Bigg Boss 12 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Task cancelled because of Jasleen

Bigg Boss 12 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 73
Bajne de plays, all wake up and dance.

Sree does yoga and says need peace. Dipika says you cant have peace around me. Sree says I need Dipika, not peace. Dipika smiles. Dipika says they are giving points to other team by getting irritated. Romil comes there and says catch Deepak, Salman said that he is irritating.
Surbhi says to KV that they know we will point at Megha, they will choose Megha but if we allege Sree and they allege Deepak then that will be a fight, Deepak didnt do anything against Deepak.
Romil says to Sree that they wont call, you just have to sit, dont worry. Sree says Rohit and Deepak are irritating. Dipika says Deepak’s real side has been revealed.

Dipika says to Somi that Deepak knows you feel irritated but he keeps hitting on you so it looks fake, you can clarify that you dont have interest in him, you can tell that he is hurting others because of his feelings. Somi says I would want to clear with him alone, Dipika says okay I wont raise that point then.

Session starts, Dipika allges Deepak for poking others and getting rude with them and crossing limit. Deepak says she is talking about misbehavior so Megha is a lot more than me, she said that I provoke others without words but she curses, even Bigg Boss nominated her, my words were not intentional but she made it an issue and crossed limits, lets start session with her.
Jasleen says to Somi that Deepak have many allegations so we should call him first. Somi says I want to listen to Megha’s case first because she did a lot. Jasleen says you dont understand, I want Deepak’s case first. Romil says they put wrong allegation. Deepak says I never cursed in house. Megha says you say ***** which is a curse. Somi says we will take Megha’s case first, Jasleen says okay.
Deepak starts Megha’s case and says Dipika nominated Megha for cursing and destroying peace of house, then Bigg Boss himself nominated her for misbehavior. Megha says if it was my nature then I would have fought with everyone but its just with Deepak and Rohit as they keep misbehaving so I will do it too, they started fight, Deepak said that I take footage and butter others.. when I spat on him, I said I spit on your thoughts of thinking women down. Dipika says Rohit is rude so Megha shows aggression to Deepak and Rohit only because they provoke too much.. if someone comments on my or Somi’s character then we would break that person’s face so Megha’s action was justified, he was provoking her and talked about her character. Deepak says even Salman said that if Megha is so clever then she wouldnt have stretched that matter. Jasleen says to Deepak that you commented on my character too so that was unintentional too? Somi says its not about you. Jasleen says I am sarpanch too, I want to know that so let me ask. Jasleen says to Deepak that I reacted sameway, I threw broom at you, I felt agrivated. Megha says I tried to stop him. Romil says when Salman for villain then Deepak took his own name so he accepted his mistake. Deepak says I was doing my task but throwing slippers are wrong. Megha says it was reaction on my character.
Jasleen says to Somi that Deepak talked about me to hurt me, I reacted differently but Megha is not like me.
Megha says to Deepak that I would beat you outside of house, I didnt throw slipper at you, I threw it on floor.
Somi says to Jasleen that I am not partial but Megha said to Deepak that you dont have any standard, you are lucky that you are in show with me with that face.

Session starts again, Somi says to Megha that you are caring but sometimes you lose your control and become aggression. Jasleen says because of destroying house peace, we are helpless, Somi says not helpless, we are giving point to Deepak. Somi says you taunt on standard and face. Megha says Deepak you will make your rotis on me in this show. KV says what are you saying that Deepak is using Megha? Deepak says I was shown before you too. Megha says he is an idiot.

Surbhi says to Deepak that when guest Vikas came in house, Sree insulted him because of his personal grudge.
Megha says to inmates that all are double faced here. Romil says that roti making comment was bad. KV says we didnt react like this when we lose, Jasleen said that she was helpless like she was forced to take that decision. Jasleen says I didnt mean it like that.

Surbhi asks KV to not argue with Jasleen so she will be partial.

Somi says to Romil that you are my friend but we have to be fair. Romil says you can listen to statements of lawyers too. Somi says dont tell me what to do, we are judges. Romil says dont give me that, you are not everything. Somi says dont give me ego and go.

Sree says to Dipika that Jasleen is going this week, she wanted to have fight with me, if she does this then I will bend her and throw her away. Dipika laughs.
Somi says to inmates that we will take decisions on basis of points and statements. Jasleen says you are part of house too so you know who is right and wrong. Somi says dont teach me what I am doing is right or wrong.

Romil says to Dipika that talk about Deepak misbehaving. Sree says he didnt even spare Anup.

