Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Finalists see their journey and get emotional

Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
In house,
Inmates wake up to the song buddhu sa mann.. They all dance. Puneesh hugs Shilpa and Vikas. They all dance and enjoy.

Vikas says to Shilpa that she is worried that how mom will react that she loves Rocky. Puneesh says now their affair is open, she was crying that my mom will see me eating burnt food, vikas says we eat burnt food too. Puneesh says she must have done drama that she is eating burnt food on last day. Shilpa says then why does she have to do drama of cooking, she can ask someone else. Puneesh says she got insulted in this show.

Bigg boss asks Vikas to come to activity area. Puneesh says yay..

Vikas comes to activity area. Bigg boss says we never thought a producer will become a contestant and go in Bigg boss house, how will his story be? all wanted the answer for that. Your fights with took test of your patience, you forgot old things and decided to start a fresh beginning, you gave away your precious jacket to save Shilpa, but when you started to succeed in game but your patience was tested everytime and you lost captaincy once because of losing patience and as punishment, you were locked in a jail, but as it happens in movies, human go to jails as someone and comes out as completely different person, it happened with you too, you even announced without fear that you will play with heart, your journey was not easy maybe thats why you started crying like a baby when your mother came, your journey was not less than a superhit show, lets have a look at your journey. Clip plays, Vikas’s entry is shown, his fights with Shilpa are shown, how Shilpa irritated him, poked him constantly in start, how Vikas lost patience and threw tea on her clothes, how Shilpa poked him in jail and didnt let him sleep in jail, how he got tired and tried to jump out of house, how he had a breakdown in confession room and thought he couldnt do it, how Salman scolded him too, then how he patched up with Shilpa, how he swore that he didnt have a hand in Shilpa’s troubles with their old show, how Shilpa apologized for going personal with him, how he became Shilpa’s friend, gave her a kiss on cheek and said sorry.. Viaks sees it and says what are you doing bigg boss. Clip continues to show how people started supporting Vikas, how he became friends with Vikas, but then they left too, but then how Vikas started enjoying the game and became a finalist, clip shows his happy moments, winning moments, getting meddle from Salman in Sultani ring, how Vikas played with mind, used tricks to win tasks, how Vikas said that yes I am the mastermind, clip ends. Vikas is emotional and tears roll down his eyes. Bigg boss says its time to write the last page of this story, we wish all the luck for finale and it ends with your happy dance. Vikas says I hope so too. Firework surrounds Vikas, sparks falls around him, Vikas looks around and says damn.

Vikas comes in house, Shilpa asks what happened? Vikas says best experience of my life, this house’s best experience, you all will feel it. Hina says I know they will show whole journey, Vikas says nothing can be more most than this, he hugs Shilpa and says its very important, he gives her a kiss on head and says that was the best moment, you dont know if to laugh or cry. Shilpa gives him a hug. vikas says I am sorry if I hurt, this was the best moment of my life.

Hina comes to activity area. Bigg boss says you came in house with slogan ‘girl power’, you told people that you are strong player and they have to be careful, inmates knew that Hina Khan will put 100% efforts to win tasks, Vikas put his mom’s photo in your feet, but you played it with your mind and kept in mind to not hurt anyone’s feeling, this shows your sensible nature, you became captain of house two times, you did what you felt right, you played from heart, inmates didnt like your strong nature, maybe thats why they fought with you, but you kept answering them with your efforts, you gave up your stuff toy for others, we even saw you getting emotional in show, but people made fun of your tears, sometimes they laughed at your crying style, Hina laughs. Bigg boss says many inmates pointed fingers at you, but you got friends in this house too, Priyank and Luv became your partners and you all three faced other inmates without fear, but then as this game approached the last leg, your friends got separated, in Mount BB task, Luv separated from you saying he is a commoner and you are celebrity when you never did that. Inmates kept taunting you, we saw talking to cameras in last, it shows why your mug was sher khan, that mug broke down but lion is still here, Hina Khan is really a lioness, clip plays, Hina fights are shown, how she misunderstood instructions for elimination from Bigg boss and how people blamed her for crying but how she never gave up, how Bigg boss asked her to talk in Hindi. How she competed in every task with boys, how she had fights with Arshi, how Arshi said she will beat her slippers.. how Vikas became her enemy, how they had fights, how he called her chaalo, how he jumped on her in task, how Puneesh had fight with her too, how he said she is zero, how Shilpa said she looks like witch, how Shilpa broke her mug, how Arshi said that Hina is a vamp, how Hina brokedown hearing bad words for herself, how Puneesh called her characterless, how Priyank and Luv consoled her, their friendship, how they were called her bouncers, how Luv wrote zero on his head for her, how Hina gave up her stuff toy for Luv, then how Priyank went against Hina, then how Luv told her she will be alone when they leave, then how Hina said Priyank went to Vikas, then how Luv had a fight with her, how Vikas consoled her, how Rocky came in house and she brokedown and asked him to leave, how Rocky said you will win.. how Hina forgave Arshi, how Hina saved Puneesh, how she had huge fan following in mall, how she became finalist. Hina cries seeing all that. bigg boss says these memories will remain with you, we hope your end of journey will be memorable too, fireworks fall around her, Hina says thank you Bigg boss.

Hina comes in house, she says to Puneesh that so many was shown, fights and everything. Hina says Bigg boss said that I didnt give up and put foot on mother’s photo in Vikas city task. Hina says the best thing which I liked was Bigg boss said that lion remains lion, when I found lion saved from the mug which Shilpa broke, Bigg boss was saying that even when your mug broke, you saved the lion from it, you showed you are a lioness.

Puneesh comes to activity area. Bigg boss says your entry was no less than a hero, you told clearly that you didnt come to listen to others, you told everyone that your anger is bad, and we saw that anger’s face in this show, but you never took your anger as your weakness, you never stopped playing, you always took stand for right, when Vikas and Shilpa were against Hina in Vikas city task, you took stand for Hina even when she is not your friend, you and Bandagi was the only love story in this house, you both became one, people targeted you both, you both got nominated, when Bandagi was leaving, you said you wont be able to live here without her, it showed reality of this relation, your band on mic shows how much you miss her, even after Bandagi left, you didnt leave strength, many non-celebrities came in this house but you left everyone behind and you alone are standing here, there must be something special in you, lets see your journey. Clip plays, Puneesh’s audition clip is shown, how he said he is interested in night clubs, parties and is a playboy, how he entered in house and met Bandagi, how he said he will rule in Bigg boss, how he started his story with Bandagi and said she is most beautiful girl in house, he used to say he goes crazy around her, his sweet moments with Bandagi, then how Arshi taunted them they are always attached. how Hina and Ben taunted them for being so close and intimate, how Ben said its dirty tricks they are doing, how Hina said that she is disgusted, how can Bandagi be with Puneesh. How Puneesh fought with people, how he fight with Luv and Priyank, how Bandagi asked him to control his anger, how she gave him love. His friendship with Aakash, their funny antics, Aakash going bald to save Bandagi on Puneesh’s request, how Aakash went against him when Puneesh didnt make him captain, then how Bandagi left, how he said he wont be able to survive, how she asked him to win the show, how Puneesh peed to win task, his friendship with Vikas, Puneesh’s antics, Luv and Puneesh winning finale ticket task. Puneesh taking stand for Shilpa, Puneesh winning meddle, his efforts in tasks, clip ends. Puneesh says this is great. Bigg boss says you had great journey, we will see if history will repeat and if you win the season, firework breaks out, Puneesh cheers and says wow. He had tears in his eyes.

Puneesh comes in house and says wow.. shit.. it was crazy Shilpa. Puneesh says my friendship with Shilpa, Aakash and Bandagi is shown. Puneesh says it was shown how Hina said that how can Bandagi be with me.

