Vikram Betaal 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram sticks to Satyanishtha in hard times too

Vikram Betaal 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Senapati Virat Singh telling Padmini about Vikram riding on the crazy horse who took him to unknown place. Padmini says she can sense that this is a grave trouble and asks Acharya ji to find out about the trouble. Bhabhi says my dewar is not an ordinary man, but a Chakravartin Samrat Vikram Aditya. Padmini says I know, he has won this world, but I can sense that this horse was Shani Dev’s magic. Soldiers come and tell that they found Maharaj’s ornaments in the jungle. They tell that they searched for Maharaj, but couldn’t find him. Padmini says this is impossible, Maharaj must be safe. She cries and kisses his ornaments telling herself that he must be fine. Bhabhi smiles. Padmini faints. Sevika holds her. Bhabhi thinks it seems Ujjaini will get the new King. Vikram wanders in the jungle and thinks why I am not getting Ujjaini way. Betaal says this is your Satyanishtha’s test and says Shani Dev’s reflection is on you and you can’t see Ujjaini way. He says you have to leave your Satyanishtha and accept that Shani Dev is superior else you can’t go to Ujjaini. He thinks once he leaves his Satyanishtha, he can’t return to Betaal Ghaati.

Padmini gets dream about Vikram. Acharya sees Shani in Vikram’s kundali. Padmini comes to Acharya ji. Kalidas tells that Virat Singh went to search Maharaj. Acharya tells Padmini that Shani’s reflection is on Maharaj and it will be him for 1.5 days to the least, or 7 years maximum. Padmini says I was right that Shani Dev is doing this. She asks him to tell what to do. Acharya ji says Shani ji likes black color, if we give any black color thing in charity then his anger can lower. Padmini thanks him.

Vikram comes to the nagar and sees houses. He thinks he will find the way to ujjaini. A man comes and gives a necklace to other man. Other man thanks him. Vikram comes to the other man and asks about the rajya. Man asks where do you want to go. Vikram tells that he wants to go to Ujjaini. Man says your name is Vikram and says if anyone hears them you will get death punishment. He says this is tamalpradesh and enemy rajya of ujjaini. He says Raja got all Vikram killed here. Vikram says I am very thirsty and asks for water. The man keeps the necklace and leaves to check some other stuff. Vikram looks at the pot and sees Shani Dev. He says did you see where your Satyanishtha brought you and says your punishment is death and asks him to change his decision. Vikram refuses and drinks the water. Meanwhile Shani Dev comes to the man’s house and steals the necklace while becoming a bird from the painting and then gets inside the painting. The man’s daughter comes and asks for the necklace. Man says I hang it here. He stops Vikram and says you have stolen my daughter’s necklace. Vikram says I have no necklace with me. Man says you must have stolen this because of your poverty and takes him to Raja Chandrabhur for justice.

Betaal says it is difficult to walk on right path. He says Shani Dev is your enemy now, and wants you to accept his superiority. Raja Chandrabhur laughs seeing Vikram Aditya standing infront of him as a thief. He says I didn’t forget that day and reminds him of the day when he engraved the sign on his forehead. Vikram recalls the incident. A fb is shown, Vikram asks Chandrabhur to help Ujjaini and comes under Ujjaini. Chandrabhur refuses. Vikram asks Virat Singh to engraved Ujjaini symbol on his forehead. Fb ends. Chandrabhur tells that he fumes whenever he sees symbol on his forehead and asks his men to break both his hand and throw him in the river. Shani Dev comes infront of Vikram Aditya and asks him to change his decision. He says first I snatched your Palace, position and now will snatch your life. The soldiers hit hammer on his hand and throw him in the river. Shani Dev looks at him and laughs. He says now you must have realized that I am superior. Vikram says my decision will be safe even after my death. Shani Dev asks what do you mean? Vikram says we get light from Surya Dev for life and if he takes light from this world then this world will end. Shani Dev says this can’t happen. Vikram says you will see this yourself and prays to Surya Dev. Surya Dev appears infront of him. Vikram prays to Surya Dev to take out light from the earth for protection of truth. Surya Dev absorbs the lights from the earth. Shani Dev looks on.

Betaal thinks Vikram will die now. Vikram asks Shani Dev to give life to everyone now if he thinks he is more superior than Surya Dev. Betaal thinks he invited his death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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