Bigg Boss 11 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arshi comes in house for last task

Bigg Boss 11 9th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99
Aakash holds Shilpa’s hand and says I love you, I would have married you if you were 25, all laugh. Shilpa says it just feels bad when you do this, we dont do anything for camera. Aakash says my mom have made me learn to grab opportunities, I dont see if I am hurting anyone in process, everyone should have that fire. Shilpa says I have learned that do for others and you will get more. Aakash says we wont even look at each other, you used to leave where I stood, I am sorry. Shilpa says I dont expect sorry from you. Aakash asks her give a hug, she reluctantly hugs him and says you are my darling, Shilpa lightly slaps on his butt and asks him to go away.

Hina says to Vikas that you got the biggest title of mastermind here. Hina says she called me neighbor aunty too, I called Shilpa competent. Vikas says what so good Shilpa happened? Hina says she made food, I fought with boys, won tasks and she is the best? Vikas says we won the prize money back too and she was working in kitchen calmly. Hina says our India’s thinking is like that.

Day 100
Inmates wake up to song chikni chameeli, they all dance. Aakash tries to hug Shilpa but Shilpa moves away, Aakash comes closer and gives her a hug.
Shilpa asks Puneesh to ask Aakash to stay away and dont joke with me, when he wants, he can do it, he has started that again, I dont have to keep everyone’s heart, they use us like footballs.

Aakash says to Shilpa that if you dont want to talk then its fine, why you are screaming at Puneesh? Shilpa says you hugged me today morning, I asked you not hug me. Aakash says yesterday you were crying so I gave you a hug, why you are making me look bad so you can make Puneesh good? you were nicely talking to me last day, I calmly said sorry to you, and you are doing this? Shilpa says you do everything what you want? you hugged me. Aakash says you slapped my butt too, he says to Vikas that I hugged her morning and she started shouting at Puneesh, Shilpa says you forcefully hugged me, I should have slapped you on face, you will get it before I leave from house. Puneesh says to Aakash that dont hug her if she doesnt want it. Aakash says I did a mistake saying sorry, I did patch up with her last night but leave it, people will look down on you when you say in house that women should not get education here. Shilpa says he got footage from me in show, he will work outside because of me too.

Shilpa says he forcefully hugged me. vikas says Aakash if she doesnt want to hug you then end it. Aakash says she is making it an issue, Shilpa says I want to look on screen, I will slap you on face now. Aakash says you slapped on my butt too. Shilpa says come here, I will slap you, she comes near Aakash, Aakash moves away and says dare you touch my butt again. Shilpa says when you said sorry, I should have slapped you. Aakash says you shouldnt have s*xually harassed me, it was molesting, Shilpa says wow, I can expect this from you. Aakash says you harass boys. Puneesh says Aakash it will be bad if you get slapped from a girl in the end.

Shilpa says to herself that its good to be strong but that doesnt mean people should hit you more hard if you are stronger than them, living here is very difficult, there are fights and anything can happen, you cant solve anything with fights, only ego comes with fights, be real in life, she wipes her tears and says people do drama, they become fake, I dont know.

Bigg boss says we have kept the box of votes from mall in house only. Vikas looks at Luv’s voting box and says they dont look 393 to me. Puneesh says your votes are way more than him and Luv’s votes dont look 393 to me. Vikas and Punesh starts counting. They count and say they are 293 votes. Vikas says shit.. Luv cheated for 100 votes, he increased 100 votes. Vikas tells Shilpa and Hina that Luv cheated on TV, he said he got 393 votes and he got 293 votes. Shilpa says maybe he did a mistake, Vikas says no, Hina says maybe he did a mistake, Vikas says not a mistake of 100 votes. Vikas says fans must be thinking that they didnt vote him just enough. Puneesh says he cheated thats why these boxes are here till now.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are giving you a task, you have to mutually decide who is most mean here, its not selfish but meanest inmate, you have to put that person’s photo on board in garden.
Hina says lets sit in sunlight and talk. Shilpa gives Aakash’s name. Vikas says Aakash became mean in waxing task. Aakash says all are agreeing that I was mean and I agree too. He puts his photo on frame as most mean person.

