Bigg Boss 13 17th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Arhaan is eliminated

Bigg Boss 13 17th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes Anil to the show. Salman says you have come here before as well and you are still the same. Anil says you have become more handsome, this show has become entertaining. Salman connects the call to the house and says someone is here. Anil comes on the screen. All cheer for him. Anil says they are smart. Anil says they are good looking than last time. Salman says except Paras. All laugh. Salman introduces everyone to Anil. Salman says Bhau is Sanju’s fan. Anil says we all are. Salman says this is Devo, she was a bahu and now she has become a babe. He says Rashami is a tragedy queen and she makes others cry too. Salman says Arhaan is tragedy king. Salman jokes about Asim’s accent. Asim says I was in cape town for my modeling. Salman says Arti is GG’s niece. Salman introduces Sana. Sana says you both are nice looking but Salman is more. Salman introduces Himanshi. Anil asks about her health. She says I will be more energetic. Anil says they look happy. Salman says this because of lighting. Salman introduces Paras. Salman says Mahia is a problem child. She might win a kabaddi show with her tongue. Salman says the angry man is Siddharth Shukla. He is now the elder one in the house so think what they might think about our ages. They all laugh. Salman says Mahira says that Mahira’s mother is 4 years younger than Sid. She must be 34, if Mahira is 24 then her mother must have given her birth to her at the age of 13. All laugh. Mahira says my mother got married at the age of 12. Salman says Shefali is Kaanta Laga girl, she is playing very well. Salman says people are researching on Vishal. He is a little bit weird so satellites are following him. Salman says Kisari is a Bhojpuri film-star, he sings well too. Kisari sings. Anil tells them that life is a struggle and you have to win it. Have fun and enjoy it. Salman asks Sana what did he say? Sana says he has blessed us to win. Salman says you heard him right? Anil says his lines again, Sana repeats behind him. All clap for her. Call ends.

Salman tells Anil that you have to go into the house. Pulkit comes there and goes with Anil.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says we will play the slap task now. He makes Shefali sit on the slap chair. Salman asks if Arti is confused. She says yes, the majority doesn’t agree and she gets a slap. Salman asks if Asim gave his 100% in the demon task? She says yes. The majority agree not including Sid. Salman asks if Vishal is playing safe? She says no, the majority doesn’t agree. Salman asks if Devo doesn’t deserve to be in the house? She says I don’t think so. the Majority doesn’t agree.
Salman says next is Bhau on the seat. Salman asks who sheds crocodile tears in the house? He says Mahira, no one agrees. Salman asks who is silent and makes her way out? Bhau says Arti. No one agrees. Salman asks who is the twisted on in this house? He says Paras. all agree. Salman asks who should be muted? He says Mahira, she is always talking and blabbering. Salman says even I agree with this, all laugh. Salman asks who is wearing a mask? He says Vishal, no one agrees.
Salman calls Paras on the chair. Salman asks if Sana is jealous of Mahira? He says yes. Sana says slap him hard. No one agrees. Salman says even Mahira doesn’t agree. Salman asks who will go till the end of new contestants? He says Vishal. The majority doesn’t agree. Salman asks if he was giving good efforts this week? He says not physically but mentally. Sana says he calls himself mental. Salman says you are not giving your efforts in the task? Paras says Bigg Boss is about playing with mind. The majority doesn’t agree. Salman asks if Vishal can play? Paras says no. Salman says you are calling him useless? that he is garbage? Only Mahira agrees. Salman says you call them all liars? Mahira says no.

