Bigg Boss 12 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman scolds Rohit and Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman sees fights of inmates on TV. He sees Surbhi and Rohit provoking Sree. Dipika breaking down. Salman says lets wash them today.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says today is friday but this weekend is special, we didnt eliminate anyone last week so nominees are same, two will be evicted today. Salman says so much happened this week, and almost slap. Salman says there is always a drama when its time to go to jail.

In house, Jasleen takes Rohit and Somi’s name for jail. Somi takes Jasleen and Deepak’s name. KV takes Deepak and Sree’s name for self destruction. Megha takes Rohit and Deepak’s name. Sree takes Deepak and Rohit’s name. Dipika takes Rohit and KV’s name. Romil takes Kv and Rohit’s name. Deepak takes Jasleen and Rohit’s name. Rohit takes Jasleen and Deepak’s name. Bigg Boss says Surbhi have a chance to three inmates for jail and it will be final. Surbhi takes Deepak’s name for hurting himself, she takes Romil’s name for being bad referee, she takes Sree’s name for grabbing Rohit. Sree gets angry and says I am not going.

Sree locks himself in washroom. Surbhi says listen to me. Sree says you just take my name all the time. He gets out and says I am not going.

Romil and Deepak goes to jail. Sree says I am going, I am not angry but I dont want to be here. Sree asks Bigg Boss to open the door, I will make a scene. Rohit says Bigg Boss open the door.

Sree asks Surbhi to not come to him. Surbhi says listen to me. Dipika says leave him.
Sree comes to luggage room and says this is not anger, I am acting only.
Dipika asks Sree what he is doing? Sree says silent, I am joking.
Sree goes in jail. Romil asks who is going? Sree says I am going, in last they just put me down infront of useless people. Megha says no one is useless here. Sree says yes all are superstars. Megha says why are you angry on people who didnt do anything? Romil says you will see what you did outside.

On stage, Salman says lets connect with them. Salman greets inmates and asks to bring people from jail. Salman makes fun of KV;s style. All come in lounge, there is a cage. Deepak, Romil and Sree stands inside. Salman asks why Rohit is not in jail? Surbhi says Sree grabbed Rohit and fought with him and called him *****, that was bigger punishment. Salman says what feedback I have heard, people think its not right, why do you want to be hated person? they find it disgusting, you think that shouting makes your point more clear? Surbhi says you are right. Salman says if you call Sree aggressive and misbehave then you reach 10 times more than him, you go cheaper than him, what about your behavior? you are irritating all viewers. Sree cries. Surbhi says my aggression is my weakness, I dont talk like that everytime. Salman says if you shout and show fingers at others, you think you are doing right? I think you and Rohit should have been in jail. Salman says to Rohit that you know when we used to go to parties, new comers used to take pictures with stars so they could come to limelight and then pull them down, do you have any angle then bringing people down? you just provoke them? You call Dipika that she has no identity, do you know she is a senior in industry and dignified person in house, you want to call her that? what talent you have other than provoking house? Dipika cries. Salman says you taunt Sree about his cricket, till when did you play? Rohit says in school, Salman says he played for India, why do you want to remind of those things? You know I have that past too, it takes shit load of time to come out of that. Rohit says I am sorry. Salman says you said he wants footage but what kind of footage are you taking? I told you that this man suffered a lot and you want limelight from him? you just misbehave. Salman says to Sree that you are crossing a line that we cant even show it on TV, one time Dipika couldnt even stand where you were taunting Rohit, they can say anything but dont go to that level. Salman says Rohit, Surbhi and Sree should be in jail. Surbhi cries and says Sree showed finger to me and said a lot of stuff. Salman says you all do this, you think this is entertainment? You will get work like this only. Salman ends call.

