Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman and SRK comes on stage. They dance on songs. SRK says i have come. Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. Salman says my very good friend SRK is here, he welcomes him, SRK says this is india’s house so i spent whole night here. Salman says this weekend is last weekend then next week is grand finale. Salman promotes SRK’s movie, SRK invites Salman to watch preview of movie, Salman accepts it. SRK says i have brought some pictures with me. Salman’s pictures are shown, they are funny poses of Salman. Salman says you showed such ugly pictures of mine so i will show yours, SRK’s pictures are shown, Salman makes fun of his pictures, all laugh.
Salman says to SRK that we did live voting last week. We will ask questions from audience now, they will raise their hands if they agree with it. Salman says first question is how many people are ready to give 1lac to see Bigg boss’ face. One girl says i am ready to give 10lacs to his face, Salman says what if he is not good looking? girl says his voice is s*xy, he must be tall and handsome, Salman says he is tiny, all laugh. SRK asks how many people think others wives are more beautiful than theirs? one girl raises hand, Salman asks why you think that? girl says husbands dont like what is in their house, Salman says i dont know because i am not married. Salman asks how many of you think that guys regret after marrying? One girl raise hand and says SRK is married and i want to ask if he regretting? SRK says dont ask me, Salman is not marrying because he doesnt want girl to regret, girl says help him, SRK says should i marry more to help him? he is happy in his place, Salman says i am too young to get married, all laugh. SRK asks how many of you said to someone that his pant’s zip is open, one girl raise hand and says it happened with me, SRK says it happened with me once when i was stage, i thought they were saying hip..hip..hip but it wsa actually, all laugh. SRK says i worked with superstar of world(Salman) and his zip was open once, all laugh.
Salman says to SRK that i will ask many question from you, SRK says dont ask personal questions, Salman asks favorite song? SRK says mera naam chingchingcho, Salman asks his favorite vegetable? SRK says cabbage, Salman asks favorite villain? SRK says Shakal, Salman asks his favorite hobbies and stuff. Salman says we will do one task with SRK in which he will be criminal and we will use his favorites in investigation.
Investigation starts, SRK says i am Chingchingcho, Salman says you stole 191grams cabbage, SRK laughs and says let me go, Salman says no, SRK says i didnt steal anything, Salman says you were there and dancing in corner, SRK laughs and says i didnt do it, they laugh.

Salman says to SRK that thanks for coming here, some people come here forcefully, you will see one girl in my house, lets see. Bharti is shown entering Salman’s house, Bharti says Salman lives here for three months, if i marry your brother Salman then i will live here too, even if i get married, i would runaway with Salman, Salman is not here so lets roam in house. Bharti comes in his gym and says this is my real house, she calls his gym equipment as her inlaws, she says lets go to Salman’s bedroom. She enters his bedroom and says Salman sleeps in it, she lies in his bed and uses his comforter, she says i will sell this comforter, clip ends. Salman says Bharti does everything. Salman says SRK went in house and gave secret task, SRK says i gave tasks to Manveer, lets see it.

