Bigg Boss 4th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Nikki & Jasmin’s fight while new friendships blossoming in the house

Bigg Boss 4th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 1
6 AM
Sid, Hina and Gauhar enter the house. Hina screams seeing the house again. Sid says the house is very nice. Bigg Boss welcomes them and ask them all to go to the living area. All contestants welcome them. Rahul asks Sid how is he? Jasmin says I was looking where my hair was cut. Sid says you were sweet and didn’t react. Jasmin says I had to be strong. Sid says wow, your tasks will be good then. Bigg Boss says this is a new season and people are changing their lifestyles because of Covid, we have a new normal but we have been doing lockdown since the first season, we have been doing work from home from this house to entertain everyone. This time, BB will bring a new season with entertainment for the audience. You all are responsible for this. Like the whole world changed this year, Bigg Boss scene will change too. Only the best contestants from these freshers will move forward. To choose them, we have given this responsibility to three seniors. Gauhar set a benchmark by not breaking a single rule, she will make new rules now. Hina always gave her 100% in the tasks. She will make it difficult for you guys. Sid was the last season’s winner, he took a stand in front of Salman also to tell about the truth. He will judge at each step now. We will continue this for the next 2 weeks. All freshers are in the ‘to be confirmed’ (TBC) list till them. Whoever becomes the winner in Gauhar, Hina and Sid’s eyes will move forward and others will leave the house in just 2 weeks. 4 contestants were rejected on the first day only. The 4 contestants who were rejected will stay in the garden area till the order is reversed. We have a strong connection with these seniors and hope this continues. We remember 7 years back when Gauhar was called in the confession room for the first time, she was very emotional. We want to see if she same, we want to call her back in the confession room. Gauhar laughs and says I am still the same, she sighs and goes to the confession room.

Gauhar says hi to BB and says I am shivering. Bigg Boss says hello Gauhar. She laughs and says the way you say Gauhar.. it makes my heart pump faster, how are you? He says we are good now. She says I can’t tell you what I am feeling right now. I feel what I felt 7 years ago. Bigg Boss says it’s good to see your love still intact for the show. He gives her the instructions and asks her to read to the inmates. He asks her to call the rejected inmates in the garden.

Gauhar comes out of the confession room and goes to bring the rejected inmates in the house. Gauhar welcomes Rubina, Nishant, Jaan and Sarah. Gauhar reads the rule book which says that the rejected inmates will stay in the garden area. The seniors will have power against all. Gauhar will look after the kitchen and nobody can cook without her permission. Sid will get authority over the bedroom. Nobody can use a bedroom without his permission. Hina will look after luxury items which include BB Mall, Spa and gym area. Nobody can use the gym area without Hina’s permission.

Abhi meets everyone in the garden. Rubina asks Abhi to bring her things from the bedroom. Sarah meets Nikki. Gauhar says you can’t get anything right now, we don’t know about your rules so wait to hear from him. Jaan says we can sit anywhere in the garden. Nishant says there are 4 sleeping bags in the corner.

7:30 AM
Nikki says Rahul wants me to kiss on his cheeks, I don’t want to. I have just come, he should wait for a little. (Rahul has the task to get a kiss from a girl). Rahul says I want the kiss. Nikki says I just met you. Rahul says you can take your time.

Rahul asks Pavitra to kiss him as a friend. She says I am a boy, you want a kiss? Rahul calls Abhi and says I want a kiss from Pavitra. Nikki comes there and he is asking you too? Rahul tells Pavitra that I will help you moving forward but I want this kiss now. Pavitra asks Shahzad to kiss him. He does but Rahul says I want the kiss from Pavitra. Pavitra says fine and kisses his cheek. He thanks her.

