Bigg Boss 12 23rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Somi is eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 23rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eviction Day
Salman welcomes everyone to last weekend ka vaar. Salman says we have Ranveer, Sara and Rohit that will come here today. Salman says they went in house and enjoyed with inmates.

In House
Ranveer, and Sara enters house. All are excited to see them. Surbhi touches Ranveer and is hysteric. Ranveer hugs her. Ranveer says to inmates that I salute you for being here, we will give you tidbits from outside and you have to decide which is true and which is wrong. First news is Shrishty in Bollywood, other news is Anup and Jasleen getting engaged. Surbhi says I think first one is true. Ranveer says you all are right. Ranveer shows them other two news, one is that Karan Johar met Prime Minister for important issues, other news is that Deepak will get honor from Bihar. All inmates say that we want second one true but logically first one is true. Ranveer says first news is true. Then he shows news that Urvashi called Deepak her biggest enemy, second news is that Teejay wrote another open letter. They all say first news is true. Deepak says first one is wrong. Ranveer says first one is right. Dipika says I am happy that Urvashi spoke up.
Ranveer calls Rohit in house, Rohit hugs KV, Sree and others. Rohit says you all look nice. Somi says you look handsome, Rohit says I know. Rohit calls Deepak and says you are NRI, girls will impress Deepak so he choose them. First Dipika comes, she says I heard you are looking for a bride, your mother likes me, Deepak says I want someone from heart, do something extra. Dipika says you will get this only, all laugh. Then Surbhi is next, she acts like Bihari girl and says I do household tasks, my heart beats when I see you, we are compatible, Deepak rejects her. Next is Somi, Somi says Deepak you are looking for a girl? I want to settle for green card too, Deepak says you are disgusting. Somi says I dont want to marry. Deepak says I want to choose Sara. Deepak brings her on stage, he dances on tere bin nai lagda dholna. Ranveer pushes him away and dances with Sara. He then dances with Surbhi while KV dances with Sara.
Rohit says now its Team Sara and Team Ranveer. Ranveer chooses all girls. Sara gets all boys. Rohit says you will have to dance on my situations. He gives Ranveer’s team to dance like zombies, they dance on its the time to disco like zombies. Rohit gives Sara’s team situation to dance with mops. They funnily dance on disco dewana with mops. Rohit says KV crossed all vulgarity limits. Then Ranveer’s team have to dance like on diwali. Ranveer dances with female inmates on ching ching song. KV gets cramp in leg, Sree makes him sit down. Rohit says KV can still help. They have to dance with face only. Sree, Romil, Deepak, Sara dances with facial expression only, all laugh. Rohit says KV is dancing with face like its his marriage night. Ranveer says Sree and Sara were mind blowing. Rohit asks Ranveer’s team to dance like Anil. His team dances on my name is lakhan, Sree dances too. Rohit asks Ranveer to mimic Anil, all laugh when he mimics. Ranveer says winning team is Sara’s team. Rohit says its a tie between both teams. Rohit says all the best, watch Simba. Guests dance with inmates, Ranveer kisses Deepak’s cheek, he dances with Surbhi and leaves. Surbhi says I am so happy. Sree picks up KV in arms, KV laughs as Sree puts him to bed.

On stage, Salman says its time to talk to inmates. He connects call to house. Salman asks did they enjoy with guests? All inmates say a lot. Salman says all are nominated except Surbhi, we have only 7 days remaining, one will get trophy, today one will leave. Somi says anything can happen. Salman asks them to come in sultani ring.

In Sultani ring, Salman says one team is Sree, Dipika, Deepak and other team is Romil, Somi, KV. Surbhi is in finale so she will judge. Salman says first one team member will come from both teams and talk why they are better. First Dipika and Romil comes. Dipika says I have kept a decorum, I didnt show aggression. Romil says I never crossed line, I get good feedback but she doesnt. Surbhi gives point to Romil for playing more. Next is Somi and Deepak. Somi says Deepak got irritating title, I never went to jail. Deepak says I have performed in all tasks, I did mistakes but I tried to rectify. Surbhi gives Deepak point for performing in tasks more. KV and Sree comes next. KV says he crosses limit most of the time and leaves humanity. Sree holds him as he is hurt. Sree says I have won tasks, I have good reputation with all. Surbhi says Sree has more impression on show so she gives point to Sree. Sree’s team wins first round.
Salman says in second round, you have to push other down from rod with pillows. Deepak and Romil sits on rod and hits each other with pillows, Deepak makes Romil fall down two times easily and wins first round. Salman says winning team will get Nick’s slime from losing team. Romil covers Deepak, Dipika and Sree in slime. Salman laughs. Salman gives trophies to Deepak, Dipika and Sree.

