Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets arrested

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying why do I get this strange feeling. Naira asks servant about Kartik. He says Kartik just left. Naira calls him and sees his phone there. She says I should have gone there. Kairav and Vansh burn firecrackers. Suwarna asks them to come for planting, they have to balance it after pollution. Kairav says mum also told me. Suwarna says Naira told me too. Gayu asks them to take care of plants. Dadi asks them to see Akhilesh. Suwarna says we should give him time. Samarth says yes.

Kairav asks why did you throw cracker there, grass can burn. Vansh says sorry. Suwarna says this happens in family. Gayu says right. Surekha holds Akhilesh. Kairav asks where are mum and dad. Suwarna says they went out for some work, they will come in some time. She says I don’t know where they went, they told the staff to inform us. Vedika sees Kartik reaching. Pallavi sees him. Vedika says thank God you have come, I know you will understand and help me. Someone catches her. Vedika’s phone drops. Vedika shouts to Kartik. Kartik doesn’t listen. He checks the room. He says where did she go after calling me, I will go and wait in lobby.

Vedika hits a vase. He hears the sound and tries to knock the door. The man acts talking to his son. Kartik says maybe some kid is playing. Vedika says leave me…. the man disconnects the call. He says I will not let you go away now. She struggles. Naira comes. Kartik asks you here. She says I thought to come and explain Vedika. He says she is not there. The man takes Vedika in some big box. He leaves in the can. Kartik asks for Vedika, she was in the room. The hotel staff man says I don’t know, who are you. Kartik says I m her friend. The man says I can’t give you details, sorry. Naira asks Kartik to calm down. They can talk to Pallavi and Vedika’s Bua. They leave.

They come home. Naira sends the kids to room. Dadi and Manish ask the matter. Police comes and calls out Kartik. Pallavi comes along. Inspector says you have to come with us to the police station. Naira asks what happened. Pallavi says Vedika called me, I answered and heard this. She plays the recording. They hear Vedika shouting to Kartik. Pallavi asks what did you do with Vedika, where is he. Kartik gets shocked.

Manish asks what’s this, Vedika went to her Bua. Samarth says yes, how can you decide like this. Pallavi says her phone isn’t connecting, Kartik tell them Vedika has come to India and he went to meet her at hotel. Naira says Vedika called Kartik at night. He says I went there to get her home. Naira says she wasn’t at hotel. Pallavi says Kartik didn’t tell anyone, but just Naira, thanks for making my doubt stronger, Kartik doesn’t care for her, she has no imp. She argues with everyone.

Suwarna says she didn’t tell us before leaving. Surekha says she just left a chit. Pallavi says you know she has no relative, will you sit like this if anyone from family went this way, Kartik doesn’t care for her, Naira is getting imp now, I know how Kartik gets glad seeing Naira. Kartik says truth is, Vedika is missing, we all worry for her. Pallavi asks inspector to arrest Kartik. Manish and Naira stop him. Inspector says come to police station and talk. Naira says Kartik is getting framed, leave him. Kartik gets handcuffed. He says we don’t know where is Vedika. He thanks Naira for believing him. She says I know, you can never do this. Pallavi says look at them, just Naira matters for Kartik, not Vedika.

Kartik says I didn’t do anything. Kairav shouts Papa…what is police doing here. Kartik says please open the handcuffs, how will I face my son, I won’t run anywhere. Naira says please. Kairav comes and asks is this real police. Naira says there is a robbery incident in neighborhood, so police came to take our help, we should help. Kartik says yes, go and play with Vansh. Kairav goes. Everyone stops inspector. Inspector asks his staff to search the house. Naira says Pallavi trust me, he can never do this. Pallavi says enough, your statement doesn’t matter to me, its good for him to get rid of Vedika, he can be with you and Kairav. Kartik is taken away. Manish asks did you talk to lawyer. Samarth says yes. They ask Naira not to come, Pallavi will get media and make news. Kartik calls her out. He says don’t let Kairav know this, I don’t want to fall in his eyes. She says don’t worry, I promise I won’t let this happen. She cries.

Vansh asks why didn’t you say real police had come. Kairav says I think Naira lied, they were in tension, there is some problem. Manish asks Akhilesh to drive fast. He cries seeing Kartik. He asks how could Pallavi blame such a thing. Kartik says I will get free, nothing wrong should happen with Vedika. Naira prays for Vedika.

Naira says we will find Vedika, its my promise. Kartik asks how will Naira manage. Naira says Vedika had called Kartik at this place, we have to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Does a regular person record their phone calls?
    Kairav is turning into a naira junior, detective

    1. Verma4

      obviously she does. surprised its not an ekta production.

    2. Halima yahaya

      yes.i always record my calls.and iam a normal person.

    3. No you seem to be a lil’abnormal like NAIRA and her SON

  2. Maybe they are trying to copy ekta.

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