Shilpa comes in activity area, Bigg boss says you entertained people TV and returned to TV as Shilpa Shinde and it started with person who you say is the reason for you leaving the TV, in start, your and vikas’s fights were headlines, you showing your anger, it was truth, it was not fake and people started liking you but even then you kept your patience and kept it fun, when your grudges were gone, you became his friend. It was the first season that we see a mother and children relation, they called you Shilpa Maa, you scolded them and forgave them time and again, you had a special relation with kitchen, you used to cook like a mother but people took it wrong way, they taunted you and said you dont do tasks, even the people who called you mom, started insulting you but you never lost patience, you sacrificed captaincy for others but people thought it was your strategy, but there was one inmate who stood by you, that is Puneesh.. your journey was full of everything, lets see your journey. Clip plays, Shilpa’s entry is shown, Vikas and Shilpa’s fight from stage, their poking in house, Shilpa breaking down and going against Vikas, Vikas attacking her and then breaking down, how Shilpa made it fun and kept her calm, Shilpa breaking down in show is shown, Vikas says Shilpa remains in control when she is not nominated, then how Bigg boss asked Shilpa to not get personal with Vikas, how she kept poking Vikas, how she poked him with sticks, kept running behind him, how Vikas said she is mental case, how Shilpa joked and entertained people with it, how Shilpa made correct choices, then how Vikas apologized and said she is a strong girl, how they patched up, then how Shilpa became mom for Arshi and Aakash, how Shilpa saved Arshi, her friendship with Arshi, her care for Aakash, then her fights with Arshi, how Arshi said she is most cheap woman in the world, she would spit on her, how Shilpa brokedown and says it hurts.. how Arshi kept saying harsh words for Shilpa. Then how Shilpa’s mom came in house and said she is playing nicely, how she got emotional, then how Puneesh stood up for her and said that Shilpa is a champion, its not easy to cook for so many people in house, how Shilpa showed her burnt burns, how her brother came, then how Arshi said that Shilpa is very nice person and she wants her to win. Then how Shilpa became finalist, how Shilpa said that if she becomes something then it will be bigg boss’s bonus. Clip ends, Shilpa cries and says its true, thank you bigg boss, Bigg boss showed people and gave me chance to tell people exactly who Shilpa Shinde is, people thought very bad about me, thank you, thank you so much. Bigg boss says all memories of this journey will remain here, this is your last to clear, Shilpa says thank you. firework falls around her, Shilpa smiles.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that bigg boss ended, this was last, it was nice. Puneesh says very nice, we played well in game.

PRECAP- Salman says tomorrow will be the grand finale.
Puneesh and Bandagi gives a steamy performance in pool. Puneesh twirls Bandagi in pool, they romance around.
Hina gives a power packed performance, she dances and gives a good performance.
Shilpa and Vikas will enact and dance on mein teri naagin tu sapera.. they will show their relationship of Shilpa always teasing Vikas.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Neeru

    Well this is my fav episode…. So no negativity today….. I enjoyed the whole journey thing….
    Instead today i want to thank all of you at tellyupdates for making BB more interesting…. ??
    Thank you all…. Who supported nd liked my comnts,, who din like dem… Everyone out der… Thank you…
    * Amy, Samaira, XYZ, neha, vidu, Esther, Indian, misti, jisha, Hrithik ka fan, Ghosha, BBFan, VGfan, sampath, ABC, niveditha, naina, Arohi, Dev, zara, randomfancreations and all others whom i forgot to mention – Thank you for coming here nd commenting…. Had really good time reading and replying to your comments.. You guys are my VGArmy….. Glad i met you guys…. It was fun…. ???? Hopefully we will win it…. He wanted to be in top 4 and he is… Chances may be less,, but he deserves it nd till d last momnt i will root for him…
    * To all shilpa and hina fans it was fun countering nd reading ur counters….. Mic, G. Abhishek, shiv, mahi, huma, swetha, Riya, vidhya, shv, nandini, silent reader, ananya, swati, Ashok…. Thank you for being such great sport wen i din say in favor of ur favs… You guys rock…
    * And “Sharan” u need a special mention here…… I Had great fun wid u… Pehle countering,, fir shikas,, den back to countering…. ?? missed you towards d end…. ?
    * Thank you my silent readers Ritu, meghna, deepika, zinia, Roopa, sony, nd all others for your love nd trust on my comments….. You guys wer d reason i kept coming back here….
    * Last but nt the least ATIBA…. Thank you sooo much for the fast updates…. Really appreciated….
    All d best to all d fandoms….. Let d best person win…. ??? Itz me ,, neeru ,, saying good bye to everyone… Until nxt season,, tc..!!
    @Alfy…. I wish i cud be gupta….. So dnt bothr to try nd troll calling me dat…. Nd as Amy said bias word doesnt look good coming from u… Dis is d last day nd i actually dnt want ny hatred….
    @Roopa nd sony… Thank you nd You guys rock… ??
    @Arohi…. I am Sorry i misunderstood…. I thot u wer against vikas coz of just yestrdy’s task.. Sorry…. ?

    1. Esther

      Neeru……..really loved your comments…..It was fun reading you ppls cmnts and really had a great time❤️❤️❤️ will miss it all….this s my first BB season ….I used to hate BB bt started liking it bcoz of VG and will try to see next season too❤️❤️❤️ Hope we all will be in the same team that time too….You guys were great…….I don’t know whether they’ll make Vikas winner….Shilpa and Hina are the rivals in the show there are chances for them to be in TOP2….bt hope Vikas wins….I really wanna see him in TOP2….another thing is I really wanna know what will they all say about each other in the final interview….so eagerly witing for the finale

    2. Neeru

      @ Esther…. Thanks buddy… Nd same here…. Loved ur comnts too…… ???
      Yes hopefully will meet u nxt season with d same fav…..!!!

    3. Neeru, I too enjoyed the brief video of their journey… Very emotional it was… They were everywhere in this house for past105 days, but they can’t remember many things happened in initial weeks, when BB show them again with narration, they realize they havnt forgotten things indeed..bcs the ‘real emotions ‘ attached to each and every incident is stil in their heart… Those memories and scenes were precious and safe in their brain… ! This is the most beautiful episode of the season! All those who are already evicted also in videos , they r very unavoidable part of the journey..
      Esther, I too never followed Bigg Boss this much, In Everyone’s journey Vikas was an important person, mainly bcs they spent too much time to defeat Vikas, to corner him…!!
      While this man makes his plans, others were waiting for his plans, they always scared abt his strategy…
      But in tasks or in real he was the LION!
      He got the most beautiful relations inside..
      Others’s relationships flopped towards end… But he earned everyone..!
      I stil have hope, bcs if winner will b decided by ‘ CONTENT+GAMEPLAN+VOTES’ – Vikas has upperhand in content and gameplan…

    4. Esther

      Truee yaaar…..everyone’s journey included Vikas Guptha…as a friend,competotor e.t.c….bt Punnu didn’t mention Vikas scenes in his video after coming out

    5. Thank you neeru for mentioning my name.v all had a great journey out side the house, with unknown people who became very close with same and different ideas and favorite contestants

    6. Neeru

      @neha…. Yea… We did… Ppl we hv nt met till date,, but still together for last 3 mnths….. Amazing ryt… ? It was fun reading ur comnts….. Will miss u…. ??

    7. I agree with you two my sweet girls…
      And it’s great time we had together!

    8. @neha … agree with u ..
      but i am sad… as we have to wait for new season .. 🙁
      i hope , u all will come with the same name in next season too ………

    9. Neeru

      @Amy… Xyz…. We’ll meet nxt season…. ???

