Bigg Boss 12 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman scolds Rohit and Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman sees fights of inmates on TV. He sees Surbhi and Rohit provoking Sree. Dipika breaking down. Salman says lets wash them today.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says today is friday but this weekend is special, we didnt eliminate anyone last week so nominees are same, two will be evicted today. Salman says so much happened this week, and almost slap. Salman says there is always a drama when its time to go to jail.

In house, Jasleen takes Rohit and Somi’s name for jail. Somi takes Jasleen and Deepak’s name. KV takes Deepak and Sree’s name for self destruction. Megha takes Rohit and Deepak’s name. Sree takes Deepak and Rohit’s name. Dipika takes Rohit and KV’s name. Romil takes Kv and Rohit’s name. Deepak takes Jasleen and Rohit’s name. Rohit takes Jasleen and Deepak’s name. Bigg Boss says Surbhi have a chance to three inmates for jail and it will be final. Surbhi takes Deepak’s name for hurting himself, she takes Romil’s name for being bad referee, she takes Sree’s name for grabbing Rohit. Sree gets angry and says I am not going.

Sree locks himself in washroom. Surbhi says listen to me. Sree says you just take my name all the time. He gets out and says I am not going.

Romil and Deepak goes to jail. Sree says I am going, I am not angry but I dont want to be here. Sree asks Bigg Boss to open the door, I will make a scene. Rohit says Bigg Boss open the door.

Sree asks Surbhi to not come to him. Surbhi says listen to me. Dipika says leave him.
Sree comes to luggage room and says this is not anger, I am acting only.
Dipika asks Sree what he is doing? Sree says silent, I am joking.
Sree goes in jail. Romil asks who is going? Sree says I am going, in last they just put me down infront of useless people. Megha says no one is useless here. Sree says yes all are superstars. Megha says why are you angry on people who didnt do anything? Romil says you will see what you did outside.

On stage, Salman says lets connect with them. Salman greets inmates and asks to bring people from jail. Salman makes fun of KV;s style. All come in lounge, there is a cage. Deepak, Romil and Sree stands inside. Salman asks why Rohit is not in jail? Surbhi says Sree grabbed Rohit and fought with him and called him *****, that was bigger punishment. Salman says what feedback I have heard, people think its not right, why do you want to be hated person? they find it disgusting, you think that shouting makes your point more clear? Surbhi says you are right. Salman says if you call Sree aggressive and misbehave then you reach 10 times more than him, you go cheaper than him, what about your behavior? you are irritating all viewers. Sree cries. Surbhi says my aggression is my weakness, I dont talk like that everytime. Salman says if you shout and show fingers at others, you think you are doing right? I think you and Rohit should have been in jail. Salman says to Rohit that you know when we used to go to parties, new comers used to take pictures with stars so they could come to limelight and then pull them down, do you have any angle then bringing people down? you just provoke them? You call Dipika that she has no identity, do you know she is a senior in industry and dignified person in house, you want to call her that? what talent you have other than provoking house? Dipika cries. Salman says you taunt Sree about his cricket, till when did you play? Rohit says in school, Salman says he played for India, why do you want to remind of those things? You know I have that past too, it takes shit load of time to come out of that. Rohit says I am sorry. Salman says you said he wants footage but what kind of footage are you taking? I told you that this man suffered a lot and you want limelight from him? you just misbehave. Salman says to Sree that you are crossing a line that we cant even show it on TV, one time Dipika couldnt even stand where you were taunting Rohit, they can say anything but dont go to that level. Salman says Rohit, Surbhi and Sree should be in jail. Surbhi cries and says Sree showed finger to me and said a lot of stuff. Salman says you all do this, you think this is entertainment? You will get work like this only. Salman ends call.

In house, Surbhi says all do things here but they are celebrities so we are scolded. Dipika says right. Surbhi says you dont talk, you are dignified. I have suffered too, this is partiality.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to Jasleen that Bigg boss talked about copying each other. Jasleen says they just shout all the time. Salman says you think others shout? He shows a clip of Jasleen and Somi shouting at each other. Salman says this is throughout. Jasleen says she doesnt let me talk. Salman says then you can remain silent. Jasleen says she overlaps when I am upset over something. Somi says you dont let me talk. Salman shows Rohit and Sree getting physical, KV and Romil getting physical. Salman says wow you all macho? what do you want to prove that you have more height? I have less height then you all, you know you cant raise hands then what is all this? Romil says KV always come to bump chest. Salman says you were referee so it was not right from your side. Salman shows inmates getting aggressive in task, they pulling and pushing each other. Dipika says its bad, they pull so you have to get physical too. Salman says you liked what you saw? Dipika says no. Salman says to Deepak that you did bus task nicely, what was your plan? Deepak says we wanted to remove Somi because she was on Romil’s side. Salman says then you removed KV? KV says I thought that my name might have more money so I asked to take my name but then I changed my mind in bus and wanted to remove Somi but I didnt voice out. Salman says if you wanted to remove Somi as she is weak then why didnt you voice out? Salman says Deepak removed many rivals but he was betrayed. Surbhi says nobody wanted to take Somi’s name. Deepak says we did a mistake. Salman says you were in support of Somi but then you saw Romil close to Somi and wanted to remove her. Salman says all want to win, Surbhi and Rohit played a game with Deepak and its right, you didnt come to make others win, dont fight. He ends call.

Salman says there is no humor in house, let me show you a clip, it got reaction.
Clip shows KV throwing panties and says its not mine, they make fun of penty and wears it on head. Surbhi laughs.
Salman says this clip was shown on Voot so we had to talk about it, this is not the kind of humor we would like to show and I dont agree with it.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you people tried to do humor, it was not shown on TV but ruckus was created on social media, there was Rohit, KV and Surbhi there, Surbhi you remember in garden, clothes were drying, you took a piece and threw it on KV. KV wore it, this was your humor? KV joked that there will another open letter. Salman says humor was missing this season, this was the result when you tried? cheap and dirty, move on and let it go. KV says sorry.
Caller of the week calls and says I want to ask Romil that in captaincy task, he got out first and he started fighting, he was not good referee, is he alone and cant play like that? Romil says I had patience level but Rohit hit me so I got angry too. Salman says were you crushed between Jasleen and Somi? Romil laughs and says I will try more in next task.
Salman says to inmates that there will be two evictions tomorrow. He ends call and signs off from show.

