Bigg Boss 13 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Asim becomes the captain

Bigg Boss 13 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 81
12:30 PM
Sana hugs Sid and says don’t ignore me. He says I am not ignoring you. Paras smiles at them. Arti asks Sid to leave the anger. Sid says let me go now. Sana says don’t show me attitude. Sid leaves. Arti asks what happened? Paras says she said to me that she doesn’t give a **** about Sid. He tells Sana that he wants your time too. Arti says you never know when Sid gets angry so don’t say those words. Sana says I should put tape on my mouth.

1:45 PM
Arhaan and Vikas are cooking in the kitchen. Arhaan says Vikas doesn’t eat what I am cooking. Vikas says I am cooking for myself. Arhaan says I don’t like the way you are saying things, I am scared of your words, you know about everyone here. Vikas says you are right in everything. I am at the mistake, I am not a mastermind. Arhaan says we can’t match your level. Vikas says you are a rich person, you are a diamond merchant so leave me alone.

2 PM
Bagga reads the captaincy task. Arti, Shefali Jari, Asim, Arhaan, Vishal and Madhu will have a competition. Other inmates will decide who will become the captain. There are 4 cars in the garden area. They will be driven by Mahira, Bagga, Sana and Vikas. The contenders will become the passengers. The drivers will give rides to the contenders. The contenders will have to convince the 4 drivers to give them a ride. Cars will be parked in a car parking, the drivers will choose the 4 contenders, the other 2 contenders will be out of the task. Then the drivers will roam around with the passengers when horn plays then will park the car again. The car that reaches the parking lot, in the end, will be out of the task. Inmates will put no parking board there. Sid will be a referee of the task. Paras and Rashami are hurt so they can’t play.

Vikas asks Paras that they have 6 options. Paras says I will support Asim and Arti. Vikas says I will support Madhu and Shefali Jari.
Vishal asks Mahira to think who she wants to make captain.
Bagga asks Vikas to make Asim and Shefali Jari.
Paras asks Vishal to talk to Bagga to support him.
Arhaan comes to Bagga. Bagga says you didn’t want to support me?
Sana tells Asim that I will support you in this task and you will save me from nominations. He says okay.
Arhaan comes to Vikas and says we can fight but you can support me. Vikas says I am supporting my friends, you misbehaved with me today also. Arhaan says we will talk later.

Bagga asks Sid why Sana is choosing Asim? He says I don’t know.
Arhaan asks Sana. Sana says I am supporting Asim first, you will be the second option.

Sid comes to Mahira and asks her to support Arti as she doesn’t have support. Mahira says I don’t have a problem so I will support her. Sid says she has seen a lot.

Sana tells Bagga that you will support whom? She says Shefali Jari.

3 PM
Buzzer plays, all run in the garden. Sana says my car can flip, all laugh. Sana asks them to entertain. Vikas makes Madhu a passenger. Sana asks Asim to sit. Madhu asks Vikas to choose Vishal. Vikas says don’t be too emotional, you should fight for yourself. Arhaan asks Vikas to choose him. Rashami requests him. Vikas says Arhaan has said too much nonsense, I am not going to support you. Arhaan asks Madhu to support him. Madhu says I would give my place to Vishal only. Mahira asks Vishal to say that I am not zero. He says Mahira is not zero. Rashami tells Madhu that Arhaan is asking you this for a larger perspective. Mahira makes Arti sit in her car.

3:30 PM
Vikas tells Madhu that don’t trust Vishal in this game. Madhu says at least Arhaan is trying. Rashami says I will put Madhu on my priority. Vikas asks Rashami if you are promising her? Rashami says promising is a big thing but I am giving her my words that I will support her in the nominations. Madhu says I am not going. Vikas says Vishal is not supporting you. Madhu says I don’t want to give my place to Arhaan. Vikas says I trust Rashami, she is playing a good game. Madhu says fine, she gives her place to Arhaan. Vishal says you sacrificed yourself for Arhaan? Madhu says I gave your name but they asked me to choose him.

4 PM
The horn plays, all run with their cars. Sid says Vishal and Madhu didn’t get a car so they are out.

Sid asks them to keep moving. Sana says we will not move as you say. Asim says we are moving more than others. Sid says I am unfair to let me be. Don’t tell me about my work. Asim says then do your work, I am not running the car. Sana says to tell him sorry. The horn plays, they all run to get the parking spot. Sid says Mahira was last to Arti is out.

4:30 PM
Vikas asks Bagga to focus on her game, why didn’t you support Arti? Bagga says I took Shefali and Arti’s name but you changed your name. Arhaan says Sana promised me too. The horn plays. Vikas and Sana run to get the spot. Shefali Jari is out.

4:45 PM
Rashami asks Vikas what he is doing? vikas says Asim deserves more, Arhaan has said too much to me. He gets out of his car and says I am done. I am making Asim a winner. Vikas says I can’t make Arhaan win. Arhaan comes there and asks what he is doing? You are betraying me. Vikas says I don’t want to play for you. Arhaan says how can you decide for someone else? You have cheated, this is your mastermind act? You backed out without any reason? This is wrong.
Rashami tells Arhaan that he gave you the place because of me. Arhaan says he played with us. Arhaan tells Vikas that you are a cheater, you are no mastermind.

