Bigg Boss 12 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman exposes Karanvir

Bigg Boss 12 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 20, 8:00am

Partner song plays. Instead contestants, it’s Salman, Govinda who wake up and dance. After entertaining with their comedy, they come to BB set. Salman talks about task given to contestants. There are Romil and Surbhi’s posters and contestants have to give their views on them and either throw mud on their posters or water.

First comes Dipika, she tells Surbhi that she needs to control herself, she doesn’t think before she speaks. Surbhi says she is not actress, so can’t act. Dipika tells Romil that he’s very manipulative. She throws mud on both of their posters.

Sree, KV, Sristy, Jasleen also give negative views about Surbhi and Romil. KV says he hasn’t seen a selfish person like Surbhi. Sristy says she doesn’t like Surbhi’s attitude. Jasleen says Romil is very double standard person. Somi says Surbhi keeps fighting to stay in limelight.

Shiv, Urvashi show support for Surbhi saying she is not fake, she shows what she is. Deepak supports Romil saying they have come to play game here and that is what he’s doing. He defends Surbhi as well saying everyone uses bad words, but only difference is Surbhi says it on face but she will improve on it. Anup asks what he means by everyone? He shouldn’t say everyone if he doesn’t know what everyone says.

Back to Salman and Govinda. They promote Govinda’s movie. After that, they talk to contestants. Govinda asks them to name contestant who is very cunning to get his/her work done. They name Romil. Romil gets toup ki salaami. They get a task and after that Govinda leaves.

Salman talks to contestants again. He tells KV, Sree, Neha there is a song for them. Band plays song “Maar Diya Jaye”. He asks them reason for sitting on bench there. KV says they took their own names to go to jail. Romil says when they took their own names, voting didn’t matter so BB send those 3 to jail to rectify their mistakes. KV should know about that as same had happened with him before. Salman tells the trio that this is easy way out. They don’t want to take other celebrity’s names so they take their own. Sree says it requires courage to accept own mistakes. Salman says it doesn’t seem like that. It seems like they don’t want to be part of arguments. He tells Sree this is not cricket where whole team will win. Only 1 will win. Salman then asks about sacrifices during jwalamukhi task. KV says doubles had too many balls and it was not possible for them to win, so they thought to give balls to them only and see how they do among each other. Neha also says after individuals got out in first rounds, doubles had more human power as well. From their side only KV and her were left. Salman tells KV so basically he went out to create fight between doubles. KV says that started happening night before only. Saba-Somi say he knew and still he wanted to create more fights. KV says that was their strategy and it wasn’t like they were winning and they gave away balls. Neha supports KV. Salman asks so their strategy worked? Doubles had fight and all. Dipika says when their initial strategy went wrong, they thought to try a different strategy and next morning, doubles were having arguments among them, so yes she thinks their strategy worked. Salman asks her so she wanted Sourav – who favours her most of the time – to be captain. Dipika says everyone wanted Saba-Somi. Salman asks KV why he didn’t give his balls to Saba then. KV says he went to her, but she was sitting in her container. Deepak says he could have left outside. KV says he wanted to put inside. Salman says very lame excuse. Surbhi says they gave to Sourav because Dipika’s bonding is very good with him. Dipika says her first choice was Saba-Somi. Surbhi further says they wanted to make Sourav captain so things stay in singles control. KV says he believes everyone becomes captain to immune themselves, they don’t stay in anyone’s control. Salman says if he thinks it’s just for immunity, then he is wrong. Captains have a lot of powers. Salman then says if it was their strategy to make Sourav captain, then why did Sree convince Shiv to let the ring go? Surbhi says after Somi got out, it was going well. Shiv and Sourav didn’t want to give up, but Sree came and said she is a girl so they should respect. Salman asks her whether she liked hearing that. She says not at all. Salman tells Sree that girl herself is not liking what she said and outside viewers didn’t like it either. Surbhi says he shows females as weak. Salman says it’s not like that. There is respect, but games can be played staying in boundaries. Surbhi further says that Sree is very emotional. He hears someone talking about others and make his opinion about others based on that. He doesn’t talk to people himself and then make his opinion. Salman asks Shiv why did he let ring go. Shiv says he wanted to leave the ring long time ago when both girls were pulling and blame was going on him. Surbhi was also crying and all. Salman says if she was crying, then she could have left it. Shiv says she wasn’t letting it go, so he thought he can sacrifice. Surbhi says she was crying because it came to her self-respect and she decided to win no matter what, but she wanted fair competition. Salman tells Sree they heard him saying “if you give up for a girl, then you will look great”. Sree accepts he said that. Salman reminds him that girls don’t need favours and greatness from guys, they are winning without it. Sree says it’s fine, he just said what he felt seeing the situation. Salman says if she was crying, then he could have told her to leave the ring if she is really suffering. It could be her strategy of crying. Sree says he couldn’t understand that much. He will be careful now. Surbhi says crying wasn’t her strategy. Sree apologizes to Shiv. Shiv says he just gave his view, but call was his only.