Session starts, Dipika says Deepak doesnt deserve to be in house. He pass personal comments and insults everyone. Deepak says I want to allege Sree, he has too much ego and have behavior which is not good for show, he doesnt care about show, people or guests. Jasleen says to Somi that I want to take Deepak’s case. Somi agrees.
Deepak’s case starts, Dipika says we saw Deepak provoking Megha, Salman said that you are in house, nobody can raise hand on you so you provoke them so much that they lose temper, he keeps doing things to demean others. Deepak says I was interviewing Megha as she faked a story, I asked about her to everyone, if I was saying bad for her then why did Dipika not stop me? Romil comes forward and says Salman said that Deepak is safe in house otherwise he would be beaten outside of house, he shouldnt do this, would he do this with his sister and mother? Deepak says you call a murderer as a witness? Dipika says nothing like that, he cant talk about women’s character, Megha says he keeps repeating that. Deepak says I said it once only. Rohit says Salman said that Megha knew Deepak’s intention was not commenting on her character. Jasleen says stop, is this topic only about Megha? I am here too, Deepak commented that I was with Anup only for money, was that right? (Bigg boss says that Jasleen is pointing this issue again to gain attention). Surbhi says Romil was there too when Deepak commented on Jasleen but later Romil denied and said that we talked about this to Anup. Jasleen says I am witness to that, I heard Deepak commenting on me, he was wrong, he said bad words, you people were with him but only he is in witness box. Deepak says in 10th week, I didnt get any bad feedback, all celebrities praised me. Megha says you talked about women character. Rohit asks her to get lost. Megha says Deepak you didnt stop when I tried to stop you if it was unintentional?
Somi says to Jasleen that Salman did say that Megha knew it was unintentional. Jasleen says its enough that Salman said Deepak does things to get beaten.
Somi says if Jasleen is witness to Deepak’s misbehavior then we announce Deepak as criminal and give point to Dipika. Deepak says I am sorry if I have some short comings and I will try to over come that.

Somi says to Jasleen that we will not be partial, I just want truth of people to come out, Jasleen says all people’s reality is coming. Somi says I want to talk about Sree’s behavior too. Jasleen says I want to see Kv’s greatness act too.

Sree says to Dipika that they will talk about my personal life, I wont stand in witness box, it is degrading for me so I will say I am ill and I am not doing it. Dipika says its just a task so whats degrading about it? Sree says it is for me. Dipika says okay we are losing next point. Sree says for sure, if they want to call me criminal then fine, if they accept it then I will not stand.

Deepak says to Megha that its a task, you had allegations on you. Megha says you cant keep tarnishing someone for task, you got your point on me. Deepak says I lost too.

Dipika says to Romil that if they talk about Sree’s aggression then we can talk about Surbhi’s aggression, if we talk about KV’s greatness act then its bad. Megha says no one is bigger than Sree here.
KV says to Deepak that Sree can say that he did everything for show but we will say that he is accepting it.
Dipika says to Megha we can say that KV is confused and he accepted it.
Surbhi says to KV that if they talk about you then say its your strategy to save others, its about my celebrity status.

Session starts, Deepak says I want to allege Sree for cursing all, cursing this show, he even insulted guests. Dipika says I want to allege Surbhi. Jasleen says she is already out of sarpanch. They start Sree’s case. Deepak says Sree is a great celebrity, he talked about Somi’s upbringing, then his tone was degrading to everyone, his ego and disrespect is always shown, he showed signs to girls, he showed finger to Surbhi, Dipika saw it too. Sree stands in witness box. Surbhi says Dipika didnt stop him. Dipika says his behavior is not hidden but point is if he doesnt deserve to be in house? all guests have said that he is entertaining, he is on top so he should stay in house, when it was about ranking, these housemates gave him 1st number when his behavior was same, all supported him in captaincy task too. Somi says he showed finger and that is right? Dipika says no and he accepted his mistake. Rohit comes forward and says his cursed his sister too. Sree says dont lie, you are going next week. Jasleen says let him talk. Sree says you want to listen to his lie? Rohit says when Sree got to know that Dipika was supporting KV then he cursed his sister Dipika. Sree says to Deepak that you want me to curse right now? you are *****. Somi says dont do that. Jasleen asks Sree how you defend it? Sree says I never cursed my sister, Rohit is lying. Dipika says to Somi that when it came to you and Deepak, I asked you and didnt discuss that point because its personal for you… this point is between me and my brother so dont discuss it. Somi says leave Dipika’s point. Deepak says he cursed Vikas too. Sree says he was insulting me, he came as a contestant not as guest, I got angry and cursed him, I said boss to him. Jasleen says we all know meaning of bose(curse word). Rohit says why would I lie about him cursing? Deepak says accept it and say that he wont do it again. Jasleen says to Sree that you are not defending yourself, Sree says give them point, dont waste my time. Sarpanch give point to Deepak.

Sree says cheap people are talking about me.

Sree says to Rohit that I would beat him. He goes to Rohit but Rohit moves back and says I am waiting for you, Sree says you are ***********. Rohit says I will meet you outside, Sree says I challenge you ******, I will smash you in washroom.

Rohit goes to washroom. Sree goes behind him and kicks on washroom door. Dipika and Jasleen comes there. Sree says I will talk to him in washroom.
Sree changes his shirt and says I want to smash his face, this is me. Dipika says you want to go out like this? Sree says dont say anything to me, Dipika says we should leave? he nods.
Dipika says to Jasleen that Sree recalls his past when he stands in witness box, you cant understand his emotions.