PRECAP- Ritesh Deshmukh comes on stage, Ritesh says Salman’s dialogues and Salman have to say it in different language. They say dialogue of Dabang about farting.
Surbhi’s brother says that Surbhi is made by me and is a cracker, all target her. Sree’s wife says that she forces people to say bad words for her, she targets everyone, he is watching wrong Bigg Boss.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yesterday coments 150+ cheers to all commentors, i think 1st tym comments crossing 100+
    Missed today’s episode, will watch it on voot tomorrow
    But reading update felt like somi is given more importance
    I don’t want jas megha eliminated, atleast it was ok after eliminating rohit nd somi

    1. koi gall nhi abhi to century puri hui hai 200 coming up soon # airplanes on the way !!!!

    2. This particular accent is pure love.. this punjabi accent! I wish I could have born in UP like you just to get adapted to this tone. Koi gal nahi ji ! Ummmeeehaaa

    3. Ehh is it Punjabi though ?
      Veera had this accent, I used to adore her accent, even Geet from JWM carried it so amazingly ! ❀

    4. @Aarohi……..I m from UP but I can just admire this accent……hahaha:-))

    5. @ aeroplane yaar
      All the best wishes

    6. Rajjo

      most was related to surbhi rohit relating what they have done yet… during task discussion n jas-somi fight they talked about somi…

    7. @rajjo,
      saras che dikri #sadhu!!!!

    8. @teddy,
      best wishes are always welcomed pro :))-thanks and do join us to achieve 200:p

    9. @ aeroplane
      Yh sure
      But many daily commenders are missing today

  2. Wow. ❀

    1. Rajjo

      seems very happy girl… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      congrats for 100+ yesterday…
      today’s episode was rocking…

    2. Haanji ?
      Hum aj bahaut khush hain re betuwa ?
      Everyone was treated equally.

    3. Rajjo

      arey ye lo bhai… yaha to different languages bhi start ho gyi… koi punjabi koi bhojpuri…

    4. @ rajjo ji, yes
      this is womaniya era :p

    5. @ rajjo
      Yh nice episode
      Viewers were eagerly waiting for such an episode, till i saw yesterday’s precap i had no hope

    6. @Rajjo, this sentence which I used is from Bihar, I guess.
      And that ‘koi gal nahi’ is Punjabi, most probably. Airplanes writes ‘Radhe Radhe’ too which is inherited from Mathura or Vrindaban. He could guess out of the blue moon that I m a bengali, I wanted to throw that card too on him before this show comes to an end. Quite a guess. So, I m confused between Punjab or UP. :3

    7. Rajjo

      @aarohi… It was perfect try… N you correct… Now you can ask
      “Aaj ka episodewa dekhl jaayi..”

    8. @Aarohi,
      early presumptions dear but if you are happy to be in UP then i am too happy in your happiness :))-
      P.S: still you had 28 choices left:p

    9. Rajjo

      maza aavi gayo… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  3. Why was every1 so shocked in tomorrow’s precap i felt that tomorows nomination wil be shocked for as
    As well

    1. @Lutfa ,
      aaj hoo gya surbhi ka pardafash

  4. OUTZZZ THAT !!!!!
    #LAGA DI WATT WOH BHI ZUBAN KE TEER SE !!!! bhaijaan tussi to cha gye # surnhi ke pankh katar dale # SURNHI GOT NUMB she received a shocker treatment from salman #JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI
    # ROHIT -LOL ON HIM # TOTTE UDD GYE USKE AAJ !!!! DUMBO got kickass punch from sallu
    # SURNHI AND ROHIT witnessed newton’s third law:every action has a reaction # koi nhi.
    coming back to the episode it was all about taking class and serving punishments , nothing much to point out as salmann has done a good job this time which critics used to do # all in all reveiw of a whole week in one segment we can call it that !!!!!
    # DECISION OF SENDING THOSE 3 TO JAIL WAS MOST DUMBO ONE # just favouring rohit blindly to be frank its looking like she is having a soft corner for rohit
    #KV- accepted his dirty deeds ( double meaning jokes )and will have to move on
    #FLIPSANTH – oye ghanchakkar babu song for you kyuki apun ka bheja hua sabbu dana re………
    # DEEPAK – normal bashing actually usne apna footage ka dose complete kar liya tha all ready lol
    # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL AGAIN SO FUNNY !!!! AND SMILY handled the caller really well despite her question was a big joke for us (as viewers )
    #USP of the show – surbhi and rohit get bashed # FLIPSANTH GETS #SALLURATNA AWARD from salman on his fantastic carrer we have # chak de !!! flipsanth today ( salman boosted him well)and most FUNNIER WAS ROMIL IN JAIL asking sree bhai aa jao aur mujhe bhi le chalo # DON’T WORRY LEGEND WINNER !!!! APKO APKE FANS KAHIN NHI JANNE DE RHE HAI UNTIL FINALE DAY !!!! # STAY HAPPIEST MY TRUE KOHINOOR GOLDEN GEM HEARTED ROMIL # LOVE TO OJ!!!! # FANS VOTE KARTE RAHO !!!!JAGTE RAHO !!!1HAHAHA just kidding # cheers

