Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop accepts Ranvir’s 21 days challenge

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop coming to room and asks Ishika why she is making place for his clothes in her cupboard. Ishika recalls Kanchan’s words and tells him that her room is organized like her. She asks him not to scattered his clothes in the room. Roop says this is wife’s doing. Ishika throws his clothes out of her cupboard. Roop thinks Ishika is doing it herself and will give place to me in her heart. Rupesh tells Kanchan that we didn’t tell Ishika and Roop that we went to Shamsher’s house. Kanchan says Ishika will get upset knowing this. Rupesh says I will scold her for not informing us. Kanchan says they don’t want to make us sad and that’s why hide this. Roop comes to meet Kamla. Kamla comes out to meet him and hugs him. Kinjal says honeymoon pics were quite interesting. Roop gives gift to them. Kamla says Roop is looking good after marriage. Roop thinks to tell her. Kamla says I want to tell you something and says I brought shagun bangles for Ishika. Kamla says I have one son and one bahu. She prays for their togetherness. Bua says his marriage will not work for 2 months. Kamla asks her to talk auspicious. Shamsher says she is like fire and he is like water. Bua asks her to think who will marry Kinjal whose siblings are such. Shamsher tells that he is going on duty and asks Roop not to enter inside. Kamla cries. Roop asks her not to cry. Kamla says this is the tears of happiness and asks her to tell truly if he loves her. Roop says yes, I love her from my heart. Kamla says then I am not worried. She says I am sure that you will understand your wife and will prove to be a good husband. She says I am sure that you will make heart relation and will fulfill the relation. Roop promises her. Kamla asks her to prove Shamsher and Bua wrong. Roop thinks of Ranvir’s condition and hugs her. He thinks to talk to her later and thinks I won’t let your believe break.

Ishika comes to Rupesh. He asks about Roop and says he don’t feel peace until he sees them together. Roop is walking on the road and thinks of Ranvir’s challenge. Ishika calls him and says mummy and Papa are asking when he is coming. Kanchan asks her to ask herself. Rupesh and Ishika play cards with Kanchan. Kanchan says let Roop comes. Ishika says they will not lose. Roop thinks he wants to see Ishika happy and comes to sit cards with them. He says he will not lose. Ranvir comes and messages Roop. Roop sees Ranvir blackmailing him using the chits. Roop meets him. Ranvir says atlast you are accepting my challenge. Roop asks him not to think that he is scared of him or want to proof him, but accepting the challenge as he has full confidence on himself. He says I have to just do what I am doing always, love. Ranvir says I will have hatred. He says best of luck and gives him 21 days. Roop says he doesn’t need his best wishes.

Vaishnavi brings pregnancy kit for Ishika and says may be you need it. Ishika says I don’t need it. Vaishnavi says you never know, sometimes there are God’s plans. Ishika saysI don’t need it and gives it to her. Ishika feels shy and goes. She thinks she is embarrassed and thinks nobody tells anything to guys. Roop comes there. He picks the pregnancy strip. Ishika says it is mine. Roop says what this thing is doing with you. Roop says but why it came to you. Ishika says it is girl’s stuff given by Vaishnavi bhabhi. She asks him to give and walks towards him while he moves backwards. She falls on him. Rishta tha plays…….

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The 3 things I can only wish for is:

    *Roopesh to get well soon thus Roop leaves house. Ishika to realise her mistake on what she has lost than being a complainer n madly fall in love with Roop. As we all know very well Roop will win the challenge from Ranvir n he has to keep his words towards his mother Kamla.
    * Ranvir n purvi to be more romantic n form a bigger villain partners so there is less women abuser thingy
    * Roop to start school again n become very successful for Samsher to realise how important is once dream

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