Clip plays, Manveer comes in confession room. Bigg boss says there is phone on table, you will get calls and will be instructed what to do, this is secret task so you will not tell anyone about task, Manveer takes phone and goes in smoking area. SRK is watching him on TV, he calls Manveer. Manveer takes call, SRK says i am giving you a task, this is secret task, dont tell anyone, i will tell you later who i am speaking, you have to hide two trays of eggs in store room infront of Bani, make sure Bani sees you, Manu comes outside smoking area so Manveer hides phone, Manveer asks Manu to bring water, Manu goes to bring it. Manveer takes call again, SRK says Bani has to see you taking eggs, you have 10minutes to do it. Dont tell anyone about me, wanna know who i am speaking? he says yes, SRK says i am Shahrukh Khan speaking, Manveer is speechless and says Sir love you, SRK ends call. Manveer comes in kitchen, SRK is watching him on TV and says he is behaving as if nothing happened. Manveer calls Bani and says how much eggs did you break in task? Bani says i dont remember, Manveer says to Manu that she spilled milk too in task so i am taking her eggs. Manveer comes in kitchen and takes two trays of eggs, Bani says where are you taking it? dont do this, what is this nonsense? Manveer tries to put eggs in store room, Bani says dont take eggs, Bani says why you are doing this? Manveer says you took milk so i am taking eggs, Bani says is this some warden system that you will take eggs inreturn of milk, SRK sees this and says i heard about her weakness for eggs but i saw it today, i cant believe anyone can love eggs like this. Bani tries to take eggs back, she says i am not giving you two trays, give one tray, i will be really pissed off if we dont get these trays back on sunday, Manveer says okay, SRK says welcome to Bigg boss, Bani leaves. Manveer puts egg trays in store room, Rohan says put more trays in store room, she wont eat it, Bani says i want to eat eggs, SRK sees this on TV and says Bani will cook Manveer in her breakfast now, Rohan brings his tray and says if Bani’s trays of eggs are going then take mine too, he must have got instruction, Bani says no he is putting so he would get milk in return, Bani says if milk comes then i will pill it all. Bani goes in smoking room and takes Manveer’s cigarettes, Manveer says dont take them, i was joking, SRK says i feel bad for Manveer now. Manver says to Bani that i was joking, Bani says i will give your cigarettes when my egg trays comeback, Manveer says i was joking and i didnt know they woulc lock store room door after i put eggs there.
SRK calls Manveer again, Manver comes in restroom, Manveer says to SRK that i love you, SRK thanks him and says now i want you to go to Lop and say that she is much better than Bani, Manveer says i have to irritate Lopa, got it, dilwale bye, he ends call.
Manveer comes to Bani and says give my cigarettes, Lopa is sitting there too. Bani says why did you take my eggs? Manveer says i like you more than Lopa, i was saying yesterday that i would choose Bani over Lopa, Bani says keep saying shitty stuff now, how india doesnt understand me, you are saying all this for cigarettes? dont do it, Manveer says i am just saying that Lopa is immature, Bani breaks Manveer’s cigarettes, Lopa says why you are bringing me in your argument? why you are calling me immature? i didnt do anything in task, dont compare me with her, i dont like it, she is different, SRK sees this and says Miss India is miffed. Manveer says i would not take Lopa’s name for top 3, i would take Bani’s name, Lopa says dont make me angry, this is not funny, why you are comparing me with her? she is breaking your cigarettes and you are taking me out of top 3? you are doing all this for just cigarettes? Rohan laughs hearing all this, SRK says welldone Manveer, clip ends.