Jasmin tells Sid that you should let me sleep in the bedroom, you should make us feel welcome. What should I do? Sid says you are not here to get comfortable. Jasmin says I can anything you want. Sid says what can you do for me? Jasmin laughs and says what will I do Sid? Sid says you are pretty, what can do you for me? Jasim says I can dance and sing for you. Sid says come then. She says you are wearing nightsuits this season? Sid asks with whom you will share the bed with? She says no one, he says boyfriend outside? She says no that’s not an issue. Sid says no worries, you can sleep here. Jasmin thanks him and says I can choose the bed? She gets a bed. Nikki says I have chosen my bed. Sid says you can’t choose the bed, why you want that bed? Nikki says I like the view, it’s your choice. Jasmin says she is comfortable in sharing the bed. Sid asks if she can share the bed with Eijaz? Nikki says no he snores. Jasmin says they had an argument already. Sid says choose Shahzad then. Nikki says he is not my type. Sid says what is your type? Nikki says I want someone who is talkative. Nikki says please give me that bed. Sid says okay take that bed.

Sid asks Shahzad about what bed he wants? Shahzad says I can do anything for you if you give me the bed. Abhi tells Sid that Rahul wanted a kiss. Pavitra says I know him so I gave him a kiss. Shahzad says I gave him the kiss first. All laugh. Sid says I am scared of him now. Sid says he was just telling me that he can do anything for me.

9 AM
Rubina and other three are sleeping in the garden. Nishant says this is a new life. Rubina says I am in a zombie state right now. I don’t feel anything right now. Rubina sleeps in her sleeping bag.

Rubina says we don’t have anything essential with us, we don’t even have sun-screen. Nishant says I couldn’t sleep there. You were sleeping easily. Rubina says I couldn’t sleep easily. Sarah says I want my clothes back. Rubina says we will have to wait for inmates to wake up so we can get food from them.

Rubina says we can decide our 7 essentials for today. Nishant says I need my trimmer. Rubina and Sarah want their sun-screen and lip balm. Nikki counts their things. Sarah says I want my gym suit. Sid says you will get one piece only. He calls Hina that just let them decide what they want. Hina says I am sitting there so I can create a rift between them as they are easily deciding for things together. Sid says fine. Hina comes back and says you all should demand what you want. They count the things and gives the list to Hina.

Eijaz is in the kitchen while Nikki and Gauhar are working. Eijaz says someone said that Bigg Boss didn’t send good guys when I and Abhi were in the house. Nikki says I was joking. Eijaz says she said that she wants to break boys’ hearts. Nikki is awkward. Eijaz says I am joking. Nikki says don’t be angry. I am scared. He says I am scared of love. Nikki says that’s why I said breaking heart is my hobby. Eijaz is cleaning the dishes, she says don’t do that. He tries to mop her face but she goes away. Pavitra tells Eijaz to not think about OCD in the kitchen. Eijaz says I didn’t even go to the washroom. He asks Nikki to not throw the rice away. Nikki says I didn’t. He says what will I eat? Nikki says you can have the rice and I won’t clean the dishes as my nails will break. Eijaz says say it in the camera. Nikki says my nails are precious. I am washing the dishes. Eijaz says did you bring your stuff here? Nikki says but they are outside and we are helping them. Eijaz asks her to request him to wash the dishes. She says please wash it for her. He says I will wash the dishes for you but when the time comes, you will pay it back. She says I will.

Gauhar asks Pavitra to cook as she can. You can decide what to make today. We can make veggies. Eijaz says I will have eggs. Gauhar asks people to help Pavitra. Nikki says you can ask Shahzad, he didn’t do anything. Gauhar asks Shahzad if he can help in cutting and chopping? He says I don’t know how to but I will learn and do it.

Sid asks Gauhar to not help them with cooking. Gauhar talks to Hina and Sid. She says they will get hungry and if I leave it to them then there will be a mess, I am helping them today only. Once duties are done then they can do anything they want. Hina says I understand.

Sid helps in chopping and says for old-time sake. Jasmin says people find it s*xy when men cook and help, an aunty was smitten by Sid cooking in BB. Did you cook at the home Sid? Sid says I told her that I won’t cook when I go back from the Bigg Boss house. Sid cuts his finger and Jasmin asks him to wash it and be careful. Sid says it’s fine. Pavitra washes his wound and says it’s fine.

