Nimki Vidhayak 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mintu asks dadi about his mother

Nimki Vidhayak 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mintu is about to fill Nimki’s hairline. Rekha says what drama keeps happening here. Dadi says what are you doing Mintu? You were going to fill her hairline? Mintu says Annaro was saying that. She says so if she asks you to have a baby would you do that too? He says no. It was jus filling it for the sake of it. Dadi says it must have affected Nimki.

Nimki washes her face. Annaro comes there and hits Nimki on the head. Nimki faints. Her head bleeds. Annaro says she was removing Sindu. She wants to see my Babbu dead. Mintu says she is allergic to Sindur. I asked her to remove it. Don’t you see I am fine and alive?

Scene 2
Nehar asks the watchman where does Nimki live? Tume says to the watchman go from here. Nehar says I care for Nimki. Tune says yeah we all know that. He says go get shower fixed. Nehar says sure I will do that. Nehar says to watchman come and fix it. He says I won’t.

Dadi says Annaro is getting dangerous. Babbu says Amma didn’t leave Nimki either. Dadi says she isn’t here so don’t call her amma. Mintu says what if she harms dadi? Nmki says no shs just got mad because of sindur. Rekha says she considers herself a queen. She was rummaging through your stuff. She was seeing two photos from your box. Dadi says how dare she touches my box. Where is my box. Mintu comes to her. He says dadi I have seen this photo. Dadi is shocked. Dadi says you have seen it? Dadi sits down in shock. Mintu says in heart that means he didn’t see the face. Mintu says who is in the photo? Why is the face black? Dadi says she was my neighbor. mintu says you used to say she was your friend. Tell me what are you hiding. Dadi holds her head. Nimki says dadi calm down. Mintu says who’s in this photo. tell me the truth. Dadi says I won’t. Do what you want. Mintu says I will leave this house. Dad slaps him. Dadi says so you I brought you up so you flee like your mother?

Scene 3
Mauha says I have been trying to call Nimki. She isn’t picking. Nehr comes crying and says all the hot water from the hower fell on me. But anything for Nimki. She will become the minister. Tune says let’s go now. He says tell me when Nimki comes. I will come tomorrow as well. Tune says Mauha, you look worried. Is everything okay? Nimki says read this news. Mauha says I will tell you when she comes.

Mintu says you said my parents died in an accident. Now you’re saying she fled. Is this my mom in the photo. He tries to open the box. Nimki says calm down. Mintu says answer me Why did you lie to me for years that they died in an accident. She says you won’t be able to take the truth. Mintu says I won’t take lies anymore either. Dadi says truth is that your mother fled and left your father and you. Mintu says I was living with a lie. When I cried for her, you told me a lie? What was my fault? Where is she? Dadi says it was better if she died. We could be save from her poison. She was never ours. Mintu says so my mother is alive?

Ganga recalls playing with her child and dadi. Mintu says dadi who is she? Where is she? Please tell me dadi. Please. Why did you hide my father’s photo then? Dadi says your father was a coward. He committed suicide when your mother left him. Mintu is shocked.

Precap-Mintu says my dadi hid who my mother is. How will I find her. Nimki says even if you find her, who would you forgive? your mother who left you or your dadi who brought you up with all the love?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Who is a bigger leech – Tunne or Nahar Singh? Definitely, Tunne. But the biggest leech is Nimki herself.

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