    1. Rajjo

      “bhagwaan k ghar me der h andher nhi” ye to phir bhi big boss ka ghar h bhayi yaha der-saver to hoti hi rehti h…
      my god surbhi’s ka face dekhne layak tha she stated that they are celebrities so they can do anything plz someone tell her celebrities have to maintain their dignity they are not chepo like you… she didn’t even said “sorry” for once when salman was bashing her…
      salman’s dialogue was epic “abhi to sabko nehlaya h ab sabko dhounga” till now makers sabko nehla rhe the ( πŸ˜› ) lagta h aaj salmaan ne iss show ki koi clip actually me dekh li to usne sako dho diya…
      plz yaar for god sake place somi n rohit in nomination this time… else no one would watch the show…

    2. @ rajjo,
      sweet and salty episodic analysis !!!! apki batt sach hogi for sure somi and rohit in nomination :))-# jay mata di

    3. Surbhi is still in her attitude. Not ready to accept her mistake. This will only lead to audience hating her more.

    4. @Airplanes i am in love with your comments as i am a silent reader but today i really wanna to say i love you and your funnier comments

    5. @Naina ,
      thanks a lot !!!!! aapka dil humare pass hai # safe and sound # don’t worry :))- hahaha just kidding

    6. @Airplanes……
      A very pleasant comment!!

    7. @ Nandini ,
      the name says it all !!!! thanks for the appreciation # soni kudi !!!!

    8. @Airplanes
      Nice use of flowery language……??

    9. @Nandini ,
      haaha flowers are always one of the reasons to bring a smile on one’s face i guess u like roses and white lillies with the essence of rajnighandha :))-

    10. @Nandini,
      will have something thikha and something meetha
      golgappe and your rabri combination oye hoye delicious !!!!!

    11. @Airplanes
      Sorry to say that your guessing is wrong I don’t like roses n lillies…….probably the only girl who doesn’t like roses…….hahaha……

    12. @Airplanes
      Well there is a perception in India that roses r girl’s favourite usually……..but this isn’t always right…….
      Golgappe along with rabri is nice though…….haha

    13. Fab comment as always.. U r a pro in penning down Ur thoughts?

    14. @Diya,
      kore kagaz par dil ki battein liktha hai pyar dena aur lena aap sab se siktha hai !!!!!
      thanks for the appreciation # chulbuli and nathkhat diya :))-

    15. being_Misfits

      Hlo !!! I m a silent reader from NEPAL. Evrytym I rush to d coment section juz to read yur coments @aiplanes… yu r awesome !! tussi cha gaye ho !!!!
      Soooo much in luv wd yu & yur coments❀️❀️ I luv yu ???

    16. @Being_misfits ,
      thanks a lot for all the love and support dear ,if you are from nepal then # K HO MAYA HO !!!
      #TAPAIILLAAII BHETERA KHUSI LAGYOO !!!!! and yes love u too :p

  5. Lokesh

    First tym I felt ,Salman g was unbiased, gud job, and why Jasleen, better Rohit Ko nikalo.

    1. Nivika

      Hellow bhai…..aap yahan??
      Koi baat nahi..isi wajah se mulakat bhi toh ho gayi…..
      Yes for the first time salman was unbiased….surbhi ko uski asli jagah bats di aaj

    2. Lokesh

      Yo sis, u too here, how z u, long tym!, Hmm Mai dekh nhi rha par kal galti se dekh Liya dinner tym, bas you tube pe clips dekh leta hu ?, 2 min wale.

  6. its 83rd day completed so as the show #EK ANARR DO BIMAR compels to an end with BUBBLY JASS EVICTION , now somi well feel dil wali khusi # sukunn aaya (film veer song ) dabi dabi sansoo……,
    MAKERS now planning mahabharat in the house soon followed by # EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR to viewers # kuch to balti bharenge logon ka kaam hai bharna (kya aasu :kuch bhi samajh lete ho aaplog: ))-# GET READY FOR FAMILY FloodDAY oops its funday oh lol its sunday !!!!

  7. Everyone faced salman’s rage today. No one could escape WOW!!! Now I’m loving it. Surbhi ko phir bhi akal nhi aayi. Apni galti nhi dekh pa rhi hai. Sree ne accept toh kiya pr tune kya kia phir se celebrities and commoners krne lagi. Jis din commoners bb enter krte hai ussi din se woh bhi celebrities bn jate hai. Iska yeh commoners aut celebrities wala dialogue mujhe SO10#om swami ki yaad dila rha hai. Woh bhi yehi bolta rehta tha. Haddddd hai surbhi jb tumpe baat aaye toh character assassination or jb sree yaa dipika ko bolo toh woh sahi. Who gave u right to say shit about his professional career. Bhool gyi uski wajah se do baar captain bni. He revealed about slapgate incident tbhi 1 point ki usko lead mili aur woh captain bni. Sry surbhi but ur losing ur fans if they exist.??

    1. Rajjo

      seriously surbhi lose all fans if they exist… ye nhi sudherne waali like you compared her with baba om she will be expelled like him as she is going right now…

    2. its india @RV , surbhi having fans is common rater i would say they are andhbhakths and in fact you will be surprised to know there is a twitter handle named #SURBHI KA SWAG which was led by GREATEST DRACULA OF INDIA- DOLLY BINDRA himself lol

    3. @Airplanes……surbhi ka swag…….hadh h mtlb… should rather be surbhi’s filth……but as expected dolly bindra is the one who’s leading it……in logon ko kuch aur kaam nhi h……lol

    4. Roadies se jitne bhi aayi BB mein, from the season I started watching BB they were very mean and they all had this partcular thing common in them, I, me and myself. I don’t know if that is what a roadie is supposed to be. And I think that is why Surbhi’s behavior doesn’t surprise me.

