Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi has mixed feelings of happiness and betrayal

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The Episode starts with Abhi hearing Kiara and Pragya talking to each other from the other side of shared room. Kiara asks Pragya not to cry. Pragya promises her and says if Kiara is supergirl then her mum is supermom. Kiara says I love you. Pragya says I love you too. Abhi hears them and gets teary eyes. Song plays…..Abhi mujhme kahin…..He thinks of moments with Kiara and recalls Pragya’s lie. He thinks Pragya has a daughter and she has hidden this from me. He thinks Kiara is my daughter too, she hid this fact from me. Disha thinks jiju saved Kiara being her own blood and thinks to unite them. Purab calls Disha and asks where is Abhi? Disha asks what happened? And asks about Dadi. Purab says Dadi is fine. He tells that Tanu fought with him taking Abhi’s name and says we have to unite Abhi and Pragya if we want to stop her. He tells that Tanu threatened to kill me and asks did you meet Abhi. Disha says Nurse told me that jiju came and says if truth doesn’t come infront of him then I will tell him by myself. Kiara asks Pragya to call superman. Pragya says he went outside. Kiara says superman wants to talk to you. Pragya asks her to talk to her now. Abhi recalls Kiara calling her Papa. Kiara waits for Abhi and asks where is he? Pragya says he must be stuck in traffic and asks her to rest. Kiara says if I sleep then I can’t meet him.. Pragya asks her to talk to her. Kiara asks her to call him and asks when is he coming? Pragya says you are unwell now. Kiara asks about King. Pragya says he is out of Delhi and will return to meet his princess. Abhi cries and feels bad. He thinks of their conversation. Abhi thinks Kiara is our daughter, but she hide this fact from me and Kiara all these years. He thinks of his moments with Kiara and is leaving from the hospital. Disha says jiju shall know about Kiara before Tanu harms anyone. She thinks to take Abhi to Pragya and will see how she lies to him again. Abhi is walking out of house. Disha’s phone falls down. She bends down to pick and doesn’t see Abhi leaving. She comes to Kiara and asks how is she? Kiara asks about Sunny and superman.

Disha says Sunny went home and Superman will come soon. Kiara asks Disha to make her mum understand. Disha says ok and asks her to watch cartoon on mobile. Kiara thanks her. Pragya asks Disha if everything is fine at home. Disha says nothing is fine in the house and says you shall unite with jiju. Pragya says this time is not right. Disha asks why are you waiting. She says I saw you was about to tell him when he was praying, but doctor called him. She asks her to make Abhi meet his daughter. Pragya asks her not to do this. Disha says you think I have a doubt that Kiara is his daughter or not. She asks her to stop it and tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter. Kiara calls Disha. Disha asks how you will stop Kiara as her heart runs towards Abhi. Kiara tells that she wants to talk to Superman. Disha says his name is saved on jiju’s name. Pragya asks her to talk later. Kiara calls him from Disha’s mobile, but he doesn’t pick the call. Disha says I will wake you up when he comes here. Pragya asks why she wants complications.

Disha says I want to solve complication in your life and says when I went to your home, I came to know that Kiara is your daughter and asks why you are hiding this from jiju. She says Abhi doesn’t know that he has blood relation with Kiara and you are not telling him even after knowing Abhi’s affection and love for her. She says I told Purab about his as he is her husband. She says I have the right to tell truth to Kiara. Pragya says you knew and was quiet. Disha says I was waiting for you to tell and says it doesn’t get affected if I tell her. Pragya says I have many reasons to hide this, but you have no reason to hide from me. Disha says I don’t want her to go far from you, but wants her to come closer to jiju. Pragya says relations can’t be made like this. Disha says I learnt relations from you and says I will do what is right to unite you all. Pragya says time is over to unite. Disha says your own family will start.

Abhi thinks of Kiara sitting near the cliff and thinks Pragya have hidden this big truth from him, she didn’t tell when they meet and thinks he couldn’t figure out if he is happy to know the truth, or sad by her betrayal. He thinks he wanted a daughter, but Pragya stayed his daughter away from him. He thinks my daughter was infront of me, I was yearning for my daughter and you were just watching. He thinks you have right on my daughter, but don’t have right to keep her away from me. She is just like me, her behavior, facial expressions, smile just like me. Ab hai saamne….plays….

Abhi comes to the restaurant and tells everyone that I have become a father. Pragya thinks I have a reason to hide this from you, and thinks Aaliya and Tanu are still in the same house, they will do the same thing with her daughter which she can’t bear.