5 PM
Arhaan tells Vikas that you are a cheater, you made me play with you and then you left me? You don’t play fair. Vikas says I will do this only. Rashami asks Arhaan to leave for her friendship, it’s his choice and game. Arhaan says this is no game. He has no mind. Vikas tells Madhu that see I was doing this to show you that you have to play for yourself. I am going this weekend. Madhu says you came for 2 weeks only? He says yes, I was doing this to get support for you. Madhu says you are lying. Vikas says trust Rashami, she will at least follow her words. He hugs her and says I made your understanding better with Rashami. Madhu cries. Sana asks what happened? Shefali consoles her. Asim and Sana are still moving around in the car.

Arhaan tells Rashami that a person has no loyalty. I know him, he is mad.

5:15 PM
Asim tells Vishal that Sana has done a lot for him. Bigg Boss asks Sid to decide who has won the task. Sid says Vikas has left his car so Sana’s car is only remaining and Asim becomes the captain. Bigg Boss congratulates Asim. Asim hugs Sana and thanks to her.

5:30 PM
Sana tells Mahira that Sid’s first priority is Arti only, he has a problem with me. Mahira says why he is not talking to you? Sana says I talk to everyone in the house, he doesn’t like that I talk to people that he has problems with. Mahira says he was hurt with your words. You are his priority.

7 PM
Vikas tells Sid that Sana has done mistakes and she is sorry for that. Sana says yes, he is my first priority. Sid says I am not, I don’t want to be. Vikas asks Sana to leave. She leaves. Vikas says people like your pair. Sid says but she can’t come to me only when she needs me, I care about her but she doesn’t think about me. Sana says he supports others. It was about my ego. Sid says I am not a fool, I won’t play this game.

7:15 PM
Sana asks Vikas to ask him to talk to her. Vikas says be normal and do things that he likes. Keeps saying sorry, don’t do what he doesn’t like. Sana says what should I do.. Vikas says he is concerned for you. Sana says I never pacified someone this much. Vikas says he cares for you so much. say that you are sorry for embarrassing you. Sana says I will say it in a cute way.

Sana comes to Sid and says sorry I embarrassed you, it won’t happen again.

7:45 PM
Sana is running behind Sid. Sid says don’t do this, I am not a part of this anymore, don’t do it, I am not talking. Sana says no.. I want to talk to you. Sid says don’t do this drama. Sana says I am hurt. Don’t do it. Sid says go and talk to Paras. Sana says no. Sid says leave me, I am not feeling well. He leaves.

8:15 PM
Sid tells Mahira that there is no point in making a good bond with Paras as he got fewer votes so he might leave soon. Mahira laughs. Sid says Asim is strong and captain too. Sid is making Paras listen to all that as he is in the smoking-room. Paras looks out of the room and she said she can shift in the captaincy room. Sid says Paras wants to set Mahira’s laugh.

8:30 PM
Asim says let’s make khidchi in our style. Sid and Paras joke and sing Apun bola tu meri laila.

Arhaan makes the cake for Asim. Asim cuts the cake as he has become the captain. Asim brings the cake for Sid, Mahira and Paras. Asim makes Mahira eat from his hand. Sid laughs. Asim leaves. Paras says he would never come to give cake to me and Sid.

11 PM
Sid is in his bed. Sana massages his shoulder. He ignores her. She lies down. Sid turns and pulls her nose. Sana hugs him. Sid hugs her back.

5:45 AM
Sid is trying to sleep but has pain. Sana wakes up and massages his Feet. Asim comes and stands on his feet to massage his legs.

Day 82
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song chori kiya re. They all dance.

9:30 AM
Rashami tells Arhaan that Bagga is self-centered, she told me bad words but I ignored it. Arhaan says she is talking to me nicely. Rashami says the audience doesn’t like fake behavior, go and take to your friend Bagga. Arhaan says don’t taunt me like this again. Rashami asks Arhaan if he is making parathas for her? Arhaan says you leave.
Rashami is making parathas. Arhaan comes and says I will make it. Rashami says I was hungry.

10:30 AM
Sid tells Sana that I was waiting for you to sleep last night but you didn’t. Sana says I am loyal to you only. Sid laughs and says right. Sana says I am not loyal to anyone else, I don’t like Arti.

10:45 AM
Mahira asks Asim if he is not giving two duties to Shefali Bagga? We all have two duties. Asim says she can chop the veggies. Sana says why Asim has to change duties when he decided last night only? Paras says it’s about equal division. Mahira says I won’t do two duties then. Asim asks Mahira to not make an issue. Bagga says why they have an issue with it?