    5. Rajjo

      @hope that i me myself wala atitude is still acceptable but this surbhi starts her filth that is not acceptable i didn’t watch roadies but till now every roadie in bigg boss were better than her…

    6. Haha losing fans if they exist lol ???????

    7. @ RV exactly
      surbhi is not accepting her mistake, i wished they showed her aggressive clip also

  8. waiting for #JANMO JANMO KA MILAN # MAHAMILAN – THE HALWA SAGA to be released soon , DIPIKA fans have waiting like crazy @ colors jaldi telecast kardo episode nhi to kahin ghar mein na chale jaye fans haahah

    1. Rajjo

      yesssssss…. chale hi jayenge… abho to precap nhi dikhaya h to thodi shaanti h ekbaar precap dekh liya to bas control nhi hone wala for sure… πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  9. I agree tat surbhi is annoying and irritating. But ill agree the point she made today. No matter wat celebrities are celebrities..shree has gone through so many struggles..and we all know tat coz he is a celebrity..but many commeners are there who had faced struggles more than shree did…so surbhi is also a victim..when shree shows her middle finger or makes fu***ng comments..boty must be dealt in the same way…moreover she is a middle class girl..she has to face the world tomorrow…

    1. @rajjo ,
      craving si hone lagti hai # excitement ka keeda uchalne koodne lagta hai # aage kya hoga janne ki betabi hone lagti hai :p aur jab sab acha hota hai to dill garden garden ho jata hai :))-

    2. @Raji Tamil,

    3. Then why don’t she tell one of those struggle stories to emotionally connect with audience instead of being dolly bindra all the time?plus she is at advantage here that nobody knows her struggle stories or would be using it to taunt her like she does with celebs who are open book AND if she cared about tomorrow or her image she wouldn’t be stooping so low intentionally sree showed her middle finger sree gave her galis BUT why he did that pagal kuttey ne to nai katha use Jo khud ba khud gali deni shuru kar di hogi? And for that he has been gone to jail salman took his class it was the first time salman pivk on surb so I don’t understand how it’s “unfair”?..l

    4. @Raji
      I think it was just a dialogue said by surbhi in spur of the moment as she couldn’t cook up anything valid to justify her filthy behaviour…otherwise who has stopped her from saying her struggle stories..but then again she first needs to achieve something only then she can share what she went through to reach that success point…I’m sure this girl hasn’t done anything worth narrating in life so far so this is the only way to get the focus on her…and even after bb she will have nothing to say as to how would she describe her journey in bb…she hasnt done much positive stuff..mostly negative and filthy…so again surbhi rana u will go out as a blank and failed contestant

    5. Rajjo

      yes @ sandeep her comment was a spur of moment even i also felt that as even commoners have their side of story n when they tell them we get connected to them for example deepak we know his situation he told them what he had been gone through or always tells them about it so we know about the ups n downs of deepak even if we don’t like him or urvashi we can say or in previous seasons also many commoners came with whom we can connect thats why one commoner won yaar…
      its about the thing you discuss or the personality you portray… this girl i donno have done anything or not…

  10. Have to watch episode as wanted to see Surbhi over reacting again. But have both time difference and long day. Reading updates, someone please tell me ye caller of the week kaun select karta hai, sarea pagal se hote hain.

    1. Rajjo

      sometimes i feel like jo caller hote hn vo crew member hi hote hn bas kahin aur ka bata kr faltu question poocha jata h…

    2. Exactly Rajjo.

    3. @hope,
      caller of the week BB compiler select karte hai par sawal makers ke hote hai thik ussi tarah jaise 3 idiots movie mein bol to chattur raha tha par shabd rancho ke the :))- hahahaha lol

    4. @Airplanes Love your sense of humor……..bhai ye latea kahan se ho Rancho and chattur k reference?

    5. So true @hope… Ab to mai sure hu ye crew members hi hai..and the caller talked quite rudely …kind of demeaning to romil..but he handled it with such confidence?

    6. @hope,
      shabd humare par keh telly updates rhe hai !!!! just flowing in the humour world with you all !!!!# good morning :))-

    7. @Hope,
      yes i agree to be frank every individual has some thing good or something very bad to potray and both are appreciated otherway round , youth viewers will say bb has turned sankari baba show while elders will say ye kya wahi yaat show ban gya hai , same as following that thinking inorder to gain eldo-youth treaty makers have given us roadies like surbhi and ashtha channel with tears like #simar ,bas nazariye ki batt hai kuch ko abusing cool lagti hai (surbhi) kuch ko bechari dukh ki mari simar (dipika) aur chandi katthe hai show makers via trp kyuki #UCAN IGNORE IT BUT CAN’T AVOID IT until its down and dusted # this was my view accc to eldo youth treaty :p
      ab agar kisi bhi grandpa ko honey singh ke ganne suna doge to woh ya to remote chin lenge ya to apko ghar se nishkashit kar denge kyunki #KISHORE KUMAR ROCKS
      aur agar youth ko anup jalota ke bhajan suna doge to hanuman chalisa ko log hannu manai bana denge lol (p.s: no offence to anyone’s believes ) :))-

  11. I love romil bhai…

    1. @shammu,
      keep loving he id indeed #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # HIRA HAI HIRA :))-

  12. @ ATIBA ,
    HELLO , just to mention u deserve our applauds too # keep updating fastly and thanks for the good work !!!!

  13. Rajjo

    i don’t understand one thing salman said you are trying humor but cannot… i want to say why they show fights only then they can show the masti wala part of housemates… on voot can see so much of such videos in unseen-undekha category… first you don’t want to show humor n then blame to HMs that they are not doing humor… wrong…

    1. Makers are trying to make hms bali ka bakras, they ruined the show reputation with their over editing & unfairness and I guess next season celebs will rarely accept their offer so now they’re just trying to save face and salvage bachi kuchi izzat by blaming show’s failure on house mates

    2. Rajjo

      correct @anon… even makers were approaching kv since long but he was denying that time… but at last he came… none of the celebs wants to be in the show like this who wants to degrade his personality…

    3. @rajjo.. same thought. Unseen undekha has loads of funny vdos.but the editing team of BB seems to b a real saddistic one who enjoy hms fights and show fights instead of comedy and ultimately blame their failure on hms

    4. Rajjo

      thats the main thing @diya… considering about that kv-surbhi-rohit wala incident for which salmaan scolded them i am saying that why editors put that video on voot if they haven’t put no one would have seen so its your choice of giving message

    5. @Rajjo,
      None is completely white either nor is completely black. I bet all had their happy moments as well as moments where they lost their calm and went below the belt to hurt others’ emotions. Grey is human! And when it comes to a controversial show like this, the makers bring only those parts into light where we’ll have to choose one person as ‘bad’ and another as ‘good’! Last year, Hina was called the vamp while she was the most grateful friend one could ever have. Shilpa was way too much wrong with respect to her, she still now mocks others to uplift her self esteem, still she was the winner because people fall for how they see rather than what they are !
      And Salman doesn’t watch a single episode . So, we have to accept we only get to see the bad parts where one loses his/her cool. Even Surbhi had some beautiful moments which they never showed !

