Bigg Boss 11 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arshi comes in house for last task

Bigg Boss 11 9th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99
Aakash holds Shilpa’s hand and says I love you, I would have married you if you were 25, all laugh. Shilpa says it just feels bad when you do this, we dont do anything for camera. Aakash says my mom have made me learn to grab opportunities, I dont see if I am hurting anyone in process, everyone should have that fire. Shilpa says I have learned that do for others and you will get more. Aakash says we wont even look at each other, you used to leave where I stood, I am sorry. Shilpa says I dont expect sorry from you. Aakash asks her give a hug, she reluctantly hugs him and says you are my darling, Shilpa lightly slaps on his butt and asks him to go away.

Hina says to Vikas that you got the biggest title of mastermind here. Hina says she called me neighbor aunty too, I called Shilpa competent. Vikas says what so good Shilpa happened? Hina says she made food, I fought with boys, won tasks and she is the best? Vikas says we won the prize money back too and she was working in kitchen calmly. Hina says our India’s thinking is like that.

Day 100
Inmates wake up to song chikni chameeli, they all dance. Aakash tries to hug Shilpa but Shilpa moves away, Aakash comes closer and gives her a hug.
Shilpa asks Puneesh to ask Aakash to stay away and dont joke with me, when he wants, he can do it, he has started that again, I dont have to keep everyone’s heart, they use us like footballs.

Aakash says to Shilpa that if you dont want to talk then its fine, why you are screaming at Puneesh? Shilpa says you hugged me today morning, I asked you not hug me. Aakash says yesterday you were crying so I gave you a hug, why you are making me look bad so you can make Puneesh good? you were nicely talking to me last day, I calmly said sorry to you, and you are doing this? Shilpa says you do everything what you want? you hugged me. Aakash says you slapped my butt too, he says to Vikas that I hugged her morning and she started shouting at Puneesh, Shilpa says you forcefully hugged me, I should have slapped you on face, you will get it before I leave from house. Puneesh says to Aakash that dont hug her if she doesnt want it. Aakash says I did a mistake saying sorry, I did patch up with her last night but leave it, people will look down on you when you say in house that women should not get education here. Shilpa says he got footage from me in show, he will work outside because of me too.

Shilpa says he forcefully hugged me. vikas says Aakash if she doesnt want to hug you then end it. Aakash says she is making it an issue, Shilpa says I want to look on screen, I will slap you on face now. Aakash says you slapped on my butt too. Shilpa says come here, I will slap you, she comes near Aakash, Aakash moves away and says dare you touch my butt again. Shilpa says when you said sorry, I should have slapped you. Aakash says you shouldnt have s*xually harassed me, it was molesting, Shilpa says wow, I can expect this from you. Aakash says you harass boys. Puneesh says Aakash it will be bad if you get slapped from a girl in the end.

Shilpa says to herself that its good to be strong but that doesnt mean people should hit you more hard if you are stronger than them, living here is very difficult, there are fights and anything can happen, you cant solve anything with fights, only ego comes with fights, be real in life, she wipes her tears and says people do drama, they become fake, I dont know.

Bigg boss says we have kept the box of votes from mall in house only. Vikas looks at Luv’s voting box and says they dont look 393 to me. Puneesh says your votes are way more than him and Luv’s votes dont look 393 to me. Vikas and Punesh starts counting. They count and say they are 293 votes. Vikas says shit.. Luv cheated for 100 votes, he increased 100 votes. Vikas tells Shilpa and Hina that Luv cheated on TV, he said he got 393 votes and he got 293 votes. Shilpa says maybe he did a mistake, Vikas says no, Hina says maybe he did a mistake, Vikas says not a mistake of 100 votes. Vikas says fans must be thinking that they didnt vote him just enough. Puneesh says he cheated thats why these boxes are here till now.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are giving you a task, you have to mutually decide who is most mean here, its not selfish but meanest inmate, you have to put that person’s photo on board in garden.
Hina says lets sit in sunlight and talk. Shilpa gives Aakash’s name. Vikas says Aakash became mean in waxing task. Aakash says all are agreeing that I was mean and I agree too. He puts his photo on frame as most mean person.

Rashke qamar plays. Arshi comes in house from bedroom. Bedroom shade is taken off, all inmates are excited to see her, Arshi dances in bedroom. Vikas is happy to see her and hugs Hina in happiness. Vikas says Begum open the door. Puneesh opens it and comes inside. Puneesh hugs her, Arshi hugs Vikas, she hugs Aakash. Vikas gives her a kiss on head. Akash laughs and says Arshi is back. Shilpa laughs too. Arshi comes to Shilpa and gives her a hug. Bigg boss says Arshi has come as judge.

Hina says Arshi will make food now, my food is sorted, Gupti she will make the food. Hina asks Arshi if she is allowed to make food? Arshi says yes. Hina hugs Arshi and says please make my food, Shilpa doesnt make it, Vikas cooks our food. Arshi says I need to talk about task, you all will have to do task nicely as it has big advantage and I will give it to you.

Vikas reads instructions that one inmate will get a chance to win money, Aakash has this chance right now as he was most mean but in this task they can prove themselves to be most mean, Task name is ‘Arshi wants’, in task, inmates have to use delivery box, we will send inmates photos one by one, then other inmates will go to Arshi and tell what meanest thing they will do with the person whose photo has come in delivery box, Arshi will select one inmate which she thinks have the most meanest idea and she will give that inmate chance to be mean to the person in delivery box, In start on the meanest title board, Aakash’s photo is there, Arshi will choose the inmate to be mean who gives most challenging options and if the inmate is able to complete his or her challenge then that inmate’s photo will be put on the board replacing the previous one’s photo which is Aakash right now, the one who will not complete challenge photo will not change on meanest board. At the end of task, the one whose photo is on board will win the task and get a chance to win money. Arshi says you have to be meaner than mean.
Hina says personal things wont matter, Puneesh says I dont care if they burn my whole clothes.
Aakash says to Arshi that they backbited about you so much. Arshi says it doesnt matter what they did, only 3 days are remaining so work hard.
Puneesh says Arshi will make us work nicely in task.
Vikas says to Arshi that you will take someone out of house with you.

Arshi asks Shilpa to sit. Shilpa says I have one bracelet of yours, I thought to wear it in finale. Arshi says please wear it till I am here. Shilpa laughs and wears Arshi’s bracelet, she hugs Arshi.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Aakash wont leave Arshi now, they are all so selfish.

Arshi says to Aakash that you were happy when I got eliminated, Akash says I was hurt a little, Shilpa says he was jumping around but he felt bad inside. Arshi asks Aakash if he didnt become Shilpa’s friend? he says I tried but she doesnt listen.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that God is watching everything.

Vikas says to Hina that I am hiding my photos, Hina says you cant hide. Vikas says it was not written anywhere that I cant hide before the task, you find it and use it then.

Hina says to Arshi that Shilpa is cleaning whole house and her own corner is so dirty, Arshi says I know. Hina says her makeup pouch is so dirty and she is washing flour clothes, when Salman asked then I said that she is little not hygienic so she got angry and said she will not make food for me, I told her that show is ending so she should stop all this. Hina says Aakash hugged her and then she said that Aakash is doing same thing with her, Aakash said that she slapped on my butt last night too so we said why did you go to her?
Hina says Puneesh was called snake in conference. Arshi says he is. Aakash says Puneesh was defending and getting claps for Shilpa. Arshi is making food for inmates.

Hina eats food and says someone said no to make food for me and God sent someone else to cook me food, she knows that I dont know how to cook food. Shilpa says I have seen such drama people here. hina says not bigger than you, you backbited about Arshi so much and now getting emotional over her bracelet. Aakash says Arshi they b*t*hed about you so much, Arshi laughs. Aakash says claps for Shilpa, she backbited so much. Shilpa says you should clap, Shilpa says you came to say sorry to me last night because you thought I will win the show.

Buzzer plays. Puneesh says we have got the first photo. Shilpa’s photo comes in delivery box. Vikas says we have to do mean things to her. Vikas says we have to think what meanest thing we will do.
Arshi sits in her seat, Puneesh comes and says I will not give Shilpa her slippers, she has only two sandals in whole show, I will take them and cut it,she will cry for three days, he leaves. Arshi says I want to make it spicy for audience. Hina says in camera that I just cant be mean so I will choose things that can harm for least time. Vikas comes to Arshi and says Shilpa eats stale food and doesnt poop easily so if I hide her poop powder then she wont be able to poop, Arshi says its not mean, Vikas says it is. Hina comes to Arshi and says Shilpa cant stay away from her socks. Arshi says its not mean, its childish, you people have been mean whole season and now giving these options.
Puneesh says Aakash is scared most. Aakash comes to Arshi and says that will you approve them to destroy my championship rings of 18lacs? they are hard earned, Arshi says I dont know. Aakash says I can throw Shilpa’s vicks, please save my ring, Arshi laughs.
Arshi says I choose Puneesh to be mean with Shilpa. Puneesh have take all sandals and slippers from Shilpa and cut them. Arshi says you have to destroy all three sandals of hers. Puneesh asks Shilpa to give her slippers she is wearing, Shilpa says I am wearing it. Puneesh takes all slippers from luggage room. Shilpa says I only have these sandals only. Arshi says Puneesh have to do it. Vikas says its Puneesh’s specialty to backbite his friends. Aakash asks Arshi to save his jacket and ring, please please, she says I am doing my work. Puneesh says to Shilpa that I am going to take all your sandals. Puneesh takes Shilpa’s sandals and takes cutter, he says should I cut them? Aakash says leave it Puneesh. Shilpa says I have only these three sandals. Arshi says Puneesh you have to do it. Hina says Puneesh is scared. Puneesh asks Shilpa I should not cut it? Shilpa says if it was something else then I would have let you do it, Puneesh says you dont have something big. Puneesh asks Hina what to do? Hina hides. Puneesh says I am not doing this challenge, I cant do it.