In the house:
Anil and Pulkit enter. They greet everyone. Anil says Pulkit is the hero of the film. Pulkit says you have to tell who is the worst inmate of the house. Asim says it’s Mahira. They make Mahira wear a banana necklace. Rashami says I think Vishal as I don’t understand him. Vishal wears the necklace. Arhaan says Arti is confused so her. He makes her wear the necklace. Arti says I am at least confused but you work on your game. Bhau says Sana as she tells everything to everyone. He makes her wear it and hugs her. Devo says Sana, I don’t understand her, she confuses me. Pulkit says I like Sana. Mahira says Asim is the worst one. Sana comes and says it’s Paras. He wears it. Sana says if I am with him then I am good but I can’t talk to anyone else. Paras says Sana is the worst one as she is jealous and change her sides. Himanshi comes and says it’s Mahira. She is very self-obsessed. Paras says you are wrong. Mahira says I don’t think Sana is jealous of me. Pulkit calls Vishal, Visha says it’s Paras, he says so much rubbish but I love him. They hug each other. Anil says you all are very brave. He hugs everyone and dances with them.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Anil and Pulkit back. Pulkit says it was fun in the house. Anil says it was a cold war. Salman says you have given them the bananas. Salman welcomes Urvashi and Kriti. They bring food and say we will play a game. Salman eats the food and tells the habits of Anil. Salman says Anil’s favorite actress was Madhuri. Anil says Salman’s was Sangeeta. They promote their movie. Salman welcomes the director of the movie too. He takes a selfie with them.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says we have noticed that people are scared of waxing in the house. Salman says boys will get waxed. We will ask a question and if a girl says no then the boy will be waxed.
Salman says the first guy for waxing is Bhau. Salman says we will ask Mahira. Salman asks if Sid will behave with the girls? She says he is behaving these days. Salman asks if Sana is the sorted one in the house? She says no. She waxes Bhau’s leg. He screams and says where I am stuck. Salman asks if Paras will cheat you? She says no. She waxes again. Bhau is calm. Salman asks if Vishal is the right to match for Arti? She says no and waxes again.
Salman says next is Paras and we will ask Shefali. He asks if Mahira can be a better captain than her? She says no and waxes Paras. Salman asks if Paras is Mahira’s manager? She says no and waxes his leg. Salman asks if she likes Asim shirtless? She says a lot. Salman asks if Devoleena became a babe? She says no and waxes his leg again, he screams in pain.
Salman says next is Rashami and Vishal. Salman asks if there is more than a friendship between Arhaan and Rashami? Rashami says he is a family to me. Sid says you should ask her if she loves Siddharth Shukla. She says no and waxes Vishal’s leg. Salman asks if Shukla can control his anger? She says no and waxes again all laugh. Salman asks if Arti is deserving than her? She says no and waxes again. Salman asks if Vishal will be with her in this game? She says no and Sid helps her in waxing Vishal’s leg.
Salman says next is Sid and we will ask Devoleena. Devo says I will wax his arm. Salman asks if Arhaan and Sid will become friends? She says no. Sid hugs Arhaan. Devo sits in his lap and waxes. He hugs her. Salman asks if Devo finds Sid handsome? She says yes, Sid says how cute. He asks Devoleena if jealous of Rashami and Arhaan’s friendship? She says never and waxes his hand again. He cries in pain. Salman asks if Kisari’s gameplan is best? All laugh. Devo says no and waxes his arm.

Salman says to the inmates that one of you will be eliminated today. Salman says Arhaan and Himanshi are in danger, all others are safe. Salman says Arhaan is eliminated. All are shocked. Salman ends the call. Sid hugs Himanshi. Rashami cries and hugs Arhaan. Arhaan hugs everyone. Shefali wishes him luck. Arhaan asks Rashami to not cry. You are strong. Rashami says I love you. Arhaan says bye. Rashami hugs him again. Arhaan asks Paras to take care of her, he leaves. Mahira and Devo hug Rashami.

Rashami goes into the washroom. Devo goes behind her. Rashami cries and says I feel guilty. Devo says you have to be strong.
Shefali hugs Himanshi. Bhau hugs them.
Sid says to Vishal that he was trying to be gentle. Paras says he was not showing his real self. Sid says he was saying that he is the biggest psycho but he didn’t show anything.

Paras tells Mahira that Ahraan is a strong person, he showed his good qualities for the camera but this is not needed here. Rashami comes there and says people change with time, he used to be a fighter but people change. Paras says but it’s not needed in this house, he thinks something else. Rashami says his thinking is longterm. Paras says I agree. Rashami says I can’t hear anything against him, she leaves.

PRECAP- Inmates will save two people from the nominations in the confession room. Sid saves Asim. Arti saves Shefali. Shefali saves Arti. Paras saves Mahira. Mahira saves Vishal.
Rashami tells Mahira and Paras that you didn’t take my name but that Vishal’s name? We went outside before too. Mahira says you were not on my priority list. Rashami says we will play the game now.
Inmates have to save their things from Rashami and Shefali. Sid locks Devo in the washroom. All laugh. Devo comes out and shouts at them that this is not fun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What arhaan like seriously ?????I thought khesari would be out of could thought of mahira also but him…

  2. Devo is the most cunning contestant.

  3. Some contestants & audience took shefali’s ‘leader’ tag literally, it wasn’t about her captainship it was about how much content she gave compared to other wild cards, she was little biased but she showed her personality which to me is really likable, she’s in same position as asim is if she maintain her individuality without caring about shukla’s dislike or like then she has at least top 4 potential.
    Himanshi is going out next week, I don’t think she can give the nasty content bigg boss want from her neither will she be like mahira and insert herself in anyone’s fight, she seems too mature & sorted & image conscious to try any cheap tricks

    Debolina & shukla’s ‘romance’ isn’t funny anymore it’s cringey, they all literally took the fun out of it by mentioning it again and again.

