Shubharambh 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja’s marriage gets fixed

Shubharambh 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja sees the ladder about to fall on Rani. He runs and holds it. Rani doesn’t see it as she has back to him but Rani’s brother sees it. Rani gets up and strikes with Raja. They fall down and share an eyelock. Rani gets up and glares at him, he says sorry and leaves. Rani’s brother says he is a good guy for Rani. He gets his friend’s call. His friend tells him that he checked the wrong number, he didn’t get any lottery. He is shocked. Asha is calling him. He thinks that if I tell her that I didn’t get the lottery then she won’t accept this marriage.

Asha is worried that Rani’s brother is not picking up the call. Kirdada taunts if the girl’s family is coming or not? Hiten says we should call another family. Rani’s brother comes there and says sorry I got a little late. Asha smiles and says it’s okay.

Rani sends the dance trophy to Raja. He asks the kid to ask her why she gave it to him? Rani says I don’t want to remember his face. Raja says she should remember her success. Rani says people have too much attitude here.

Rani’s brother sits with Raja’s family. He says my sister’s name is Rani. Asha says that’s great, Rani is a good girl, she makes good food. She came to cook the function too. Kirdada says she is a servant? Asha says it’s fine, she is a good girl. Hiten says Raja and Rani should meet and then we will confirm about the wedding. Kirdada makes Asha eat sweets. Rani’s brother leaves. Asha thinks it’s good that he didn’t talk about the lottery.

Scene 2
Asha comes to Rani’s brother and asks why did you call me? Rani’s brother says you didn’t let me talk about the lottery? Asha says it’s okay, we will do this marriage in 20 days but remember that you promised to give me 50 lacs. He says okay and leaves.

Rani’s brother tells her about the marriage proposal. Rani says what? Virinda says how did they say yes? He says Rani knows the guy, you played dandiya with him.

Asha tells Raja about Rani’s proposal. Raja says what? Mehul says marriage is not a joke. Asha says the girl has said yes. Raja recalls his moments with her. He says I want to meet her once.

Rani’s brother tells her that Raja has accepted this marriage so think about it, he is a nice guy. Rani recalls their moments and says I want to meet him once.

At night, Kirdada can’t sleep and wakes Hiten up. She says why Asha is ready to marry Raja to a servant class girl?

Rani is stitching her bag and says I should send him a message.. no.
Raja thinks and says should I message her? No. I will meet her tomorrow. They both think about each other.

Scene 3
In the morning, Rani makes tea for everyone. Rani asks her father if he needs tea? He says we have a lottery. Popat comes there and says you people didn’t even tell me about Rani’s marriage. Rani says it’s not finalized.

Rani’s brother throws water on his father and says don’t talk about lottery to anyone, we haven’t won anything.

Virinda asks Rani to wear the new dress. Everything will be good. Rani gets ready.

Asha chooses the shirt for Raja. Darshna helps him.

Hiten gives a gift to Raja and says give her this. He says if she takes the gift then she is greedy.

Popat tells Rani that he might give you a gift as he is a rich person so he must have some other motive.

Rani comes to a park with her sister. She waits for Raja. The kids take Rani from there. Raja comes there with his sister. Rani’s sister Tukki greets him. She says I will bring Rani. Raja introduces Kesha. Kesha asks him to find Rani. Tukki says she can’t talk alone. Kesha asks him to go. Raja goes away and sees Rani playing with the kids. He smiles.
PRECAP- Rani is blindfolded. Raja comes to her. She holds him and takes of her fold. They share an eyelock. Later Kesha sees the gift in Rani’s hand and says she is greedy. Kirdada says we should break this wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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