashi says he can’t survive, its cold. He says I will stay here, you all go. Abhiyankar says we won’t leave you, we will go together. Dorjee says I have grown up with Nima, he is like my younger borther. Chand says we have lost our loved ones here. Tashi says Sherpas can’t lose, our mission is to support out team. They get upset by Nima’s loss and leaves him there on the cold mountains. Chand says we were 8, and now just 7, which were our original number at base camp, and 7 were being less so we got an extra, now what? Abhiyankar contacts Sam and says we have a bad news.

Anjali proceeds and sits there. Akash contacts Anjali and says can you hear me, we have lost Nima. He cries. Anjali recalls Nima and shouts no. She cries saying Nima. Abhiyankar asks Akaash is he fine. He tells Sam that everything changed in an eye wink time. We tried saving him, and lost him. Sam says its death valley Khumbu. Abhiyankar says you are still away, I can see Nima and I m helpless. I can’t believe Nima is dead. Sam says Khumba crossing needs blood price, don’t know how many fell and died there. Abhiyankar says I knew his family too, too many emotions to deal with. Sam says I was just wondering will it be not right to get team back. Ramesh says what are you saying. Sam says complications will increase as one member got less in team. Abhiyankar says it will take time.

Ramesh asks Sam why are you asking them to come back. Sam says we lost a team member, do you know its meaning, a man’s death, do you think about our work, hen fighting game? Ramesh says I respect you, so I m saying whats the need to come back, Nasir and rest of then are still there, are their lives not valuable? You are thinking about your team only. Ramesh says the media will make this a news, you will be responsible, think about it. Sam says I believe success’ guarantee can make mission go ahead, else more lives will go, and we can’t tell about the situation there, Colonel knows it well, the decision will be his. Ramesh says exactly, let him decide. Arjun says I come here all the time, whats here Colonel that it attracts me, I feel I should have not come here. Sherpas pray for Nima. They say what will happen of his family and decide to help Nima’s family.

Abhiyankar says we need someone. Anjali proceeds. Ramesh talks to Abhiyankar and says you took good decision. Jagat asks Sam about Anjali.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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