    10. Samaira_khan

      @neeru amazingg comment i love u from the bottom of my heart!! for supporting my vikku.. always understading the game.. commenting sensibly.. having an amazingggg analysis.. pointing to ur own fav too!!.. tht needs guts!!.. LOVEEEEEE YOUUUU.. it was fun reading ur comment!!.. whenever i started disliking vikas it was u and ur comment tht made me realized.. U know tht it was my first season to watch but this is going to be alwayssss stored in my heart!!.. Vikas winning chances r reallyyy low..#SHIKAS came together but now either shilpa or vikku wil go with Hina..!! may the deserving win!!.. I hope i meet u again.. and tht too with sameee fav!!… VIKAS GUPTA no one can rule my heart like u [email protected] if u dont mind i wanted to ask whts ur age? and where r u from?

    11. Neeru

      @samaira…… Thank you…. Nd u knw i love u tooo…… You are d lil sistr i had here –
      always Rooting for me ,, missing me nd fyting for me wen somebody comnts negatve abt me….. Before i cud reply to dem,, i wud find ur comnt in support nd bashing dem…. ?????
      Thanks for everything…… I love you….. ????
      Yes,, hopefully we’ll meet nxt yr wid d same fav…… Till den u tc of yourselves ok…. Muuuuaaaahhhhh….
      Last tym someone asked me here ,, i faked my age …. ??
      well I m 21…. Nd frm mumbai…. Ryt now at Bangalore……!!!! ?

    12. yes you forget my name to mention but its ok dear i liked your comment throughout the season as i liked vikas but i at the end i become hina fan ….you are queen of this forum as everyone egarly waits for your comment after the update by atiba … had also tried to update the extradose and uncut for which i am thankful to u ……i will miss u may we meet in next season and everyone take me serious too as like u and people don’t forget my name to mention ha ha ha???joke tha for u miss u
      .bye bye
      last but not the least may the best win

    13. Neeru

      @Moksh….. Damn…..!!!! I am soooo sorryyyy…… How cud i forget you… We did hv some great conversations here…… Sorryyyy….. And Ppl do take u seriously…. I take ur comnt seriously…. Aaj galti ho gayi… Maaf kar do… ?
      Thank you soo much for d support moksh.. Queen.. ? Haha…. ?
      Well u r welcome for d extra dose… Nd yes definitely we’ll meet nxt yr….
      Will Miss you…!!! Tc….

    14. Thank you moksh for reminding me to tell a special thanks to neeru for the efforts of writing extra was funny on those days.thank you neeru,v really enjoyed

    15. Will miss your comments… Hope to read your comments again next season.
      Wether Vikas wins or not, he is the Finalist and he won many hearts in the journey.

      Lots of love.

    16. Neeru

      @ osika….. Sorry i forgot to mention ur name too…… And thank you for d support dear…… Yes we’ll meet nxt yr ….. ?
      Love you….!!! ?

    17. @Neeru No problem. ? Love you too!! ?

    18. Hey.. I really missed you.. Love you for nice comments ever..

    19. You have really impressive word power.. Use well.. Keep it up..

    20. Neeru

      @Ritu…. Thank you dear……will keep dat in mind…. ?
      And i’ll miss you too….. Thank you for all d support my silent reader ….. ??????

    21. u forgot me.jokinnnggggggg…haahhhaahhh

    22. Neeru

      @Harshi….. Oopsss…. I knew i will mess up wen i started writing d names…. And i was sure wen i finished…. Sorry buddy….. ?
      But trust me u r included in d list where i thank all those whom I din mention…. Coz u hv been a wonderful writer here….. Hv loved ur comnts…. Thank you…. ??

    23. np neeru will meet u all nxt year

    24. Awwwwww ! ❤
      Now this was really cute. U mentioned each person. ?
      Dude, kal at least sab phir se ekbar aa Jana not to say ‘goodbye’ but to say ‘see u next October’..
      And Neeru, ayeeeeee don’t be sorry. ☺ I would have felt sorry and ashamed if none read my comment and not placed his/her opinion. ? U just kept your point of view.

    25. I will come dear…will miss you too all

    26. Neeru

      @Arohi….. Itna tho bantha hai yaar…. Trying to Quote each ones name coz Itz been wonderful 3 mnths nd d support i hv got frm U guys is amazing… ???
      Thank you girl…. ???
      I normally dnt make it here on sundays…. Busy day it is for me… Dats why i thot i’ll thank u all today… Nywaz will try nd come tomorw…. Akhir finale hai…. Will try… !!!
      If nt,,, see u nxt October ….. Just 8mnths ??

    27. @Aarohi …
      *Dude, kal at least sab phir se ekbar aa Jana not to say ‘goodbye’ but to say ‘see u next *
      awwwwwwww soooo cute …..

    28. I will miss you too ND all ….

    29. You forget me …but reality you r one which I like most here. ..second xyz…amy..Easter…smira…etc….I will.miss you all guys…….feeling so bad bb is ending…..

    30. Neeru

      @Anjali….. Sorry for messing up nd nt mentioning ur name…… Hope u forgive me….. Thank you for liking my comnts….. Nd d feelings are mutual…. Loved ur comnts tooo…. ???
      Will misss you tooo until nxt season…. ??

    31. Anjali, Me too getting very very sad as ‘ SEASON VIKAS is ending…
      Hopefully we can come back in next season…
      Thank u dear for your support!

    32. @Anajli … i think u r very young … i like u alot … u r like swt lil sis …
      love u chotu … 🙂

    33. @neeru we will be back in the next season…and support our favourite contestants… we are the #VGArmy

    34. Neeru

      @VGFan….definitely….. Yes we are … We r d VGArmy,,,we r d lost louls….. ????

    35. @neeru it was always amazing to read your comments. Your views were always to the point and were expressed with extreme politeness. Glad to have shared this platform with someone as amazing as you.

    36. Neeru

      @vidu….. That was really sweet…… Thank you for these kind words…. ???
      You wer really amazing too….. Your funny one liners wer d best…… ??
      Had really fun reading dem….. Try nd be here nxt season… Will miss you….. ??

    37. @neeru will miss you too. And wil surely see you in the next season. ?

    38. @ Neeru thanks for mentioning my name…I am surprised that you don’t forget my name…Neeru I can’t stop crying after reading your comment…feeling so sad that thinking that from tomorrow I will not see Vikas again on screen…will not read your comments again…

    39. Neeru

      @meghna…. Nope… I will nvr forget ur name nd dat comnt of urs….. The encouragement u gave was immense… U hv no idea…. And thank you soo much for dat….. ???? love you….!!!
      Yes BB comes to an end….. Vikas will be missed…. But i Hope to see you nxt season… Tc….

    40. Vidu, VGfan, Meghna, Neeru,
      YESS…! WE ARE,
      # VGArmy forever
      #Lostsouls of the Lostboy

    41. Thanks neeru….it was indeed a beautiful journey being VG army…we from different parts of world with similar thoughts came together and started experiencing the emotions and joy which vikas was going through….and the best part is we actually don’t know any of us personally…but still we are one… enjoyed this season…
      Hope Vikas lifts the trophy… eagerly waiting for that moment..
      Will miss you…will meet in next bb season….?

    42. Jisha, True that we don’t know anything about each other, but an entertainment show made us reach to a same forum from all over the world… Crazy na??
      And Vikas formed his Army inside by his will and outside without his will, that’s too an army having lakhs of people in 3 months… AMAZING!

    43. @jisha,AMY … exactly …. i am glad that .. there are lot of ppl who have same thinking like ..
      *and the best part is we actually don’t know any of us personally…but still we are one*
      true …. and loveddddd this thing …

    44. Neeru

      @jisha…… Will you miss too….. ???
      Wat you said was absolutely correct….. ?????

