IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds- Shot 2


Anjali reaches Mumbai with her family. Arjun already booked a beach house for them. Shalu is overjoyed seeing the beach house.

Shalu: Naama inggethaan thangge poroma?? Supera irukku!! (Are we going to stay here?? It’s looking awesome!!)

Anjali: Eppadira inthe beach house kandu pidiche ivvalavo seekirama?? (How did you find this beach house this fast??)

Arjun: Krithika thaan paarthu kudutha. (Krithika only found it for us.)

Anjali: Hmmm. Nadathu nadathu. (Hmmm. Carry on.) (Looks at her watch) Sari, nee ivunggale parthukko. Naan poyi commissioner’eh parthuttu vanthudren. (Ok. You take care of them. I will go and meet the Commissioner and come.)

Arjun: Sari, parthu poyittu vaa. (Ok. Be careful) (Anjali nods and leaves from there.)


Bhavya reaches the office after getting a call from the commissioner.

Bhavya: Sir, why did you call me??

Com: Are you sure that Shivaay Singh Oberoi didn’t commit the murder??

Bhavya: Maybe, sir. Because I have seen him saving someone without caring about his life. How come a person who is ready to sacrifice his life can take someone’s life??

Com: But the law only needs evidence, Bhavya. Your statement won’t be accepted. Moreover, Shivaay Singh Oberoi has escaped from the police.

Bhavya: I know, sir. But I have a strong feeling that Shivaay Singh Oberoi didn’t do the murder. There must be third person’s involvement in that case. If you give me some time, I will try to investigate more deeply in this case.

Com: Ok. I will give you time but you are not going to investigate it alone.

Bhavya: Means?? (Commissioner landline phone rings. He answers the call.)

Com: Send the person inside. (He ends the call. His hears a knock on the door.) Come in. (A person enters the room. The commissioner smiles.) Welcome, Mrs Anjali Vikramadityan.

Anjali: (smiles) Hello, sir. Mr Gowda said that you want to meet me.

Com: (nods) Please take your seat first, Anjali. (Anjali obeys and sits in front of him.) This is Mrs Anjali Vikramadityan, CBI officer from Chennai. And Anjali, this is Bhavya Prathap Rathore, Assistant Commissioner of Police.(Anjali & Bhavya smile at each other and have a handshake)

Com: Anjali, I need your help in a murder case. That’s why I wanted to meet you.

Anjali: Murder case??

Com: Yes, few days back, a girl is brutally murdered. Her face was totally damaged. We somehow manage to find the culprit but he has escaped from the police.

Anjali: Ok. Then, ask your officers to find the culprit and arrest him. How can I help you in this?? You already found the culprit.

Bhavya: Mam, his wife is saying that her husband can’t kill anyone.

Anjali: A wife will be saying like that only, Miss Bhavya. No wife will accept that her husband is a murderer.

Bhavya: I understand that, mam but I too felt that he is innocent. He is a person who will sacrifice his life to save someone. I have witnessed it too.

Anjali: But it doesn’t mean that a person who is ready to sacrifice his life can’t take another life. If their loved one in danger, the person will not hesitate to take a life too. (Anjali recalls her past. Bhavya keeps quiet couldn’t find any answer to give back.) Fine. If you still feel he is innocent, find him and interrogate him. I don’t have to help you. Moreover, both of our departments are different. Police department won’t like if CBI take over their cases. How you can expect me to help you?? I came here because Gowda sir told me so. But I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Thank you and sorry once again. (Gets up from her place and leaves.)

Bhavya: She is so arrogant.

Com: That is Anjali Vikramadityan. The most brilliant CBI officer that I have seen in my life. She will think from different angles which we won’t think. She can finish all the cases just like that. (Snaps his fingers.) That’s why all the cases which our department failed to solve will be solve if falls in her hands.

Bhavya: That means we can find the real culprit if she interferes in this case.

Com: Yes. That’s why I called her here. But she is not agreeing.

Bhavya: I will try to talk to her.

Com: Ok. Go ahead. (Bhavya nods and leaves from there after saluting him.)

Bhavya runs out from the office. She sees Anjali is about to get inside her car.

Bhavya: (calls) Anjali mam!! (Anjali turns towards her. Bhavya gestures her to wait and runs towards her.)

Anjali: Why did you stop me??

Bhavya: Mam, I know you have seen many more difficult cases than this. This might be a small case for you but still it’s big for us.

Anjali: Look, Miss Bhavya. A case is small or big is not an issue. All the cases are important for us. Investigation, finding the truth, finding the criminal is our job.

Bhavya: I know that, mam. You have missed one thing. Even though we couldn’t find the real culprit, innocent should not be punished. (Anjali looks at her.)

Anjali: Do you feel Shivaay Singh Oberoi is innocent??

Bhavya: Maybe.

Anjali: Then, go and find the real culprit.