    6. Rajjo

      correct @aarohi… in making someone vamp or negative these editors play the main role… first they portray them as negative then blame them that you are going in wrong direction…
      for me i think hina was what she was actually… she had good moments with each one of the HMs in the show but editors didn’t show them once always showed the fights of her so that she becomes vamp… then on wkw blame her for for her wrong doings… okay she was wrong sometimes but it doesn’t mean that she is the “BAD” of all…
      here also surbhi had light moments with everyone even with deepika but still no one would talk about that… even after the distance kv-deepika talks lightly have fun moments but they don’t show them…

    7. And there were many happy moments. Romil in himself is a pro in cracking jokes and making others laugh. He possesses that backbencher wala amazing humorous vibe. Even Deepak too is quite funny. The way both of them used to tease Jasleen and Megha – people must know that too. But they don’t get it. And KV’s thing wasn’t to create humor. It was night and all can’t always think that they are in front of the camera. They just discussed among themselves and not even for once KV said anything whose it was, I wonder why India is the most sacred Sati-Savitri country and yet end up having the second largest population! Still, KV WAS wrong. It was not at all humorous .

    8. don’t be sad at any time coz your fav kv is just lost to analyse things ,well the good heart he posses ppl can’t deny that if no one supports kv then i will support him (with you ) but when he is wrong he will be given a hint of wrongness !!!!
      so cheer up its sat morning weekend time take out badminton and have a go at it !!!!! smily smily :))- #DARD DILLON KE KAM HO JATTHE AGAR MEGHA AUR JASS NA JATTE:P

    9. Rajjo

      dear aarohi just chill next week kv will come in the front…
      my question is why the bb makers even put that video on voot just to show negative of kv n to blame him later right…

  14. OMG?Salman was just beyond amazing…….this is the Salman we’ve been waiting for right from the start…..
    I just loved today’s episode……
    In the beginning that romil n sree’s humour in the jail was quite funny……when sree was banging the door n blabbering in english then romil said”hindi mei bolo humein bhi samjh aye”??whole of the incident was nice……
    Then coming to the best part-salman bashing rohit surbhi n then kv too……the most anticipated moment of the season?
    Salman ne to dil hi jeet liye apne alfaazon se?
    Kya udaaya h……
    After so much of scolding surbhi still didn’t realise her mistake n filth……immediately started blaming Salman for partiality……salman to abhi tak partial the ab to wo impartial hue h……
    Rohit accepted his mistake n said sorry but surbhi kept saying in her sugary tone”salman bhaiya Salman bhaiya”do hell with this surbhi rana……
    Salman equally scolded everybody in the house……well done sir…..?
    Now coming to kv-surbhi-rohit part he didn’t discuss it much but kv apologised n it was expected bcoz he is a kind person after all……but surbhi didn’t then finally she said sorry……I don’t think she meant it but anyways……I damn care about her……bcoz I think she can’t change she is a filthy woman……..
    Precap is nice…….bcoz I personally think that sree’s wife is absolutely amazing……??
    Tomorrow might not be a nice day bcoz jasleen is leaving the house……?
    But the show must go on……hope to see romil n dipika in top 2……?

    1. Rajjo

      “KUTTE KI DUM KABHI SEEDHI NHI HOTI” this phrase suits surbhi rana 100%… vo kabhi nhi sudheregi n mujhe to lagta h uske eviction ka reason bhi aisa hi kuch hoga… who knows…

    2. @Nandini,
      very nice comments and yes waiting for the precap # hope it comes good as sarsoo da saag in winter and it has flavour like sweet lassi :))-

    3. @Airplanes
      Thank u…….hope tomorrow’s episode has the aroma of rabri……haha:-)

  15. Appy fizz caller asked a fattu question but romil justified himself magnificently……
    Now just one issue is left to be raised in which deepak made a disgusting statement about jasleen that she is neither a woman not a man……
    Somi to h hi pagal……no comments about her……
    Now as the week has come to an end……a decent one this time I want to say that this week I am a bit disappointed with dipika’s performance…….hope shoaib gives her some good advices??

    1. Rajjo

      i don’t think that issue will be raised now as tomorrow jas is going out so…. lets see maybe tomorrow but chances are less

    2. @nandini…agreed to all f Ur comments.. even I think romil and Deepika shd b top 2 …they r the most dignified people in the house.. and TBH dipi should improve her game now.i guess sree k Chatra Chhaya se ab bahar aana chahiye unhe.. thoda blame also goes to editing team fr showing her wd sree only wen she actually also interacts a lot with Megha ,jas and romil.