Arshi asks Shilpa if you missed me? Shilpa says yes. Shilpa says I felt that you will leave that day, when my heart hurts then it hurts, Arshi says you forgave Aakash. Shilpa says forgiving Aakash is different, Aakash is a fool and you are not. Arshi says but if you have forgiven me then.. I came to you for 4 times, you get angry and do this. Shilpa says people get attached to dogs even in four days. Arshi laughs and says Aakash is a dog or lower than a dog? Shilpa smiles. Shilpa says I have to be mean with this Aakash, it will be fun.

Buzzer plays, Puneesh brings out photo from delivery box, its Vikas’s photo, inmates have to be mean with Vikas. Arshi sits in her seat. Vikas says everyone loves me so much that no one wants to be mean, Arshi says you are that dog’s tail that never gets straight.
Shilpa says to Arshi that I will put Vikas’s 5 shirts/jackets in pain. Arshi says great thinking. Shilpa says you look nice, Arshi is wearing white night.
Aakash comes to Arshi and says I will destroy Vikas’s favorite shaving cream, Aakash leaves.
Vikas says to Hina that dont use my Vaseline, its my heart.
Hina comes to Arshi and says I have two options, either his dragon bracelet which is very important to him or his family photo.
Puneesh says to Arshi that Vikas’s shoes are very close to him, I will pain them.
Arshi says bigg boss I am accepting Shilpa’s challenge to be mean with Vikas. Arshi says Shilpa will put Vikas’s five shirts in paint box. Vikas says I dont have clothes.

Vikas says to Shilpa that you said you will use T-shirts? dont take jackets. Arshi asks her to take jackets only, Shilpa says he doesnt have T-shirts. Shilpa takes Vikas’s hoodies. Vikas says just leave my lion hoodie, its a gift from someone, dont be so much mean, Arshi says Shilpa is doing her task, Shilpa says I always do. Vikas says Shilpa use all hoodies but leave lion hoodie, Shilpa says I want to be mean more than Aakash. Arshi says Shilpa will do her task, she will put 5 upper body items of Vikas in pain. Vikas says Shilpa your brother sent you lion too, you felt bad about it, please leave my lion hoodie, you can take another jacket, you will get brownie points, Shilpa says should I beat you? Shilpa asks him to choose between red or green hoodie he wants to save. Vikas says just leave lion jacket, take something else.. Shilpa gives all jackets back to Vikas, Vikas says I knew you wouldnt do it, Shilpa says I cant do it, Vikas thanks her, Shilpa says dont thank me, we are on a stage where I cant do it. Arshi says so you people dont want to do tasks? Shilpa says I want to slap Aakash for being mean, will you let me slap him? Aakash is most meanest so he should get this title only, ARshi says you didnt do task, Shilpa says Bigg boss will punish me if they want. Hina says to Arshi that I told you challenges which I can do, Arshi says they are hurting their game only, Hina says nothing new.

Vikas says to Hina that I lied, I will put that lion hoodie in paint myself, I just wanted to show that she can give up tasks easily, she gave up on my simple saying, I lied. Hina says if she cant do it then why is she proposing such things to Arshi. Vikas says just to show that she can do tasks.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that inmates wont give me meddle if I do one task in end, they wont praise, bigg boss will scold me if do it.

Arshi lies in bed with Aakash, Aakash hugs her. Aakash says Shilpa is doing bad things but she does comedy and covers it, she is snatching others chances, she wont let me come up in task, please save my jackets and shoes, I have earned it, I do shows in that, give me kiss now.

PRECAP- “Arshi wants” task will continue tomorrow. Vikas says I have given the challenge to wax Puneesh’s body, Puneesh holds his head hearing it. Arshi says Shilpa has decided to break lion mug. Hina says dont do it Shilpa, Shilpa says its a task baby, she is about to break it.
Tomorrow Arshi will be part of last elimination, top 4 finalists will be decided. Arshi says I came here for this only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaira_khan

    Hi guys dont know y im not able to directly login from my account still commenting here
    -Lovedd the atmosphere when KHAN BEGUM came!!.. the most happiest was Vikas .. Shilpa and Hina were looking happy too!!.. Akash and Arshi s friendship is something unique in all..
    -HMM even acc to me the most MEANEST contestant is akash only..
    Coming to the task i felt tht it was going to be really entertaining but in 1st case.. Shilpa and puneesh i was suprised tht puneesh didnt tore up her shoes!!.. but as for the task is concerned im not ok with tht..
    -All the contestants who told abt their meanest act acc to me it was HINA S i mean she did it smartly!.. arshi sould have choosed hina s like shilpa also had a gud idea but not more than hina s
    Lastly, i support both Shilpa and Vikas here as see Shilpa always goes with the overflow of emotions maybe she cant be mean just for the sake of task and thts not wrong but yeah someone s chance got spoilt tht was wrong..
    Coming to Vikas i actually felt it was sharp of him if he hadnt persuaded shilpa,.. then maybe she would have done it and like she would have become the meanest contestant ,, which he dosent want…
    #tommrow lovedd the precap finally shilpa is going to play!!.. lets see

    1. @Sam Puneesh apne dosti bohut khoob nibha raha hei.Koyi use fake bole kuch bhi bole sab usko bohut pasand karne laga hei.Shilpa ki magic hi vahi hei.Uske sath jo bhi hei bohut positive ban jate hei.Jaise Shilpa ne bola Puneesh is in Top 4.I am sure agar Arshi&Hiten Shilpa ki sath deta to vo zaroor top 5 me hote.Akash bohut entertain kiya usse bhi zyada irritate kiya.Usne Shilpa ko sataya aur apna KARMA mil gaya.Log sochte the Puneesh show me kuch nahi kiya fir bhi dekho Puneesh ko usse zyada votes mila.Ooparwala sab dekh raha hei

    2. @kavi .. its not oopar wala.. its makers….

    3. and ye shayad shilpa ki life ka hi karma h that she is alone in bb … as puneesh is using her for his own benefit.. and alone in real life too ….

    4. @kavi sirf shilpa ke wajah se nehi, bahut saare nomination task mei vikas ke wajah se puneesh bachte aaya hai..

    5. Xyz frustrated mat ho

    6. @kavi…aapne toh bola tha ki aap bas finale ki din aaoge…ab kya hua?
      chalo anyways…bolo jo bolna hai…@xyz se jaada frustration aapki baaton mein nazar aarahi hai kyuki aap kuch bhi bol rho…puneesh sirf use kar raha hai shilpa ko aage tak jaane ke liye…koi dosti nahi hai uski…sabse bada darpok hai woh ghar mein..asli saanp woh hi hai naa ki arshi

    7. @kavi… i thnink u r frustated like shilpa ….
      i am not bcz i like reality not fake drama….
      aur jo bande ye bhi na dekh paye.. even for her favourite that somene is using her just bcz of that person is showing fake careness towards your fav . , It shows how blind and frustated u r..
      atleast we vikas/hina fan blvs in reality and if puneesh was good with vikas still we didn’t say he is a good frnd bla bla bla….
      and u can’t even stay on ur words .. waise bolte h ilike hina.. n hina k against bhi bolte h.. u can’t even decide whom u like …. toh ab aur kya hi bolun me apke liye……
      @VGFan .. thanks buddy ..
      loads of love.. 🙂

    8. XYZ knows everything …who is alone in life and what not…..personal comments on gupti are lined up then…don’t flinch and crib like your crybaby VIKAAR!

    9. Neeru

      Ppl think puneesh is real… ??? Joke of d day…. Just wait till he gets out….. I am sure he will talk against shilpa…. Like most of d evicted contestants…. This is just for votes…. And itz working…. Shilpa fans are voting for him nd thinks he is deserving coz he is supporting shilpa……
      I am glad arshi nd hiten are out rather dan staying in d game like dis…. Thats called dignity se jaana….. ?? Dey’ll go far in life…. Puneesh tho is show ke baadh dekhega bhi nhi kahin…. He’ll nt be remembered …!!

    10. @neeru… he will not talk against shilpa as he want some work…….
      and to be in good looks of salman and janta….

    11. It’s quite visible to all commenters and even silent readers like me who is most Frustrated and who needs Burnol here…
      Highest level of frustration and insecurity – suddenly a group of PR came same day and started abusing Vikas Hina and praise Shilpa… And those who comes occasionally also defending shilpa seeing 4-5 newcomers… Ha ha ha
      They too know shilpa is the fixed winner that’s why she was favoured by BB and salman since starting…still they can’t digest the fact ‘ THE MAN WHO APPEARED JUST 3 MONTHS AGO ON NATIONAL TV IS WINNING MANY HEARTS ‘ while their favourite who was a celebrity for more than a decade is getting much hatred..!!
      You people use Burnol on correct parts…
      Do some health check up also to find if your organs are working normal or went out of order..
      Whatever Vikas won inside is because of his smartness and hardwork only not by torturing,playing victim,or making roti then bragging about it…
      He won 90+ tasks… Turned his enemies to his friends, keeping promises , showing humanity, giving nice advices & motivating speeches, never mocked anybody’s emotions.,made pure Friendships, doing all housechores, respecting host,BB, guests… What a superb human being he is..