Nikki tells Jasmin that she had to convince Sid to marry her, it was her task. Jasmin says what did she do? Nikki says I sat. Shahzad says where? Nikki says on his lap, you have cheap thinking. Sid says Nikki is picky. Jasmin says Nikki is a baby, she likes to break hearts.

Gauhar tells Pavitra that water is running, be careful. Eijaz is cleaning the floor. Sid says people are working here a lot. Jasmin says this is the first day, real color will come out soon. Nikki says my color won’t change. I like to do what I think is right. Sid says what if someone asks you to do something you don’t like? Nikki says if it’s about saving myself then I can do anything. Shahzad says you can do anything in the tasks? She says yes, I will do what I want.

Shahzad says I have done the chopping, I can’t do more. Sid says he didn’t say a thing while working. He tells Gauhar to decide. Gauhar says this is not my issue, you all should decide together. She looks at Sid and says you are enjoying all this. Sid says you are being cute. Rahul says this is the first day for us. Sid says it’s not my first day. I will see bonds, love and fights but I don’t have time. I will judge people now.

Eijaz tells Nikki to clean her lipstick before dreaking tea as he has to wash the cups. She says you have problem with my clothes too? Eijaz says you are thinking wrong, you think I am cheap? You can wear what you want. I just told you to not bend down while wearing those clothes.

Jasmin tells everyone that Sid took me on the bike and went wrong way. Sid says I never did it, you are talking bad about me, you want me to bring up old things? You want me to tell you what you did?

Nikki is talking to Sarah but Shahzad comes there. Nikki says I am not doing your work. Shahzad says I have done all my work, my hand was cut. I did your chopping work but you are thankless. I was requesting you. You didn’t want to cut garlic so I did it for you but you can’t do my work?

Bigg Boss tells everyone that everyone should go in the house for a while as the blinds will down for time being. The rejected inmates can’t use any furniture. They can go in the house for time being. The rejected inmates enter the house and Hina welcomes them. They all are happy.

Shahzad tells Rahul that they are picking useless things to fight on. I told her that I will do her work as she is pretty and didn’t want to cut garlic. Then Gauhar asked me to clean the table, I asked Nikki nicely to clean the table but she misbehaved with me. She was doing drama for the camera. Rahul says don’t get angry on useless things. Shahzad says some people are faking. I know Sarah and she is not like this, she is acting like a baby, she is faking it. I have spent some time with her on a professional level 2 years back but she looks different here. Rahul says she is not bubbly? He says she is but she is acting it up.

Eijaz tells Gauhar that we have to wash our own plates. Nikki says it’s better to wash it ourselves so to not hear taunts. Eijaz says you will hear that anyway. Nikki says you can taunt in your dreams then. Eijaz tells Pavitra that people are worried about their nails. When the task comes then we will take it out. Pavitra laughs.

Abhi thanks everyone for cooking. Sid says we are a family, all laugh. Sid says we are helping each other. Rubina says we are a family on the first day? Sid says after marriage, we become families in a day. Abhi says thank you to Sid for shedding his blood. Sid says it’s fine. Rubina says people can pretend to cut their fingers here to avoid work. Sid mimics showing his blood and says we can get sympathy, votes and everything without doing any work, you just have to cut your finger.

Nikki tells Eijaz that I will do anything in the task but you can wash the dishes. If you have a problem with me then tell me directly, why did you call Gauhar there? Eijaz says you can talk to Gauhar that you don’t want to wash the dishes, she can ask me. Nikki says can you please wash my dishes. Eijaz says you become cute now? Shahzad says she requested me like this and I did her work but when I asked for her help then she shut me off easily. Eijaz says oh my God. He leaves. Nikki tells Shahzad that I was working too much, you complained to Gauhar that I didn’t clean the table. Shahzad says you didn’t clean it when I requested you. Nikki says I did clean it, later on, I am thankful for you helping me. If you didn’t want to help me then you could have said no.