    3. @ nandhini
      There are funny videos between dipi jas megha sree, which makers are not highlighting. Dipi is shown mostly when she is with sree.
      Even deepak wearing heals, romil deepak dance practice, jas as trainer… whose light moments are not at all shown on tv, if shown it could have been plus point for the show, instead of showing stupid fights

    4. @Teddy
      Yup…..unseen clips mei romil is quite entertaining n his haryanvi accent is comical……deepak n sree r also quite funny but they don’t even bother to show it…….unhe lgta h ki India ko fights mei zyaada interest h……

  16. OUTSTANDING EPISODE !!!!… Salman showed UNBIASED JUDGING today… The way he gave to SURBHI rana and his teddy bear ROHIT was Totally Epic !!!… Surbhi thought that she will act innocent in front of salman and will get rid of bash… Haha poor girl finally got to know THAT THE ENTIRE NATION GOT IRRIATED OF HER !!!… I was really happy when salman said DEEPIKA A DIGNIFIED & POPULAR PERSON and sweet tears on deepika’s eyes made the moment more pure… AND THAT TEDDY BEAR RO..RO…ROHIT who only knows how to act shameless, rude, cheap got to know his status !… Forget it… Finally an UNBIASED JUDGING by salman and the whole bb team … Hats Off for this !…
    Congrats everybody for making 150+ comments… More to go πŸ™‚

    1. Rajjo

      Thanks @vindy… we will cross 200+ that is the target… πŸ˜›

    2. @Vindy
      Yes dipika is one of the most dignified person in the house…….surbhi was quite jealous though…..

    3. @vindy,
      INDEED 200+ now bepannah fans are also joining us lol

    4. @ vindy
      The complement that Salman gave dipi was apt one. She deserved it. Not the rubbish what these happy club yell at her.

  17. First time most of us felt Salman is not partial but surabhi openly saying he’s partial wow surabhi.iblove the way he said Deepika is behaving in a dignified way.that was a tight slap on surabhi,o enjoyed it.

    Romil was a bully is a bully will be a bully but he was funny today,he was so happy to go to jail.i think he is so happy that he doesn’t need to do any work.

    @sandeep I also like to read comments than watching episodes
    @xyz and all hope you guys enjoyed today

    1. Rajjo

      when salman doesn’t say anything to surbhi then he is unbiased but when he says anything for the first time in 2 n half months then he is biased…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      “kisiyani billi khamba noche” that was surbhi yesterday when salman praised deepika… awesome

  18. All the fanbases are upset on twitter and trending against sree LOL did they have their eyes closed when sree was the ONLY one bashed for last 11/12 weeks?like salman WAS biased but in today’s epi he was faaaaaaaaaaaaar from that he scolded sree as well today it was just that he focused on surbhi rohit more, hadd hoti hai kisi ko dislike karne ki besides I don’t think I can stop people from having a preference they can hate him as much as they want but at least don’t tweet or say things about his career or tag bcci and praise them for what they did to him

    1. And it was actually started by an acc who has 105k followers and has always been kv(sometimes romil) pro it’s like kV is holding grudge against sree but his fans are also holding it against him as if he stole all of their kidneys and livers, I don’t understand why are they upset that kV was warned about his non serious attitude towards his reputation IMO it’s a good thing they cared about the way he’s going which has been negativizing his whole image besides what does sree did in it that they’re dragging him into it?plus as you said sree has been getting bashed all season long even when he didn’t deserve it and yesterday he wasn’t but still warned for his behavior yet people are acting like he is being pampered like what?besides salman talked in same tone to surbhi yesterday as he did with sree all the time he was being bashed.. people are being nonsensical or maybe I just don’t understand how fan culture work cause I’m new to bigg boss social media scene and as far as I can understand most of the contestants are getting involved in it so much so that they’re forgetting humanity and fair judgment

    2. *constestants’s fans getting involved

    3. Weird sree sree sree is only happening cause these people’s fave did that in every conversation they made him so important they fought with him only giving him all the time made plans and plot around him, so fans are doing same mistake that their fave contestants did lol that’s talking about sree so unnecessarily that it is withdrawing attention from their fave

  19. ab tak weekends dekhte the war to ab hua hai hahahaha

  20. Sandeep Virk

    Omg in so happy today…finally real Salman is back…that’s what was missing on wkw episodes….they should always do Salman episodes on fridays now???and surbhi ab bhe nhe sudhrege….Salman ne kitni band bjae uske baad ye ladki apni galti manne ke bjaye celebrity commoner card le aye…kis mitti ki bne hai yeh bandi…and way to go Mrs sreesanth…she rocks…she knows perfect replies and answered surbhis brother well in precap…I really wish rohit surbhi and somi get evicted before megha jas but I knw it wont happen…
    And i love to read all of your comments…you guys r doing a superb job and its viewers like u guys who force makers and Salman to finally do justice in bb and scold the real gundas they had been pampering up until now…
    And a big thanks to ATIBA JI for writing the updates so fast and in full detail all the time…

    1. @sandeep virk ,
      keep up the spirit pro !!!! a long journey to share with us :))-

    2. Rajjo

      Hey @sandeep virk… be there we have go long… as airplanes said…

  21. Finally an episode where this devil Surbhi and Rohit got rebuked. Bohot der ho she’s reached better late dan never.
    And her tears were looking fake..she didn’t mean d sorry watevr atleast she knows now dat she’s perceived as irritating outside BB and rightly so.nahi to Apne AAP Ko queen smjh baithi thi..and God this girl has a fan club ..and it is as abusive as shilpians or sreefam(there are good exceptions though)
    Rohit was like bolti bandh,muh mein dahi jam gyi thi?…well deserved and long awaited bashing
    And kV got bashed fr his shameful act too..good!!
    Sree is a nice person but shd b kept in check for his choice of words..such words don’t suit someone who represented India..
    For example,ms Dhoni, although was d captain ,is quite humble naturewise.
    If sree learns to keep himself in check and performs tasks,he wud bcum one f d most deserving contender for d title

    Last but not d least,wats d problem of ds BB team wd romil??I’m 200% sure d caller was a crew member..nhi to who asks such a useless qstn?and wo kaha baukhla gya tha bhai? Thodi to disappointment hogi na ki so called frnd ne ura diya usey.and there r numerous vdos on voot which r damn funny(my fav is romil’s mimicry).pagal BB team!!?kuch dikhta nhi h fights k alawa inhe

    Jas , manna parega jaate jaate v Somi Ko pachhar k gyi?..true Punjabi kudi!!?
    Will miss d romil jas Megha trio ..?