on stage, Salman says Manveer is good, he is smart, SRK says i didnt know Bani would be desperate for eggs. Salman says because of SRK, inmates started fighting which i would have to solve now, he hides SRK and connects call to house. He asks Bani why she always sit away from other inmates? Bani says i am habituated to sit on outside so yeah, Salman says shift, Lopa is sitting beside her, Bani puts cushion between them and then shifts. Salman asks why you look gloomy Bani? Bani says i have headache. Salman says to Manveer that you did task well yesterday then what were you doing today? Manveer says i was joking with her, Salman says you know how much Bani likes eggs and you joked about it? and you miffed Lopa too, why was rohan laughing? Rohan says i asked Manveer to not miff them, Lopa says i was not in conversation and tried to pleae Bani by saying words against me, Salman says its Manveer’s thinking that to please Bani, he has to put down Lopa. Salman says you know one inmate have phone, its Manveer who has phone right from beginning, Manveer shows phone to inmates, all are shocked, Salman says dont know how he hide it, you know who is responsible behind all this? SRK comes there, all inmates are surprised and stands up to welcome him. SRK says hi to everyone, Salman says Bani your eggs went away because of SRK, SRK says Bani will you sacrifice eggs for me? Bani says we gave 60eggs for you, SRK says how are you giving eggs? all laugh. Salman says Manveer was given secret task. SRK asks Bani why you are so attached to eggs? Bani says eggs give me proteins, Salman says she hid Manveer’s cigarettes, SRK says i felt bad for Manveer, Bani says its not even good for his health, Salman says i agree. Salman says SRK has signature pose when he acts romantic, like how he opens his arms, first SRK will do it then inmates will try it, SRK shows his pose, Rohan mimics it then Manu does it then Manveer mimics then Lopa tries it then Bani tries it and starts dancing it on Gerua song. Salman claps for them, Salman says SRK tell who did it best? SRK says girls tried it well too but i think Rohan did it best, Rohan says i tried before too, SRK says you make fun of me? come outside, Rohan says i copy him, Salman says i am host and you copy SRK? come out then i will see you, all laugh. SRK says to inmates that i will give you dialogue in hindi and you have to translate it in your mother tongue, he says dialogue is “mere bare mein itna mat socha, dil mein ata hun samjh mein nahi(dont think about me, i come in heart not in understanding), Lopa says dialogue in marathi, Salman gives Kuch Kuch hota hai dialogue to Manveer, Manver says it in Haryanvi. SRK gives Salman’s dabang dialogue to Manu, Manu says it in gujrati, SRK gives Raes’s dialogue to Bani, she says i will translate it in english, all laugh, Bani says english is my first language actually, SRK says okay do it in english, Bani translates it in english, Salman translates in english again correctly. SRK congratulates them for coming ahead, he wishes them luck and call ends.

Salman says to SRK that i am listening to Raes’s songs everywhere, they sing laila song, SRK says i was lucky to perform this song with Sunny, she is beautiful, she is famous because she started with this show, SRK says i will show this song’s performance live, Salman welcomes Sunny Leona. Sunny comes stage and dances on Laila song. Salman and SRK hugs her, Salman says you will set stage on fire, Salman asks what you think about this season? Sunny says i am excited to be with both you, Sunny says i have script for both of you, we will enact Deewar movie’s iconic scene, Salman will be Ravi(shashi Kapoor) and SRK will be Vijay(Amitabh Bachan) and i will be your mother, SRK says Sunny is playing our mother? Salman says i am giving you guarantee that Sunny will play our mother too someday, all laugh, they enact deewar’s scene with SRK and Salman mimicing Shashi and Amitabh, Sunny acts like their mother and says Bigg boss is actually father of you both, Sunny says Bigg boss wants to meet me alone, i am going, she leaves, Salman says Bigg boss trapped our mother, they laugh.
SRK thanks Salman for welcoming him and says you are finest host, SRK hugs Salman and leaves. Salman asks all to go and watch SRK’s movie.

Salman connects call to house again. Salman asks if you people dont have any work? they laugh. Salman says finale is next week. Salman says people have watched you whole season, we will see what qualities you see in each other, we will have pair and inmates have to tell who has that particular quality between them, first pair is Manu and Manveer. Salman says first quality is “big hearted”, Bani, Lopa and Rohan shows Manver’s name for it. Salman asks who has “buttering quality”? they take Manu’s name. Salman asks who is more loyal? they say Manveer, Salman asks who is more understanding? they say Manu.
Salman says next pair is Lopa and Rohan. Manu, Bani and Manveer will tell their qualities. Salman asks who has “manner-less”, they say Lopa’s name, Salman says i understand about Bani but Manveer you too? Manveer says Lopa’s face is more shown in fights, Manu says Rohan doesnt cross limits. Salman asks who is “sweet knife”? they take Lopa’s knife, Lopa says i am not sweet, Salman says you are sweet knife with Rohan. Salman asks who is more deserving to win show? they take rohan’s name, Salman asks why not Lopa? Manu says no Lopa deserves to win show more. Salman asks who is dramaqueen? they take Lopa’s name, Lopa laughs.
Salman says to inmates that when i will meet you again, one more inmate will be evicted. Manu, Manveer and Lopa have reached finals and Bani and Rohan are nominated so one will be evicted midweek, Bani says you can vote for us too, Salman says i can but i wont, Salman wishes them luck and ends call.