    45. @neeru, xyz, samaira, vgfan, moksh and all other friends.. Sach me i will miss big boss and u guys. Ab kal se kisi k comments read krne ko nahi milenge. Feeling sad but i will wait for next season and hope to meet all of u again. Episode was too gud and sach me though i am vikas fan but after watching journey of all contestants i cried. It was really emotional and i was feeling loving all four of them. Jo b ho sabne achha khela. Hope next season me biasness kam ho but what i feel that bigboss is knowingly biased towards contestants so that the fans get more supporting to their contestants and vote. As in starting i used to watch bb but never voted but in last two three seasons i started voting contestants who were gud but not supported by bigboss as rohan mehra and now vikas. And more of it i voted vikas and appealed my family members and friends to vote vikas. It was really amazing. I will miss everything.

    46. @Big bOss Fan …
      *. It was really emotional and i was feeling loving all four of them.*
      and it is really emotional and feeling loving u all guys , here
      dont want to end of the discussions .. 🙁

    47. @neeru… Thank you for mentioning my name!! I always find ur comments unbiased and mind blowing. Whenever I came here I always read your comment first… I really don’t care about others comments. You are my favourite!! Gonna miss you girl…. I love you!!!

    48. Neeru

      @deepika…. I love you tooo….. Thank you so much for all d love nd support….. Will miss you tooo…. ???? muaaahh…..

    49. Hi neeru, remember me??? Will miss your comment sis…

    50. Neeru

      @shadab… Of course i remember u…. ???
      Sorry ur name sliped out of my mind… U hv been missing frm here for sometime… Wer hv u been…. ?
      Thank u for all d support dear…. Had fun commenting here wid u…..
      Will miss u…. ?

    51. @neeru … lovedddddddddddddddd ur comment like always u write ur emotions here …. ur each n every word make me sad and happy at the same time … gonna miss u n everyone , so badly …
      @shadab .. sry to forget mention u in my comment .. but i really like ur comments ….

    52. Neeru

      @xyz…. I am gonna miss u big time….. Loved all our agreements nd disagreements….. ???
      Hopefully we’ll meet nxt season….
      Waise jaate jaate apna naam tho batati jao…. ?????

    53. @neeru .. ha ha ha .
      its monika 🙂

  2. Shilpa truely deserves to win , I love shikas cute journey and how they sorted their matter and really it was amazing . We love shilpa shinde I don’t know why people are saying if she won than show is fixed , what will bigg bossget ti make her winner , insecure people needs excuses to defend themselves

    1. Samaira_khan

      @lilly yep i think SHILPA AND VIKAS journey was almost the samee!!.. and yeah its not like tht. but salman suppots a lott to shilpa tht makes us think tht.. but whtevr it is the most deserving contestant is going to win!..

  3. Esther

    I got to watch Vikas’s video only and that was beautiful❤️❤️❤️ Vikas had a fantabulous journey inside the house…… I wanted more Vi-rshi and Vi-ten scenes in it…that small bit of Vir-shi itself made me sooo happy….really wanted more of them ❤️❤️❤️
    ppl outside are complaining that this year’s journey videos were jumbled and not as good as last year’s??…donno this is my first season….bt would’ve loved it more if there were more Virshi Viten scenes and some Pri scns too?….loved the way he reacted after seeing the video❤️❤️❤️

    1. You did a good job of not watching Shilpa s journey, they were trying to prove she was and is a Devi.????vikas journey with every one was cute.esp hiten and aarshi.tillnow bb wants to tell they left bcoz of vikas. sorry for telling negatives on last day but couldn’t control myself

    2. agreed @neha….shilpa pe peeche emotional songs lagaye the aur cooking toh matlab aise dikhai thi jaise ki woh bhagwan hai shilpa ko khaana khilaati hai sabko…

    3. VGFan, Neha, – sahi pakde hai..!
      And the worst torture Vikas faced by Shilpa was shown as entertaining with funny background music…! But we can’t forget how cruel she was that day…!
      In everyone’s videos Hina had a villain role too… But shilpa was showed as pure soul…
      Esther,, – me too wanted more Virshi, Viten… Even Shilpa got very much emotional seeing Arshi and her together..!
      Vikas thanked to everyone after seeing video and even expressed ” sorry ‘ if he hurted them….
      On the other hand Hina madam was boasting after watching it…
      She should watch her negative videos now..

    4. Neeru

      Guyss…… The khabri says puneesh nd vikas are out of d race…. Now d fyt is between hina nd shilpa…..
      Well i m definitely heartbroken,,, but congrats hina nd shilpa fans….. ???

    5. Esther

      hehehe……watched it??

    6. Samaira_khan

      @esther truly agreed!!.. and now we r done with the most amazinggg and thrilled journey!.. Hope to meet u again!!..

    7. Samaira_khan, Neeru, XYZ, Amy, HKF and everyone

      Will miss u all guys!!

    8. Neeru

      @chitrangada……. Will miss you too….. U wer one of d wonderful commenters here… Sorry i missed ur name….. And i wonder how…. U wer amazing…. Tc…!!!

    9. Samaira, we will meet in next season… 🙂
      Chitrangada, I agree with Neeru about u…
      Your comments were wonderful… I always got the ” LOL ” expression after reading yours.. Loved the way you wrote.. 😛

    10. @chitrangadha … love u dear..
      i have already mention this thing .. i have read ur 3 or may be 4 comments here and each n every time ur every single word matched with my thinking …

    11. Jisha

      @esther…me too was waiting for virshi scenes and viten scenes…when he was watching the video, loved the expressions…he was saying Arshi…inbtn….
      He definitely had a fabulous journey….I so wish Vikas wins….
      Have seen few pics of Arshi and Vikas’s mother together of finale… i

    12. Esther

      yeaaa….i too saw them……Arshi is looking great….at first I didn’t even identify her

    13. @Esther … yeah … this season’s videos were not that much good as previous seasons……..
      but still it was quite good and emotional….
      @neha, amy ,VGFan .. i felt the same …about shilpa’s clip ……
      @neeru …. its ok … i am really not heartbroken .. as i always knew this thing and i have said this thing from very beginning that winner-shilpa , 1st runner up -Hina , 2nd runner up-vikas…
      but he is the real winner in my eyes as he earn lot of fan following in only 3 motnhs and earned respect of many …

    14. Esther

      @Xyz….yea…for me too he is the real winner…..I too knew it that whatever predicted will happen….still I had hope…thought they will consider his contributions to the show… they didn’t….I was sad at first bt now I’m ok….infact now I think that it’s good he didn’t win…haters would start abusing him calling Ekta’s laadli and by spreading more and more fake news….they’ll never accept his win….

  4. HINA KHAN ……
    U always stood beside weak
    U always did best in tasks
    U always gave best in friendship
    U always gave best competition
    But u became alone at final day
    Groupism sucks hina khan rocks

    1. MuskankhAn

      proud to be hina khan fan love u hina khan for being herself

    2. sampath kumar

      how groupism sucks and hina rocks came together ….. in everyones journey its so clear vikas was the one who played alone ……anyway all the best for ur av

  5. Esther

    It’s 100% confirmed that BB is a ShiKas shipper???

    1. @Esther…….guess u r right……hahaha

    2. Esther

      ??? couple dance bhi hee

    3. Yes …right….will miss your comment

    4. Esther

      @Anjali….yours tooo……loved the way you were defending VG in each and every situation

      Their chemistry is muaaaaaaaahhhh

    6. Esther

      Salman loves everyone whoz with SHilpa??….true….their chemistry is awesome

  6. Shilpa’s journey has been beautiful……..filled with different shades of life………shilpa-arshi were the best jodi of bb11 the video showed it so well……..loved u a lot…….video was absolutely wonderful…….it showed her shades of mother,friend,enemy,elder sister n most of all the biggest entertainer of this season……..even after two years of hard struggle……u came out bravely……a true inspiration……..she is d only one who truly deserves bb11 trophy…….god forbids if she doesn’t win…….no matter bcoz she has won many hearts……..broken records……..made uncountable fans…… u shilpa……..the real beauty……..

