Qayamat Ki Raat 23rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj dies

Qayamat Ki Raat 23rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kalasur says you will die with them too. He shoves one of the girls. She falls and die. Gauri says no. He says all of them will die. She takes the stone. Kalasur says give me this stone. Gauri says your darkness will end today. You have to die. For this stone you killed so many people right? Now you will die. She throes the stone in fire. Kalsur screams no. A light comes and strokes Gauri. Kalasur screams. Gauri releases all the girls and runs with them. Kalasur says no one can run frm here. He stops Gauri. All the girls run. He says I am kaal. You can’t win from me. He takes his axe. Kalasur is about to attack Gauri. Raj says stop Kalasur. Gauri says your end is here.

Kalasur coems to hall. Raj says see what we did to your sister. Kalasur shoves Gauri. He says leave her or.. Gauri runs towards Raj. He makes wall. Kalasur can’t come beyond it. Kalasur says come out. Gauri says see your end Kalasur. Your uma is dyin here. Kalasur says you can’t kill her. Raj says you can’t save her from us. Gauri says come save her from us if you can. Kalasur says I have no weaknesses. He makes a chandelier fall on them. Everyone falls. Uma runs towards KAlasur. Kalasur stabs her. Uma says what you did. He says you made me weak. I had to kill you so they have no weaknesses. He kills Uma. Everyone is dazed. Kalasur says now you don’t have my weakness. Now you will die. I worked hard all these years for this power. Now you two will die. Gauri says we are all together. You can’t kill us. Raj and Gauri hold each other’s hand. Gaur says you can kill us but not our live. Gauri says to Raj no matter we go we come back to each other. Nothing can separate us. Kalasur throws an axe towards them. Dharam comes on front and save them. Raj holds Dharam. Gauri cries. Dharam falls down. Raj says i wont let anything to you. Dharam says I have to go. My family waits for me there. Promise me you will take revenge from him? Raj says I will. I wont let anything happen to you. Dharma says Gauri friendship never dies. My friendship to you two will always be here. Dhaaram dies. Raj and Garui are in tears.

Kalasur beats Raj. He throws Raj on glass. Raj is badly injured. Kalasur says everything will end. Your family and Raj too. Gauri says ou will die. He says tantriks never die. You can’t kill me,. Gauri comes towards him. A vase hits her head. Kalasur says see your love is dying Raj. He beats Gauri. Rak picks the axe. He takes out ganga jal and throws it on kalasur. Gauri takes it from temple too. Gauri and Raj throw Ganga jal on Kalasur. He screams. He says I wont let you two be one. I will come back with a qayama ki raat. Gauri cries. They sit down and cry. Raj says this isn’t the end. He picks the ashes of Kalasur in a pot. Raj takes Gauri from there.

Scene 2
They walk in the jungle injured. Raj stops somewhere. He says let’s bury him here. He wont ever come back. Raj digs the ground. Raj says he wont ever come back. He buries the ashes in the ground. Gauir says let’s go to the hospital. They rush out of the jungle. Raj is injured. He says we have run so much. I need peace. He says let’s stay here for a while. I can’t run anymore. Please hug me once. Gauri hugs Raj. They recall their moments together. Gauri cries. Raj says we did everything. We couldn’t be one. We couldn’t save our family. He won. Gauri says we never separated. WE are together so we won. He died. Our love won. Be brave. Let’s go from here. raj says I can’t do it. She says I am here for you. I will take you out here. we have to live together. Gauri picks Raj but he falls on the ground. He says I am sorry Gauri. I can’t do this. Gauri says our love can’t lose. He loses his breath. Gauri says we have to show the world our love. Our love cann’t be broken. We will always be together. We will meet. He loses his breath.

A woman screams in labour in the hospital. She is taken to ER.
GAuri says if not in this life, we will meet in the other life. She says in next life we wont fight? He says you fought me too. He says you always fought me. She says so I am wrong? He says no please forgive me. Let me go now. She says you can’t leave me. He says I love you Gauri. I always loved you. Gauri cries. Gauri says you can’t leave me. He dies. Gauri is shocked. Gauri says raj.. She screams.

Savitri is crying in another life. She gives birth to a boy. Gauri says Raj wait for me in this work. I will come for you. Another family gives birth to a girl. They are in the same hospital. Raj and Gauri both die in the jungle.
A woman comes out of the sea. She says I am Sanjana and I don’t have a heart. She laughs.

Precap-Sanjana comes to the haveli. She kills a guy there. She says someone is coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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