On stage, Salman says people are auditioning for next season, they look like Mobin and Bharti. Bharti comes stage, she says Salman why you are not saying hi to me? i will edit in telecast. Bharti says Mona got married in house but only two people came in it, Bharti says Salman gave me chicken for first time, i love Salman, Mobin comes there for auditioning as contestant for next season, he mimics actor, he asks where is Krishna? Bharti says Govinda came so we threw Krishna away, Mobin says Krishna cant do anything, he just butter people, Bharti says get lost from here, he takes off his wig and leaves. Bharti says on one has Swami’s passion, once i find him, i will show him real fighting, Mobin comes and mimics Ajay Devgan, they joke, Salman laughs. They have dubbed reporter Debang’s voice and also Lopa and Bani’s fight is turned funny with Mobin dubbing it, Mona’s wedding is dubbed too, all laugh. Salman hugs Mobin and Bharti, they leave.

Salman says Rohan and Mona was nominated this week and Mona left house after eviction, welcome Monalisa. Mona comes there wearing saree, Salman says you lost weight, Mona says i will loose more. Salman asks did you trust Manveer? Mona says when Priyanka cameback, Manveer changed, Manu left too, Salman asks is Manveer should trust Manu? she says no, i know that Manu had problems with Manveer with some things, its not time for trust, Salman says lets show you your journey in house. Clip plays, Mona’s entry is shown, her morning dances are shown in house, her friendship with Manu and Manveer is shown, her fights with them is shown too, how she cried in house many times over small things, how Vikrant proposed her and she got married in house. Mona starts crying seeing her journey. Mona says i got so much love, it was unbelievable, Salman says you will remain happy with your husband, Mona leaves.

Salman says next weekend will be grand finale, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- There will be task given to Manveer, Bani and Lopa and Rohan. Bigg boss says you all have to mutually decide ranking in which inmates should be evicted till finale. Lopa says Bani doesnt even remain in group, Bani says i am tired of hearing that i am selfish, animal, i am roadside, i am this and that, i have no idea, Rohan says why you are crying over it? Bani says let me cry, one week is remaining so let me cry, you people are best, win whoever wants to win, i want to touch your feet, you guys are best, she touches their feet and walks away from task. Bigg boss tell inmates that their price money is deducted to 4lacs, all are stressed hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    very boring episode. ..the only moment I enjoyed was dubbing of moveen. ..and that dialogue of nirhua. ..ab me ye nariyal apne sir pe fod ke dikhaunga. …was hilarious. ….otherwise boring. ..looking forward tomorrow’s episode looking intersting. ..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Because u r hrithik ka fan ??? jking jking ???

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        Haha that could be the reason as kabiil is clashing wit raees…actually I was watching ind eng match so couldn’t watch first half of episode and other half was boring……..and one more thing. …these krishna bharti seems unemployed as they come on every wkw episode ….I hate both…

  2. Wow……. nice episode

  3. It looks so obvious that Manveer is the fixed winner. Bigg Boss is trying so hard to portray him as a hero. Every WKW we see the host and the guests praising him with no limits. The live voting sysytem was also done to show that Manveer has a very big fan following. Bigg Boss even showed his story with his father to make the audience emotional. They even played the Sultan song for him. I mean, what they want to show??? Manveer isn’t a hero which they are trying to show. Public aren’t fools!!!!!! woh sab dekhti hai, sab jaanti hai. Now they have again started bringing Celebrity vs Indiawale theme, to show that a commoner can beat a celeb. But no one is a fool to believe that a commoner can get more votes and have more fans than a celeb.