    12. @Taniya…. exactly….
      this is what we are saying ….
      but still dont know y ppl can’t see .. jo bandi khud hiblame kar rahi thi wahin apne words change kar rahih toh wo bandi real kaise ho sakti h

  2. Shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde shilpa shinde is the besttttttyttttttttttttttttttttt

    1. No she gains sympathy of the public by putting on a sad face and pity me…pity me….pity me….look.

    2. Shilpa Shilpa Shilpa Shilpa Shilpa is the best ……or baaki sabi ko burnol ki bahut jarurat h …

  3. f**kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Hina the b*t*h

  4. f**kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    I hate hina she’s the vamp she’ll be crying the out of a sudden she’s is like no l am girl this is why I be crying then she’ll accuses shilpa of a s*xist

  5. Vikas ka favorite word dogli dogli title aaj k episode pe hina or vikas ko jata h..lion hoodie spoil rkne jaa rhi thi Shilpa to vikas usase simple way se ni kah rha Tha literally bhik maang raha Tha k usko spoil na kre …vikas 100% sure Tha k Shilpa spoil kregi kyunki wo janta Tha k Shilpa gusse me kar skti h ..or inhe moka mil jaaye aaj Tak koi task ki ni .is task k bahane ki Shilpa apni bhadaas nikal gyi …pr Kya kre Master mind ka masterstoke ko Shilpa ne fail kr Diya poor vikas???…fir baad me Hina k sath b*t*ing kr RHA Tha mene to jhooth bola etc etc .wow vikas great ye to wahi hua chit b Meri Pat b Meri …ye bilkul saaf Sikh than kitna desperate h ye Dono Shilpa ko nicha dikhane k liye …Shilpa bahut samjhdar …har chije samjhdar se krti ….Kaash Kal ka promo sahi ho Hina ka cup toote…Hina ka b to kahna Tha task ni krna Tha to propose rakha hi Kyu tab Hina ka reaction dekhne laayak hoga Shilpa task kr rhi h ya bhaadas nikal rhi h ..sorry reaction ni ..b*t*ing between Hina and vikas…..mean ka to pehle hi pta chal gya Tha ..arshi seegale milte hi tum mere liye cook krogi …Chalo Hina ka 3rd cook b aa gya …dogla word to vikas or Hina pe ?% fit lgta h ….

    1. Aapne notice kiya.Jab Shilpa jacket vaapas de di tab Vikas andar rakhne gaya aur bola Thanks mujhe pata tha k aap nahi karenge fir aakar Aunty ji Hina ke samne use apna master stroke bata diya such a cheap trick that was.Waise acha hi hua Gupta ki insecurity dekhke bohut maza aa rahi hei.Gupta aunty aur karo b*t*hing.Kuch logo ko galat fehmi the ke Vikas devta b*t*hing nahi karta.Ab pooradin episode me bhi vahi dikhate hei?

    2. sampath kumar

      vikas kabi aisae nahi bolta …. task tho mean banaeki eh some fools in twitter telling dilwala bangaya shilpa bolrahae ….. vikas gave her 3 shirts in place of hoodie but still gave up …… task karnae kaeliya diya tha sympathy gain karnaekaeliyae nahi bola ….. she is just emotionally fooling everyone…. but tat is also nice strategy it is working for her ……..victim card ki agae kuch bhi nahi teektha honesty humanity brilliance kuch bhi nahi ……

    3. @kavi …
      *Kuch logo ko galat fehmi the ke Vikas devta b*t*hing nahi karta*
      he is not devta.. and he dont have to be …. like shinde..
      who does drama of her career and then said… koi kisi ko ban nhi kar sakta … apne hi statement se change hone wala insaan se bada dogla aur kon ho sakta h…..

    4. Insecure and hypocrite jodi of big boss is vikas Hina ….??????

    5. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Insecurity to hamesha hi rhi h.. Jab har bar nominate hokar bach jati h…
      What i loved most…
      The conversation when vikas literally begging (for vikas fans.. Playing task acting lol..)) Shilpa not to do that…
      N the reply man…
      Aap hi ko dal dun…
      Cherry on the top…..
      Koun shi koun galat iske pchde me padna hi nhi… Bas vote karo aur mast raho 3 more days to go…

    6. @ kavi …they are hypocrite ..insecure kuch expect b ni kr skte h ……plzz big boss burnol cream dedo Hina vikas ko …warna dusro ko nicha dikhane ki kosis me khudh defame ho rhe …

    7. i m vry excited for today’s episode..
      jab shilpa hina ka cup broke karegi tab hina ka sakal dikhne layak hoga or mastermind dogli word to aapko shot karta hai or hina ko.or hina kal arshi ko kiya bol rahi thi mere liye karne wali aagayi aasa hin hai to apne ush ro….ko boldo ek servent bhi bhejde.or yeh hina khan khana khate time aishe face banati hai ki jaishe 1saal se khana na khayi ho or din bhar bas make-up karo or bed pe leti raho.shilpa koi bhi episode main leti hui dekhi hai.mastermind kaise shilpa request kar raha tha lion jacket waist na karo or jake hina ke samne shilpa ki burai karti hai yeh to shilpa ka nature hai ki mastermind ko bhek mai de diya .main apni life main mastermind and hina jaise gira huaa inshan kabhi nehi dekha hai shame on you both of…

    8. @anjali … agar shilpa show win kar h na toh usey jo paise milenge na wo bhi hna/vikas ki khairat hogi shilpa ko as they won the prize money task and get back money………
      aur agar shilpa sach m hi itni mahan h toh hina ka bhi na mug break karti …
      and doglapan toh dekho shilpa ka… ek side arshi k samne bracellate ko le k emotions dikha rahi h behind the back b*t*hing kar rahi h………

    9. Shilpa didnt break Hina’s cup, she simply fools everyone to show she ‘s not mean, she showed her cruelty in lilliput task already, mean task is similar in nature, but backs out last moment making devi face.. Kamaaaal ki actress he!
      Vikas won this task too. The real Taskmaster! He wil be offered now to take suitcase and leave like manu did

    10. Hina&Vikas k vajah se winning prize 0 ho gaya aur vo log vapas leke aaye.Achi baat hei

    11. @anjali seen…Me too excited for today episode ….Shilpa ne mug break Kiya …to ye ek silent slap hoga Hina vikas pe….Jo kahte h Shilpa koi task ni krti h ..1%b task me ni deti h etc…undono k unhi k language me jawab mil gya k aaj wo task me apna 100% degi wo b Puri siddat see.. after all it’s a task baby!!!!!…

    12. @kavi … atleast they didn’t give up like shilpa….
      atleast raat bhar try toh kiya task perform karne ka.. but on the other hand shilpa mata ne like always give up kar diya…

    13. XYZ as got memory loss just like VIKAAR’s new pet Hina…..
      Hina ke beautiful plan ke chaltey jo unfairly paise Kam ho gaye they….use wapas laana toh duty thi…..what khairat?…..

    14. @mahi… shilpa ne bhi give up kiya tha uske jitne paise bante they wo bhi uske give up karne ki wjahase kam hue they..
      but proud of hina/vikas… atleast kaam bigadne k baad thik toh kiya… on the other hand.. shilpa ne kam bhi karaye paise aur wapis paane k liye fir se mehnat nhi ki…..
      so its khairat to her… ab samajh aya??????? i think nhi aya…
      koi baat nhi.. hota h…..

    15. @xyz ….Shilpa winning prize paise wagrah k liye Mar ni h …Shilpa haters ne Shilpa winner man liya wahi bahut …winning amount khairat mile usase koi mtlb ni h…Chalo kahi to haters satisfy kr rhe h apne aapko ….burnol laga the h ???

    16. @Raman ….
      *Shilpa haters ne Shilpa winner man liya wahi bahut *
      wo toh season ki starting se mana hua h as she is fixed winner….
      *Shilpa winning prize paise wagrah k liye Mar ni h*
      toh kis cheez k liye mar rahi h???????/
      kaam k liye??????? accha haan 2 years se ghar baithi h.. shayad yahan thodi si acting dikha k kaam mil jaye….
      arey nhi.. usey paise hi chaiye.. cz kaam ka toh usey khud bhi pata h 7 shows chodeh/nikali gayi h… fir se wahin repeat karne se accha paise hi le lo free k bina kaam kare….

  6. Akash taklani has been evicted???

    1. Sabko pata tha yehi hoga…
      In fact all Vikas& Hina fans predicted last week itself that makers will evict Acash next because he went against Shilpa after ranking task.
      Have some common sense to understand
      Or show some courage to admit makers are doing everything in favour of shilpa only..
      Puneesh became very much negative and poisonous after being shilpa’s pet!
      Now he ‘s in top 3 or top 2 ,
      And fixed winner shilpa will take home 50 lakh which Hina,Vikas brought back..
      Chalo, man lo shilpa ko bheek mili hai..