Ranveer, Sara, Rohit on Stage:
On stage, Salman calls Ranveer, Sara and Rohit on stage. Salman welcomes them. Rohit says it was good in house. Ranveer says they are nice people. Salman thanks them for coming when they are busy. Rohit says Ranveer is busy with marriage. Ranveer says lets talk about Salman’s marriage. Sara says we will find a wife for him. Ranveer says we will make his profile, they choose Salman’s photo from gallery on TV. Sara says age 25? Salman says 50. They fill out his bio form, Salman says I want good, mature girl. Ranveer says its a girl, not cement, all laugh. Salman says I want to get married in a way that no one knows, not even my wife, all laugh.
Rohit says now a phone will come and you have to answer with situation given by me. He says to Ranveer that first situation is that Deepika calls you because you took her lehenga. Ranveer takes call and says hi babes, yes I have your lehenga, pink and hearts one, what water will not come? I will wash it, yes, yes.. its good for circulation, he ends call. All laugh. Rohit says next is BB calling Salman to sign next year’s contract. Salman takes call and says you want that Bigg boss? it depends of me, why you keep making me promote Rising Star? I will bug for pay raise and then say yes, all laugh. Salman brings phone and takes selfie with them. Salman promotes their film. Salman dances with them, they hug him and leaves.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says Sree, Deepak, KV are safe. Salman says three remaining inmates will sit on rotating compartments, when it stops, we will know who is evicted. They sits on rotating chair. Somi is gone, Romil and Dipika are safe. Somi is evicted. Salman says we have 6 finalists, give your best shot, he ends call. KV, Sree, Romil says love you Somi.

Deepak comes in washroom and cries. Surbhi is sad too.
Salman signs off from show.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. AnuAnu

    I have a doubt guys how many times you can vote for a contestant from one account? If I vote multiple times then does it really counted as 3 or just being overwritten?

    1. It will be count as 1

    2. hahah ANU its not like that one vote from an email id is considered as 1 vote , if you have other ids login to voot and vote for sree # leave no stones turned we all want our fav to win isn’t it # keep voting you can vote for true soul romil too if you have an alternate id left hahaha # just kidding lets see who gets out on wednesday :p

    3. Lokesh

      Hey actually I also have that confusion, but u should read the terms and conditions there it is clearly written only one the first one vote will be counted.

  2. Gayatri

    Today’s episode was one of the best bestest episode of bb12 WKW.. where Ranveer is there automatically his energy will also be spread to the surrounding ppl also .. today all HM were so good and those dance task and NRI task was so fun to watch…
    Even i loved the way Ranveer teased KV saying ithini achi acting kar raha hai lagta nahi ki 12 hafthe yehi karthe aaya hai something like that…
    This team was the best film promotion team of BB12…
    And coming to the HM ..
    1.loved the way Sree carried KV..
    2. Deepak’s face dance
    I felt that Romil is lost some where nowadays..he is showing least interest in tasks or the house matters..
    Even he didn’t have any sad feelings for somi’s eviction…
    And also deepak’s crying emotion seemed to be little fake for me..
    Deepak is good.. romil was the one who instigated deepak against megha and jeslin which made him look bad.. actually romil is playing in backfoot and making other ppl bad… only dipika understood that
    I strongly have a feeling that top 3 will be sree dipika and deepak…

    1. @Gayatri..

      one of the best comment of today..with proper analysis
      so keep it up…
      “I strongly have a feeling that top 3 will be sree dipika and deepak…”
      me too have same feeling

    2. Me too have same [email protected] nd gayatri

    3. Gayatri

      Thanks ada nandhini and xyz for your wonderful appreciation…

    4. Rajjo

      hiiii gayatri…. how are you… it was definitely ranveer’s energy that transferred to everyone…

    5. Gayatri

      Hai fine… its nice to see your rply… How are you

    6. Rajjo

      m also good… i waiting from long to reply you but my network didn’t worked… its good to see your friends…

  3. HI Guys !!!!!!!!!!
    I was a silent reader N cmntng here for the first time but not for the contestant but for xyz and ada
    xyz N ada… u rocked it..
    i like to read comment by ada and xyz a lot cus of their impartial comments
    and i am liking these 2 jst cus of their stand….u 2 r a alone fighter hr N liking your spirit
    BUT as a well wisher i like u to calm down and enjoy the holiday cus it is not at all beneftng
    cus some ppl will not be agree on thr attitude towards others..and i am a die hard deepika fan .. so thanks to take stand on behalf of all the deepika fans
    U r not a deepika fan still u took stand which is commendable… So take a chill pill

    #xyz N ada #alone fighter
    love u guys..