In house, Surbhi says all do things here but they are celebrities so we are scolded. Dipika says right. Surbhi says you dont talk, you are dignified. I have suffered too, this is partiality.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to Jasleen that Bigg boss talked about copying each other. Jasleen says they just shout all the time. Salman says you think others shout? He shows a clip of Jasleen and Somi shouting at each other. Salman says this is throughout. Jasleen says she doesnt let me talk. Salman says then you can remain silent. Jasleen says she overlaps when I am upset over something. Somi says you dont let me talk. Salman shows Rohit and Sree getting physical, KV and Romil getting physical. Salman says wow you all macho? what do you want to prove that you have more height? I have less height then you all, you know you cant raise hands then what is all this? Romil says KV always come to bump chest. Salman says you were referee so it was not right from your side. Salman shows inmates getting aggressive in task, they pulling and pushing each other. Dipika says its bad, they pull so you have to get physical too. Salman says you liked what you saw? Dipika says no. Salman says to Deepak that you did bus task nicely, what was your plan? Deepak says we wanted to remove Somi because she was on Romil’s side. Salman says then you removed KV? KV says I thought that my name might have more money so I asked to take my name but then I changed my mind in bus and wanted to remove Somi but I didnt voice out. Salman says if you wanted to remove Somi as she is weak then why didnt you voice out? Salman says Deepak removed many rivals but he was betrayed. Surbhi says nobody wanted to take Somi’s name. Deepak says we did a mistake. Salman says you were in support of Somi but then you saw Romil close to Somi and wanted to remove her. Salman says all want to win, Surbhi and Rohit played a game with Deepak and its right, you didnt come to make others win, dont fight. He ends call.

Salman says there is no humor in house, let me show you a clip, it got reaction.
Clip shows KV throwing panties and says its not mine, they make fun of penty and wears it on head. Surbhi laughs.
Salman says this clip was shown on Voot so we had to talk about it, this is not the kind of humor we would like to show and I dont agree with it.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you people tried to do humor, it was not shown on TV but ruckus was created on social media, there was Rohit, KV and Surbhi there, Surbhi you remember in garden, clothes were drying, you took a piece and threw it on KV. KV wore it, this was your humor? KV joked that there will another open letter. Salman says humor was missing this season, this was the result when you tried? cheap and dirty, move on and let it go. KV says sorry.
Caller of the week calls and says I want to ask Romil that in captaincy task, he got out first and he started fighting, he was not good referee, is he alone and cant play like that? Romil says I had patience level but Rohit hit me so I got angry too. Salman says were you crushed between Jasleen and Somi? Romil laughs and says I will try more in next task.
Salman says to inmates that there will be two evictions tomorrow. He ends call and signs off from show.

PRECAP- Ritesh Deshmukh comes on stage, Ritesh says Salman’s dialogues and Salman have to say it in different language. They say dialogue of Dabang about farting.
Surbhi’s brother says that Surbhi is made by me and is a cracker, all target her. Sree’s wife says that she forces people to say bad words for her, she targets everyone, he is watching wrong Bigg Boss.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I’m still wondering where that deepak running on treadmill and taking dip in poll scene go?it was hilarious and they cut off from the epi then wonder why show is humourless

  2. Sabse acha moment in this wkw was when salman talked about somi the jealousy and make up ki dukaan she thought he’ll favour her on the captaincy task topic and she instantly started sobbing but then salman indirectly called her a freeloader, honestly I was fine with her even tolerated her high pitched “baytamezi mat karo” but what she did with jasleen I can’t ignore that it was the classic b*t*hy attitude now I understand why shristy & her became friends

  3. Response to this wkw has been on par with last year any wkws, see bigg boss when you do fair episode how it garners more views?now think if you have carried on this trend all season how well the show trp has been

  4. Show would’ve been completely different had there been no jodi concept,if they’d never evicted neha & there was no secret room but still done that eviction drama just to create new dynamics b/w sree & deepika, evicted somi earlier and roshmi was still in show in her place that girl has more personality & a right attitude than somi does, brought in Megha & rohit from the start instead of jalota & romil/shiv’s partners, wkw would’ve been fair and neutral..weekdays weren’t super edited

    1. Rajjo

      hope makers learnt something this time.. lets see what happens in next season…

    2. Thing is I really liked some of these contestants(sree Megha shiv roshmi neha)and BC of bb team foolish ways their full personalities weren’t able to come out so even if bb team work on running the show better & deliver a good next season the disappointment of such contestants getting wasted will still remain

    3. True! IMo if they wanted to bring back old seasons concept then they should’ve gone for luxury room for captain or second home with less luxuries etc instead of this s9 jodi concept

  5. AnuAnu

    Hi… 130 comments.. Wow ????. I had quit watching the show but then I saw a news on Salman took class of Surbhi so I was excited and watched episode on Voot and then when came here I saw 130 comments…. Remember we used to have 33+comments a few weeks before…. Wow YAAR(I am not Somi????)
    So seems like they getting good TRP huh? ???????

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