    I’m not saying that Manveer isn’t worth of winning the show, but this blatant bias is simply not done!!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Bani j has the highest fan following but somewhat I feel Manveer is more deserving than Bani, Bani should be 2nd or in TOP 3, unless if she wins this finale task she deserves the trophy too but she needs to win a task to prove she deserves to be the winner and also people only write about bani in social media so no doubt that she may win bb10 even if she doesn’t she will be in TOP 2 or TOP 3, as Rohan, Bani and Manveer r always the ones getting most votes , but if only bani and Rohan nominated then Rohan will be evicted

      1. Fatarajo, I know that Bani hasn’t won any task yet but I think it’s not really important because it’s not Roadies or Khatron Ke Khiladi. and it’s not that she hasn’t shown any dedication in task. Most of the time the task got cancelled(pee incident) or the sanchalak wasn’t fair(Navin). Also who deserves tow win the show is very relative. Fans will always say that their favorites deserve to win the show the most. Last season, Priya was my favorite contestant, so according to me, she was the deserving contestant to win the show but she didn’t won because Prince, Mandana, Risabh and Rochelle had more fans than he. I was not really fond of Prince, but I accepted that he deserves to win only because he has more number of fans. I think votes are the only way of judging, who is the most deserving winner in a show like Bigg Boss. More no of votes means more number of fans and more number of fans means more deserving nominee for winning. If tomorrow Rohan wins the show and Bani gets evicted, I’ll accept it. Even if Manveer wins, I’ll accept it but it should be FAIR. Because Bigg Boss is charging us for votes. They are earning crores by voting and not even considering audience voting. This is actually Fraud and they can get sued for it.

        And btw, don’t believe those fake voting trends. Bigg Boss makers don’t reveal who gets most votes. All these are fake rumors either spread by PR or by Bigg Boss themselves.

    2. manveer is a hero bani is fake

    3. manveer is a hero bani is blo*dy

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya Luna maybe that’s ur POV. I also don’t like Prince much but I felt he deserved to be the winner the most, though I was rooting for Mandana and Rishabh .
      Now I m rooting for Rohan and Manveer but I like Bani and Lopa too. It’s like i want Rohan to go finals but I don’t want bani to leave ? She must be in finals

  4. Aarti32

    Hey everyone..No one missed me yesterday?? ?
    Today’s best part was manu n manveer’s acting n manveer’s task..Even SRK said ki ande na hue iski jaan ho gyi!!??
    For d first time I liked manu..He translated Salman’s dialogue in marwari vry well..Marwari bhailo?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I missed u aaru I was thinking where r u?
      Haha ??? ya manu was funny today ?

  5. Meine ek bhi season bb ki nahi dekhi
    Par is season meine puri dekhi because only for reason
    Gaurav @ Bani

    I love both of you…
    Baki saare to saale fake hai…..

    Bani wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Exactly…..gourav – bani moments were t best moments of bb10… N fo me bani is t only reason fo watching bb10 ….
      Luv u bani!!!!

  6. big boss 10 show shoe ? lyk

    1.Scriptd show lopa 0r rohan ki piche lage hn
    2.ab gundi bani Viacom 18 J0 k scriptd winer ha uski jaga ab gunda manver Ko winer banaengy Ta ki show scriptd na lage

    Big boss ki koi izat to rahi
    Chpal juta show ki winer bani
    0r scriptd
    Big boss 10
    Hogya bs
    Scriptd show
    Agli dafa tmhara show Jo k shoe ? lyk ha kon dekhega
    Raj nayk k hukm pr chalta ha show tmhara
    0r evictn bh usi k hukm pr hota ha
    Raj nayk k bikhari log jao bikh mang0 raj nayk Viacom 18 se
    Is season ki dhjya udh gyi najaiz Kr Kr k
    Ghtya log, ghtya om pryanka Ko lakr gunda manver gundi bani Ko winer banao
    Big boss 10 gunda show shoe ? k lyk

  7. All Rohan fans,vote for ROHAN ,dont get in to any trap that votes are not considered …as its near to finale votes will be audited…if they dont want to consider votes means manu also will be nominated

    Dont ignore ROHAN like by BB,keep supporting him …shower ur love thru votes….