Rashke qamar plays. Arshi comes in house from bedroom. Bedroom shade is taken off, all inmates are excited to see her, Arshi dances in bedroom. Vikas is happy to see her and hugs Hina in happiness. Vikas says Begum open the door. Puneesh opens it and comes inside. Puneesh hugs her, Arshi hugs Vikas, she hugs Aakash. Vikas gives her a kiss on head. Akash laughs and says Arshi is back. Shilpa laughs too. Arshi comes to Shilpa and gives her a hug. Bigg boss says Arshi has come as judge.

Hina says Arshi will make food now, my food is sorted, Gupti she will make the food. Hina asks Arshi if she is allowed to make food? Arshi says yes. Hina hugs Arshi and says please make my food, Shilpa doesnt make it, Vikas cooks our food. Arshi says I need to talk about task, you all will have to do task nicely as it has big advantage and I will give it to you.

Vikas reads instructions that one inmate will get a chance to win money, Aakash has this chance right now as he was most mean but in this task they can prove themselves to be most mean, Task name is ‘Arshi wants’, in task, inmates have to use delivery box, we will send inmates photos one by one, then other inmates will go to Arshi and tell what meanest thing they will do with the person whose photo has come in delivery box, Arshi will select one inmate which she thinks have the most meanest idea and she will give that inmate chance to be mean to the person in delivery box, In start on the meanest title board, Aakash’s photo is there, Arshi will choose the inmate to be mean who gives most challenging options and if the inmate is able to complete his or her challenge then that inmate’s photo will be put on the board replacing the previous one’s photo which is Aakash right now, the one who will not complete challenge photo will not change on meanest board. At the end of task, the one whose photo is on board will win the task and get a chance to win money. Arshi says you have to be meaner than mean.
Hina says personal things wont matter, Puneesh says I dont care if they burn my whole clothes.
Aakash says to Arshi that they backbited about you so much. Arshi says it doesnt matter what they did, only 3 days are remaining so work hard.
Puneesh says Arshi will make us work nicely in task.
Vikas says to Arshi that you will take someone out of house with you.

Arshi asks Shilpa to sit. Shilpa says I have one bracelet of yours, I thought to wear it in finale. Arshi says please wear it till I am here. Shilpa laughs and wears Arshi’s bracelet, she hugs Arshi.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Aakash wont leave Arshi now, they are all so selfish.

Arshi says to Aakash that you were happy when I got eliminated, Akash says I was hurt a little, Shilpa says he was jumping around but he felt bad inside. Arshi asks Aakash if he didnt become Shilpa’s friend? he says I tried but she doesnt listen.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that God is watching everything.

Vikas says to Hina that I am hiding my photos, Hina says you cant hide. Vikas says it was not written anywhere that I cant hide before the task, you find it and use it then.

Hina says to Arshi that Shilpa is cleaning whole house and her own corner is so dirty, Arshi says I know. Hina says her makeup pouch is so dirty and she is washing flour clothes, when Salman asked then I said that she is little not hygienic so she got angry and said she will not make food for me, I told her that show is ending so she should stop all this. Hina says Aakash hugged her and then she said that Aakash is doing same thing with her, Aakash said that she slapped on my butt last night too so we said why did you go to her?
Hina says Puneesh was called snake in conference. Arshi says he is. Aakash says Puneesh was defending and getting claps for Shilpa. Arshi is making food for inmates.

Hina eats food and says someone said no to make food for me and God sent someone else to cook me food, she knows that I dont know how to cook food. Shilpa says I have seen such drama people here. hina says not bigger than you, you backbited about Arshi so much and now getting emotional over her bracelet. Aakash says Arshi they b*t*hed about you so much, Arshi laughs. Aakash says claps for Shilpa, she backbited so much. Shilpa says you should clap, Shilpa says you came to say sorry to me last night because you thought I will win the show.

