Bigg Boss 14 Gossip Scoop: Why are Sara Gurpal and Sidharth Shukla calling each other ‘Jija-Sali’?

Bigg Boss 14 has begun and now there will be endless scoops of gossip flying around. The show gathers and enjoys high TRPs and love of fans owing to the entertainment it serves. The high wattage drama and some exposed secret draws an audience like no other. Punjab’s pataka Sara Gurpal, who has mesmerized everyone with her soulful voice and simplicity is seen mingling with everyone in the house. One connection though has drawn our attention and it’s nothing ordinary.

Sara Gurpal addresses Sidharth Shukla as Jija. Now we know that you’ll be wondering how are these guys are related? So, Sara Gurpal belongs to Punjab, and is you remember Shehnaz Gill who was a Bigg Boss contestant along with Sidharth Shukla in season 13, too belongs to Punjab. And hence Sara addressed Siddharth as Punjab’s jija. This adorable gesture of hers left Sidharth blushing. (ALSO READ: Day 1 sees Nikki & Jasmin’s Fight While New Friendships Blossoming In The House)

We have seen all sorts of relations in Bigg Boss earlier, but this jija-saali duo is certainly something new. Sara was seen adorably pulling Sidharth’s leg by indirectly talking about the chemistry between #Sidnaaz in Bigg Boss 13. Not only did the contestants enjoy this conversation, but the audiences did too. Do you think this jija saali duo with have good bonding in the days to come?

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