    2. Aap ki Gupta ki dost Kiswer bhi bola Puneesh bohut acha kar raha hei.Sab uske thareef kar rahe hei.Aisa bhi ho sakta hei -Puneesh ko Vikas se zyada votes mile

    3. @nidisha … very well said….
      *Hina,Vikas brought back..
      Chalo, man lo shilpa ko bheek mili hai..*
      shilpa dvi itni mahan h ki unhe is baat se bhi fark nhi pada tha ki task haar jane ki wajah se money task fail ho sakta h……
      aur jo bhi.(waise toh shilpa is fixed winner) ye show jeetega usey vikas/hina ki khairat hogi….

    4. Mostly Winning prize h Hina k wajah se hi gayab huyi thi astronaut task me Hina ne hi encourage Kiya Tha baaki sabhi ko .. Hina’s line guys let’s have fun…ab mistake ki to repent kr rhi h ..

    5. @raman… yeah …. hina ki wajah se amount deduct hua… but she tried to perform… not like shilpa who gave up so easily… it shows how mahan she is.. usey koi fark na tab padta tha na hi is baar pada.. ki agar amount 0 h rehta h toh usse kisi ek ka loss hoga…
      and as u said hina repent it… wahin na.. atleast they are trying.. but shilpa only gave up in all the tasks so easily…

    6. Yeah we can clearly see how makers pitted luv tyagi in live voting just to save their fellow MTV team mate VIKAAR…..
      Bottom 4 instead of bottom 3….kyun?…ViKAAr mukt ghar nahi chahiye naa…
      Let the house fester with the dirty mind games ….#.Fixed Winner Gupta…..#using shilpa’s popularity to gain vote revenue…

    7. Hahaha,Kavi,for us Shilpa is a winner,responses will pour in,bheek mili hai it seems,all who goes in knows ,Show n host everything is scripted,all want their favourites to win no problem in that,this year if Shilpa wins ,good for her,as her fan I will be happy,if not also,somebody else will win,that is it.They got trp everything,our votes alone won’t decide.Even if it is fixed that candidate who won should give matter for camera,which Shilpa also gave and that is y she reached here,supporting ur favourite is one thing,degrading others is something else.I honestly feel top 4 except Puneesh is good.Hina will be third probably.

    8. @tarun… very well written….

    9. He deserved it.

  7. cant digest d fact dt luv did cheating.nd in today’s epi i think wt shilpa did fr vikas was genuine dis tym vikas is wrong sry vikas bt u dint do good!!!!!

    1. Harshi aap ne insta me Luv ka msg dekha?Mujhe to Vikas&BB k drama lagta hei.Luv ab tak bohut honestly khela hei.Usko jhoot bolne ki koyi zaroorat nahi hei.Vikas to sabko neecha dikhana chahta hei.He is so cunning. Hina&Shilpa bol rahe the anjaane me hua hoga.Hina bhi 60 k jagah 600 likha tha. Lekin masterblind ko ye dikhana tha ke usko Luv se bohut zyada votes mila hei.

    2. sampath kumar

      vikas ki sath puneesh bhi count kar rahahae and he is the one told VG i saw tat ur votes r more than love puneesh ka naam bhi nahi laeraihiho ….. aap VG hater oh teekay but blaming him for this is peak of hatredness ……

    3. Look at the boxes jus after punis sorted it and before they started counting
      293 votes in box 393 on card
      Fraud of season 11-Luv tyagi
      First 3 boxes shilpa,Vikas,Hina r almost same.
      Nowhere looks like shilpa has 200 votes margin from Vikas and Hina. Did punis&shilpa wrote approximate??
      Shilpa Hina felt they too counted wrong.Vikas was confident

    4. ppl need to hv brain. Aapko real life me koi bevkoof bana dega aapko pta bhi nhi chalega. Try to understn the difference btw right n wrong. Real n fake. Shilpa is fake. N vikas has winner qualities. Cant u make out this simple thng. Hum me se koi in logon ko personally thodi janta h. Na inke jeetne se humara fayda ya nuksan hai. I dnt believe in fandom n all. But show main jo insaan brilliance dikhata hai. Uski kadar karo. We india as a country cant progress if we dnt knw whom to vote for. Who is right n who is wrong. As simple as that. We shud not b fooled by tears or undeserving ppl. This happens in day today life also. Undeserving log upar pahunchte hain coz of wrong judgement

    5. @sampath,fida,indian… na na… ab shilpa fans ko puneesh thode hi dikhega as puneesh became pet of shilpa these days…
      ab ye log sirf bolenge vikas ne luv k liye aise bola… but puneesh said the same thing…….
      but ye log uska naam bhi nhi lenge

  8. I don’t want vikas to win the mean title bcoz I think it’s a trap.the person who gets money will ask to leave the show I think.i want aaksh to win the mean title and leave the show with the money.he should understand that he is not going to win.

    Vikas chance of winning is also very low but I don’t want him to leave the promo they are saying only Shilpa and Hina name so I think they are going to be top 2 and fixed winner Shilpa.i love the way Hina said v brought money back for

    If Shilpa doesn’t like she should strongly warn him when he is trying to hug her.and don’t touch on his back also, always keep one arm distance, suddenly saying was an insult to aaksh also.but I don’t support aaksh also but I don’t want him to get insulted again and again.

    1. Shilpa is getting footage because of Aakash. If she does not like it (just publicity) she should not encourage it either and not make an issue after he hugs her. She too is hitting his butt which is so cheap.

    2. @sonya .. exactly …
      previous seasons m hbi hua h agar koi female contestant complain karti h toh bb action leta h…. but shilpa is taking footage from akash … bhai agar mujhe kisi ka touch pasad nhi toh e baar strict warning dungi … har do din m accha bura hone ka drama nhi karungi…….
      and bdw , apko akash ka tuch itna bura lagta h toh aap bhi mat karo use touch … na khud karo aur na pane sath hone do..
      simple ….
      but stand bhi nhi lena… issue bhi banana h…

    3. Mean contestant ka title Gupta jeet gaya.LOL
      Jealousy at its peak:
      Shilpa did nt destroy jacket
      Hina: yeh task nahi karti.
      Vikas: mene juth bola.
      Imagine Shilpa would have actually destroyed jacket
      Hina: Shilpa is so damn mean
      Vikas: (Crying) yeee meea gift tha.aise hi hai yeh aurat
      Vikas-mene Hr Hafte teer mare h,shilpa ne kya kiya h kitchen k alawa
      Hina-ab kya kre Hindustan ki soch hi yahi h
      Hina-very disappointing.Vikas khud ka game to spoil kar hi raha hei sath me Hina keliye bhi nukzaan kar raha hei

    4. sampath kumar

      task tho mean banaeki eh na ….. vikas ll try to make her not to do that wats so wrong …. kuch bhi

    5. @kavi …. great …. and he proved it again he is a strong perfromer …
      bhai even acting ka hi toh rani k samne wahin jeeta tha …. aiyaari team k samne bhi wahin jeeta tha…
      ab vikas ko jeetne ki adat lagi hui h kya kar sakte h……..
      and rahi baat shilpa ki humanity bas tasks m yad ati h??????? what about after that???

    6. @kavi most of the time you are similar to Shilpa gi, sometimes she is far better than you. Vikas asked pri how come he knew that vikas is a the same way how do you know he is aunty.why are you after his s*xuality.we don’t bother whether he is a gay or transgender .we like bcoz of his nature.
      Hope you don’t understand as Shilpa she is going to win.what else you want

    7. You are absolutely correct ….Hina vikas ka hypocrisy k level bahut badh Chuka h..they are insecure …ab to Hina ka mug tutna hi chahiye

    8. @kavi ….100% correct..

    9. Xyz BB bhi Gupta ko support kar rahe hei. Vo task jeeta isme koyi proud hone k baat nahi hei

    10. @kavi… toh kya shilpa k give u karne pe proud karun?????????
      ya uske khana bana k ehsaan dikhane pe???????
      ya fir career k naam pe torture kar k again ye bolne pe ki koi kisi ko ban nhi kar sakta is baat pe proud karun???????

    11. sampath kumar

      aar task jeetnae kaeliyae khelna eh……….. haar kar mahan dikanae kaeliyae nahi …. shilpa breaked hina sher khan mug to show she is doing task and said mae devi nahi hoo… morning aakash ko slap karnae agaya and task ki time telling woh bacha eh aar cheez usae pasand eh unkae sath kaesa mean ho saktha hoo……….i m not able to understand her….

    12. @kavi……..completely agree…….

    13. kavi,not all but many would have said that only,not being prejudiced but that is what is happening here many times.

  9. Arey behan Hina 3 months se sun rahe hain ki mujhe khana banana nahin aata. Yaar uss ghar mein to koi aisa kaam nahin hai that you can say I don’t get time to learn. Agar niyat hoti to ab tak seekh leti. Means if I feel that I am becoming dependent on someone for something and I don’t share a good rapport with them then I would prefer to learn it. But somewhere I genuinely think Hina is one of those people who take cooking otherwise bcos these days be it a girl or a boy most of them enjoy cooking.