    And others dont come here only to bash me to support xyz and ada……

    1. Tq so much @naman ahuja for ur appreciation nd for a better understanding with us…aap silent reader h koini pr abhi only 6 days left so join is if u have enough tym?we’ll bang on

    2. @Naman..

      Thank u soo much.. ?
      And y u come up so late???
      U should write here too na..

      Btw, kindly include nandini, sandeep and rajjo with us too.. ??

      And marry xmas… ??

  4. @aarohi ok i agree kk jobhi apne stand liya tha against airplanes vo xyz k lye tha sk Sweet of u for that pr stand bhi insan tb lta h jb sch m koi glt ho jiske against aap stand l rhe ho soit means tb apko bhi kuch chubha airplanes k bre m. am i right aarohi?

    1. ADA,
      ITS HER POV THE WAY YOU ARE TAKING STAND FOR YOUR NEWEST FRIEND SAME WAY SHE IS TAKING HERS # U BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS REGARDING THE MATTER # just only dipika is criticised you are saying those things the same way romil is criticised aarohi told u things # two sides of a coin jo ki ek doosre ko nhi dekh sakte par unhe toss karne wala third member zaroor dekh sakte hai # judge har koi kar rha hai kabhi romil fans to kabhi dipika fans # this forum is still having mixed emotions on deepak # chuhe wali koi batt nhi hai its just that ki you want simar to win and we want true soul romil to win # simple # enjoy the moments of the show # cheers

    2. Exactly !
      Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
      The way u see. Everything is relative.

    3. @airplanes Apk lye shabdhi nhi h mre ps bs merry Christmas stay blessed dignified nd give loads of love 2 ur surrounding nd bhagwan kre aapki shayarya asehi achchi hoti rhe.. may god fulfill all ur true nd holy wishes?nd new year brings new hopes nd aims 2 ur lyf

    4. @Airplanes well said

    5. NO, Ada.
      XYZ was with Srishty during Saba-Srishty fight.
      I was wholeheartedly supporting Dipika’s decision that time.
      I felt from inside XYZ didn’t like me.
      And I never want someone to dislike me.
      The first day Airplanes came, he was savage and he made some funny comments on all of us. I WAS NOT AT ALL HURT.
      XYZ ko shayad buri lagi woh baat,
      Toh I told Airplanes to be polite on that very first day — Just Because I felt XYZ was hurt and wanted to make her feel better. :))

      And Airplanes? No, man! My own friends are just like him. Funny, happy, sarcastic, yet sweet.

      Leave it, Ada. Much love to you and Merry Christmas. ❤ Few days left and no more on this issue.

    6. Plz guys this is just going too far…….its just 6 days left we should be in the moment…….we won’t get to talk to each other after that…….
      XYZ felt something along with us so she expressed it that’s it…….please don’t take it to 3-4th week fights of bb of srishty saba jinhe eliminate hue sadiyaan guzar gyi………n @Aarohi its not about liking or disliking of @XYZ for u…….
      Merry christmas#enjoy

    7. @Ada,
      That was the answer of your question .

      Anyways , all of you have a very very merry christmas . And loads of love. ❤
      Stay blessed. And no more this topic.

    8. AARO ,
      its not a one day or 3-4 days hatred it has been their the moment airplanes has landed on tellyland , its just that ki finale week is going so some of the pans are getting heated and hissing more , as they were too extinct till the 10th week # so minimum guaranted pans are venting their anger which they had in their heart since october heat :))-its just like that ki kandha kisi aur ka aur golliyan challa koi aur rha tha hahaha
      we are the same way as we were till the start of this show and will be glad to finish it with some good friends like you !!!!!

    9. @aarohi merry Christmas stay blessed ….pyaari si jhaappi from santa?just kidding khush rho aur khush kro …i mean kisi s khafa mt hooo nd dusro ki bhi moka mtdo?no grudgesnd yes l really like @xyz bht shaaaara nd always be in her favour??jse u used to be in ✈️

    10. @Aarohi..
      Did we met ever???
      Do we know each other???
      Do i know ada or anyone else in real life ???

      Then i dont know from where u come up to the result.. That i dont like u..
      And just bcz of difference of opinions???

      Aap mujhe 3 din se bol rahe ho difderent of views k chakkar m.. Me aap pe comment kar rahi hu…

      Dont u think i was the one who most of the time appreciated u too amd u did the same..