Eijaz tells Gauhar that things will change at the time of nominations. Gauhar says be open with everyone, don’t close off. Eijaz says I look like that? Gauhar says I saw your clip, you don’t like being around people. Eijaz says that’s true but I am excited here.

Sid tells Gauhar and Hina that give them tasks but don’t set any rule. Don’t divide the duties. We don’t want to make it smooth. Gauhar says we shouldn’t want to have clashes, we should bring their personalities. Sid says to put them under pressure so it comes out. Hina says they are having fun. Sid says to Hina that you are spoon-feeding them. Gauhar says people have problems from day one. Hina says we should allocate things and then see. Gauhar says Nikki and Eijaz had a clash today without us being the center of it. Hina says we don’t have to follow every plan. Gauhar says I am not spoon-feeding. I can change things. Hina says let’s give her a day Sid.

All are in the garden. They hear music and Radhe Maa entering the house. They all greet her. Bigg Boss welcomes Radha Maa and says you can talk to the inmates now. Radhe Maa says I just want to suggest to not make your parents hurt. If you hurt your parents then you can’t become successful ever. Be down to earth, don’t be egoistic. She says if you want to move ahead then listen to your parents and don’t show off. She points at Jaan and says be serious. She says if I see anyone misbehaving then I point out. She says Gauhar and Hina were happy to see me. I see Teni (Jasmin) also smiling at me. She says all are here to win but there should be peace in life, don’t fight too much. Don’t hurt your mother at all. Sid says Maa means Radhe Maa. She says no your birth mother. She tells them a story of a rabbit which has a meaning to keep following God even if he takes the test. She wishes them. Hina says it’s my birthday today. Radhe sings for her and says I am sorry if anyone was hurt with my words. Nikki says you are so beautiful. Sid says Maa is very pretty. She calls Kumar Sanu’s son and gives him a sacred thread. She calls Sid and asks him to keep this thread in the pocket. He touches her feet and she says this will keep your anger away and make illness go away. Radhe Maa leaves as all thank her.

Sid is teasing everyone as he got the blessing from Radhe Maa. Pavitra doesn’t like him joking. Pavitra says I am her follower. Hina says she was very cute. Her vibe was so positive. Pavitra says if she has so many followers then she must have something.

Gauhar talks to the inmates about the duties. Eijaz says I am washing the dishes all three times. I can take this duty with an assistant. Gauhar says you will wash lunch and dinner dishes. Eijaz says who will assist me? Nikki says Shahzad can help you. Shahzad says I can’t do it. I am cleaning the bedroom. Nikki says you can pick things up easily. Shahzad says I am cleaning the dishes for breakfast already. Nikki says you have to wash for lunch also. Shahzad says I can’t do it two times, it’s a lot of mess. Nikki says Eijaz will help you. Jasmin says we have to decide about lunch, Nikki can do it. Nikki says my nails will be messed. I will do anything but won’t wash dishes. Jasmin says then you can help in cooking dinner. Nikki says I am already helping in chopping. Jasmin says this is a bad excuse. It’s not your parent’s house or in-laws house. She angrily leaves from there.

Rubina tells Sarah and Nishant that they are not part of the game, they don’t care about anything. Sarah says they are not part of the game. We just have to control how they are influencing us. Nishant says it’s okay, they will leave after 2 weeks and then we can play our game. They can nominate me if they don’t like.

Sid tells Nikki and others to call Jasmin, she can’t just leave like this. He calls Jasmin and says Nikki is asking if you are washing lunch dishes? Jasmin says we are all out of our comfort zones, I didn’t wash dishes at my house but I am cleaning dishes at the dinner-time here, her excuse is pathetic. Nikki leaves from there. Pavitra tells Nikki that you will have nails messed up, you can leave dishes but you can help others. Don’t be agitated. Nikki says I am ready to do any work but not dishes. Abhi says you can use gloves.