    1. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Well said..
      Living alone for last 13 years…
      Start me trouble hui.. But now I’m good at it..
      Yaha tak ki ghar jakar bhi kbhi kbhi sbke liye bna deta hun jo muje sabse acha aata ho..
      She is such fake lady talks about girls womens empowerment… N pressing remarks on Indian girls upbringing n their career choice.. While she herself is dependent on earlier shilpa n others now on akash n vikas n for what FOOD..
      PAR bistar se uthne ka man ho to kuch sikhe na.. Bana banaya mil jata h uth ke khalo.. Thoda paadho.. Aur so jao..

  10. Hina is smart, elegant, well dressed, always groomed and carries herself well. Very classy. She gives her best in the task and also does house work like washing the toilets. Shilpa loved to cook and it was her choice to do it. Unlike in previous years the captain delegated work and cooking task. That was her strategy. Other than that she would sit and talk to big boss to gain sympathy of the public. We say Aarshi gave up easily in task. Shilpa was worse but this was never highlighted . Glad the inmates brought it up. On a positive note I don’t think anyone else can host this show better than Salman…we love you!

    1. Yes,even Salman also scolded aarshi when she became Capt. I’ve no issues with Salman as he is just reading script.he is an entertaining host.
      In first week I got surprised when Hina was doing toilet cleaning without any issues.if she doesn’t know cooking it’s not a big deal.but now she understood the need of cooking so she will definitely learn

    2. @neha,sonya… agreed to u… hina is far better than shilpa…..

    3. @ xyz and @sampath …Hina b konse dudh ki dhuli h …usne b Shilpa arshi bandagi k bahut hi ganda ganda bola h …. Ye koi girl empowerment ni hoti b …cheap Hina…

    4. @raman … i think u r new here so u didn’t read our previous comments.. as we went against hina when she did wrong with arshi and when she did wrong with shilpa too ..
      and we went against vikas many times …
      but apko shayad wo sab nhi dikha….
      *Ye koi girl empowerment ni hoti b …cheap Hina…*
      ye baat shayad yahan bht pehle ho chuki h… and shayad apse zyada hina k liye hum logone hi bola tha.. but now we respect her improvement … bcz we are not getting anything from vikas/shilpa/hina …
      and as u talked about girl empowerment .. frankly speaking girl empowerment ka concept toh na shilpa ne follow kiya na hina ne aur na hi arshi ne…
      but the problem is … jab hina ne body shame kiya shilpa/arshi ko humi logo ne bhar bhar k hina pe comment kiye …
      but jab baari ayi shilpa ki when she made s*xual remark and racial comments .. then u r defending her ..
      mere kuch bolne se apka mind toh change nhi hoga .. but still i would suggest consider this thing … galti karne k baad khud ko improve karna is much better thing
      and galtiyaan sirf ek ki hi consider nhi karni chaiye sabki karni chaiye ….

    5. @sonya .. morning me Hina ka face without makeup rhta h ..isliye bahut ugly old lagti h …Hina is looking older Tha Shilpa…rent k cloth h to classy pe char Chandigarh lag jata h …..chahe kitna b elegant well dressed etc rhti h jab muh kholti h to kasam see mohalle ki aunty wali feeling aati …uper see bahut beautiful lage 10kg makeup lagage k dil se to kaali h….

    6. sampath kumar

      u r going cheap……. sonya defended hina and offended shilpa in a nice manner …. aapki ek comment sae pata chalrahihae ithna frustrated eh aap

    7. @raman… its not looks good… what u r trying now.. u r just behaving like shilpa…. we never commented on shilpa’s looks n weight…
      @sampath… i am gald.. y shilpa fans like her… bcz they are like her too…….
      ganda bola bas…

    8. raman….tum jo sochte ho hina or vikash ke bare main main bhi wohi sochti hun………sahi pakade hai

    9. Thank you xyz and sampath Kumar
      For your comment ….hum to haasi aati h Hina vikas k fans pe ..jale pade ….go and buy burnol …more coming…yes I am like Shilpa ..?

    10. @raman .. burnol aap laga lo… apko uski zyada zarurat h…. i am glad.. y u like shilpa… as shilpa made facial remark as u r following her …
      aur hasi toh mujhe bhi aap jaise logo pe ati h… jo itne bade andh bhakt h.. jo ek ladki (hina) ka ganda bolna dekh sakte ho but dusri aurat (shilpa ) ka ganda bolna nhi dikhta ….
      ek aurat jo ek bande pe jhoothe ilzaam laga rahi h aur har din statement change kar rahi h agar apko wo nhi dikhta toh … bhai apka kuch nhi ho sakta ….

  11. Love to arshi…begum ki entry….the best….and vikarsh moments… It’s a treat to watch Vikas happy…his Arshi is back….
    Karma house guys…
    I have a feeling that Arshi came here only to eliminate puneesh as he never deserved to be in top 5…it was her position which he took by doing mazdoori to Shilpa Devi….and Arshi is here to get him out of that….I would love to see that..
    I remember once Arshi asked hiten till when we have to save puneesh…he doesn’t deserve and should be eliminated…
    A bit busy these days…so short comments….

    Vikasians…vote for him….one who changed the concept of performing tasks in BB after 10 seasons…who kept his promises… refrained urself from using abusive languages…

    1. Ye to bada popat ho gaya.A-trash evict ho gaya

    2. sampath kumar

      puneesh ko paisa nahi milrahahe ho bhi hogaya popat……

    3. Jisha

      @kavi.. what’s the big deal…I am happy if akash had to leave with money… 2 reasons…
      1) puneesh is sure shot not a winner… anyways he is gonna get evicted…now will leave without money… it’s again justified…coz he didn’t give much to show rather than romancing…from this show, he is going with bandagi…
      2) akash once told puneesh that you and celebrities don’t need money…I need it badly. It is good he got that… anyways he will not win…at least he could get money…that too justified…coz he had given all shades of him on this show… was an entertainer and no doubt irritating too. Show has given him what he needed badly…

    4. @jisha ….like ur comment as always.. as our thinking matches totally ….
      @kavi…. haanji akash ko toh jana hi tha aur uska promo wkw m hi dikh gaya tha…..
      aaj tak jo bhi shilpa ki pole kholne ki koshish karta h ya shilpa k against jata h salman n makers uske agsinst chle jate h………
      so its not a big deal……….

    5. @xyz …fir to is hisab seeHina or vikas ko b chale janan chahiye ????..kuch b bolte h apne aapko satisfy krne k liye ???

    6. @xyz …Shilpa ne vikas k t-shirt spoil no Kiya aaj TASK me to vikas Hina bole ye task hi ni krna chahti h …agar Shilpa ne Hina ka mug break Kiya to aapka Kya reaction hoga k Shilpa ne TASK Kiya h ko kahi thi wo kri …

    7. @raman.. ab bha puneesh jaise sare logo ko toh nhi pohoncha denge na top 2 m..????????
      ab makers itne bhi dumb nhi h ki 100%show kara le that show is scripted..
      *kuch b bolte h apne aapko satisfy krne k liye*
      ohhhhhhhh like u???? jaise aap satisfy karte ho khud ko . shilpa k again n again statement change karne k baad bhi… waise????????

    8. @Raman, ur lines.. ” fir to is hisab seeHina or vikas ko b chale janan chahiye ????..kuch b bolte h apne aapko satisfy krne k liye ???”
      SHILPA FANS SE ZYADA HINA AUR VIKAS FANS HAI.. ab tak jitne contestants evict hogaya unme se double dholki ke fans ke alawa baki sabka fans bi vikas ko hi support karte hai…!


    Mean banna padega selfish banke nahi!!
    Jin Jinko task samaj me nahi aati hai unke dimag k liye RIP!

    Akele khelti hoon! Shuruwat se leke ab tak akeli kheli hoon >>> Bakwas tha

    Aj individual task tha!!

    Shilpa Maa kabhi mean nahi bani??? List chota pad jayega kher most recent example de rahi hoon! (kal bhi toh Hina k liye khana banane se mana kiya its also called MEANNESS)

    Puneesh : Proudly bol raha tha ki mein kar dunga!
    Agar Shilpa k jagah kisi ka bhi hota wo kar deta pakka task!!
    Fine Shilpa ne convince kiya toh ye pigal gaya maan lete hai!

    Shilpa : Mein 5 Tops Vikas k paint me dubaungi!
    Vikas Convince kar raha hai – Option diya tha ek hoodie k jagah Teen aur duba do!

    Agar task karna hai toh pura karo! Offer le lete teen aur leke duba dete!
    Par nahi Khud ki comparison Akash se kab se karne lagi madam pata nahi


    Aur Vikas ne task me isko harane k liye dimag Chalaya toh wo brainless logo ko samaj nahi aa raha hai bechare!!

    Jhund Jhund bol rahe the abhi jab One to One ki baat aati hai tab bhi Mahaan hi ban na hai!!

    Tabhi mein hamesha bolti hoon “MUJHE MAHAAN NAHI INSAAN HI PASAND HAI”

    Task ka naam hai Arshi chahti hai ——-> Karne ki aukat nahi hai toh Arshi se jake ye na hi bolo ki mein ye kar dunga ya kar dungi!!