    1. @Diya…..
      Totally agree……
      N MS.Dhoni is an exception probably the most gentle n kind hearted sportsperson…….he is the best both on the field and off the field…….:-))

    2. @Diya ,
      MSD is once in a millenium man so cool and composed # SREE is like a cute baby with childish antics he has given tough competition to ziva (msd’s angel ) also in his kiddish behaviour # his tag line-BIGGBOSS OPEN THE DOOR mai yahan nhi rahenga hahhaahah was most popular this season :))-

    3. Rajjo

      @ diya… surbhi ka face dekhne layak tha when salman praised deepika… lollzzz

    4. Time is gone for sree to show any improvement in his task performing skills lol if he had people like shiv around him instead of deepika & surbhi who either pamper him or harrass him respectively then he would’ve taken part in task with all his might, shiv motivated & encouraged him in the right direction that’s why he performed both the task brilliantly while his friendship with him was on the peak but as usual bigg boss team ruined something whose outcome could’ve been great and worth watching by evicting shiv just to save that suchinti

  22. And btw,I like and adore sree a lot since he’s mostly genuine but TBH some of the so called sree supporters r bcuming offensive day by day. Like our bb11 winner..I so regret dat I voted dat lady.she’s a great actor who just
    went on faking fr sympathy? .and also some actress called Sneha wagh and ria?? ..too abusive..
    Sree’s wife sounds better.. but I prefer teejay over her..kV Ko I used to like, nt nw but his wife is so full of positivity?NVR says negative abt anyone.

  23. Bigg Boss Mania

    After a long time it was really good to see that Rohit & surbhi is being scolded by Salman Sir. I’m so happy today.

    1. @Big boss mania
      It was little late dr, they went on crossing their limits.

  24. Just Random Comments

    Oooo ooo ooo finally salman said something to surbhi.Aur kitni mirchi lagi isko partiality krte hai celebrity hai unko kuch nhi kehta.madam ko samjhaye ki salman ne shree ko bhi kaha hoya hai balki pichle hafte hi keh kr hatte the..????lots of love to salman.And rohit sorry shree bhai ??.Yeh hamesha ka hai jb salman kuch tokte hain toh sab ekdum.paltu hoo jate hain.One of the best wkv of the season. KV ko bhi sahi samjhaya.BTW humour ki kami nhi hai voot pr dhalte hai kuch vdos pr idhar nhi dikhate kuch ladhai ke sivaye.
    Aur yeh bigg boss ki aachi chal thi dono jasleen aur megha ko nikaal diya ek sath taanki do nikal bhi jaaye aur inke spcl bache safe hoo jaye.Koi nhi ab agla no toh inka hi hai bss gar favourism naa ki jaaye..Really a must needed one for surbhi rana.Anr precap bhubneshwari bhabhi on the screens.YaY!!Aur surbhi ka bhai surbhi mere dwara tyaar kiya fisfot hai?(Facepalmed)!!

  25. What salman did yesterday ,if he does that in starting episodes this season would have been little more interested in watching….i think makers found that the ppl they are protected have created a negative impact in the audience so they are flipping the side and Making those things according to audience wish and increasing the trp
    I also think that they feel the content of the show is not getting so much hyp thats y they brought salmans wkw one day extra…

    1. @Gayathri,it has been the weakest season in trp list for colors

  26. Surbhi changes her expression way faster than one can dilate pupil. She is so obnoxious. Liked when Salman told aapke do baat karne k tarike Hain.
    Rest was ok. But I was amazed hearing to Surbhi’s bro. Matlab jiska bara aise baat karta hai chote ki to Kya halat hogi. He is proud of her being inhuman and on top of that she is thankless flip.
    Bahr itna hai ki when Shilpa commented on TJ open letter even VG told family walon par comment nai karna chahiye. Even gauhar told same thing. Bhai BB ko bhi to bolo ki family walon ko dusre ki insult karne ya apne Ghar walon kly dalil Dene na bulaye. Ab ek ne Bina bulaye letter likha tha to bhaijaan gusha ho Gaye Thea.
    Sree Ghar mein Surbhi ko maaf Kar Raha hai bahar bichari biwi buri ban rahi hai uske badtameez Bhai se lar Kar.
    Surbhi ko jaan Kar captain banaya BB ne aur datne ka jhut natak. Jaan Kar voting from HM type task Diya Jahan Rohit ko wolf pack k taraf ka koi vote nai karta as Megha, jasleen, Sree and Dipika were totally against him, ever. Deepak was sanchalak wo vote Deta nai. Somi will vote Surbhi. Khud Surbhi ko reward karke datne ka drama. Khel Gaye BB but viewers k saath. Bhai special eviction karado. Rohit and Surbhi out. Aur itne barea but dimag se Khali logon ko ilaj kly bhejo along with wo Surbhi ka Jo Bhai aaya.

  27. @XYZ ,

      I’m missing XYZ too…come on yaar…only few weeks r left…so let’s rock and post….Airplanes I think you should write script for bb…it will be mindblowing…you are as talented as Romil…and I’m in love with Romil these days…he is funny angry friendly foe …all in all he is my favourite contestant now and I hope he is top 2…

    2. @Sandeep Virk ,
      absolutely mate will be glad to do so with your companionship # kudos to you for the beautiful words # cheers :))-