    Sana was again back to her ake bimbo acting today after showing her real face for last two weeks

  4. Someone mentioned it yesterday devoleena really hijacked rashmi’s footage/narrative/journey by positioning herself against siddharth shukla lol and she has done it consciously, it was siddharth v/s rashmi but devoleena kicked rashmi and placed herself in her place, she really is not her true friend even in the starting she used to b*t*h about her, she super smart player

  5. BB is giving everyone chance to wash their dirty Lenin/ romance in public…if they do that, u r in and otherwise u r evicted…
    BB gave a fair chance to Shukla n Rashmi n they just threatened each other and nothing really came out.. Shukla anyways with his aggression is a perfect BB gave a warning to reshmi of fake eviction..
    They gave 2 weeks for arhaan reshmi romance/ love angle.. they both didn’t give that plus made it clear at various points that they are not intending to do so…so arhaan left..
    Similarly by informing himanshi that u r bottom 2, BB indirectly is asking her to talk about controversy…or else u r the next one…
    Out of all, debo understood that and she placed her in Rashmi Shukla story and kicked reshmi out…more than that she gave reshmi slow motion tag with explaining few points and completely painted her dull…

  6. Biased Salman

    Why is himanshi still in the show

  7. I have seen himanshi videos too but I think himanshi is more clever than sana..someone safe sana from her.. Now I understood why sana got nervous to see her because the way she twisted her words n manipulate the whole things but sana we can feel.she is pure from heart. She sometimes talk wise n sometimes become child but sidharth know her well only he can protect her otherwise paras type boy make the girl life like hell. Remember pratiyusha benerji her life wrong decision about boyfriend and her life.
    Because of himanshi nobody trusting sana n sidharth also not clear in his mind about sana. We don’t know in today episode he will save sana or but if don’t do that then why we are getting mad about sidnaaz. In some way sana give her support to sid more than paras. I m very disappointed.

    1. Lol there goes another crazy sana fan!

    2. Loool dude this is funny. It’s pathetic how people blindly follow someone even when they are in the wrong. People like you can’t differentiate right from wrong once you become someone’s fan. Have a mind of your own! No ones percent. Even celebrities are human and make mistakes, learn to accept they did wrong, don’t try to hide or justify it. Makes you seem stupid and ignorant.

    3. whom you are talking about?

  8. Please read the comments of sushmita simmysanyal she wrote about sana please all read this comments
    Now it’s becoming boring to watch bigg boss because of himanshi only she put poison on asim’s mind n then he did the same with sidharth so they r doubting on sana. Now sana should not flip the side show her loyalty n feel the connection about Sid. Bigg boss should shows sana n Sid their lovely clips so they can see how they r happy together. Himanshi should be out n kesari also they r irritating n boring. Already we r tolerating aarti who always between sana n Sid n never let them spend time alone. It cannot be accepted from her because she is mature enough. She should give them space.

  9. whom you are talking about?

    1. Talking about sana and when you all click this site on the comments section you will see sushmita simmysanyal comment about sana. Well I m not fan of anybody ok. But yes as according to the situation who is doing right or who is unnecessary getting target then you all give your support. Here sidharth doing wrong if he doesn’t trust sana then why he force her to choose one team n play for team. Sana is loyal to sidharth but why not sidharth loyal to her. Is he only staying with her for entertainment. Atleast we can expect from him that he ll save her even he doesn’t like aarti then why always save her. She is also part of the team. Forget about sidnaaz both are together for entertainment they don’t like n love each other.

  10. Salman defended Shilpa Sinde against Hina saying task is not needed to go ahead in a show but took a U turn on Paras when told ki task is needed to stay in the house.

    1. What is required footage…within 45- min whoever would be seen on TV would be their in the game…task is announced so that people who r not in talking terms with anyone can show their presence via tasks.

  11. Don’t trust Devo at all as she is fake with Sid. Rashmi seems lost in Arhaan. Mahira is also fake n very loud n she could give a headache to a viewer too. Hope Aarti, Sid, Asim, Vishal, Shehnaz, Shefali n Bhau stay in the house long. Khesari is getting better. Paras n Mahira r most annoying.

  12. I feel sorry for sana, as she z a reason i watch bigg boss..she z real bt her friends don’t give her priority.they dnt trust her….i think she z in dilemma now which side to stay…Abt this new chemistry btn sid n devo it doesn’t work..sidnaaz was much better….nowadays bb became boring as We dont get that Masti of sidnaaz…wish all the best to our strong girl sana

  13. daily video upload Karo bhai log

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