Buzzer plays. Puneesh says we have got the first photo. Shilpa’s photo comes in delivery box. Vikas says we have to do mean things to her. Vikas says we have to think what meanest thing we will do.
Arshi sits in her seat, Puneesh comes and says I will not give Shilpa her slippers, she has only two sandals in whole show, I will take them and cut it,she will cry for three days, he leaves. Arshi says I want to make it spicy for audience. Hina says in camera that I just cant be mean so I will choose things that can harm for least time. Vikas comes to Arshi and says Shilpa eats stale food and doesnt poop easily so if I hide her poop powder then she wont be able to poop, Arshi says its not mean, Vikas says it is. Hina comes to Arshi and says Shilpa cant stay away from her socks. Arshi says its not mean, its childish, you people have been mean whole season and now giving these options.
Puneesh says Aakash is scared most. Aakash comes to Arshi and says that will you approve them to destroy my championship rings of 18lacs? they are hard earned, Arshi says I dont know. Aakash says I can throw Shilpa’s vicks, please save my ring, Arshi laughs.
Arshi says I choose Puneesh to be mean with Shilpa. Puneesh have take all sandals and slippers from Shilpa and cut them. Arshi says you have to destroy all three sandals of hers. Puneesh asks Shilpa to give her slippers she is wearing, Shilpa says I am wearing it. Puneesh takes all slippers from luggage room. Shilpa says I only have these sandals only. Arshi says Puneesh have to do it. Vikas says its Puneesh’s specialty to backbite his friends. Aakash asks Arshi to save his jacket and ring, please please, she says I am doing my work. Puneesh says to Shilpa that I am going to take all your sandals. Puneesh takes Shilpa’s sandals and takes cutter, he says should I cut them? Aakash says leave it Puneesh. Shilpa says I have only these three sandals. Arshi says Puneesh you have to do it. Hina says Puneesh is scared. Puneesh asks Shilpa I should not cut it? Shilpa says if it was something else then I would have let you do it, Puneesh says you dont have something big. Puneesh asks Hina what to do? Hina hides. Puneesh says I am not doing this challenge, I cant do it.

Arshi asks Shilpa if you missed me? Shilpa says yes. Shilpa says I felt that you will leave that day, when my heart hurts then it hurts, Arshi says you forgave Aakash. Shilpa says forgiving Aakash is different, Aakash is a fool and you are not. Arshi says but if you have forgiven me then.. I came to you for 4 times, you get angry and do this. Shilpa says people get attached to dogs even in four days. Arshi laughs and says Aakash is a dog or lower than a dog? Shilpa smiles. Shilpa says I have to be mean with this Aakash, it will be fun.

Buzzer plays, Puneesh brings out photo from delivery box, its Vikas’s photo, inmates have to be mean with Vikas. Arshi sits in her seat. Vikas says everyone loves me so much that no one wants to be mean, Arshi says you are that dog’s tail that never gets straight.
Shilpa says to Arshi that I will put Vikas’s 5 shirts/jackets in pain. Arshi says great thinking. Shilpa says you look nice, Arshi is wearing white night.
Aakash comes to Arshi and says I will destroy Vikas’s favorite shaving cream, Aakash leaves.
Vikas says to Hina that dont use my Vaseline, its my heart.
Hina comes to Arshi and says I have two options, either his dragon bracelet which is very important to him or his family photo.
Puneesh says to Arshi that Vikas’s shoes are very close to him, I will pain them.
Arshi says bigg boss I am accepting Shilpa’s challenge to be mean with Vikas. Arshi says Shilpa will put Vikas’s five shirts in paint box. Vikas says I dont have clothes.

Vikas says to Shilpa that you said you will use T-shirts? dont take jackets. Arshi asks her to take jackets only, Shilpa says he doesnt have T-shirts. Shilpa takes Vikas’s hoodies. Vikas says just leave my lion hoodie, its a gift from someone, dont be so much mean, Arshi says Shilpa is doing her task, Shilpa says I always do. Vikas says Shilpa use all hoodies but leave lion hoodie, Shilpa says I want to be mean more than Aakash. Arshi says Shilpa will do her task, she will put 5 upper body items of Vikas in pain. Vikas says Shilpa your brother sent you lion too, you felt bad about it, please leave my lion hoodie, you can take another jacket, you will get brownie points, Shilpa says should I beat you? Shilpa asks him to choose between red or green hoodie he wants to save. Vikas says just leave lion jacket, take something else.. Shilpa gives all jackets back to Vikas, Vikas says I knew you wouldnt do it, Shilpa says I cant do it, Vikas thanks her, Shilpa says dont thank me, we are on a stage where I cant do it. Arshi says so you people dont want to do tasks? Shilpa says I want to slap Aakash for being mean, will you let me slap him? Aakash is most meanest so he should get this title only, ARshi says you didnt do task, Shilpa says Bigg boss will punish me if they want. Hina says to Arshi that I told you challenges which I can do, Arshi says they are hurting their game only, Hina says nothing new.