Eijaz calls Nikki and Jasmin. He says we all have to do work that we don’t want to. Eijaz tells Nikki that we have to cooperate with you. Jasmin says you can cooperate a little. Nikki says why should I? You can’t order around. Jasmin gets angry and says your way of talking is pathetic, she storms off. Nikki says I will not wash dishes. Abhi says you can do the chopping for three times. Nikki agrees. Eijaz tells Nikki that we are not ganging up on you. Nikki leaves and cries.

Eijaz comes to crying Nikki and says you have living room duty as well. We all have to work. He leaves. Hina consoles Nikki and says when you are here then you can’t give reason like this. We all have our make-up done. We don’t want you to cry but you can wear gloves. Nikki says once my nails are removed then I can wash the dishes but till then I don’t want. Just give me time.

Abhi tells Jasmin that Nikki will do the chopping three times. Jasmin says we don’t want her help, I can wake up at 5 AM and do the chopping. I don’t want her help. Sid comes there and says why are you sitting on the bed? You can’t come here without my permissiong. Jasmin says don’t do it now. Jasmin cries and says I have been so nice to her. She acts like an adament child. Sid says she is doing work. Hina says it’s just dishes that she doesn’t want to do. Jasmin says but her help is not needed there. Sid says you can talk to her but all have their reasons, Jasmin says she is misbehaving. Sid says you can talk but why are you crying? Jasmin says I can’t bear people bad-mouthing like this to me. Sid says people will talk like this here, you are not on set and you are not an actress here. We all are the same here.

Nikki comes into the kitchen and is washing dishes. Jasmin comes there and tells Abhi that you can ask people outside in the garden what they want.

Jaan talks to Nikki and Nishant. He says I stopped Rahul from saying weird things to Nikki. Nikki says I can tell people that he was messaging me before coming here but I am not saying anything. I have heard that he was engaged and then it broke.

Jasmin tells Rahul that I lost my cool today only. Rahul says people take a day to blast. Jasmin says I don’t take time in the crying, blast, and becoming sad. I don’t like people misbehaving and talking like that to me.

Gauhar tells Sid that Eijaz has mind-blowing shades. He is my prime target. He will be very different, he is strong and he is trying control himself. We will ask them to impress us.

Shahzad comes to Nikki and says I want to talk and finish this. We are living in the same house, don’t hold a grudge right now. We can maturely handle everything. We shouldn’t stretch this. Nikki says you don’t give me illogical answers. You can wash dishes in breakfast but can’t in the lunch? He says I am trying to adjust which will take time.

Sid tells Gauhar that people must be thinking that we have changed. You wrote bad about me but now we are getting along. We had different opinions but now we are together, money makes us do things. Gauhar laughs.

Rahul asks Pavitra what she has done until now? She says I want to change my profession. Rahul says the same feeling about love also? You can’t stick to one person? She says not at all, when you are too loving, too caring then people take you for granted, I want balance in my life. I think you can go and do anything you want, I will tell my boyfriend to do anything outside but when you come home then leave those things outside the door. Rahul says wow, your partner will be lucky to get you. Pavitra blushes and says I hope so but I was not that lucky. Rahul says you gave freedom to your partner before? She says yes, always.

Day 2
In the morning, all wake up to do it with a twist. Rubina is already doing yoga. All wake up to dance. Eijaz does breakdance. Jasmin comes and dances too. Eijaz hugs Nikki and says don’t cry.

Hina says I will make it difficult for them now.

Nikki tells Eijaz that if you are my friend then why can’t you wash my dishes? Eijaz says I want to be fair with yourself and me. Nikki says I am fair. Eijaz says let me tell you, if you talk about not washing dishes for nails then no one will listen. Nikki says you can wash one more dish for me? Eijaz says if you ask nicely to me then I will do it but don’t be rude. Nikki says I was angry so I might be rude but we are friends so I can be. You are not my friend if you can’t even wash dishes for me? Eijaz says I am like this, we are not friends? Nikki says we are. Eijaz says you have to accept me like this and I have to accept you like this. We are friends.