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  1. Lolalois

    I can’t really blame Pragya for hiding the truth from Abhi, at least not while evil Tuna is in the house. She would do anything to ruin their reunion I’m certain. I want to know if Aliyah will sit back and watch psycho Tanu kill her niece, let’s see what she will choose, friendship or family.



    2. Tuna fish is the ONLY friend that Alia has ever had. The only long-term relationship that this Amazon Shark has ever experienced. At one time, she rejected Purab’s offer for marriage….if she got rid of Tuna fish. Tuna fish is a whore. She’ll do anything for money. Sort of like Alia. Well, she’ll do anything for Abhi’s money. King may or may not distract her. Let’s hope not! Feel pity for anyone that Alia might like. They will likely become dead, soon after. Look what this horrible manipulator did to Abhi’s life. Alia ‘loves’ only Alia. Alia is a psychopath. She is unable to change. She can pretend for a short while as she chases her real goals. Alia only ‘loves’ Alia. Someone should put her out of her misery. But they won’t. She’s a member of the crimianl Mehra family where murder, theft and lies are rewarded. And decent people are killed. Indian ‘love’ at it’s greatest, so we are being told. Thank-you to Miss Ekta for teaching us so well about the typical Sikh family in India.

  2. This is the one time that Pragya is correct in hiding her daughter’s true identity. Abhi will forget how he tossed Pragya out and then married the whore-leech fish, Tuna. Abhi allows murderers to exist in his house and ignores them. Even with the constant ‘accidents’ and fires in the house. Any sane mother would hide from the crazy mess, the volatile idiot that is Abhi. Abhi is irresponsible and somewhat stupid. Not somewhat. Abhi is stupid and has been since day one. He allows murderers to live and cannot understand that Pragya and her daughter are at the top of the Tuna fish’s Kill List. Any man that is controlled by something like a Tuna fish, has to be stupid. The murderer always gets what she wants, leaving dead and hurt people all around her. Abhi still has not understood. He can’t. He’s stupid. Stupid Abhi is dangerous for both Pragya and Kiara. Until Tuna fish, the shark Alia and the head of the piranha school… Mithali are dead and gone, Pragya and Kiara will never be safe. Abhi will never choose Kiara and Pragya. He will always choose the whore, his psychopath sister and the obviously stupid Mithali. Abhi and his harem of criminals. They are what is important to Abhi. Pragya has never been important. Only the whore is important to him. Who’s living in the Mehra Mansion? The whore, the psychopathic sister and the piranha like Mithali….forever nibbling at everyone else’s life, destruction with small bites. Abhi is simply and completely untrustworthy.

  3. Lolalois

    It is so difficult to hate Abhi, considering how childish he is. Telling those at the restaurant he’s a father, nice one Abhi

    1. Hate shouldn’t even be a part of the discussion. Reality is reality. The man behaves like he is stupid. He has been purposefully written to be stupid. Everyone in this production has been given a human fault that goes beyond imagination. Not Ekta Kapoor’s imagination, obviously. The woman appears to be mentally and emotionally corrupt That’s why she calls it, her stupid little show. It is as if she made a bet with her friends/family to see how long she could ‘suck’ people in with complete stupidity. Unfortunately, we are helping her to win her bet. Worse, this production is so obviously a social engineering mechanism to normalize brutality, hatred, greed and a belief that rich stupid/criminal people should be honoured rather than censured. Miss Ekta has successfully done this. Her production is still on air. She tries to make a fool out of every single viewer. Or for viewers who pay attention this is an opportunity to… (for the website) Miss Ekta, through her actions, clearly shows what she thinks about India and it’s people. Miss Ekta behaves like someone (as seen through her work and her public profile) that hates herself and thus can only produce hate for others. She then deflects those feelings onto others….anyone who is not a part of her close confidantes. Miss Ekta herself, shows her own abusive and banal personality. Miss Ekta is not smart or creative. She is wealthy. Because of her Dad. Just look at the continuity in this production. There is none. Just like Miss Ekta’s mind. Totally reactive. No thinking in that brain. She is exactly like her two criminal characters, Tuna fish and Alia. The two sides of Miss Ekta’s twin personality. She may have wealth but she is a failed human, like the majority of wealthy people who never worked for their money, but rather stole it by selling junk onto unsuspecting consumers.

  4. One of the things that absolutely drives me nuts is that the characters don’t tell the truth or explain themselves, honestly. But then again, that would have been the end of this serial a long time ago. I could only wish that Abhi and Alya finally turn against Tanu.