Next Salman asks Dipika about problem she had with Neha being sanchalak. Dipika says she didn’t see Somi using force and she felt warning should be clear which Neha failed to do. When Somi and others asked her view over and over, she said she doesn’t agree with Neha despite them two being close. And Surbhi was very loud and violent as well and that time, she didn’t get disqualified. Salman agrees with Dipika. Somi didn’t use any force and it felt like Neha had already decided to disqualify Somi. Neha says she was just following rules. Breaking cup and gaalis can be bad behaviour, but not a rule violation that she could use to disqualify. Salman then tells her that she said she was looking carefully, but she didn’t see Shiv was changing his hand again and again. Neha says if it happened in her absence, then she doesn’t know and if it happened in her presence, then it’s totally her fault. Salman says after all that happened and she disqualified Somi, it seemed like it was purposely done by her. Neha still says she didn’t use word warning, but she did tell Somi that she will disqualify 2-3 times. Shiv himself doesn’t know he was changing hands. He says he might be changing angle only.

Next Salman asks villain of the week. Neha gets most votes. Surbhi gets couple. Next is sent to torture room. Next Salman says elimination will be tomorrow and he leaves.

Shiv is explaining his side. Deepak shouts and Shiv gets irritated. Sourav interferes to defend Shiv. Deepak says something about Sourav giving him his kasam and that is why he stayed quiet. Everyone tells Deepak that they will also give him their kasam next time. That doesn’t mean he will stay quiet. Sourav and Deepak have more arguments. Housemates separate them. Outside, Urvashi blames Anup for creating this fight. Inside, Sree tells housemates that Deepak didn’t expect there would be another task to decide captain. He thought he would stay longer and would be captain next time. Then came his favorite task of holding the ring which he had told Sree about before, so he got more irritated.

Precap: Bharti enters the Bigg Boss house to entertain contestants.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. i dont know kisi ko saba somi ki mistakes q nhi dikhti…
    saba somi surbhi neha dipika ko ghatiya aurat dayan ye sab bolte h .. task m bhi cheating karte h
    jab jodis k sanchalak cheating karte h toh n salman kuch bolta na hi bb…
    but jab singles sanchalak hote h toh unki choti choti mistakes ko point out kiya jata h…
    i know jodis trp de rahih thodi bohot and celebrities kuch nhi kar rahe but har baat pe celebrities ko point karna is not correct…
    dont know salman ne aaj tak saba somi ko ek baar bhi point out q nhi kiya…
    its seems like saba somi are his fav. in my views….
    khair kal ka nomination interseting hoga…
    may be anup eliminate ho ya fir shrishty……..

    1. Salman never blames Dipika as she does her tasks properly. Though I prefer the singles over the jodis, yesterday, I felt Salman was right to some extent. Neha was absolutely fine to accept her mistakes, but why did Karanvir do that? No point! And when he has already accepted his mistake, what’s the point of blaming the captain for whether he got 3 votes or 4? I love KV from the core of my heart but giving up is not a strategy you should follow.
      Instead, Deepak should have gotten a tight slap from Salman for creating fights in the house. Surbhi, Deepak irritated the shit out of us throughout the whole week.
      And Sree? I wouldn’t have tolerated any man in my life who would havd showed me such typical respect that I am weaker than him !

      And very very honestly, Romil isn’t bad at all. He is fair at his every point. But just because of Surbhi, he will be hated once again.