    SMS votes are critical as he is already the highest vote gainer in offline votes…dont get depressed…keep voting for him

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Since is finale week i don’t think bb will do any foul play when it comes to voting even though bb was unfair last season they were at least fair in finals , so why not this season finals .
      Ya manu and Lopa still may be nominated and if they do bani and Rohan will definately go finals unless of bb gives a task due to which they get evicted which i don’t think will happen since those two have highest FAN following plus Manveer but i think Manveer deserves a sealed and guaranteed place in Final as he won ticket to finale and the only one who managed to hold red dot till end even though it was team task

  8. Vote for bani!!!i like her coz she is only one who is not hypocrite ,she don’t use any one to move forward like manu,lopa.rohan manveer .she is individually do everything and fair in each n every manner !!!for me Bani is winner otherwise it’s injustice for those people who are straight forward n true!!

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was better than yesterday’s episode. And SRK ?. Haha love Srk-Salman duo. When he gave Manveer secret task to keep bani’s egg Bani’s reaction though and also praising bani over Lopa and Lopa is like why r they dragging me ??? poor Manveer ? It was smart of Manveer when manu came and he was talking and Manveer was like bring water for me ? Mubin and Bharti ??? always funny ? That srk pose Rohan just nailed it ? Srk is impressed Rohan bb mein Aya Salman ko impress karne turned out to be srk impressed ? And also when Salman said host main Hoon aur nakal srk ki ?
    Precap mein Toh Sabki hosh urgayi ??? prize money to 4 lacs ? Yeh Toh bani ka hi weekly salary hain ?? looks like bb spend all money in monalisa Ke Shaadi ? Does it mean one will get evicted based on others decision like last season when one contestant got evicted over another due to housemates decision, Lopa-Rohan will save each other so will manu-Manveer does that mean bani will be evicted ? I hope not if not all fans will kill bb ? Bani j has more fans than Rohan .i m sure that 4 lakh mein bhi twist hain i m already finding this finale task interesting

    1. Farhan Nagori

      Why are you saying one thing again and again that Manveer deserve trophy more than Bani. yeah we know that he is strong but why any reality tv show should be based on makers. after all it is reality show and winner should be decided by JANTA & I don’t think in the seven world anyone can beat GurBani Judge in voting. I think people like blunt and straightforward person rather than diplomatic. according to me manu should not be finalist. and just because Rohan signed 3 months of contracts instead of 1 year that’s why he is being targeted by Bigg Biased Boss.
      i think winner should be
      Bani or Rohan
      then Manveer
      but it is impossible because they will follow fu**ing show concept AAM ADMI VS CELEBRITY.
      everyone who think that BB is biased and play with their feeling they must vow that we will boycott bigg boss next year.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        @Farhan I m not defaming Bani or I m not saying that bani doesn’t deserves to win. I just said Manveer more deserving than Bani , and that’s my POV. I will be happy if Bani wins too as I like her too. I said Manveer more deserving for two reasons, one is task and one is he is more willing to perform which bani herself said. And don’t worry bani have a high chance to win because she have highest fan following and also receives a lot of votes , but Rohan or Manveer r also no less they also have some fan following and i read somewhere Rohan receives highest votes followed by Manveer and Bani. If it’s based on FAN following bani will have highest chance to win but if it’s votes either bani or Rohan or Manveer will win. But among those three i choose Rohan first initially, but now I choose Manveer also because see his sportsmanship. The way he performed the task i just felt he deserved to win, or seal a spot in finals at least that’s my POV. Sorry if I hurt u

      2. If anyone in the seven world cannot beat Bani, how come she did not win Roadies or Fear Factor ?

  10. 4 Lac nahi 40 lac kiye hai..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh no wonder I m yet to watch the epi so that’s why ?

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        u r right @fatarajo.’s around 4 lacs deducted from winning amount not 40 lacs

  11. The real hero of bb10 are m2, so they deserve to be in top but we do not know about blind fans of other room mates, thats they expect or say so and so. Think rohan will leave house soon.