    1. MuskankhAn

      Sorry to say being mother figure she didn’t give food for a single Human being for just few days this itself shows who she is nothing more to say… being called mother is just not enough she should have that sentiment and emotions which she don’t have. she said even dog is better then Akcash how disgusting this sympathy gainer well successfully enacted whole season without showing her real character. really Oscar Award for this women.

    2. sampath kumar

      i am die hard vikas fan …. but shilpa journey was really beautiful and i clearly understood sterday she is actually a nice person who dont know to defend herself tats y salman always comes for her help …. i think in her career also she is facing this because of this giving nature and kindness i saw she always flip when she feel people were not real and dont respect her in real……she gave so much of love to aakash but when he acted weird she cant able to handle it same with aarshi ….. in interview she said producers made me sign the contract by praising me and i worked alot for them but when i want to work in my terms they have done this to me …… so i feel she dont know to say no and when people ask her something with love she cant resist but when she make her own decision she want them to respect it like aarshi and aakash went against her thinking she is not letting them to become captain but she thinks about the whole house and take decision ……and watever happened in her life i hope it wont repeat and she ll rule the industry yet again …… i really dont think vikas have any hand in it she just made him a victim and this whole ban thing is because of her own nature she is not professional….. i hope she ll keep her personnel and professional differently she complained her professional friends dont talk to me wat i have done like tat and all in interviews ……… shilpa is a sweet person in that house in real ….and vikas was so sorted and he know how to keep professional and personnel life differently tat was shown when vikas felt bad seeing his mom in padosi home because he dont want her mom to be judged by people but shilpa was k with that …. this two were so different personalities ……may be i am wrong but i dont want to hurt anyone on last day ….i hope vikas to win this show as he is gem who changed the hatred into love in every person …..

    3. Sampath,
      The way BB showed Her journey was beautiful…! But I remember I had seen many things already which is not included..
      Vikas is a gem for sure!

    4. @muskankhan .. agreed to u……….

  7. zara hayat khan

    Hey Dea neeru, esther same hr….luv u all……I’ll miss my vikas a u r the true rockstar of biggboss.I didnt like the way hina behave after watching her video …….toooooo much attitude and pride…anyway…..tkcr all….kal shilpa ya hina koi bhi jeete……..still I find my hero vikas the champion of this show……one and only mastermind…..

    1. @zara jaada vikas ki side mat lo …nahi toh hina ke fans aajkal pandit bankar ghoom rahe hai..tumhara naamkaran ho jayega tum gupta bana di jaogi nahi toh…Lol….xD :p

    2. Neeru

      @VGfan….. Hahah……. ??????
      Lol…… Mera nd amy ka tho ho gaya…. !!!!

    3. Hahaha… @neeru…woh hina fans haina toh unka logic alag hi hoga xD

    4. VGfan, ????????
      Amy Gupta ko apki comment bahut pasand aayi..!

    5. hina fans ka logic

    6. @VGFan .. u r too much … ha ha ha ….

  8. only episodes without fight but i cried a lot today but still in morning they all bi*hing i doesnt like that last day toh chhor dete …i also disliked how they cornered hina ..but hina #sherkhan be storng…..i liked everyones journey yr all were awesome even punneesh he played with a plan ………. tommorow grand finale fully exited yr …..precap made me more excited .
    and and and tommorow we will came to know who is going to win then we had no comment except praising the winner or giving condolences to who had not won so we will only say thanks to ATIBA only becoz of her we could share our views she made us ………thank u ATIBA and miss bigg boss 11 the most entertaining season ever and miss u all commenters
    i even know first i was a silent reader then how i started here by commenting with same id lol??? and then my fight with @shivani then became a daily commenter and analyser then i skip to comment and then when i again returned i saw many new commenter where many old commenters were missing and how everyone welcomed me again here and in last how someone abused me for which @xyz supported me how me and @samaira always give replies to each other actually she was the first oneto reply on comment and first one who apologize with no reason thats why i liked her comments and our favorite @ neeru may in next season everyone take me also serious like u but u are the queen man!! last not least @xyz who gave reply to everyone and appreciate them all …..thank u guys miss u all i think my journey was intresting too.

    1. Samaira_khan

      @moksh thanku so much dear.. Hmm yeah today they all should have been together.. I neither liked Hina nor Vikas behavior today.. Vikas was trying to talk but hina was angry.. And yeah Lil bit it was his fault too.. Leave it.. Even Im eager for tommrow.. May the deserving win

    2. Neeru

      @moksh….. Your journey in dis forum bhi bb house ke journey se kam thodi hai….. ???
      Lots of shades…… ?
      Queen ka pata nhi,, but pyar tho bohut mila hai yahan se…. And i will take it Wid me…. !!! ??
      And for d last time,,, ur comnts wer important tooo……. ???

    3. sampath kumar

      nobody is angry on hina …. sterday she ate food made by shilpa and acting like making food ….. she is so desperate to win at any cost …….. she is the only person never changed for anything and her ego is still the same and she really dont respect anyone as if she do she wont mock people but she do that and best quality of her is she takes it also i do admire her for tat vikas cant do that …. she dont have a winning quality in her but her urge to win it is so high …. her journey is very tough tat makes her deserving i dono may be her short term memoryloss is helping her tat she forget what she do in anger …. she played her best as she played against the best …..

    4. @moksh ….
      awwww so sweet … i am feeling cry …. but happy too …
      *@moksh….. Your journey in dis forum bhi bb house ke journey se kam thodi hai….. ???
      Lots of shades…… ?
      Queen ka pata nhi,, but pyar tho bohut mila hai yahan se…. And i will take it Wid me…. !!! ??
      And for d last time,,, ur comnts wer important tooo…….*
      same here dear … and so true ….

    5. Thank you for so much love….I feeling cry….don’t want to leave u all…..will miss you very much……..

    6. Esther

      haha I remember those same Id waalaa cmnts and its after effects….I think I used to cmnt with other unregistered id that tym….bt still remember t

  9. Samaira_khan

    Hi guys!! im not able to believe that 3 months r done!!..
    @neeru u were RIGHT this is the most amazingg episode..
    Vikas and Shilpa two persons reallyy close to my heart since beginning.. and if u notice their journey was almost the same.. Though now i prefer Hina.. But the love i had for Shilpa will be remainig..
    All the four contestants present here deserved it!!..
    Vikas gupta- trulyyy a mastermind!! the person who i hated in inital weeks won my heart!!.. I know his chances r reallyy low top 2 would be Hina and Shilpa but no matter what he is the ruler of my heart..
    Shilpa Shinde- the woman whom i admired a lotttt bu during the last weeks her opponent became my fav!…. Whtever it is I love this woman especially with my vikku!!
    Hina Khan- a TRUE inspiration for all the girls out there!!.. Drama queen and Task queen!!..i belive tht she was the true and best frnd.. and emotional person too..
    My top 3 Vikas Hina Shilpa..
    Puneesh- the only commoner who survived till last.. Hope the best for him.. But this man made us laugh and hate both together.. Still he deserved it thts y he is top 4..
    #Shikas these both r an amazing couple!…
    #Guys wht happened to Vikas and hina? y suddenly they r like this just for the task?? and #shikas how come they came soooo close suddenly again!? @neeru can u tell me from extra mtv dose..
    Now for making this season tooo special for me @neeru @xyz @amy @sharan @huma #chitradanga @neha chandra @hkf @moksh @naina @naina plus aiman @abc @bbfan @esther @random creations fan @sampath @ashok @abishek @shwetha and everyone out there!!..
    we all know the top 3 may the deserving wins!!.. and my VG ARMY i hope we meet next season with same fav!! love u all!! and plzz comment tommorow too!!