      In the first pirate task, he did his level best. But his team nominated him. Why? Where were they when he was splashing that bucket of water? And now after he comes, he tries to make Surbhi understand. He respects KV too… But he will be hated just because of Surbhi

  2. according to the news there is no elimination this week as anup is sending to the secret room…

  3. Well said neha… Salman ko acche se chup kar di…. Wat partiality we didn’t see… She did her job upto some good.. Somi is so irritating… She shame on herself for justifying d lie

  4. I am a salman khan fan… But in biggboss12, i’m a bit disappointed with his partality! Deepika gets praises for whatever she does… I also like her… But personally i feel she was wrong today n neha was right… Also… Targeting KVB n Shree each time! Not done salman sir! Biased towards jodis… Very very disappointed! I want to see karan’s aggression with proper games, i want him to play at frontfoot! Deepak has changed completely man!! He’s bcm surbhi’s puppet! I liked his previous version! Neha should come forward a little bit.. I think it will b grt to see her without deepika’s shelter.. No offence to anyone, sorry if it huerted anyone’s feelings.
    Bdw.. I’m commenting for the first tym.

  5. It’s good to see that @XYZ has started commenting again. There are so many people missing from the forum.

    But I don’t blame them. This season is super referee boring.

    I don’t even watch it much.
    But from the comments it’s easy to say that salman is back to being bias.
    Well I am not surprised.

  6. I dont think salman was biased at all neh was on the wrong to disqualify somi instead she should have disqualifed surbhi whn she broke the tea cup thats breaking house rule.. salman can be biased but today he was not at all surbhi didnt deserve to be captain

  7. Neha ki pov and Dipika ki pov different hai aur apane taraf se woh dono sahi hai. Lekin Salman ne Neha ko galat sabit karna mujhe accha nahi lakta. Later Neha clarified her pov ??

  8. I agree neha shld HV given 2mnts extra time to somi to rectify her mistake,she did ‘nt care nehas warning so she ekdum se disqualify karlee..
    What I cldnt bare is slmn said from the beginning itself neha wanted to disqualify somi. It looks like to protect and keep dpka image on the higher pedestal makers want to project neha too wrong.i wld give 50-50to both dpka and neha. Neha stood by her point very nicely.she genuinely felt like that and did it,not by planning and plotting to remove somi.
    Insulting kvb by Salman is rather too much. Not needed
    Had dpka don.this mistake the makers and the whole world wld HV stood by her.

    I am not dpka is just that there
    Is only hair line difference between both girls.dpka looks good but neha makes us feel something genuinely good about her..dpka is not a vamp but her goodness I am not able to experience it still now. Achai and sachai me neha dpka KO badiwali takkar de Rahi hai

  9. I liked Neha. I like surbhi and romil too. Deepika shows too much attitude as if she is above all others and srishty is waste. Felt sreesanth violence n aggression is fake to get footage… I like jasleen too. She looks honest but I don’t know about anup. Am not liking him. Saba somi don’t know about them. Good or bad. Kv ‘s Mahan banne ka idea ulta pad Gaya. Nice.

  10. I love salman but everytime in bb he blindly supports few contestants even if they r wrong..this time his fav r saba somi…loser girls…one good thing he is doing is completely ignoring shristy…i nvr liked her in her soaps and even in bb…very wierd chracter!!
    Celebrities r boring this time…not at all sporty…shristy plays well but again nvr vth her team…she is like i me myself….y saba is nt exposed for making deal vth shristy kn the jwalamukhi task…..just bcoz she is salman’s fav…she is safe

  11. This week shreeshant shud go…he nvr participates in any task…always ready vth excuses….he feels he is above rest of the participants and its nt his class people here…keeps crying everytime someone argues vth him….rest all nominated contestants hv atleast performed something

  12. Salman was totally biased towards celebrities. ..the way he was behaving with KV n Sree , I didn’t like dat…. at least Sree respects ladies bt we all knw abt Mr Khan…. girlfriends k sath toh physical abuse krta h…. sultania ki shooting ko rape victims se compare krta h… fake person

  13. The worst episode so far.I hate it when salman keeps targeting KV especially .Deepak no words for u.He’s such an uncivilized and lousy man.He irritates me.not stall happy with Salman criticising KV’s dressing.its not right.

  14. @vidu thanks for mentioning my name.. Even it was good to see ur comment..
    And today alfy, ghosha, isha, faty xommented too.. But indian is missing.. ?
    But the best thing is.. Almost everyone’s pov are same for this season..
    And in this season i am liking every one ‘s comment.. ?

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