      Mere 3 din k ek bhi comment m contestants kahin bhi nhi they… Na aap logo k views they..
      Sirf of sirf ek hi baat thi that give ur pov.. Even make fun of contestants as they r not here…

      But dont say anything which is disrespectful to others in direct or indirect way..

      Agar aap ne bas mera ek point samjha hota tph 4 din ki mahabharat na hoti..

      Tph aap apne dimaag se ye baat nikaliye ki me apko pehle se pasand nhi karti… Aur even cutipie bhi apko pasand karti thi..

      Us din bhi me bplne wali thi that cutipie was conserned for u and ur image that’s y she came up with that comments and u took her/him in wromg way..

      I was tryimg to tell the same thing then again u took me wrong way..
      And haan gussa tha aap pe qki expectation thi ki aap baat ko samjhaoge aur as a frnds atleast ye bologe airplanes ko ki yaar its good to be funny

      But u should not cross limit…… As we ppl never said amything bad which directly refers to romil fan sree fan or someone..

      And trust me.. Sometimes to correct their frnds shows ur true frndship..
      As i know when i went wrong in lopa bani case to call her chudail(either it was in anger) sandeep and nandini cameup with their comment..

      They didn’t say directly to me anything but i knew they wNts to tell me u r lil wrong here to call lopa chudail… And i realised this thing at tje same time i read their comment..

      And trust me after readimg those comments of nandini and sandeep.. I was feeling good to see that these ppl wants me to be better person thats y tjey pointed put me..
      And i corrected myself too..

      Amd i was expecting from u the same… Aap airplanes ko bpl sakte they 1 week h q kisi ko fuse4s n all bolna..

      Hum sab bhi 7ske skills ki tareef kar hi rahe they

      Shayad apne ek do lines pe gaur kiya.. But un lines pe gair nhi kiya jahanmne likha tha ki mne apko pehle. Point out isliye nhi kiya cz kisi ko bhi chahe wo sahi ho ya galat point out kr k hurt nhi karma tha as lot of ppl are reading comments and ot can be disrespectful for u for me too..

      And i am that mature ki zabardasti ka kisi k liye bhi me negative thinking apne dimaag m nhi lati untill aur unless samne wala bnda kuch galat na kar de..

      And i swear.. Whatever wrote in my comments was not to disrespect u…. U called me frnd lot of time . That’s y i was telling u where u r going wrong.. I am like this in my real life too agar me kuch galat dekhti hu ja k us bnde ko boltihu aur agar koi mujhe aa k bolta h ki aap galat ho is point pe.. Me uspe bhi gaur kr k khud ko correct karti hu..

      Khair raat gayi baat gyi..
      And i have nothing personal against u.. Hope and even of airplanes…
      But i had problems only with some of the words he used…

  5. @XYZ……
    Aapke aaj k sabhi comments padh k sirf 1 hi cheez yaad aati h#MASHALLAH…….I hope to meet u n @Ada someday bcoz duniya bhut hi chhoti h…….;-))
    Lots of love to both of u…….
    Achha I wanted to ask if both of u r students??

    1. @nandini tq nd it’s an honour to meet u nd xyz..ny ys I’m still not working a student but not school going???a college student

    2. wish you all the happiness too and have a bright future ahead may god helps u in tough exams of your life and u come up with flying colours # kudos to u
      happy christmas to u and your loved ones # enjoy the delicious cake !!!!

    3. @Nandini..
      U know what i am really blessed in my life..
      Cz i am surrounded with lot of good ppl like u ada sandeep rajjo even of jagganath jap neha jisha.. And lot of commentors of last seasons as well as in outside world..

      And u know what.. Agar real. Life m. Hum. Log mile hote toh shayad best buddies hote n dher sari. Masti kar rah hote..

      And @ada.. This is for u… I dont know how u looks hows ur voice.. But afyer reading ur comments it looks like u definitely will be a really cute girl with very sweet voice..

      And one thing i have to say about u.. U r just a true soul… Duniya m boh9t akm. Log aap k jaise hote h..

      And as well as for nandini too..
      And aise log kismat walon ko milte h…
      I would be really lucky agar hum. Log college time. M milte same room share karte sath m ghumte firte.. As i really feel connected to u.. As i feel connected in the same way for anjali..

      And again ur one line made me smile ‘i am college going girl’ ????
      Cutennss overloaded in u… U know what apke comments na kabhi jab gussa aa raha ho kisi bande ko aur wo read kare apke comments.. Automatically smile ayegi uske face pe..