  28. Wow… what an episode….Dil garden garden ho gaya….
    Salman -That’s what Salman is expected to do as BB host… An unbiased reviewer of their deeds…I liked him today.. as a host, he did his job…bashed bullies…appreciated Deepak for performing task, asked Shree to be careful ABT the words, bashed people for being physical (including Deepika) and explained what viewers want from them….
    Contestants get viewer’s perception about them only through Salman’s comments…so he is supposed to give them an honest review and bashing (if required) so that they can improve themselves…. honestly the bully group and specifically Rohit and Surbhi had the guts to bully Shree time n again is due to biased view of Salman… they felt this is entertaining and people are liking it and noone would question us….
    Lastly please do bash the editing team too, coz they are cutting all the beautiful parts… even though the contestants have lighter moments, they chose to cut the parts…
    Surbhi- much needed bashing…she was behaving as if she’s big boss and can comment on anyone’s personal life… And that inner wear thing too… Salman was bang on… specifically that dialogue…u have a different tone on wkw and other days…she said that to Shree whereas she is like that… “Salman bhaiya…” I feel like slapping her even she opens her mouth to say this…
    Many TVs are shut down because of her screaming and behaviour…loved her face at that time…
    Surbhi yesterday found out a new word ‘partiality’…till last week that word was not in her dictionary…. celebrities were bashed and demoralised every week and happy club was motivated to bullying. As per her that was being impartial…
    Rohit – wow…I just loved what Salman said…I felt connected when Deepika n Shree cried… they are humiliated every now n then by these idiots after achieving this much in life…
    KV – understood it was bad and said sorry…fair enough… A man of that age with a calm n composed brain is not expected to do that…
    Shree – felt sad for him.. he went through a lot and still going through a lot by these bullies…when someone at last supports u, u get emotional… he really needs to work on his anger issues and the words used plus task performance.. he would be on another level, if he could improve that…
    Deepika – nothing much to say…she too was in same state of mind of Shree, when Salman supported…
    Megha – most genuine lady and killer task performer…I will be sad if she is evicted..she didn’t get a good team to perform…she really was fun to watch ..her dialogues and mastis…
    Jas – Jas and Megha added fun to the show…at least in voot shows…
    Somi- don’t wanna waste my time…though BB wants to keep her, I feel she should have evicted long ago….
    Romil – that head bang though…. Rohit deserved that and much more …
    I won’t blame any of them, if they chose to slap Rohit n Surbhi and leave the show … These bullies deserve more than that…poor housemates have tolerated them to that level….all of them should be nominated for award for patience….
    Thanks XYZ, Nandini, Devika and Rajjo for the sweet words… happy that you liked my comment…

    1. Some people, actually half the contestants fans thinks what surbhi said was right and I don’t know why instead of being against bigg boss makers for that they’re against sree like what?what did he do?they’re bringing up topics that sree has been held accountable for already and has been seriously reprimanded for them

    2. @Jisha…….you spoke my heart out……:-))

    3. True! But i honestly am unable to figure out whether it’s fans of other contestants or pr or pr+fans cause I’ve been noticing a strategically planned negative reaction against sree, like trending anti-sree trends etc are happening really systematically and I don’t understand why? Sree is irritating sometimes I agree and people may hate him as per their choice however he isn’t a devil that people have such a strong reaction that negative trends are being planned and then followed like a chore, random proof against his personal life are being circulated around bcci is being congratulated for banning him etc etc and every single one of these things is happening amass like a system, ik fanbases work as a unit but for their fave they say negative stuff too but those aren’t as organised as whatever happened with sree was ..or to be really open minded here lots of people said sree’s wife has paid off for positive publicity and all so can the negative publicity also be part of that scheme to keep him in spotlight either way?(not accusing her just hypothetically spoke here I like him and his wife in fact he’s one of the 2 3 contestants that I related to)but then why would she wants even the negative pr to say anything about his personal life thus couldnt be her, I mean the reaction on twitter had me confused half were trending in his favour other half were trending against him and rest of the contestants were forgotten you sympathize with surbhi(ha what a joke)then trend for her you think what happened with kV was wrong then trend for him you think bigg boss is unfair(which it definitely is) then get together & trend or talk against them…

    4. Rajjo

      hey jisha… how are you??
      once megha was discussing that in one week we do whatever we want right or wrong n on wkw a judge checks all the arguments n gives result… so for long results were going in favor of surbhi so its good once if it is not then its partial… till now no one put the word partial either it was celebrity or other commoner but yesterday surbhi felt it wow great… at least rohit said sorry to whatever he did…
      n salman was totally unbiased he scolded everyone whoever did anything wrong so how he can be partial… if he hadn’t included deepika then people would have said biased to him… for sure…

  29. Honestly there should be a serious outrage over how bb team is shifting all the blame on housemates for show lacking humour, I mean this year HMS aren’t overtly funny but they do have a funny bone and weren’t just fighting and taunting each other voot is filled with videos with their funny moments which bb never showed in the epi now they’re complaining about HMS being tasteless losers:O doob maaron bb edit karne walon + has editing team and salman script writer ever sit together & discussed the episode before the writer blamed everything on HMS?…also why did salman took class of HMS of being physical in a PHYSICAL TASK if you wanna see mental games then give task like that only if not then don’t complain and also why didn’t salman showed kV’s video to HMS after all they deserve to know what a hypocrite he’s lol I would’ve loved to see romil & sree taking dig at him for his attitude after all that’s what he has been doing that with them just bc they do mistakes infront of everyone, and why caller of the week always ask irrelevant questions that have no correlation with what really happened?for me personally sree & romil(after he broke up with tatti club)are top two materials they’ve done the most in the show deepak from task point of view is good but as a person I don’t like him so he can have the third place but who am I kidding deepika gonna win it all and she in fact did show that winner spark in very first two weeks even in that adalat week but rest of the time she has done nothing except for serve halwas and hop from sree to kV now I think she needed Neha more than Neha needed her and if neha was still in the game she would be in opposition to sree kV & rest with her & when Megha has came as wild card all 3 of them would’ve formed a group together

  30. I don’t think bigg boss team made salman take contestants class I think seeing the last week reaction & sree’s meltdown made him do it, his credibility was at stake or maybe bb team is following same plan that they’ve always used of giving freedom to guttermouth of house for 11 or 12 weeks then making a show around them getting scold very badly on 13th week but anyways I’m fully satisfied how this episode went

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