Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Finalists see their journey and get emotional

Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
In house,
Inmates wake up to the song buddhu sa mann.. They all dance. Puneesh hugs Shilpa and Vikas. They all dance and enjoy.

Vikas says to Shilpa that she is worried that how mom will react that she loves Rocky. Puneesh says now their affair is open, she was crying that my mom will see me eating burnt food, vikas says we eat burnt food too. Puneesh says she must have done drama that she is eating burnt food on last day. Shilpa says then why does she have to do drama of cooking, she can ask someone else. Puneesh says she got insulted in this show.

Bigg boss asks Vikas to come to activity area. Puneesh says yay..

Vikas comes to activity area. Bigg boss says we never thought a producer will become a contestant and go in Bigg boss house, how will his story be? all wanted the answer for that. Your fights with took test of your patience, you forgot old things and decided to start a fresh beginning, you gave away your precious jacket to save Shilpa, but when you started to succeed in game but your patience was tested everytime and you lost captaincy once because of losing patience and as punishment, you were locked in a jail, but as it happens in movies, human go to jails as someone and comes out as completely different person, it happened with you too, you even announced without fear that you will play with heart, your journey was not easy maybe thats why you started crying like a baby when your mother came, your journey was not less than a superhit show, lets have a look at your journey. Clip plays, Vikas’s entry is shown, his fights with Shilpa are shown, how Shilpa irritated him, poked him constantly in start, how Vikas lost patience and threw tea on her clothes, how Shilpa poked him in jail and didnt let him sleep in jail, how he got tired and tried to jump out of house, how he had a breakdown in confession room and thought he couldnt do it, how Salman scolded him too, then how he patched up with Shilpa, how he swore that he didnt have a hand in Shilpa’s troubles with their old show, how Shilpa apologized for going personal with him, how he became Shilpa’s friend, gave her a kiss on cheek and said sorry.. Viaks sees it and says what are you doing bigg boss. Clip continues to show how people started supporting Vikas, how he became friends with Vikas, but then they left too, but then how Vikas started enjoying the game and became a finalist, clip shows his happy moments, winning moments, getting meddle from Salman in Sultani ring, how Vikas played with mind, used tricks to win tasks, how Vikas said that yes I am the mastermind, clip ends. Vikas is emotional and tears roll down his eyes. Bigg boss says its time to write the last page of this story, we wish all the luck for finale and it ends with your happy dance. Vikas says I hope so too. Firework surrounds Vikas, sparks falls around him, Vikas looks around and says damn.

Vikas comes in house, Shilpa asks what happened? Vikas says best experience of my life, this house’s best experience, you all will feel it. Hina says I know they will show whole journey, Vikas says nothing can be more most than this, he hugs Shilpa and says its very important, he gives her a kiss on head and says that was the best moment, you dont know if to laugh or cry. Shilpa gives him a hug. vikas says I am sorry if I hurt, this was the best moment of my life.

Hina comes to activity area. Bigg boss says you came in house with slogan ‘girl power’, you told people that you are strong player and they have to be careful, inmates knew that Hina Khan will put 100% efforts to win tasks, Vikas put his mom’s photo in your feet, but you played it with your mind and kept in mind to not hurt anyone’s feeling, this shows your sensible nature, you became captain of house two times, you did what you felt right, you played from heart, inmates didnt like your strong nature, maybe thats why they fought with you, but you kept answering them with your efforts, you gave up your stuff toy for others, we even saw you getting emotional in show, but people made fun of your tears, sometimes they laughed at your crying style, Hina laughs. Bigg boss says many inmates pointed fingers at you, but you got friends in this house too, Priyank and Luv became your partners and you all three faced other inmates without fear, but then as this game approached the last leg, your friends got separated, in Mount BB task, Luv separated from you saying he is a commoner and you are celebrity when you never did that. Inmates kept taunting you, we saw talking to cameras in last, it shows why your mug was sher khan, that mug broke down but lion is still here, Hina Khan is really a lioness, clip plays, Hina fights are shown, how she misunderstood instructions for elimination from Bigg boss and how people blamed her for crying but how she never gave up, how Bigg boss asked her to talk in Hindi. How she competed in every task with boys, how she had fights with Arshi, how Arshi said she will beat her slippers.. how Vikas became her enemy, how they had fights, how he called her chaalo, how he jumped on her in task, how Puneesh had fight with her too, how he said she is zero, how Shilpa said she looks like witch, how Shilpa broke her mug, how Arshi said that Hina is a vamp, how Hina brokedown hearing bad words for herself, how Puneesh called her characterless, how Priyank and Luv consoled her, their friendship, how they were called her bouncers, how Luv wrote zero on his head for her, how Hina gave up her stuff toy for Luv, then how Priyank went against Hina, then how Luv told her she will be alone when they leave, then how Hina said Priyank went to Vikas, then how Luv had a fight with her, how Vikas consoled her, how Rocky came in house and she brokedown and asked him to leave, how Rocky said you will win.. how Hina forgave Arshi, how Hina saved Puneesh, how she had huge fan following in mall, how she became finalist. Hina cries seeing all that. bigg boss says these memories will remain with you, we hope your end of journey will be memorable too, fireworks fall around her, Hina says thank you Bigg boss.

Hina comes in house, she says to Puneesh that so many was shown, fights and everything. Hina says Bigg boss said that I didnt give up and put foot on mother’s photo in Vikas city task. Hina says the best thing which I liked was Bigg boss said that lion remains lion, when I found lion saved from the mug which Shilpa broke, Bigg boss was saying that even when your mug broke, you saved the lion from it, you showed you are a lioness.