Vikas says to Hina that I lied, I will put that lion hoodie in paint myself, I just wanted to show that she can give up tasks easily, she gave up on my simple saying, I lied. Hina says if she cant do it then why is she proposing such things to Arshi. Vikas says just to show that she can do tasks.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that inmates wont give me meddle if I do one task in end, they wont praise, bigg boss will scold me if do it.

Arshi lies in bed with Aakash, Aakash hugs her. Aakash says Shilpa is doing bad things but she does comedy and covers it, she is snatching others chances, she wont let me come up in task, please save my jackets and shoes, I have earned it, I do shows in that, give me kiss now.

PRECAP- “Arshi wants” task will continue tomorrow. Vikas says I have given the challenge to wax Puneesh’s body, Puneesh holds his head hearing it. Arshi says Shilpa has decided to break lion mug. Hina says dont do it Shilpa, Shilpa says its a task baby, she is about to break it.
Tomorrow Arshi will be part of last elimination, top 4 finalists will be decided. Arshi says I came here for this only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shilpa deserves to win n nobody else……fingers crossed…….

    1. @nandni … exactly ………. Shilpa haters need burnol

  2. Shilpa shinde

    Guptaji ke fans aur hina fans , ab pata chala meri bachhe ki power ? Frustrated aur insecure hona kaise yeh meri bachhe se seekhlo.. meri jaise he meri saare nanne munne bachhe. Me bi doosro pe jhoota iljam daalti hu. ..yeh bi. .
    Meri nayi aayi bete betiyan milkar jawab de rahe hai guptaji ke intelligent fans ko.. me bahut khush hu aaj bi. .
    Meri pati vindu dara aur unke bhaiyon salil aur sumit ne bheja he meri saari PR bachhe ko, ab thoda adab se comments keejiye saara Hina Vikas fans ,varna MNS or Raj Thakere bi aayega yaha tum sabko darane ke liye. . Aise hi daraya tha colors wale ko mene. .
    Fixed winner me hi hu

    1. Oh God! Wt a physcho!

    2. Ye dekho Vikas fans ke level?

    3. Another psycho! Army of psychos!

    4. @ shilpa shinde. Maza a gya. Sach me yehi ho raha h. Waise ye shilpa k fans k liye tha ya vikas and hina k fans k liye but jo b h ek dum sach h. Shilpa shinde k bache are really copy of shilpa shinde.

  3. Read everyone’s comments. Many are supporting Shilpa, many are with Vikas, many are with Hina ! ?

    I won’t say anything today, only few days to go. And we already know, Shilpa has already won it ! So, let’s accept it.
    See, Shilpa may have deserved, but Vikas was, is, and will always be my personal favourite !?
    No offense on that. He admits that Shilpa had the most beautiful journey. But Shilpa never supports Vikas, and maybe that’s the only reason from where I started “not liking” her (I don’t hate her, though. But love Vikas more )

    Chalo jaane do… I know he won’t win .. Pritam from season 8, Risabh from Season 9, Manveer from Season 10 have always been my constant favourites. And Vikas gets added to the list too. ? Anyways, Shilpa too played well. So, it’s okay. No ronadhona !

  4. Aakah is they made Shilpa participated in finally great bb.shilpa and pun got chances,wow great.i don’t think Hina got a single chance.
    @kavi r u not tiered of changing name and writing.all language is same.

  5. Heyy gyzzz.. BB Contestants s jyada to tmlog fight krte ho…pura din comments, reply , support, biting ke alava kuchh or v kar liya kro….tmhare faltu discussion s kya hone vala h..??

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