  5. I hate this serial. Why is it keeping too long

  6. Friends, I’m extremely mad right now, I’m going to try to process this revelation.. In all seriousness, this is certainly not the reaction I was expecting from Abhi…this scenario is poorly scripted and directed, NO man would ever react in a situation like this like Abhi did. Guaranteed Abhi is shocked but adrenaline alone is enough to make him confront the situation. I didn’t expect him to retreat and lick some wounds, he was supposed to enter the room, his heart should have be thundering in his chest, his eyes are supposed to mirror his pain and betrayal IN FRONT OF Pragya….. He was supposed to let Pragya know that he’s heard the entire conversation, of course he’d be sensitive to Kiara’s presence and not blurt things out there…but what did he do????? ……I did say this before, the day Abhi finds out Kiara is his daughter, Pragya sould better be prepared to give a good explanation…and now he’s thinking just like how I’d think.. All this time Pragya is there, in the Mehra’s house, mingling with the family, playing hide and seek with her role as Kiara’s mother and not even had the mind to tell him the biggest truth of his life!! Wouldn’t it have been more beneficial for Abhi to know about Kiara? As opposed to him not knowing and thus exposing her to the elements of Tanu’s secretive murderous intentions? If Abhi knew that Kiara was his daughter, it would have been not possible for Tanu to make one lethal mistake against her because any small harm committed upon Kiara would have been credited to Tanu’s doings and the price she would have had to pay would have been enormous. One strategic point here is that Tanu and Aliya are oblivious to the fact that Abhi has now discovered Kiara is his daughter, if anything unfortunate happens going forward from now on, Tanu and Aliya would be putting their own fate in destiny’s hands, maybe this could be the time Tanu and Aliya becomes exposed.

    1. Dearest Naz, the thing is that Miss Ekta will delay the scene of the three of them together for as long as possible. And you described the emotional story beautifully. And Abhi? I’m still holding onto the cynical stance. Abhi avoided manhood as seen through the Dadi and Pragya sagas. Alia will not allow him to become an adult man. She can’t. That would make her a failed person in her own eyes. Her whole self-value, her identity is dependent on the control of Abhi and his wealth. If alia had cared about Abhi at all, at any time, she would have rid the family of the Tuna fish. I doubt she’d be concerned about a little itty bitty niece. She would however see the niece as a threat to her position in Abhi’s financial life. I hope that you are correct that this is a place where Tuna and Alia could be excised from the script all together. Perhaps it could be some seriously stupid scripting, all the more believable because it fits in with the ‘my stupid little show’ theme. Btw what’s the most delicious fruit that they are harvesting locally in this season?

  7. Yesterday episode and Abhi’s reaction was pathetic.How could be label Pragya as someone who has betrayed him and let him down and she being cold hearted, did he forget it was him who had insulted Pragya and threw her out of the house calling her manhoos and going with aliya and Tanu after all what Pragya did for the family .The writer lost out on a fantastic opportunity to have had made this episode a very sensitive and emotional moment as both Abhi and Pragya are super actors and they would have done immense justice to the moment. They could have made this moment into an intense confrontation between Abhi and Pragya where all misunderstanding between them could have been closed and their emotional reunion and how they together now handle the evil ? Tanu and aliya . They could have taken the storyline forward from here where the evil now start getting exposed and Tanu, aliya and Nikhil including mithali are exposed.But then it being Ekta’s serial and of course the mentally sick writers promoting evil and getting cheap kick out of it this kind of positive change in the storyline is just a dream. As I had mentioned maybe a year back this serial will continue with negativety till it is time to take the serial off air and then all of sudden what did nit happen over the last 4 years all evil will be exposed and good will prevail and the viewers who have be loyal to KKB and wish to see Abhigya together will remain as a dream. Until then happy viewing Tanu and aliya evil as they are main actors of KKB and Abhi is an supporting actor and Pragya is an extra . My advice Pragya tell that idiotic Abhi the reason for keeping kiara birth as a secret and move on with king. Let Abhi be the one who is being used as a doormat and also the supplier of money and home to the all the leeches that is the Mehra family and he should be all alone in his life.ABHI DOES NOT DESERVE HAPPINESS AND FORGIVENESS. HIS LOVE FOR PRAGYA IS SUPERFICIAL as he keeps on doubting her all the time instead of trying to find out the main reason as to why Pragya did what she did. Pragya did not find the need for getting married again but bloddy Abhi got married to that b*t*h of a woman called Tanu who his dadi hated from the core of her heart . He is not a kid who was being forced into marriage by his sister .f**k the blo*dy serial

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