Bhavya: I need your help for that. I have heard a lot about you and how you solved every cases brilliantly.

Anjali: You are a brilliant officer too, Miss Bhavya. That’s the reason you are in this position.

Bhavya: But still not as you, mam. I need to learn a lot from you.

Anjali: So, what do you want me to do now??

Bhavya: I want you to investigate this case as well. (Anjali gets in her car while Bhavya feels disappointed. Anjali press the horn. Bhavya looks at her.)

Anjali: Get inside the car. (Bhavya looks at her confusingly.) You said that you want me to investigate this case. How I will do it without knowing the details?? You are the one need to explain to me. (Bhavya smiles and shows a file to her. Anjali smirks.) Not bad. Somehow you know that I will agree, right??

Bhavya: (smiles) A small confidence.

Anjali: Good. Get inside. (Bhavya gets inside the car beside Anjali.) Just one second, I need to make a call. (She dials a number.) Arjun, naan varrathukku konje neramaagum. Shalu beach’kku poganumnu sonnaale. Nee avale kootitu po. (Arjun, I will be back late a bit. Shalu wanted to go to beach. You take her with you.) (Ends the call and looks at Bhavya.) I will the read file later. You just brief me about the case. (Bhavya nods and narrates to her. Anjali listens to her carefully. She starts her car after Bhavya finished briefing her about the case.)

Bhavya: Where are we going??

Anjali: To the murder spot.

Bhavya: Oberoi Mansion?? (Anjali nods and continues driving.)

Mumbai Beach

Arjun is playing with Shalu. He throws a ball and Shalu is catching it.

Arjun: Shalu, rombe time aachu. Innoru naal varalam. Veetukku polam, va. (Shalu, it’s getting late. We will come another day. Let’s go back now.)

Shalu: Inno ore ore vaati, maama. Appurom polam. (One last time, uncle. We will go after this.)

Arjun: Ok. Ithan kadaisi. (Ok. This is the last one.) (He throws the ball. Shalu missed to catch it and the ball falls away from her.) Poi eduthuttu vaa. (Go and take it.) (Shalu agrees and goes to take the ball.) Jaakirathey!! (Careful!!) (He just watches his niece running to take the ball. His eyes never leave her.)

Shalu takes the ball and about to go but stops seeing something. Arjun looks at her confusingly.

Arjun: Shalu!! Angge enna paakure?? Vaa ingge!! (Shalu!! What are you looking there?? Come here!!)

Shalu: Mama, ingge vaayen!! Seekirama!! (Uncle, come here. Faster!!) (Arjun runs towards her.)

Arjun: Enna aachu, Shalu?? (What happened, Shalu??)

Shalu: Ingge paaren. (See here.) (Arjun follows her gaze and sees someone lying unconsciously behind a rock. He goes towards the person.)

Arjun: Hello, brother. (Lifts his head and pats his cheek. The man opens his eyes weakly.) Are you alright?? (The man shakes his head in negative. Arjun holds his hand and checks his nerve.)

Shalu: Mama, ivaru kaalule adi pattirukku. (Uncle, his leg is injured.) (Arjun looks at his leg and sees it bleeding badly. He lifts his leg and checks the wound. The man winces in pain.)

Arjun: Bullet!! You have been shot!!?? (The man nods.) You need to be treated. I’ll take you to hospital.

Man: No. Don’t take me to hospital. Please.

Arjun: But, you are bleeding badly. It need to get treated or it can become septic.

Man: I know but please don’t take me to hospital. Please…… (He falls unconscious again.)

Shalu: Mama, ippo enna panrathu?? (What are we going to do now, uncle??) (Arjun looks at her and nods.)


Annika is praying at the mandir there. Tears are flowing from her eyes.

Annika: God, you know that Shivaay is innocent. My Shivaay can’t harm anyone. I have trust in him. He ran away from the police so that he can prove his innocence. I don’t know where he is and how. I just wanted him to be safe. Only you can protect him. Please don’t let any danger to fall on him and show us a way to prove his innocence. (She opens her eyes finishing her prayers. Anjali enters inside the house with Bhavya. Annika goes towards them.)

Annika: Bhavya, you are here?? Any news about Shivaay?? (Looks at Anjali who is looking around the house. The Oberois and Gauri too come there.)

Om: Who is this?? (Bhavya is about to say something but Anjali stops her.)

Anjali: I am Anjali Vikramadityan, CBI Officer. I will be assisting Miss Bhavya in this case. I hope you all will cooperate with me too.

Om: Sure.

Anjali: I want to see the place where the body was found. (Bhavya nods and takes Anjali to Shivaay’s room. Others about to come with them but Anjali stops them.) You all stay here. (All nod.)

To be continued…..

Precap: Mohit about to leave Oberoi Mansion. Anjali questions shocked Mohit. Annika defends Shivaay. Arjun and Shalu bring the person to their house.

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