    1. sampath kumar

      ya … y cant they see the fact

    2. Pta chal rha h fact …………. Agar Shilpa wo task krti …vikas Hina kahte aaj Tak koi task ni Kiya kisi ko hurt krne task m moka to wo Kiya …agar ni krti for yahi Dono kahte task ni Kiya …ab jab Hina ka mug tutega to aap logo ka reaction dekhne Shilpa ko leke k wo task ki h ta kisi k jaanbujh k hurt kr rhi h

    3. @raman… husr karne k liye task ki need h hi nhi shilpa ko… wo toh waise bhi uske baaye hath ka khel h……

    4. @xyz …Shilpa hurt kr ya kuch b kre….task to task hota h……mirch lagan Kya sahi hota h …hina ne tab ni Socha …..puneesh ka wax krna Hina k liye pain h mean ni …pain or mean Kya difference hota h … only meaning different hota h Dono ka….pr Dono seehi hurt hota ….kamjor IQ wali Hina ko pta ni hoga …

    5. @chitrangada … hey buddy… welcome back..
      loveddd ur comment ….
      and funny part is.. me task m mean nhi h sakti… cz me bht mahan hu.. but after task kisi ka murder bhi kar sakti u………
      he he same here……..
      ab bhi shilpa k bhakt bol rhae h dekho vikas kitna jhootha h bla bla… ab yaar usey apni jackets bachani thi bacha li… isey bolte h dimaag chalana… waise dimag toh shilpa ne bhi chalaya …..task m again give up kar k……….
      *Task ka naam hai Arshi chahti hai ——-> Karne ki aukat nahi hai toh Arshi se jake ye na hi bolo ki mein ye kar dunga ya kar dungi!!*
      he he .. exactly…………
      ab bolne wale toh bolte rahenge but vikas almost every task jeeta h bina lade aur gaaliyan diye…..

    6. @xyz….Shilpa bahut mahan bahut hi jyada….Hina vikas aaksh k tarah nich ni h ..

    7. han vikash sab task karta hai or har jata hai to ushki tabiyat kharab hojata hai or jab nomination mai aajata tab bhi ushki tabiyat kharab hojati hai 1number ka natongi hai i hate u mastermind nd mahole ki aunty .kamal hai donoko ekdum perfect name mila hai

    8. hina khan aur kitna achhe banneka natak karoge tum aasli main kiya ho sabko dikh raha hai or tumne kiya kaha tha puneesh ki sakal dekho pata nehi bandagi ne kese ishko bf banaliya are woh bandagi ki marji ishme tumhara kiya nukhshan huya. tumhare ush bf rokey she to lakh guna handsome hai.or mastermind aap to mahan hai koi itna bhi kese girahua hosakata hai.pehele kisike paas jake beth ke ushko achha bolo or badme kishi or ke samne ushke burayi…..nice good job mastermind aap to manipulate karne main 100 kadam aage ho

    9. @raman… uski nichta tabhi dikh gayi thi jab wo khud hi kisi ko blame n troture kar k khud hi confess karne lag gayi thi that was all drama.. nd she changed her ban thing statements too..
      neechta s*xual n racial remark se bhi pata lagti h… nichta girls n boys m difference karne m bhi dikhti h..
      nichta pehle kisi bande ko touch karne dena allow kar k stand na lena aur usey big issue banane se bhi dikhti h.. nichta khana banae ka natak kar k ehsaan dikhane se bhi dikhti h…

    10. @anjali… oh jaise shilpa ne bade sare tasks jeete h???
      even money task ko toh serously liya nhi.. how selfish is she……..

    11. Aur jo jo bol rahe hai thanks bola for not destroying they should also remember LOST BOY custom made jacket bhi usne destroy kiya tha is aurat k liye!!

      So when he said task nahi kiya ab me jake wo destroy kar sakta hoon thats solely because he prefers excelling in task irrespective of Emotional attachment!!

      Bura lagta toh bhi wo task karta bachkani nahi karta Thats Vikas Gupta!!


      Dear apke liye maine 28 ko reply kiya tha par ap wo dekhe nahi shayad kyunki new yr me busy the!

    12. @xyz

      Sweetheart I simply love u!! I have always liked ur Comments along with amy, neeru’s!
      But the thing s u are a true BB fan i agree to it becoz i was even inclined to Vikku just like Amy n Neeru!
      And u were Impartial at all occasion u simply didn’t ignore any of Vikas’s activity that even caused a slight disturbance according to u!! Kudos to it!!
      And the best thing was ur analysis of Arshi!! I loved it dear and simply bang on!
      Rahi baat comments ki ab toh hum karte hi rahenge in logo ki jalate rahenge ?
      Jab tak ye log jal jal k Ash na ho jaye ???

      Ye tha Wo Comment jo apne miss kardia 28 ko!!

      I’d like to discuss something in private messenger if u r active in Twitter or FB do respond its important!!

    13. @Chitrangada … first of all sry… as i didn’t read 28’s comment …
      and thanks as u read n like my comment..
      i like ur comment too …:) as our thinking is same…
      love u too buddy …:)

    14. @xyz ….Jo khana banane walk ko gaali de bura bhala kahe ghatiya nich koi ni hota h ….3 mahine see khaa rhi thi bed pe pade pade …to dikkat ni huyi ….pr last week pe jaake k hi sabko dikkat Kyu huyi kyunki Shilpa mall voting task Jo jeet gyi ….bechari beautiful heena ko ye baat haha ni ho rhi h …isliye uska pet kharab hone laga h ???????

    15. @raman.. eaxctly.. 3 moths se shilpa khana bana rahi thi toh ab bhi abna leti shaanti se… q gaa rahi h khana banane ka gaaana …
      na banaye … washroom clean kar leti .. nhi but wo toh usey ganda kaam lagta h…

    16. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Aapse na ho paega..rhne hi de…
      Shilpa may win may not… But one thing is for sure mam that I’m going to be her fan forever…n reason behind this is vikas hina n there fans…
      In every episode in her every line u somehow find the faults n bash her… Fans to ban sakte h PAR PAKKE WALE AAP JAISE LOG BANATE HO…
      in bb11 house…I’m pretty sure if shilpa went on hibernate mode after 6th week… No involvement just live there… She’ll still be in the finale…u know the reason behind this is the hina vikas n ther fans…
      Go degrade her as much u want…I’m going to vote for her with all my capacity

    17. @abishek

      Lol who s stopping u from supporting her!!

      Its my opinion… About task! Tumse jo ho pa raha hai wo karo!

      Yahan Contestant ko judge karo commenters ko nahi

      Homophobic, wahiyat baatein karne wali ghatiya aurta mujhe kattai pasnd nahi apko Mubarak ho Apki pasand!!

    18. ghunawat,u r right,just support Shilpa and vote for her,i request all Shilpa fans to ignore all negative comments here and just discuss what they feel good after the episode and support their favourite as well as others without degrading others,Shilpa got max votes in mall task,other 3 are aware of her populairty so they will act accordingly,fans will go crazy after that,comment all what they feel here,so just ignore negative comments and share your views that’s it.

  13. Vikas is a real woman. how is he gossiping? best fit for saas bahu- vikas and hina. Arshi is judge. Shame on. igg Boss creative team. I wish BIg Boss11 wd be last the last in a row, no more bigg boss henceforth.

    1. sampath kumar

      shilpa gossip kartae waqt aapki kan bandh hota eh kya …. vikas talk about her only in game level ,,,, she always exceed the limit

    2. Neeru

      @Akm…. If you count all the gossips done by 18 inmates togethr,,, nd den if u count gossips done by shilpa,,, shilpa will be still leading by huge margin…

    3. I am sorry but I think b*t*hing, crying, complaining is very much a men like behaviour and if its bad then its bad but don’t call it womanly thing. Bcos I always find men b*t*hing more than what woman do.

    4. Sick mentality. You must be a shilpa shinde fan. Woman hona buri baat hai? Tera idol kya hai tab? Kuch nahi milta to aunty, aurat woman jaisi harkate. Shilpa shinde khud ek b*t*hing queen hai who does nothing except cooking, crying, b*t*hing and offcourse her favourite, playing the victim card. Ya’ll r the biggest hypocrite fandom koi rota hai to rotlu aur jo wo khud 1 week se camera k samne bol bol k ro rahi hai, kabhi shelves k upar so jati hai wo? Ya’ll call Vikas bhagoda, but 2mlog ki idol hai ek no. Ki bhagodi. 7 shows se bhag chuki hai, khud he bolti hai Ha, main bhagti hu to kya hua? Maine show se shadi karke rakha hai? Accused bhabhiji producers Benaifer kohli n her husband for mental n s*xual harassment, then said CINTAA banned me fir ek interview me boli mujhe to kisine ban nhi kiya n BB me ake boli sab Vikas ka karaya hai. Pehle to kabhi Vikas ka naam nhi liya aur BB me akar ye sab. She’s the biggest fraud. Jaise Radhe Maa k fans hai waise v usi k andhe Bhakt hai coz no sensible person can like her.

    5. @REal ABC…. dude … u nailed it…
      lovedddddddddddd ur comment as always……..

    6. Ram milaye jodi .. finally show en end me 2 highly chuglkhor mil gye h ek dusre se chugli krne k liye ???

    7. @raman.. accha jaise shilpa ki h abhi punnu k sath… waise????????

    8. @Akm .. so u think only women’s do b*t*hing n cry ?????????