    1. V all will meet next season again.

    2. All are forgetting me….?????it’s ok but I will miss you guys very much….I m not perfect in writting like you all but felt very good to join you all…..crying so much… one mentioned me….will miss you all friends …….AP logo ki 3 month ki dosti humesa yad aegi hope we will meet in future ND in next session you all consider me as a friend….

    3. Samaira_khan

      @anjali ohh sorryyy!! I was really in hurry while writing.. Actually u didn’t comment since beginning so just slipped out of my mind.. But belive me I read ur comments like regularly yaar!! Ur my frnd.. I don’t have to consider it..

    4. Anjali, No yaar, it happens! Will miss some names to mention, but doesn’t mean we forgot ..!
      U were very lovely commenter… Won’t forget the efforts you take to reply everyone those days… You did a good job here being part of VGArmy
      Thank u dear… We wil see in next season again..! Love u

    5. @anjali … how can we forget our chotu ??????/
      u r the cutest one of VGArmy ….
      i have to share this thing … u came late here … but frankly speaking 15 days m 3 months jitna likha … #i am saying this thing in a good way ..
      and it was really awesome to read ur comment … u were actually replying to each n everyone with so much of confidence and u know what me n my sis really talked abt u as u started replying to each person …
      love u girl … and i onsidered u as a chotu frnd …. 🙂

    6. Neeru

      *Nt sure… But i think “Arshi” is d common link…. Shilpa nd vikas becme frnds at first bcoz of arshi’s efforts…. Similarly dis tym wen she returned,, she made sure dey r frnds again…. Der is an unseen clip wer arshi is talking to shilpa abt vikas…. Nd den d task hapnd… Shilpa din destroy vikas’s things nd arshi must hv convinced vikas …..
      * With hina,, we knw she is a true frnd but gets jealous wen dey get close to others….. Example pri…. Nd wen vikas started talking wid shilpa she was a lil jealous nd den d task hapnd nd fyt intensified….

    7. @samaira …. going to miss each and everything …
      u know what neeru n u started to write here and then i started to write here .. and then Hritik ka fan, amy ,indian and many more write here.. and i am glad that our thinking matches almost most of the times…
      now we called as VGArmy ….

    8. Esther

      @Samaira……love you tooo….and hope we’ll meet again….Vikas ne kaha “Agar Bahubali nahi jeeta tho uska beta Amarendra bahubali jeet gaya” aisa kuch thaa….sry for the bad hindi…..let’s wait and see who’ll be the next to win our hearts

  10. Going to miss everyone here. Going to miss all of your comments.

    @Amy, @Samaira, @Xyz, @Hrithikkafan @neeru @huma and many more, i enjoyed all of your comments. Hope you all come back for next season. (I remember some of you from BB10)

    Lots of Love

    May the best win.

    All the best to all the fandoms. All of you were amazing.

    Since, the journey has ended, lets spread positivity.

    Whoever wins, let us not show negativity for others and No Posts/Tweets against anyone.

    Lots of Love
    Good Bye!!!

    1. Samaira_khan

      @osika thanku even I’m going to. Miss.. U and everyone!! Yep well written

    2. P.S. Thank you Atiba !!! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. ?

    3. Osika, Thank you so much for the support..,
      Me too Hoping to come back here in next season …

    4. @osika …. thank you so much for ur love n support and also for ur genuine comments …

  11. will miss u all our small bb first i used to be a silent reader bt then evn i started commenting like hell supporting vikas.i loved each one of ur comments nd d cooment which i specially loved was dt of neeru nd kavi u both nailed [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@V[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] KA [email protected]@[email protected]……….. these r d names i remembered othr all srry but u all evn come in this list.Totally enjoyed being vikas supporter nd loved how bb showed shikas cute nok jhok
    Bbbbyeee this is my last comment cz i have preboards frm 15
    love u all……… will meet in nxt sesn

    1. I will miss you too dear…

    2. will miss your comments too harshi….we will meet here only….in the next season…

    3. Neeru

      @Harshi…… Ohh ya kavi nd me…… It was fun…. ????

    4. where is kavi @neeru she was d one who supported shilpa till last…..

    5. Harshi, ” i specially loved was dt of neeru nd kavi ” ..???????
      Tht was Another level!
      – Thank you dear for liking and supporting VGARMY!

    6. @harshi … gonna miss u too dear … 🙂

    7. Esther

      @Harshi….thankU yaar….glad u remembered my name….me tooo miss ya all

  12. what a joke Wikipedia has already announced puneesh is evicted hahaha???!! go and check?

  13. Just loved today’s episode…
    As @neeru said no negativity today… Totally agreed to his point…
    Will miss reading ur comments after bb11…
    Loved the journey of everyone…
    Never connected to hina whole season so special mention to her efforts specially last night one… Strong lady she is…
    Puneesh a great man warrior spirit… Very well played…
    Gupta jee real mastermind..loved him for his way of playing the game….
    And lastly Shilpa Shinde… No comments as she is my favourite….
    Good luck for finale to everyone…i want shilpa to win… In case she won’t my 2nd choice is vikas…

  14. FIRST,atiba di thank you loads for giving us such amazing and clear update…it’s really difficult to give update of a show like big boss…I really appreciate you…

    The episode was fantabulous..I really gonna miss big boss like hell..I just want to say one dialogue…”big boss tussi jaa rahe ho tussi na jao”

    oh hina,what to say about you now…I am a damn fan of you… did mistakes but improved it…you really stand by the GIRL POWER.sabse ghatia baate hina ke khilaf hi bola gaya hai……you fought with everyone with strength in task let it be a boy or a girl…I can see today’s girl in you…I know you might not win the show but you have won for me….

    Vikas ji,you are a very nice person with everyone…you personality is great…you really Won trillions hearts even mine…be like that.
    Shilpa,I liked you so much but last few days I didn’t like you a bite…you should not consider anyone low ..girls are equals to boys….girls are not bound to stay in kitchen or home….but yay,you showed your maturity …
    Punnesh,ek number ka shaitan aur shatil admi..isliye finales mein aya hai sirf shilpa ke wajah se…
    All commenters over here specially neeru di,xyz di,Samaria di,nandini di your comments were so clean and stable….no bad words at all…your comment was a fantastic thing that I across on this season

    My favourite big boss ji,thank you may the best person win…overall IT was a good season…

    1. Neeru

      Thank you ananya….!!!!! Lots of love…. ??

    2. @ananya ..u know what.. i really like ur comments .. u knw y??
      bcz u alwayas wrote like hiten bhaiya ,priyank bhaiya.. and i find it sooo cute…

  15. Among all four, Shilpa journey is most mesmerizing and dynamic. I never liked HINA, not because she behaved like she is most intelliegent or most talented but she insulted Sakshi tanwar and other celebreity who were not part of show.
    I like Vikasc but as a person i wd not like to be friend with this guy bcas he can go to any extend to defeat you.
    Puneesh , last few weeks i really liked him. he was openely crticized wrong doing.
    I wd like to see anyone among shilpa, Vikas ane puneeshbto win but not Hina. She has real issue with her personality.

  16. A beautiful episode. ❤
    No offense please but I want to state a fact which I have felt maybe..
    Out of those 4 finalists, I believe none was capable of being another Manveer Gujjar in Bigg Boss Season 11 !
    Bigg boss is a show where people grow with each passing day. Few contestants had a beautiful journey, one became a queen on the last day, and one will win the show.