  12. Bani you rocked in the precap babe…..WHAT YOU DID WAS RIGHT…

  13. I always thought that Srk is a better host than Salman because of his wit and humor. Even in Big Star Entertainment awards, when both were hosting together, Srk was overshadowing Salman, . But in yesterday’s episode, I don’t know why Srk looked very subdued and dis interested which is not at all Srk’s personality. He wasn’t looking much enthusiastic.

  14. Simran99

    hi kp ,preeti , ditya , gud girl ,shriya , aakashi , Rita , anu s and all bb fans
    guys mujhe laga tha k rohan evict ho gya hai toh Maine internet se boycott kar diya tha . shanivaar ka epi m Ronan ko safe dekh kar main bhutttttttt hi khush hun . ya preeti ur yesterday’s poem was awesome . guys I want rohan to be safe . but I know bani has huge fan following . that why I am crying so much . plzzzz rohan’s fan vote for rohan . guys mein toh apne sare clg frndz ko rohan ko vote karne k liye bol diya hai . plz rohan’s fans aap bhi aisa hai karo . preeti and kp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rohan ko vote karna . m toh puri ki puri jaan laga dungi . plzz preeti and kp agar aapne rohan ko vote nhi kiya toh m bhi Mona ki trah aansu bahaungi (hehehehehehahahah) .plz SMS voting bhi karna .aur twitter , Facebook , gmail I’d se bhi karna . its my humble req to all of u . I want rohan to be safe at any cost

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I wish Manu or Lopa was nominated along with Rohan and Bani. I don’t know how will Rohan get votes and also Bani i really wanna see her in finals too but Rohan is my fav Manveer too

      1. Simran99

        fatarajo u have to choose one at that point of game . I suggest u to choose rohan . shuru se unke saath unfair hua hai . agr aap rohan ko vote kar rhe ho toh bani ko mat karna and vice versa . plzzz I want u to vote for rohan . agar aap kar rhe ho toh plzz jaan laga dena vote karne mein . its a req.

    2. Hi simran di kp ditya preeti aakashi shriya anu and all

      first of all simran di sorry this is my seventh time sory to you hope you forgive me and dont wory i will also vote for rohan bcy i also biggggggggg fan of him and where is ditya and kp and am missing you both very muchhhhh friends preeti am sory busy with study but now i will comment daily and pls write your poem i love your poem very much

      1. Simran99

        oooooooo sorry gud girl . Maine aapko kab ka maaf kar diya hai . actally I was busy so could not replied u . plz promise me aap vote karne puri jaan laga doge . online vote karna aur sms bhi . apne school frndz se bhi karwana

      2. Ooo di thanks mai bhut khush hun aapne mujhe maaf kar diya hope ki ditya aur kp ne bhi mujhe maaf kar diya hoga i dont know about that bcz they are not commenting and pls i request you pls tell kp for forgiving me agar wo tu pe kabhi bhi cmnt karta hai tab agar aap bologe toh mujhe jarur maafi mil jayegi kyuki hamare grup me sab aapko trust karte hai

        and simran di aap bilkul bhi pareshan na ho mai apne school mate ko bol dungi i promise you rohan rockz….

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha Rohan is my fav and obviously i will vote for Rohan and bani have a lot of fans anyways so ya Rohan
      But I m saying that kaash a third person besides Manveer was nominated and the. Rohan-bani would have been in finals. Now it’s tough for both especially Rohan to go finals , I hope my votes don’t go in vain and may the best win 🙂

      1. Simran99

        ok thanx fatarajo . plz bhut sari votes karna .

    4. Prettypreeti

      Simu di i will vote him…not need to be mona……

      1. Simran99

        thanx preeti . agar aise chlta RHA toh . hum rohan fans jaldi hi bani k fans k brabar ho jayenge . and preeti apni school frnz ko bhi bolna

  15. Lalita Ramtohul

    I would like to give my vote to bani feel she deserves to win big boss10


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