Rohit comes out of washroom. Sree says you wanted to talk? come inside washroom. Rohit says people will feel bad. Sree says are you scared now? come inside if you have guts. Rohit says it looks bad. Romil asks Sree to not do it. Rohit says to Sree that we in washroom would look bad, I didnt say anything wrong. Deepak asks Rohit to come with him. Rohit says I am not scared. Sree says if you are not scared then come inside. Surbhi says then talk infront of camera, what you want to talk about? Rohit says to Sree that I dont have 2.5crore to give, talk infront of camera. He leaves. Dipika asks Sree to come with her if he respects hers.

Rohit says he cant even let me have potting in peace.
Surbhi says to Sree that accept your mistakes too. Romil says you too Surbhi. Sree says what mistakes? I am number one in show. Dipika says they are instigating you, they enjoy our reactions.

Surbhi says to her team that Dipika have no personality in show, she is always behind Sree.

Sree says to Dipika that I cant stay here for all this. Dipika laughs.

Rohit says to his team that I dont want to get my bones broken.
Sree says to Megha that who is Deepak and Rohit? cheap people, who are these guys? I dont need this shit money, self-respect is more important.
Megha says they are just contestants. Sree says I am not going to listen to this shit crap, they have to keep all things related to court.
KV says why Sree wants to call Rohit in washroom? Surbhi says whats the matter? tring tring..

Session starts, Sree says I am ill. Somi says this is last round, you can rest after that.
Sree sits in task. Dipika alleges KV for being a confused personality, he keeps showing his fake greatness. Deepak alleges Dipika for not having any personality and not giving anything to show, she didnt even have any allegation last session. Jasleen says this is not a valid point. Somi says I will accept it, it can be Dipika’s strategy. Jasleen says I want KV to clarify his confused state. Somi says I am hearing about it for first time. Romil says so let him clarify. Somi says if team talks up then we will not listen to them. Jasleen says you cant make rules like that, I want to listen to KV. Somi says I dont. Jasleen says you are being partial. Somi says you talked about KV’s greatness even before it came up, how knew? Jasleen says they were talking about it and I heard. Somi says dont lie. Jasleen says I want to call KV, we cant come to decision. Bigg Boss says you have done this session for 6 times and now you both cant come to conclusion about who to choose to make them stand in witness box. Bigg Boss says a lot of time has passed, we are cancelling this task, both teams have 3 points so this task is draw.
Deepak says wow, judges couldnt agree. KV says to Jasleen that I will be great because my India is great. Jasleen says then keep doing it.

Rohit screams Sree if you have guts then come to washroom. Surbhi and Deepak teases his attention for a guy. Surbhi says come and beat us Sree. Sree says keep barking.

Romil says to Jasleen that you were sitting with teams so it was biased. Jasleen says Somi was partial to Deepak’s team too, I was not partial.

Rohit says to Deepak that according to Romil you dont have mind. KV says Romil is an idiot. Surbhi says he thinks all are under him. Surbhi says they are making rotis on someone else’s emotions.

Megha says to Romil that there is no fixed track of anything here.

PRECAP- Deepak says to Romil that you said I dont have mind and I am under you? Romil says I dont want to talk to you. Deepak says all have mind here, why you said it to Rohit? say it on my face.
Jasleen and three others are captaincy contenders. They have to protect their swords. Rohit is protecting his sword. Dipika says you are insulting, you dont deserve it. Surbhi protects his sword. Somi asks Jasleen to not move her sword at any cost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Unfortunately, the slipper incident has been taken too far. Had it not been for that incident, megha would have been there next week. But evrythn is against her as of now. She is the best contestant so far despite the incident I would say.
    All I wana ask is how many times will she be grilled and why not pull Rohit and cheapak to task??? They will be left with their cheap antics to grab attention. Wen as I viewer it’s so irritating to watch dem, den God knows how these ppl are being tolerated inside. Has big boss been reduced to a game of bullshit tolerance. And the onus of good behaviour falls only on the one who s more sensible??!
    Toh matlab agar bardash karte jao toh fighter Nahi ho, na karo give back karo toh bhi maro. So wt exactly do they expect??? Every human doesn’t have the natural tendency to bark and irritate others (like cheapak Surabhi n friends) bhai!!!! Wt will they do out of frustration to shut them up??
    Rohit sayin baja dunga, Phaad dunga was fine??? Bina slipper k hi slipper maar diya ye toh. Wt abt that?
    Isse pehle bhi bhtttt baar joote chappal spit potty etc etc humne dekha hai bb main. Jiska sirf slight mention/no mention hua tha wkend k vaar pe.
    And if winner quality is so under scrutiny den how come they chose Shilpa??? Uska toh abhi tak behaviour nauseatic hai out of bb house. She is still the same animal she used to be. Psycho aurat

    1. @Indian..

      exactly.. kisi ki 2 months ki badtameeziyan nhi dikh rahi but megha ki ek galti ko sab pakad k baith gaye h jabki wo do mistakes still justified h…

  2. I think Rohit should be evicted so soon from the house ….He is so disgusting ….He is nothing without Sristy …

  3. This years tasks r not at all well played. Dipika n Shree getting mega money every week r basically a boring show off without entertainment.

  4. Love the way rohit handled sree.. HILARIOUS!!.. that was pure entertainment..

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