SDCH- Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 3

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Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 3

Recap: Some friend time and brothers bond

Next morning

At Hostel

Saprashaka room

Sanchi wakes up earlier than her sister first time and for a change thought to pull her legs like she does with her

Sanchi (shaking her) : Babu for how long are you planning to sleep. C’mon wake up fast. Hey are yiu trying to break my record. How can you do that to me? Too mean
Rishika (rubbing eyes) : Shona how cum you woke up early today. Hey don’t tell me that now you are desperate to meet my jiju
Listening to this sanchi just blush and this was noticed by her sister and she quickly stands and says
” Wow!!! Am i dreaming or my sweet innocent calm sister is really blushing..
Oh! God some one please pinch me.
By the way darling when are you planning to make me meet MY JIJU. You know now i’m really excited to meet him.
Biigod yaar because of him YOU woke up early”
Sanchi: are you done with it now or want to continue for some more time then let me say we’ll get late for class if you don’t stop now
Rishika: Ok fine. Relax i won’t start again for now. And are you going to be on time if these two sleepy heads won’t wake up early. Let’s wake them up
Sanika: Pragya Isha wake up dears. We are already late today. And we guess you don’t want to be late or miss the first class
Pragya: Guys you to get ready till then we will wake up
Isha: and i can complete my beauty sleep peacefully without your disturbance
Rishika: Ok if you say so. We will go and get ready shona for our first class as it is of Dr. Kabir and i am no where intrested to be late
Prasha wakes up quickly listening kabir’s name and says
Pragya: Can’t you say this before to us you both are really mean
Isha: It’s my hottiee’s class I am going to get ready you guys too do fast
Pragya: Wait i’m too coming. Afterall i too want to impress him
Sanika: You both are really impossible
Prasha: As if you are not

Kapoor Mansion

Kabir was as usual ready early and now is trying to wake up his brother but he is in no mood to get up. So kabir takes the jug full of water and throws it on his face and he wakes up with a jerk
Vinay: Oh god it is raining heavily and the roof is leaking. Bhai save me.
Kabir: Chote neither its raining nor the roof is leaking. Actually i threw water on your face to wake you up. As it will be ur first day officially as a doctor and i don’t want my brother to be late. So go and get ready fast and come done.
Vinay: Ok bhiya. You go i’ll be there in next 20 minutes

Boys Hostel Room

Veer was already all set for the first day and Garv was busy in selecting his outfit and was really confused at first but he finally got adjusted and the duo left for the hospital

On the other hand

Sanchi was ready and was shouting on the trio to get ready fast as they were busy in doing makeup
Isha: Sanchi just two more minutes i’m done with it
Pragya: Guys how am i looking. Is this look nice or should i try something else
Rishika: Its awesome sweeitee so just pill chill
Sanchi: Are you all done. We need to leave or else we’ll be late
Prasha: Yeah! Done
Rishika: Yes, almost but still not perfect. You know na i want everything to be perfect so just a minute
And after 5 minutes they all leave for the hospital

Kapoor Mansion

Both the brothers after having breakfast takes blessings from kusum and leave for the hospital


All the interns were present in the room and were talking to their respective friends until Dr. Kabir entered the class and as soon as he enetered there was silence and everyone stood and wished him good morning and he too greeted them back and they got setelled in their places

Kabir: So everyone before starting let me introduce myself once again.
I’m Dr. Kabir your senior and mentor.
Now I would like you all to introduce yourselves. So go ahead

So its started from…
Veer: Veer malhotra 87%
Vinay: Vinay 90%
Garv: Garv khurana 85%
And the lead is followed by everyone…..
Riya: Riya malhotra 80%
Isha: Isha negi 88%
Pragya: Pragya yadav 92%
Sanchi: Sanchi mishra 97%
Rishika: Rishika mishra 98%
Kabir: So i see there are only three students who scored more than 90. Let’s see how you prove yourselves practically
So let’s begin the class.

After an hour of study Dr. Kabir handovers the patients files to them according to their potential and asks Sanika to go to record room and search for some old files and them report him.

Kabir: So everyone the class is dismissed you all can resume your duties
And he leaves from there.

Everyone goes towards their respected departments and sanika goes to the record room.

So garv with isha have duties in general ward veer with pragya in children’s ward and vinay with riya in emergency ward
(Here riya is not negative and have a crush on vinay and he knows but does not show that)


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