  14. It s so funny ….. Shilpa made the whole BB show into a who is the nicest person in the earth show …… Brilliant work ….. Made everyone thankless inside and house wife title …. Vikas was trying his level best to show this is a game show not daily soap people become blind in her acting ….. Puneesh told y u r making us look bad tats true …. Doing the same with Aakash …… Still now blaming others …. People forgot this is game and getting so angry on Hina and Vikas ….. Is this the way the game have to be played …. feeling so sad for two gems signed this bakwass show just to get defame ……

    1. Hina ki image bohut spoil hua hei.Gupta yaha aake apne pol khol di.Acha hi hua

    2. @rohan …. same thinking…
      and best comment of the day for me…….
      and this is the reason.. most of the celebrities dont want to come in bb house as contestants…. x . adha khan.. who rejected more than 4 times the offer……

  15. Kal ke episode ke baare mein bolna chahunga….why is this show becomingchalo hina ko target karte hai aur shilpa kodevi banatr hai…?
    Shilpa ke liye background music chalaye jaa rahe hai emotional…aur hina ko mohalle ki aunty bola jaa raha hai…uss journalist ko shaad ye pata nahi hai ki mohalle ki aunty woh hoti hai jo peeth peechr bakwas kare kisi ke baare ki shilpa karti hai
    I think unsabko sikhaya gaya tha ki andar jaakar hina ko neeche girao aur shilpa ko upar uthao…and thats what they did….unko pata hai ki agar actual voting karoge toh the only on jo shilpa ko hara sakta hai that is hina…toh uske votes kam karo…
    Salman agar biased na hota na toh aaj ek deserving player show jeet raha hota…vikas!
    Par uski bhi kya galti jab ek din ke 11 cr mil rahe ho toh shilpa kya…aadmi rahul gandhi ko pm banane ki waqalat bhi kardega…
    Totally unfair season in the bigg boss history…genuine people like arshi and hiten are out and idiots like puneesh and akash are still inside the house….Puneesh seriously? Use baar baar bacha rahe hai taaki shilpa ka support system rahe…
    Shilpa ke baare mein ek baat hai ki jab bhi use lagta hai ki koi baat use bura dikhayegi bahar woh pagal ho jaati hai…very insecure she is…
    Hiten ko evict karne ke baad ek hafte tak defend karti rahi apne aapko
    Overconfiden,task nahi karti,sirf khaana banati hai aisa bolne par bhi woh 2-2 hafte tak usi baat ko defend karti rehti hai aur chahe koi bhi uske baare mein bura bole…use sirf vikas hi kharab lagta hai….back b*t*hing at its peak….bolti thi ki atshi ki zuban kharab hai…madan aap apni suban dekho…”apne sir pe chappal maaru” yeh toh aapki zuban hai….
    Shayad season 8 dekh kar aayi hai shilpa kyuki uska gameplan hi sirf yeh hai ki symoathy votes mile…madam aap gautam jaisi bilkul bhi nahi ho….aap issue banakar…nakli rote ho…back b*t*hing karte ho aur sympathy votes khaate ho….in every episode we can hear her sayibg ki woh show jeetegi…use khud bhi pata hai ki kya tahda favouritism ho raha hai….
    I just hope ki next season itna biased na ho warna I am not going to watch bigg boss

    1. Sorry for the poor typing mera keyboard kharab hai…:p

    2. VGFan …….sorry kyon tujhe to type karna aata hi nhi.tu bhi vikas our hina ki tarah lady ban chuka hai…..isne yesa kiya hai to usne bhi to vesa kiya tha…..come on yaar BB Dekho our maza lo khud mat jhagdo……..

    3. @VGFan … baaki seasons bhi biased they but not this much…….
      and did u observe shilpa ki sangat m har koi uske jaisa ban jata h aur usse door jate hi accha insan …. ex-arshi/akash……

    4. woh isliye kyuki unhe bahar jaake pata chal jaata hai ki shilpa show mein acha sirf isliye dikh rahi hai kyuki salman use baar baar supoort kar raha hai..chahe woh galat hi kyu na ho…

    5. sampath kumar

      true i also noticed aakash and aarshi look good on screen when they are with VG

    6. @VgFan,Sampath… i can see the difference here in fans too…
      jo jiske jaisa h usi ko like karta h… like yahin dekho lo. most of the shila fans come here only to abuse .. we never talked to them like tu n with slangs .. but they used these kind of words…
      @VGFan… dont worry … we love ur comment.. and typing mistakes hona is ok …
      apki baat jisko samajhni hoti h aa jati h usey samajh……

  16. Vikas and hina are tooooo insecure of shilpa shinde fans after mall task……they team up against shilpa in last week……shilpa will win for sure….support shilpa

    1. Absolutely Correct. Unnecessary highlighting the issue against shilpa instead of focusing themselves.

  17. Neeru

    * Hina : 50lakh rupee bhi laakhe de diye shilpa ko… Aur kya chahiye.. ? ???
    * Shilpa – Akash ka muje samaj nhi aata….. Shilpa was d one who encouraged him vn he did things wid other girls…. Den he started it wid her and she felt bad… Dey fought… Den dey wer frnds again… Nywz vikas is ryt,, nhi acha lag rha tho mat karo simple… But i laughed at akash’s statmnt… “Mere butt pe mara, she hv s*xually abused nd molested me…” ???
    * Arshi…. The best part today.. Loved how she said vikas nd huged him…. Missed this sooo much… Shilpa crying seeing arshi… ? ? wasnt she d happiest person wen arshi left….
    * Interesting task… I kind of agree wid hina that you shud commit only those things dat u can do,, warna dey are destroying others chance… But i also think that sometimes ur emotions play and u cnt do things dat u thot u can…. I mean puns wanted to do it… But den it was shilpa so he gave up… Dnt knw why shilpa gave up, bcoz vikas isnt her frnd… There can be 3 reasons…
    1. As vikas said she din wanna do it to be mahan….
    2. As shilpa said,, she dnt want to be mean dan akash nd doesnt want akash’s photo to be touched …
    3. Point 1 nd point 2 fail coz acc to precap she is destroying hina’s mug… So point 3 is maybe she still likes vikas and all dat persuading nd plea frm vikas did d job…. ?? (Dnt kill me shilpa nd vikas fans… U knw i was once a shikas shipper )???
    * I don’t think destroying vikas’s shirt was d meanest thing…3 din ki baat hai… Shirts adjust ho jayenge… I thot hina’s option abt d bracelet nd pic was d most bad thing… And Hina,, vikas just trusted u wid d photo…. And u wer ready to do destroy dat.. ? ? But again i dnt think she wud hv done dat,, if selected…

    1. Shilpa Shinde show kaise laga unbiased girl???.Gupta aunty ki b*t*hING k bare me kuch nahi kahenge unbiased girl?

    2. Shruthi.k.gowda

      Usskeliye aap ho..aap continue karo naa..saare kam. Vg fans expect kar na ab tho band karo. Shilpa ki tara aakeli hai khelo. Ek hi kaam hai shilpa ki taarif kar na. Ho bhi vg fans expect.waa ji waa.not fair??

    3. Shruthi.k.gowda

      Usskeliye aap ho..aap continue karo naa..saare kam. Vg fans se expect kar na ab tho band karo. Shilpa ki tara aakeli hai khelo. Ek hi kaam hai shilpa ki taarif kar na. Ho bhi vg fans se expect.waa ji waa.not fair??

    4. @kavi
      *Gupta aunty ki b*t*hING k bare me kuch nahi kahenge unbiased girl?*
      aap apni mata k statements change karne k bare m kuch nhi kahenge???????

    5. Neeru

      @kavi…. Get a life…… I wonder why my comnt affects you soooo much that u cant resist replying …. ???? Matlab…. Ignore bhi karo tho problem… Sucha pity….!!! #GETWELLSOON….
      And if u actually want to talk abt it,, lets do it…. Tell me wat according to u did vikas b*t*h abt.. ? Quote his statemnts if u can….. Bring it on….!!!

    6. Neeru

      @Shruthi… Hahaha…. I loved it…. !!!!?????

    7. @kavi ji, i think ur just like ur favourite shilpa. Shilpa mata can not take it when anyone talks against her. She gets mad. And see here if anyone is talking about ur shilpa mata u r getting mad and saying anything to anyone. Seriously feeling u r jealous of neeru, xyz and samaira because their opinions are liked by most of us here so u can not digest that. Chill kavi araam se show dekho maza karo aur jisko chahe like karo but do no adopt pyscho behaviour of ur favourite as in real life psycho people are not entertained by people nor anyone support them just what they get is doctors treatment.

    8. Neeru

      @BB Fan…. Thank you dear…. ?????

    9. @BB Fan .. thank you so much buddy …

    10. Laxmi1996

      Sorry,if Vikas would have been in hinas shoes he would have done the same,as she is playing the not defending her ,just imagine if u are at her place when she knows that she is not gonna win the show and there’s a chance to gain the money , everybody will opt for this

    11. Neeru

      No vikas wud nvr do dat if hina asked him nt to…. We hv enuf examples of dat….. Yes itz a task nd it wud nt be wrong if she did dat,, but again i blve she wudnt hv done dat evn if arshi chose her… Us time bura lagta usee…. I m suree… !! Coz vikas trusted her wid d pic…. She wudnt do that…

    12. @neeru …Hina or vikas ne 0prize Kiya Tha …wo wapas kr diye …sab equal ho gya …ye koi bada kaam ni kiye

    13. Neeru

      @Raman…. No dear….. As far as i remember Starting ke kuch 15lakhs tho chale gaye the jab arshi, akash, shilpa, bandagi nikal gaye the….. Tho utna lana shilpa ka bhi responsibility tha…. Yes later it was hina’s plan nd baaki ke paise rest of inmates ki wajah se gaye the….. Vch hina nd vikas brought back.. At least shilpa was responsible for her amount…. Utna wapas lane ka thoda involvmnt tho banta hai…

    14. @kavi… i think apko neeru kuch zyada hi pasand h ya fir uske comments read karna.. i think u r in love with her comments ….
      *Gupta aunty ki b*t*hING k bare me kuch nahi kahenge unbiased girl?*
      toh aap ban jao na unbiased n mahan like neeru ……
      banoge unbiased??????????
      chodo apke bas ki nhi…….