11 AM
Paras tells Asim that all are doing two duties. Asim says 6 people have their hands hurt so others have to work more. Paras says but she can chop the veggies. Asim says Bagga will do it. Asim asks Bagga to do the chopping. Mahira says it’s useless to talk to Asim. Go away. Sid shouts at Sana to stop it. Mahira gets angry and leaves.
Asim comes to Mahira and says why are you angry? Asim says Bagga is not my friend, she said that she will work. Mahira says she is calling me useless and all that.
Sana tells Bagga that Asim is taking a right stand, people have ego issues here (talking about Mahira).

Sid tells Sana that I will do everything after asking you otherwise it hurts you. Sana makes him do some steps and hugs him. Sana mimics Paras, she cries and mimics Mahira. Sana says I wasted two days in pacifying Sid, she made me massage him. She hugs him.

5 PM
Rashami tells Arhaan that at least ask me before saying anything. Rashami says in the camera that please change my house locks, I don’t want anyone in my decision. Asim says don’t say that. Rashami says I gave my keys to Nidhi and Arhaan gave the keys to someone he trusts but some activities are happening in my house so I changed the locks before. I think someone else is accessing my house too. Arhaan says I gave the keys to Rahul. Rashami says who gave it to her? Arhaan says Nidhi. Rashami says but I didn’t give it to him. Asim says you changed the locks? Rashami says at that time, I did the paperwork but we didn’t and they are still using it. Arhaan says that’s a different story. Rashami says either my boy is giving access or someone else. I don’t want to take chances. Bigg Boss should talk to me.

PRECAP- Mahira tells Sana that you will decide who will talk to Paras and who will not? Now I am telling you clearly to stay away from him, I like him. Sana says I don’t come near him, you have a problem. Mahira says you called me a friend but did what was in your heart.
Asim tells the inmates we will not fight. Asim argues with Sid and Vikas to not misbehave with the girls. Arhaan fights with Sid and says you talk like this at your home? Sid says we don’t have these kinds of girls at my house. Rashami shouts what kind of a girl I am? You are talking about my character? You are cheap, you think girls are servants here. Vikas says they are targeting Sid. Rashami says his mother is a servant that makes food for him. Sid tells Asim that I am happy alone which you don’t like.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This episode is so smooth….I actually thought that Asim will face problem after becoming captain…but he became ND I’m happy ????????when Sid also became captain it was so much fun as everyone showed their stand…ND I actually forgot Asim ND Vishal for a second that what hardwork they did???but again I’m happy…hope the whole week is fun experience for Asim?????????????

  2. Is, there a reason why this crap of program has been given 5 weeks extension. Reshmi its not always about u. Whaif majority of the viewers have the same opinion about ur charcter u going to give them all a mouthful because its true and u getting defensive for no reason. The targeting of sid has resumed even though he’s not a 100% fit. So reshmi leave or shut up.. You are irratiing ur voice and ur bakwas along with ur liar of a boyfriend.

  3. Omg what kind of girl is Rashmi no man in his right sense will marry this boss lady she is very arrogant and authoritative, she is insulting her parent by calling Sid mother that is too bad of her big fool

    1. SiddharthShukla said to RashamiDesai Naukrani and cheap for cooking food
      And Rashmi replied : yours mom also cools food? Is she Nokrani??

  4. I hate asim .he left Sid coz of himanshi now she left now he join rashmi .most flipper in the house .thata why I don’t like .jidhar waxen udhar bhajan !!!!!!trye for him

    1. Sid fan??as expected ?

  5. You all should go to Instagram n check the all updates n stories dont judge people so easily. If sana has to play game with sid then why would he fought for him withasim. Sana never begged sid to save her from nomination n make her captain. From the starting she is playing alone. sidharth always supported aarti from nomination n with paras in secret room both saved mahira. Whatever people did to sana in bb house or even outside. She always forgave easily. We do agree yesterday she did extra but that was joke which turned into ugly fight now she is regretting n convincing sidhart. Did anyone see sana with paras the way she lived with sidharth. She cares for sidharth n as a viewers we are seeing she loves him but feeling hesitate to tell because she scared if sid get annoyed. Whatever popularity she gained in this house that is sana effort okh but still she gives that credit to sid. In captancy task she wanted support every time mahira mahira sana also in the game. She got hurt because sana always supported everyone nobody ever supported her. We just hoping everything gonna fine between sid n sana. Paras playing dirty game with sana n sid. He wanted to break the sidnaaz n get the attention for mahira itself from the viewers. He told devoleena first he will kill the queen means sana then king means sidharth. Dont let that cheap paras plan get successful.

  6. All of them are utter losers.
    For me the top 2 would be Asim and then Sid.
    Others are nowhere even close to them.
    #ShitNaaz #FakeNaaz
    #MeethaParas #LoserMindParas
    #ZeroMahira #ArrogantRashmi #BigZeroArhaan #FakeBagga #ConfusedArti #ConfusedVishal #ZeroMadhu #MastermindVikasTurnedZero

    1. ????????????????

    I wanted to write my views but God!!!!??I got them as it is
    Plz like, share ND subscribe…only Asim fans…Sid fans might get angry ND will puke out abusive language so stay out of it

  8. Watch episode first then comment

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