      And this is for u nandini… U seems like a matured person with full of grace and dignity… U r calm n composed and this quality i really liked about.

      Btw.. Marry xmas… Be happy and blessed..

    4. [email protected] so much aap bht pyaari h yr sach m milll hote hum jo log khud bht achche hote h u he dusre bhi achche lgte h aap bht sweet h hum bb k bd bhi gossip krte rhenge kisi n kisi comment box m okkkk???????sbbse zdaaaa cutieeeeeeeeeeeee aaap ho mrelye kitti sweetly apni bt rkhte ho nd @nandini u tooo so sweet nd we’ll continue our sweetieee wle bte??

    5. @nandini..
      No i am not student.. I am working..

      And what about u???

    6. Lokesh

      OOO that’s why u have a great sense of vision between correct and incorrect. A working lady .
      Probably just bcoz I m 19. ,mere Ko pata nhi chalta what’s ryt or wrong.will try to improve our vision mam.

    7. Rajjo

      Bingo @xyz… M working too…

  6. @XYZ…….
    In one comment u have written “aap sarcasm sarcasm kheliye”LOL ROFL…….seriously I laughed so loud… mother was like”kya padh liya isne”……

    1. @Nandini..

      Ha ha ha… ? ?
      U belongs from up na???

  7. Gayatri

    @ anuanu
    Terms and conditions mentioned in voot for voting
    The viewers who use the Internet Mechanism or Application Mechanism understands that as per the Rules and Regulations, the maximum number of votes that he/she can cast, for their favorite Shortlisted Participant per episode, during the Voting Cycle, is limited to a maximum of 1 votes per user and e-mail ID per Shortlisted Participant

  8. A 52 year man when asked what age should girl he wants he said 28-30, matlab 22-24 years less age girl. Epic. Shree & KV look good together

    1. i think salman still in his hum aapke hai kaun days isn’t it :p
      ye mausam ka jadoo hai mitwaa , salmann ko kabhi patjhad nhi aati :p

  9. Shoaib instead of telling only KV that Dipika itni bhi galat nahi hai should have said same to Dpka that KV itna bhi bura nahi. If Sree, KV and Dpka would have been together ye season dekne me maza aata

    1. i agree but simar had other motives and we see how much kvb-sree bond could have given to the show , but makers ki aalag soch thi , they prefer halwa rather than cuizines :p

  10. Entertaining episode especially with Ranvir Singh. The contestants too needed some fun after being goofed in the house since mid September with different personalities. I bet Romil, Deepak n Surbhi will miss her.

  11. @Airplanes..

    Ye apki soch h ki me october se hi apko like nhi karti..

    Shayad arohi k baad sabse zyada mne hi apke shayari skills ki tareef ki h chahe mujhe words pasand aye ho ya na aye ho..

    Apke kuch chahne wale toh kaafi late aye h.. Shayad 1-2 weeks se.. But me apke shayari skills ki b9h9t time se tareef kar rahi thi amd how many time i have said this thing that i respect ur skills.. Cheepika n all jitna karna. Tha aap kariye.. Apke un words pe toh m3n apko kabbi toka bhi nhi cz wo contestants h aur yahan present nhi h..

    Even in my yesterday’s comment i started with ‘i know aap dil k acche ho fir galat words likh k kya milta h??’

    But apka dhyaan acchi baton pe na ja k s8rf galat baton pe gaya

    Mne apko apke sirf 2 words k liye toka screw dheela and fusers… Jiska sabne rai ka pahad bana diya.. And apne tph ye hi bol diya ki oct9ber se apko dislike karti hu.. Agar dislike karti hoti toh apki tareeef na ki hoti..

    Aur agar apko yaad na ho toh jab aap change ho rahe they then i noticed positove changes in u.. Aur aap ki us time jam k tareef bhi ki thi..

    Aur yahan pe baitha shayad ek bhi insan nhi jisne apse apli real. Identity pe baat ki ho.. Neither aarohi.. Nor hope.. Aur na hi remaining log jo a0ke shayari skills ko pasand karte h..

    I was the only one who was intetested to know about ur real identity what u do n all..

    But apne itne dino ki gayi apki tareef and respectful words ko ye bol k 0 kar diya ki me apko october se hi dislike karti hu..

    Khair its totally ups to u.. Apko kya sochna h.. Kaise sochna h..

    Mne toh as a well wisher sirf apko samjhane ki koshish ki thi ko ye sab words use na karo cz i and lot of ppl respect ur skills but apne baat ko kahin aur hi ghuma diya..

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