Haasil 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Declares To Leave For Mauritius

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Aancha tells Rupali that she don’t love Ranvir and is living fake life and shows karvachauth plate. Rupali says you have to follow it and asks her to keep fast for their friendship. Kabir takes out his anger on the boxing bag. Ranvir says it was against Aanchal’s wish. Aanchal keeps fast for Ranvir and breaks it seeing her face. Kabir feels helpless. Aanchal looks at Kabir while doing Ranvir’s aarti. Ranvir makes her have water with his hand. Aanchal looks at Kabir. Kabir comes to Ranvir and asks him to free Aanchal. He says Aanchal is smiling, but she can’t tell her feelings. He says she wants divorce from you and asks him to free her. Ranvir hugs him and says I will free Aanchal for forever. He suffocates him and then imagines to kill him. Kabir thanks him and leaves. Ranvir thinks you wouldn’t have come between Aanchal and me. Ranvir comes to Aanchal and says forgive me, but I can’t leave you. He asks her to accept him as husband. Aanchal is shocked.

Ranvir says this relation is truthful and says friendship relation. He moves and shows Kabir. He says he will give her divorce soon. Aanchal hugs him. Ranvir thinks I will get her through kabir. Sarika tells Jatin that now Kabir is looking sad. Aanchal tells Kabir that she got understanding of life because of him. Kabir says I love you. Aanchal hugs him. Ranvir eyes them and thinks if he show right on Aanchal then it would be good and says he won’t let Kabir’s reflection fall on them. He calls someone and asks to make the arrangements.

Aanchal and Kabir are in the office. Kabir stares her. Aanchal puts his hand in the coffee. Aanchal says if you are done with heropanti then do some work. He gets a call and is shocked. He comes home and asks when did you decide to inform us. He says Ranvir is going to Mauritius. Ranvir says I want to give away from here. Kabir asks why? Ranvir says I can’t stay here even for a moment. Kabir asks what nonsense. Ranvir says I can’t stay here after Aanchal and your marriage. Aanchal recalls Ranvir telling her that he loves her. Kabir gives him promise and asks him to tell what happened, keeps hand on his head. Ranvir says I have to go. Kabir says I will not let you go. Jatin says I will make Kabir understand and asks him to make Sarika understand.

Ranvir says thanks. Aanchal says the reason is wrong. Ranvir says I am handling the burden of loving you and says I thought I will have relation with you till death, but destiny is bad. He says I can’t see you becoming someone else’s wife. He says I will not feel the pain. Aanchal looks on. Kabir tells Jatin that Ranvir is hiding something for sure. Ranvir tells Sarika that he wants to find a new destination. Kabir says he will become way to his aim. Ranvir tells Kabir that he needs a break. Kabir says we all three will go. Ranvir says why did you bring me back to jail and says you have bought me by saving my life. I can’t lower your favours. He folds his hands and goes. Kabir tries to stop him. Aanchal tells Rupali that Ranvir is leaving his family because of me. Rupali says it is good that Ranvir leave.

Kabir sees Ranvir in the room with Aanchal pics and confessing his love. He gets shocked and shouts Aanchal.

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  1. Zayed Khan had played an obsessive lover in Vaada movie before and hammed it der thankfully here he is better

  2. thanks for the update MA

  3. Did Ranvir really have tumor? How did Dr Hudson operate on him? when will this be answered?

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