Puneesh comes to activity area. Bigg boss says your entry was no less than a hero, you told clearly that you didnt come to listen to others, you told everyone that your anger is bad, and we saw that anger’s face in this show, but you never took your anger as your weakness, you never stopped playing, you always took stand for right, when Vikas and Shilpa were against Hina in Vikas city task, you took stand for Hina even when she is not your friend, you and Bandagi was the only love story in this house, you both became one, people targeted you both, you both got nominated, when Bandagi was leaving, you said you wont be able to live here without her, it showed reality of this relation, your band on mic shows how much you miss her, even after Bandagi left, you didnt leave strength, many non-celebrities came in this house but you left everyone behind and you alone are standing here, there must be something special in you, lets see your journey. Clip plays, Puneesh’s audition clip is shown, how he said he is interested in night clubs, parties and is a playboy, how he entered in house and met Bandagi, how he said he will rule in Bigg boss, how he started his story with Bandagi and said she is most beautiful girl in house, he used to say he goes crazy around her, his sweet moments with Bandagi, then how Arshi taunted them they are always attached. how Hina and Ben taunted them for being so close and intimate, how Ben said its dirty tricks they are doing, how Hina said that she is disgusted, how can Bandagi be with Puneesh. How Puneesh fought with people, how he fight with Luv and Priyank, how Bandagi asked him to control his anger, how she gave him love. His friendship with Aakash, their funny antics, Aakash going bald to save Bandagi on Puneesh’s request, how Aakash went against him when Puneesh didnt make him captain, then how Bandagi left, how he said he wont be able to survive, how she asked him to win the show, how Puneesh peed to win task, his friendship with Vikas, Puneesh’s antics, Luv and Puneesh winning finale ticket task. Puneesh taking stand for Shilpa, Puneesh winning meddle, his efforts in tasks, clip ends. Puneesh says this is great. Bigg boss says you had great journey, we will see if history will repeat and if you win the season, firework breaks out, Puneesh cheers and says wow. He had tears in his eyes.

Puneesh comes in house and says wow.. shit.. it was crazy Shilpa. Puneesh says my friendship with Shilpa, Aakash and Bandagi is shown. Puneesh says it was shown how Hina said that how can Bandagi be with me.

Shilpa comes in activity area, Bigg boss says you entertained people TV and returned to TV as Shilpa Shinde and it started with person who you say is the reason for you leaving the TV, in start, your and vikas’s fights were headlines, you showing your anger, it was truth, it was not fake and people started liking you but even then you kept your patience and kept it fun, when your grudges were gone, you became his friend. It was the first season that we see a mother and children relation, they called you Shilpa Maa, you scolded them and forgave them time and again, you had a special relation with kitchen, you used to cook like a mother but people took it wrong way, they taunted you and said you dont do tasks, even the people who called you mom, started insulting you but you never lost patience, you sacrificed captaincy for others but people thought it was your strategy, but there was one inmate who stood by you, that is Puneesh.. your journey was full of everything, lets see your journey. Clip plays, Shilpa’s entry is shown, Vikas and Shilpa’s fight from stage, their poking in house, Shilpa breaking down and going against Vikas, Vikas attacking her and then breaking down, how Shilpa made it fun and kept her calm, Shilpa breaking down in show is shown, Vikas says Shilpa remains in control when she is not nominated, then how Bigg boss asked Shilpa to not get personal with Vikas, how she kept poking Vikas, how she poked him with sticks, kept running behind him, how Vikas said she is mental case, how Shilpa joked and entertained people with it, how Shilpa made correct choices, then how Vikas apologized and said she is a strong girl, how they patched up, then how Shilpa became mom for Arshi and Aakash, how Shilpa saved Arshi, her friendship with Arshi, her care for Aakash, then her fights with Arshi, how Arshi said she is most cheap woman in the world, she would spit on her, how Shilpa brokedown and says it hurts.. how Arshi kept saying harsh words for Shilpa. Then how Shilpa’s mom came in house and said she is playing nicely, how she got emotional, then how Puneesh stood up for her and said that Shilpa is a champion, its not easy to cook for so many people in house, how Shilpa showed her burnt burns, how her brother came, then how Arshi said that Shilpa is very nice person and she wants her to win. Then how Shilpa became finalist, how Shilpa said that if she becomes something then it will be bigg boss’s bonus. Clip ends, Shilpa cries and says its true, thank you bigg boss, Bigg boss showed people and gave me chance to tell people exactly who Shilpa Shinde is, people thought very bad about me, thank you, thank you so much. Bigg boss says all memories of this journey will remain here, this is your last to clear, Shilpa says thank you. firework falls around her, Shilpa smiles.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that bigg boss ended, this was last, it was nice. Puneesh says very nice, we played well in game.

PRECAP- Salman says tomorrow will be the grand finale.
Puneesh and Bandagi gives a steamy performance in pool. Puneesh twirls Bandagi in pool, they romance around.
Hina gives a power packed performance, she dances and gives a good performance.
Shilpa and Vikas will enact and dance on mein teri naagin tu sapera.. they will show their relationship of Shilpa always teasing Vikas.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. And it ends here…vikas and puneesh are eliminated guys..yes vikas couldn’t win the show…but he has definitely won our hearts….god bless him

    1. Kabari said Shilpa won the show. I think only bcoz of vikas and Hina v understood the fixed winner.vikas might be eliminated on 14 the week according to their plan but bcoz of VG VG fans they didn’t send him never thought he wins many hearts and he will get a fan following.

  2. Samaira_khan

    guys SHILPA SHINDE won!! hina is the runner up and 2nd runnr up VIKAS.. congrats shinde fans!

  3. East or West Shilpa is the best.
    She has all the qualities to make her bigg boss 11 winner
    She cook Food Selflessly for everyone.
    She help selflessly for Everyone.

    She never abuse for anyone ,no need to Groupism, she playing like Lone Worrier
    She done each nd every task.

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