Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: People accuse kanha of stealing wood.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha going to guru gargacharya. Kanha says guru, we are building the boat for all people, but what if kalkey brings the flood before we build the boat? Kalkey has to be defeated and I will kill him. gargacharya says kanha, you have to defeat kalkey the say you did in satyug, you have to take the matsya form. Kanha says yes guru, I know that, brother balram and my friends have almost completed making the boat, I will wait at the Yamuna river bank. Brother balram and radha will bring everyone in the boat when the flood shall come, then I will take the matsya avatar.
In Mathura, kansa is bathing in his bathing pond in the palace. Kansa dreams and laughs, kansa says I am excited when the flood comes, once it comes I shall see all people of brij mandal die as they drown and then I shall see kalkey kill that Vishnu when he takes matsya form. Lord Vishnu smiles.
Lord Vishnu then sends a fish to the pond that kansa is bathing in. kansa sees the fish and he gets scared and jumps out of the pond, kansa says how did a fish come here? no! kansa gets scared and he screams, out of his wits, kansa runs away. He goes and hides behind his throne.
In vrindavan, all people are angry as their wooden goods have been stolen, they see their wooden doors and windows also stolen. The people say this can be only kanha and no one else, now we are sure and we have to tell nand about this. A man says yes lets go to nand baba, otherwise all our doors and windows will be taken away. The villages go to nand’s house. Nand and yashoda come out. People say nand baba we know who is taking our windows and doors, we are sure it is kanha. Nand says what are you saying? He told you yesterday that he is not the thief. The people say nand baba, we have seen it with our eyes, we saw some friends taking away our wooden goods and only kanha can do such a thing, we are annoyed now and we cannot let that happen. we cannot just sit when we know who the thief is! Radha overhears them and thinks they are calling kanha a thief, I have to defend him because no one knows why this wood is actually being taken. The people say once we find the thief, we will punish him. radha goes to the people and says why are you all being so harsh towards the thieves? You don’t really know who it is, you are just blaming kanha and even if we find the thieves then there is no need to be so harsh towards them, maybe they are doing all this for a good reason too.
People say radha what are you saying? Someone is stealing our doors and windows and now even the wood from our bullock carts and we shouldn’t say a thing? Yashoda says radha do you know who the thieves are? Radha says no kaki yashoda, but no one can accuse kanha without any proof and so they should be careful with the usage of their words.

Precap: Radha tells everyone kanha and they all took the wood for a boat they are building. Kanha stops nand from breaking the boat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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