    But Manveer was Manveer. None showed so much growth in 3 months the way Manveer had changed last year. Not even Vikas could replace him maybe as a winner.
    Goodluck guys !
    May the best win.

  17. zara hayat khan

    Love u ‘ll guys…….mmmuuaaahhhhhhhhhhh.missing all your comments .
    Winner of the comments…….samaira……..neeru…xyz
    First runner up………amy….esther
    Second runner up…u all …..

    1. Zara,, he he …u ranked us…
      I agree winners are Neeru, Xyz ans SK… !
      😛 😛 😛

    2. @zara … he he..
      love u yaar …

    3. Neeru

      @zara…. Haha…. ??? dats sweet…. Thank you….

    4. Esther

      hahaha….love you Zara… AMY also deserves a winner’s trophy??

  18. Hiiii friends three months of big boss is going to end tomorrow….we guys will apart from tomorrow…I will miss you all…….hope you all do your best in future ND like these finalist you can achieve some big in your life…all was good …some happeines ND some fight we saw their …ND it is difficult to believe that time of this beautiful reltion is coming to end ………hope you all remember me….ND we will me in next session……all the best… you ….miss you….

    The best one will win…

    Thnku you xyz Easter Amy harshi for your support….ND nerru ND Samira I like you to….mokes hayat hritik ka fan all of you guys will miss you….

    1. yeah will miss u too nd ur comments

    2. @Anjali … lovee ur commentsn u too chotu …
      and r ….really gonna miss u .

    3. Esther

      Will Miss you too sweetheart❤️❤️

  19. Neeru, Amy, harshi, Samaira, XYZ, neha, vidu, Esther, misti, jisha, Hrithik ka fan, Ghosha, BBFan, VGfan, sampath, ABC, niveditha, naina, Arohi, Dev, zara, randomfancreations and all of the lovely souls….. will miss reading telly updates first thing in the morning and seeing the comments.
    Wishing everyone a fantastic new year! All d very best all of u!

    1. @indian Will miss your. Comments too. And telly updates became a habit to be honest ?

    2. thnks for mentioning my name
      will meet u nxt ssn
      @vidu i never read any of d comments of any othr ssn eagerly othr dn this sesn
      bb11 rockssssss…….
      nd this is d forum where i started commenting regularly thnks to u all

    3. Indian, Will miss you too dear…,
      Have a blessed life !

    4. @indian … thank you so much for ur all love n support .. we came like a family in these 3 months ..
      seriously it was an amazing journey of us..
      *indian Will miss your. Comments too. And telly updates became a habit to be honest ?*
      true … i got habitual too …

    5. Esther

      @Indian Same to you yaar..have a fantastic year…me too will miss this forum

    6. Will miss you too ….

  20. So 3 months have passed…it has been a wonderful journey for all the finalists… and also for all of us here too xD….will miss all of you…do come back in the next season…really liked @xyz,@amy,@neeru,@samaira,@zara,@harshi,@anjali,@esther,@neha,@moksh…will miss all of you and the others too…
    also thank you ATIBA…because of you only we could come here everyday and discuss about the episode or perhaps the entire season…love you guys…

    1. VGFan, indeed we were addicted to Vikas, same way we had the most pleasure to read &comment here…. Past 3 months & VGarmy r very special to me,.. Day by day I was surprised to see the unity of Lostsouls.. Never withdrew back infront of other fandom… Always put forward right points with explanation… Expressed disappointment also when Vikas made some mistakes .. You all people were awesome and commented those views too which I failed to see..
      Love you Guys!

    2. @VGFan … seriously ye 3 motnhs pata hi nhi laga kaise nikl gaye… aur itna jaldi hum log connected feel karne lage..
      @AMY… i loveddd ur this comment too……..

    3. Esther

      @VGFan….I regret not commenting here from the begining,….hope we all will be supporting same person next year too

    4. Thank you very fan for writing my name.loved your comments a lot.

      @neeru, sorry to hear that vikas is out from race, but it is expected.thank you for informing so that won’t get a shock.

    5. AP logo k pyar or sath n PTA h nhi kb time nikl gyyaa humra….will miss you all are……I m.full of tear…..

  21. Samaira_khan

    Dear @xyz and @amy can u plz stop being Mr India and comment now!! Ur comments and nowhere to be found.. I’m going to school right now.. Plzzz comment..
    And my 2 other opponents @huma @sharan.. Even neeru mentioned u up guys!! Common now comment!!..

    1. Hi Samaira agreed to you.loved your comments everytime..

      without Amy and xyz it’s incomplete.

      I’m also waiting for huma and sharan , they are not coming for a long time.please comment atleast on last day.
      Kavi, where are you,

    2. @samaira ,neha … i was lil busy … but hum na aye .. last day pe.. aisa ho hi nhi sakta … :p

    3. Xyz,
      U were missing yesterday! Lekin last day pe aisaa nhi hoga… hai na.. 😛
      Thanks Samaira, Neha for your love! 😉
      Sharan, u can break silence now…. Com’n yaar! 😐

    4. @samaira, neha .. apne bulaya aur hum chale aye..
      btw , i am not mr. 😉
      i think AMY is not mr. too …
      am i right amy?????????

    5. Xyz, Of course I’m a girl.
      I hope u understand what SK meant..
      ” stop being Mr.India – stop being invisible”

  22. i miss u sooooo much bigg boss.nd miss u guys ur comments.i wish shilpa win kare.

  23. This season was my first season and it became possible for hina only may my fav win which is hina if she doesn’t then also my same respect and love will be there for you . Last but not least I am going to miss bigg boss and especially hina and also all the commenters

  24. Hi guys.this is my first and last comment.isnt it strange that I am commenting on the last day.i am a silent reader but I always love to read it comments.neeru,cuz,moksh,Anjali,Arohi,Amy,VG fan,Zara,mic and many others I loved to read it comments.all the 4 finalists r good may the best one win.i want Vikas to win.and good bye guys.i will not be able to read it comments any more.bye

    1. Neeru

      @sanaya….. Better late dan never….. ?? Thank you reading my comnts nd liking dem…. And Thank you for comnting and letting me know abt it…. ???
      …. I just hv a feeling that shilpa nd vikas will be d top 2 … Nd dey will walk out of d house together like dey came…….. And den Hopefully vikas will win.?

    2. Sanaya,
      Sorry dear, I missed your comment earlier…
      Thanks for loving our comments…
      Top 3 is fine…but puneesh nowhere deserves to be in 4th position.. Arshi /Acash are the real deserving contestants… Hiten also playes a dignified game, he too deserve it!

  25. I meant xyz not cuz.once again bye guys.agar hosake to reply kardena

    1. @sanaya … thanks buddy …. for reading n liking our comments … and letting us know that there are many more who have thinking like us …
      and i wish the same .. vikas win this season …. 🙂

  26. Hey guys I am a silent reader but i loved each ones comment.. And atiba thanks for updates living in hostel makes it difficult to watch all episodes but ur updates helped me… Today i loved everybody’s comment.. Will miss u guys.. I am VG fan soo i pray that he should win and from next season i too will comment on regular basis till that byy and miss u guys…

  27. Thank u all my dear friends for giving me a place in your comments always…, thanks to all of the names already mentioned by other VGfans…, I afraid if I do it now, I wil miss many names to include …,
    -I Will miss all VG army here… When this season reached to last hours , having so many mixed feelings..
    -I’m very excited to see Viku’s performance tonight…
    -Totally curious to know whether trophy will be handed over to the deserving one ( Vikas) or not
    -M very sad that no more masterstrokes at 10.30pm hereafter..
    -Will b highly desperate when I can’t see him on daily basis…
    – I have to be satisfied with old videos of Guptaji..,,
    -I wil fly high when he responds to all lost souls who trusted and loved him always…
    -Will be most glad if he starts his acting career also..
    -I will dance in pleasure if I can meet him in real..
    – My prayers always will be with him & to all my friends who supported me in this forum…
    Love YOU Guys…
    Will b back here tonight whatever the result is….

