Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep27

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Rehan and Vani look at each other.
Rehan- I will go and check on Ruhi.
Vani- I’m gonna check on Tara. I believe this was her doing.
Rehan- She attacked so early. And I think there are more things she is planning besides this deal issue. You better look out.
Vani- Yeah, and you should take food with you to make Ruhi understand.
Rehan- Good idea. She didn’t have her breakfast today.
Vani and Rehan go their respective ways. Akash is going to office in a hurry. While passing Ruhi’s room he stops and looks inside. Ruhi is talking with someone on phone.
Ruhi- Did you do what I asked?

Ruhi- Good job.
Ruhi disconnects the call. She looks at the window, Akash was standing there. Ruhi sees him and then at a different way, Akash sighs and with a give up look goes away. Vani comes infront of him. Both of them tries to go same way thrice and gets blocked by the other person. Vani stops and makes way for Akash. Akash passes her and goes, even Vani goes. They stops together and turns and looks at each other. They comes back and stands face to face. Vani is about to say something but stops as Akash starts first.
Akash- Do finish your breakfast. It was left incomplete due to Ruhi’s drama.
Vani stops and looks at him. And then says coldly,
Vani- You don’t need to worry. I will eat when I am hungry.
Vani turns and leaves. Akash looks at her going. He thinks I would never understand these girls. Akash leaves. Rehan comes with a tray of food. He knocks the door. Ruhi doesn’t answer. He knocks again. Ruhi still doesn’t answer. He then makes sounds with his mouth to get attention. Ruhi gets irritated and turns.
Ruhi- What is it?
Rehan-(in a low voice) is she here?
Ruhi- who?
Rehan- Is she here? If not then I will come inside.
Ruhi comes to him and says – What are you talking about?
Rehan pulls her close to him. Ishq mein marjawan romantic version plays.
Rehan- Shhh, don’t talk loudly. Otherwise she might come.
Ruhi- (also in a low tone) and who is this she?
Rehan- that girl who was throwing phone and screaming outside.
Ruhi changes her expression and frees herself from Rehan and gently slaps him on the hand.
Ruhi- Do you think this is some kind of joke?
Rehan- Hey hey stops, the tray will fall.
Rehan is about to loose balance and the tray is about to fall but Ruhi holds the trays and Rehan holds her to balance. They have an eye lock, romantic music plays.
Rehan- Are you planning to eat in this pose?
Ruhi- Huh?
Rehan- The food. It’s getting cold.
Ruhi leaves him and says – I’m not hungry.
Rehan- Oh my God. And she is back.
Ruhi gives him a stern look. Rehan smiles in a funny way. He puts down the food tray and comes to her.
Rehan- Come on now, you know very well that if you don’t eat well you will not have enough power. If you don’t have enough power how will you fight? If you don’t eat well, next time the phone will not go much far. Next time you need to throw it so far that the world record gets broken.
Ruhi- Are you mocking me?
Rehan- No, no, I’m very serious.
Ruhi- listen if you are here to make me understand that I overreacted outside and I shouldn’t have fought with him then you better leave cause I am not interested in hearing anything.
Rehan- It seems like you already know and understand everything, I don’t need to tell anything.
Ruhi- What did you say?
Rehan- What I am saying is you are getting me totally wrong. I’m not here to make you understand anything. I’m here to ( he pulls her hand and brings her close to him) romance with you.
Ruhi- Really! Don’t you find this a weird time to romance.
Rehan- Come on Ruhi, you know from the very first that things are not going to be easy on this journey. But that doesn’t mean we would always just worry, not enjoying any moment. And any way I had to make it up to you for last night.
Ruhi- Oh, so Mr. Romantic, what sort of moment you are planning to enjoy in between these fights.
Rehan- I must say you are very unromantic, that you missed to see a good moment of romance. But you are in luck cause your husband is very romantic. And he doesn’t miss a single moment to romance.
Ruhi- And what’s that moment my husband is talking about?
Rehan- That you left without having your breakfast. And if you have not noticed that I only sat to have mine but got ruined due to your anger.
Ruhi closed her eyes realizing it.
Ruhi- Oops, sorry.
Rehan- Don’t worry cause now I have the perfect solution for it.
Ruhi- And which is?
Rehan and Ruhi both looks at the tray. Music starts. Rehan makes Ruhi sit down. He keeps the tray in between. Rehan makes Ruhi eat, then Ruhi feeds him. They keep feeding each other looking at there face.
Vani is in her room, looking at her laptop. She is looking at Tara through it. Fb shows Rehan gave her a cam last night while Tara had kidnapped Akash and Ruhi, Vani had planted it on Tara’s room. Fb ends. Tara is sitting on a chair. Suddenly her phone rings. She picks up the call.
Tara- Well done Lakshya, good job. Did you ruined the breaks.