Nikki is crying lightly and tells Sid that he is not washing my dish. Eijaz says she doubts my friendship. Nikki says he can’t do a little extra for me? Eijaz says I shouldn’t stop you from doing something wrong? Sid says sometimes we should do things wrong. He and Nikki laugh. Nikki asks Shahzad to start working. She says he is running away from work. Eijaz says tell what’s in your heart. Sid says you both have things in heart so you can talk. Eijaz asks Nikki what you want? You were seducing me on the stage and I let you, what else do you want?

Hina tells Shahzad that if he wants his things then he should praise Nikki. Shahzad says she was cutely fighting for things yesterday. Hina says it looks fake, what you don’t like about her? Shahzad says she has to interrupt in anything which doesn’t concern her. She drank water and asked me to wash the cup. Nikki says it was your duty. Shahzad says I washed it the first time but I won’t do it the second time on your order. Nikki says I didn’t ask you to wash it the whole day. Jasmin asks them to not argue on the breakfast table. Nikki says he comes to talk to me and then says he doesn’t want to talk to me. Hina asks what other things you don’t like about her? Shahzad says she has to order around, there were clean cups on the counter but she asked me to wash the dishes. Nikki says but was someone else’s cup. Shahzad says she is very inconsiderate. She is not washing dishes because of her nails? She doesn’t think about others. Nikki says why should I think about others? Sid says she is right. Nikki says Shahzad is stupid, he comes to talk to me and then says he doesn’t want to talk to me, why does he come to me then? Shahzad says we are living in the same house. Nikki says I ignore you. Pavitra says Nikki provokes him. Nikki says I tell him to not talk to me but he keeps coming to me. Shahzad says I said it once, you don’t have a mind, we have to open your brain key to making you understand. Nikki says to Hina that he failed as he was not logical. He doesn’t deserve to get things. Shahzad says she will decide that? Nikki says I am talking to Hina. Hina says she said no so I can’t give you things. Sid says to Shahzad that say something which will make Nikki speechless. Shahzad says I can’t bicker with her.

Hina asks Shahzad to talk to Nikki about his things. He says I want my underwear so I should tell it to Nikki? Hina says yes, you both have one hour to come to a conclusion. She leaves. Shahzad tells Nikki that I want my jacket. Nikki says you can take my new blanket. Shahzad says you can take off your nails like that. Nikki says focus on your duty.

Jaan asks Nikki how is it going for you? She says good. Rahul says it’s her love for here. Nikki asks Rahul if they have mutuals? He says Fazil, I know about your ex-show. Jaan takes Nikki from there.
Jaan tells Nikki that I knew where that conversation was going. Nikki says I wanted to ask him if he knew me as he used to send me messages. I wanted to tease him because he used to send me voice notes and his songs.

Sarah says we don’t have things to clean the pool. Sid tells Sarah that she can clean the pool. You can take the trash from your hands. She says to me? Sid says you can swim and you can’t melt in the water. Sarah says I just wanted to ask for the cleaner. Sid says do you want a sieve? She says but I will have to go inside to take it? Sid asks Pavitra to give her a sieve. Sarah says I can’t go in the pool as it might be unclean. Sid says we drink water from rivers only. Rubina says my contract said to bear one Shukla only (Abhinav) and not a second Shukla. Hina and Gauhar burst out laughing. Sid says you will bear me only.

Nikki asks Hina to give the items to Shahbaz that he wanted. All tease them that they have become friends again. Sid says first enemies, then they will become friends, and then love will happen. Nikki and Shahbaz laugh. Nikki says I felt pity for him. Sid says it turns to love soon.

Jasmin is shown crying in the washroom alone.

Bigg Boss says the seniors changed the game today. We will see how things change in the coming episodes. Episode ends.