    1. Neeru

      @Amy….. Acc to khabri puns nd vikas are out of d race…..

    2. @AMY … as we know the result … so we r not gonna be sad.. as vikas have already won our hearts …

    3. Esther

      @AMY….loved your comments verymuch….whenever I see ppl abusing Vikas even for his small first thinking was “AMY will come….she will blast them with counter points” and you never dissappointed me….You are one of those commentators whose cmnts I read whenever I feel bad abt anythg Vikas done in the show….you ppl never disappointed me…..will miss u all

    4. Esther, “AMY will come….she will blast them with counter points” – he he, this is why they changed my surname.. !
      Thank u so much dear…. Today u can see ur Sid too on screen with mama and Vikku…
      Neeru, Xyz, – We always said final race will b btwn the 2 lady celebrities, they hav long years experience in tv industry, so makers won’t take fair decision..! Still sad tht, it was Vikas who made this season famous, He made all tasks intersting.., BB simply used his hardwork for business, and safely evicted him on last hours…
      Vikas will feel proud when he comes out by seeing his graph..and peopl are still trending he is deserving…!

    5. After reading your comment I m in pool of tear…….Sach little time we all become friends ….we don’t know each other but the common link in between us is our thinking ND liking…..our Gupta ji…..I also love him a lot…..he is s true soul….like you all are……….all r so good….here…..

      I want to just say……a song ” aksar is duniya me anjane milte hai…..anjani raho me milte bichadte hai…..wo akasar yuhi yad ate hai…..wo aksr yuhi yad ate h…….

      Ap sub b humesa yad aoge… session me milege jarur……all the best to all of you for your future

  28. Guys, check out in wikipedia.

    It has been updated.

    (Maybe the updates are real)

  29. Hi Guys ….. I was lil bit busy so couldn’t comment here ..
    but u all made me cry ….i have never thought i will share this kind of bond with u all guys as i really don’t like social networking sites and i really dont watch serials and movies much , But i really love to write here and read other’s thinking in form of comments ..
    i am glad .. that i got attached with u guys ….
    thanks to u all guys who supported me , liked my thinking …
    although , everyone have already mention names and write their emotions in words ..
    but i have to mention some remaining ppl whom name we slipped out from our mind …..
    @kavya ,Simple ….. thanks buddy u came to support me when someone was abusing me ….
    SHILPIANS – @nandini , sharan ,kavi ,Abhishek,riya,mahi,anjali sen,shiv,shv,vidya .. u all are true shilpa fans …. as u never abused anyone in name of fandom .. u always gave ur pov when u found anything wrong , u favoured ur fav . but at the same time took side of other contestants when they were good and i really liked to counter u guys ….
    HINA FANS – @Huma – missing u alot .. as u were the true fan n supporter of hina from the beginning of the season , @Ananya – i think u r a kid .. as u always use hiten bhaiya , hina di , neeru di in ur comments … i found ur comments so cute and true at the same time @Moksh – buddy , i think u r the most mature person here to understand the situations happening to contestants . as r hina fan .. bt went against her whenever she did wrong. @Alfy – u r a genuine person and true hina fan @MIC ,Aarohi,sgj – whenever needed u took hina’s side as well as vikas n shilpa’s side …. u both are sensible and matured enough to differentiate the situations …. @swati – i like the way u spoke for girls rights.
    ARSHI PLUS VIKAS PLUS HITEN FANS – @neeru , samaira… u both are the true vikas fan who never lost faith in him … and always make other understand the things by giving ur pov’s and accepting others point too , i always liked to read ur comments …
    @AMY,Indian,ghosha,jisha,VgFan,sampath,BBfan,Hritik ka fan,vidu,Real ABC,neha,chitrangadha,esther ,dev,RandomFanCreationz- u guys always write my thinking here … most of the time i feel like u guys just wrote my thinking …. @amy …. i can relate with u the most … and i think u r totally my kind of 😉 @zinia,zara,harshi,sanaya,shreshtha,manpreet,silent Reader , unbiased commentor – u guys commented here for some times some are really new here …. but whenever u wrote .. ur words were bang on …
    @anjali – u r our chotu VGArmy member … i remember when u were new here , u wrote ” guys i wants to be frnds with u” and i was like awwwwwwww .. u r such a swthrt
    @ the persons who abused me … make me more stronger to comment here and give my point of views
    last but not the least ATIBA … thanks for ur fast updates .. due to ur updates i found new frnds and most amazing ppl ..
    love u all guys … i really got attached with u without even knowing about u …. i am gonna miss u all so badly ….. i hope we all will meet u soon with new season and with new contestants …
    and yeah i forgot to the most important person who force me to write here and its VIKAS GUPTA….
    i have followed this show from first season … a person which is really good by heart got evicted soon (eg – rahul dev , keith , karan , hiten ) , if ppl wants to remain in this show then they have to perform and this show needs drama ….
    but i have to say this thing … i found vikas a contestant , who never went that much low just for the show , who won most of the tasks , without abusing and talking about someone’s character , only by using his mind , and manipulate others , he came so far …. he is an amazing personality and i feel most of the girls want this kind of person ….
    vikas gupta … we reallylike u as a person … either u win this show ornot .. but u r the real winner … who came with the fresh face and performed so well and most importantly won many hearts …
    i wish .. u win this show …..

    1. and if i forget someone to add here then kindly forgive me or add urself so that i can remeber ….

    2. @osika … sry to missed out ur name …
      but luv u girl .. as u always write unbiased comments ….

    3. @meghna – VGArmy – as u commented here since last week… i loved ur comments
      @Tats – @hilpa fan – i dont know where r u from many days … but i have remeber .. u were hilpa fan … and i counter u many times ….
      and it was good to have discussions ….

    4. Thank you @Xyz ?

      Will miss you the most.

      Hope you come back for next season.

    5. Thank you….giving so much love to me….u r the one with one I got attached ….I will miss you so much…
      I will miss you all

      Next session plz come with. Same name ….we will definitely meet….I will wait for you all my dear friends………

      Best of luck for your bright future may good bless you… all can get what you all deserve……

      Good bye……with heavy ?,?????

    6. Xyz,
      I became upset when gotta knew he walked away from race… What a disgusting decision.., I had seen the favouritism throughout, stil I dnt know why I expected fair decision from judging panel… They didn’t give the trophy in the hands of deserving ONE…
      They can defeat him in a fixed show only…,

      Thank you dear for mentioning abt me also specialy…
      In 3 months, excluding a week our opinions were always matching… That week I remember u supported Hina and me stood with Shilpa and Vikas…. You, Neeru, Isha, were first peopl who started agreeing with my comments…,then day by day our strength (members) got increased,our bonds became stronger… Just loved the journey of VGArmy..!
      I Will read the all those past comments once again to bring the smile back…
      I wish you all success in your life…
      Love you Dear.. ????

    7. Esther

      @Xyz…thankUuu yaar….even I too was able to relate with you verymuch….before commenting here too….sply that time when all were rooting for Shikas and you supported Virshi,,,,,come back next year tooo???

    8. thankkkssss

  30. I got a bit emotional watching the journeys of the 4 contestants especially Vikas. Hope Shilpa n Vikas forget n forgive their past n b friends again outside too. Puneesh u support the truth n hope u throw your tantrums for good. Shilpa as u mentioned your past Karma made u cook for all in the house. Well done. My favourite is Vikas n hope he wins the show.

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