Tara- Is that man trustworthy?

Tara- Good work. Now even if he gets saved, the whole blame will be on Ruhi. And if he dies then our path will be half clear.
Tara laughs. Vani gets shocked. She leaves the room in hurry.
Akash is driving car, and talking through bluetooth with the client.
Akash- Yes sir, the work has already started yesterday. Our workers is putting all there effort, we will complete the delivery in time. I’m going to supervise them right now. After that I will update you all about work. Yeah. Thank you.
Akash disconnects the call. He sees a truck coming from opposite side. The truck gives horn, he tried to slow the car down but finds the break not working. He pushes the breaks but its not working, the truck comes very close. He turns the steering very hard and the car goes to a different empty route from the road he was driving. After got saved from the truck he tried to stop the car but fails.
Akash- Oh no, break failed. RUHI.
He slaps the steering.
Richand Mansion
Vani comes outside of Richand Mansion and opens a car’s gate. Rehan comes outside.
Rehan- Hey where are you going in hurry?
Vani sees him and closes the gate and comes to him.
Vani- I heard Tara talking, she has cut the break of Akash’s car.
Rehan- What! Where were you going then? We need to know where he is first. You get in the car and call him. I’ll call Ruhi.
Vani- Yeah.
Vani gets inside the car and Rehan goes inside the house. He calls Ruhi but doesn’t finds her. He checks the room. But she isn’t there. Rehan calls his office and asks to track Akash’s phone. He comes running to car and gets inside. He starts the car.
Rehan- I have informed my office, they are trying to track his phone. As soon as they will track him, they will send the location. Did he received your call?
Vani- No, it’s saying busy.
Rehan- Ok we will check the road he takes for office. You keep trying.
Vani- Yeah. ( While trying calling ) Where is Ruhi?
Rehan- I don’t know. I try to find her but she wasn’t in the house.
Vani- You better find her fast. Cause Tara is planning to blame it on her.
Rehan- What!
Vani- I heard her talking.
Rehan- Man! So this is her big plan. We have to find him before anything happens. Did he pick up?
Vani- No, it’s saying switch off now.
Rehan- Got it, Akash’s phone is tracked. It was last seen in this area. There, we need to take that route.
The car takes turn.
Rehan- Why did he came this way? This road doesn’t lead to office.
Vani- That doesn’t matter. There is no car here, go fast.
Rehan fasts the car. Suddenly Vani notices Akash’s car.
Vani- There that’s his car.
The car is going fast without any control. It hits a tree and stops. They stops there car and gets out. They moves towards the car but before they come any close the car blasts. After the flames disappear Vani screams and runs toward the burning car but Rehan stops her as the car again blasts. This time they falls on the ground due to blast. They hears a motorcycle’s sound. They realize the motorcycle has come close to them and it’s going roundly around them. They turns and tries to see the face of the biker, there was two of them. But they couldn’t see the face cause the sunray is falling on there face. The bike stops. Rehan and Vani stands up from the ground. The person who is riding behind the bike gets down, there faces gets lighten up seeing the person, it’s Akash. The other person, wearing a bike costume, gets down too. Looking at the question faces opens the helmet only to make the eyes even more wide, it’s Ruhi. Fb shows Akash opens his seatbelt and tries to open the gate but finds that that it’s not opening. He pushes the door and suddenly sees a bike besides his car. The biker opens helmet glass, it’s Ruhi. She also pulls the door from outside and Akash pushes it from inside. The gates finally opened. Akash jumps from the car and sits behind the bike. The car goes different way. Fb ends. Rehan and Vani are looking puzzled at Ruhi. Ruhi and Akash looks at each other and smiles. Ishq mein marjawan plays.
Next ep- Four of them are in a meeting. Vani says Lakshya is guilty for everything. Ruhi says it’s time to take him in the group. Akash and Ruhi fights over the matter.

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