How did you like Dastaan-E-Mohabbat by its start?

Colors’ Dastaan-E-Mohabbat started last week with a bang. The show was one of the most awaited one. The time slot of 8.30 pm works in favor for the show. The show is going on highly dramatic front. The fictional elements are in abundance around Salim and Anarkali’s famous love story. The lovers aren’t destined to unite. The tragic love story of Salim and Anarkali is shown since their childhood era. Anarkali meets Salim under strange circumstances. They both turn out to become each other’s saviors in hard times. Akbar accepts Salim’s friendship for Anarkali.

One of the King’s wife Rukaiya conspires against Salim. She wants to get the throne for herself. Rukaiya’s ambitious desires make her commit the crimes. She attempts to kill Salim thrice, but fails because of Anarkali. Anarkali seems to be a shield for Salim. Akbar separates them and sends Salim away from the kingdom for 12 years. Post the leap, Salim and Anarkali’s love story will begin. The coming week will get entries of the main leads. Viewers are waiting to see Shaheer Sheikh and Sonarika Bhadoria. The show is much promising because of its making on a grand scale. How did you like Dastaan-E-Mohabbat by its start? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. A joke,the acting is laughable at best.
    Total bored

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