    15. Neeru

      @xyz…… Hahahaha…. Lol…… Love you girl….!!!!! ???

    16. Haa neeru.Me aapke bina nahi reh sakti.Kya karu.Aapke unbiased comments dekhkar rply de bina jaane ki man hi nahi karti.Pata nahi BB k baad me kya karungi?

  18. @rohan
    Bb and Shilpa s plan worked till hitens eviction.after hiten eviction people got confused with her Devi avathar everyone felt something tried their level best to put blame on vikas but everyone understand truth with shilpa’s comments.they are trying their level best to give her Devi avathar by influencing house wife also.however v r not fools to believe their drama.everyone understood their game except some bhakth . that journalist was also Shilpa s bhakth. Mostly these two smart people Hina and vikas exposed Shilpa and bb.

  19. Arshi comes with an entertainment factor and this entertainment comes to her naturally.
    To be honest people should call her the entertainment queen and not sanjeev kapoor ki beti shilpa shinde.

    Tasks were fun.
    I loved how vikas reacted after seeing her.
    Yesterday I went through all the first week episodes. Just to see if now I could find anything entertaining in shilpa’s torture.

    But NOPE

    1. Us torture k vajah se hi Shilpa ki fan following ithe bad gaye.She went against TV mafia

    2. Behen / bhai
      But support karne ke liye kuch bhi mat bolu??????
      Vo aurat pagal hai
      Frustrated hai
      And uske fans bhi same hai
      I guess
      Atleast aapke jaise jhooti bakwas karne wale

    3. @kavi…. she shud went againt the remaining 7 shows tv mafia too…
      but y she didn’t take stand…???????
      akash touch karta h bla bla… 6 feet k bande ko torture kar sakte ho but akash ko nhi rok sakte????
      and as u said tv mafia n all… shayad shilpa ki inhi harkton ki wajah se usey 7 aur serials se niakla tha ya usne khud choda….. khair jo hua accha hi hua new angoori replaced her very well….

    4. @kavi… acha wahin torture jo khud shilpa ne confess kiya h wo sab fake tha…. usi ki baat kar rahe ho kya aap?????

    5. sampath kumar

      how u r damn sure shilpa is right ……..when she entered BB house shilpa told vikas is channel head he heard production house story side never tried to hear my story part … he replied i just done my job according to the contract legally ….. now vikas is 29 two years B4 27 do u think it is possible for him to ban a person who have a fan base and 15 years of work in this industry …….. u r insulting shilpa by telling vikas banned her …. u r making him a most influential person not us…….

    6. @vidu… same thinking… i hate fakeness.. i would always preffer the worst person who atleast show her/his real personality instead of fake personality…..

  20. I still cant get over the fact when journlist or shall i say theatre actors came and said bb isnot khtron ke khiladi u can win without doing task if that reporter is a real jouralist she should retire right now and become shilpas servant in her house! Im sure they not journalists big boss we audience aint that dumb we know they theatre actors!

    1. @alfy… unme se ek bhi lag raha tha reporter?????
      nhi na… even acting bhi nhi kar pa rahe they wo log……

  21. Imagine BB winner title will be given to a person who is a s*xist, racist, homophobe, a Bully who thinks women belongs in kitchen, boys can do and say whatever they want, said girls who are more educated gets divorced more, bullied a sick man then said Ye to meri strategy thi game me rehne ki,entertainment kiya logo ko aise.. Just Imagine ! Now acting all Mahan? Yeah right. That’s your BB 11 winner.

    1. @real abc… trp chaiye thi mili… paise banane they ban gaye… ab kya fark padta h…. public kya sochi h.. and i am seriously shocked.. here some ppl said to be gay is shameful n not accepted by society and as shilpa thinks te same…. i was thinking… what kind of thinking is it…. kisi k weight pe comment karna paap h but kisi k color n s*xuality pe comment karna chalta h… q… ??????
      qki humari society accept nhi karti h…

  22. sampath kumar

    guys i think aarshi and vikas ki fight hogaiya andhar …..

  23. prakash kumar

    Vikash is the most influential of them all but then also bb is favouring shilpa.
    She has been out if work for two years and hina just did a show with colors then also bb is favouring shilpa
    Vikash gupta fans can’t digest the fact that he is not winning so “angoor khatte hain “ wala hissab hai
    Wo itta bada hi master mind hota to uske dost eliminate nai hote usne itti koshish ki luv aur aakash ko bahar karne ki wo nai gaye inke dost chale gaye
    Pehle poore week victim play kiya bhaag jaunga iss ghar se wagairah wagairah uske baad priyank k jaane k baad kapdo ko le ke robe laga ki main itta bura hoon ye sab keh k sympathy batora wo bhi nai chala
    To abhi last hafte mount bb task m uska dimaag kyun nai chala jab majority uske against thi , bed ka kona pakad k bimar hoon sone do bb bolane laga
    Aur uski hina aur akaash ki asliyat dekgni h to uncut press conference pada hua hai youtube pe wo dekh lo
    Kis trah se teeno gang up ho k shilpa pe bhid gaye hain
    Usse zyada task prince n apne season m jeeta tha aur isse kam manveer gujjar n apne season m
    Log nature dekhte hain bb house m baaki dimaag india m bahut h to itte chote baat k liye zabardasti ka mastermind bana hua hai

    1. Shipa needs job and vikas provides employment. Zarurat kisko h we all knw. Vikas ko koi kami nahi hai. Jise hai wahi ro rhi h ki do saal se job nhi mili. Quitter!

  24. Shilpa is such a psycho she is blowing up on Akash for no reason he didn’t hug her inappropriately but it is ok for that mahan Shilpa Devi to hit him on his ass I mean it’s not harassment at all right? May be she should learn to stay within her own limits before preaching to others..Shilpa ji just like u don’t feel it is appropriate to be hugged by Akash it is also not appropriate for u to be hitting grown men on their ass I have never met a mother who hits her grown up son on the ass.. My goodness all this woman does is backbite and cry in front of the camera

    1. @dee … exactly … wahin samajh nhi ata.. agar apko koi banda chichora lag raha h door raho.. but nhi usse footage bhi khani h…
      aur meolodrama bhi karna h..

  25. @Neeru totally loved ur cmnt?

    1. Neeru

      @shanker… Thanks buddy…. ?????

  26. “Shilpa se sulha karlo” was told in ears of Vikas Gupta by Arshi..isi liye aayi wo…ki logon ki samne aur bure mat bano bolne ke liye. mahan dikhne ke liye, dil jit ne ke liye aur acting ki farak janta jaanti hai. Janta sab dekh rahi hai. Shilpa entertainer hai jo. Vikas Gupta ne kud kaha ki “meri favorite contestant tho Shilpa Shinde hai, kya entertain kiya logon ko”. Sahi pakde hain.

    Mall ki voting dekh ke kisi ko bahut buri tarah se jali hai. Bigg boss, pehle burnol bejho inko.

  27. @teju , unbiased audience … i have to mention this…
    as u said u are not fan of anyone.. still u write here the correct thing … without being partial or unfair ….
    just loved ur comment of yesterday………

  28. sampath kumar

    vikas won mean task ….. puneesh ko waxing karwa rahatha …. weak ass
    kaise reality show kartha eh ho
    priyank and vikas are lovely couple
    he dont have a personality that girls like him
    he ll use people
    kya kuch nahi …. aab pay back time……

  29. Laxmi1996

    I don’t understand y should we degrade other contestants to show our likeness to one.when I’m started reading these comments,I feel very bad.atleast let us act as a good human let’s not abuse abt others , couldn’t we support our favourite without degrading others.
    It’s game and we really don’t know how will be Hina/Vikas/Shilpa will be in real common man,they too know it’s a game and they are playing in their own way.
    Sorry to say this but I noticed that some fans especially Shilpa fans are abusing other contestants a lot.i can even mention their name but I won’t do it.u urself will know who’s that.pls I request you don’t abuse in this page,anyways finale is reaching ,have to wait for more three or four days,till than support Ur favourite then abusing others

  30. When this aunty was talking abouth “Hindustan’s soch” I just wanted to slap her hard…….illiterate kahi ki………who the hell is she to talk about India’s thinking………stupid aunty……..I know that akash is worst but this aunty is even worse……….
    Whenever vikas is seen,he is just busy b*t*hing about shilpa with that illiterate…….guess he has lost it………in the last few weeks he has tremendously changed………i wanted shilpa to destroy his t-shirts yaar……but anyways……….guess vg told hina abt his family pic so that she destroys it if chosen……n then he would play the victim card……..n this luv……what a cheat……..

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