PRECAP – Sid tells Rubina that if she enters the house then she won’t be allowed to get anything from her luggage for one week. Rubina says but why should I come inside? It’s not Bigg Boss’ task. Sid says we are giving you a task. Abhi says if you say no then you are out. Rubina is in turmoil. Later Sid and Gauhar argue. Gauhar says the task was about impressing the queen. Sid says they didn’t impress you but you gave them the jewelry so you were wrong. They were thieves and they stole. You didn’t have to give the jewelry as a charity. It’s your mistake. Gauhar says I can scream too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Not exactly a fan of miss tamboli
    Right now

    1. Yes.. she is so irritating.. already started feeling irritated by her.. she looks completely fake.

    2. Yes she is very irritating just like mahira. But she is very fit for jasmin serves right to her. She maybe very rude and irritating but for jasmin she is just the right karma personality. Both are made for each other๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I don’t really like this so called “seniors” concept. Like these people got to play all by themselves in their respective seasons, and now they come here and dont give the same chance to the other contestants?? Its not fair. And they stay here for 2 whole weeks? Wow!
    Abhi looks like a very sorted guy. I feel he resembles Keith (BB9) a lot, both personality and looks wise as well.
    Nikki is too irritating. She’s trying so hard to be like Shahnaz, its so evident, but in actual is turning out something else only.
    I can’t believe it, these people are literally fighting over work like cleaning the table, chopping garlic, etc. I’m sorry to say, but I dont consider these as work enough!
    When Jasmine remarked that some “aunty” liked it when Sid worked in the kitchen in his season, was she referring Rashmi? That was so distasteful of her to bring Rashmi all over again for no reason.
    Really feeling sorry for Rubina, Nishant, Sara and Jaan. Its been only a day and they are being treated this way for no fault of theirs. Both Rubina and Nishant seem really sweet as of now, but only time will tell if its for real or not.

    1. 100% accurate

    2. Yes u r right.
      And about jasmin ofcourse if she wont bring rashami how will she get footage. Two people have given her footage in two seasons last time shukla now rashami. She is only known because of these two people and bcs she was involved in their fights. She herself is also an aunty she thinks she is very young and a baby trying to be sana๐Ÿ™„
      But she was way better. Well her karma is really quick she got her karma as nikki tamboli for life๐Ÿ˜‚
      And shukla is not paying much attention to her.he even warned her to not bring up the past. Just after she said aunty she got a fight with nikki and started crying like baby without tears. So its truly karma. But she will bring rashami till shukla is in the house. I hope she gets bashed for this at the weekend. She will get her karma for everything here in this house only and we will see.

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    I am not a big fan of tamboli right now
    Shehzaad seems very sweet

  6. Alister La Frenais

    The show should be re-named from Big Boss to Big Shambles. I have seen twelve year olds behave with more maturity than these over paid self promoting morons. Okay, allow me to touch on the opening episode(1), what was it, with that self acclaimed ‘God-Woman’. That charlatan came escorted by her minions with a child’s toy (namely a Trident) in her hand and then she went around the studio built house and touch a few places said some sort of mantra and then left. Have the studio bosses all lost their minds, they are promoting this false hope giver to the millions of poor Indians that donate their meagre earnings, whilst their families go without.

  7. Poor Rubina nishant they are suffering for no reason…..i am just hating that seniors it was not required at all………and also that tamboli…..too irritating!

  8. Good afternoon folks,
    We all are back after BB 13, happy to see you all again here in this forum……. So far it is good beginning… and three of the past winners are doing their bit to make it lively otherwise it would have been dull start…. All the inmates including the rejected members are looking good and it is too early to comment good or bad about anyone as it is just a day old…

    However Nikki seems to little irritating as she tries to make issue out of everything, is it her real character or she tries her best to have the attention on her all the time…. BB house looking grandeur compared to the previous seasons… pity that 4 of them suffering from day 1 with limited privileges…

    Anyway looking forward to coming days… SID vs Gauhar seems to be fake fight??!! but it would be interesting to see two big winners trying to score over one another…. lol… Hina as usual cute and calm… how long …. let us wait n’ watch….

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