The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-9

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Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. Here is the link to my previous episodes –

So now let’s proceed to my ff –

Tej: Janvi, I had said u know one day u will see one of our both sons would have married and we would be having no knowledge of that, but I was wrong not only one but both of them have married without anyone’s consent. And that too to such girls (he points at Ishana and Soumya. Others look at him shockingly)
Kusum (who is shocked by Tej’s behavior): Did u like it, Soumya? If ur father-in-law shows this attitude towards u then think how others will treat u in this house.

Just then an old lady enters.

Old Lady: But, Kusum, u forgot that, this is Kalyani’s house and she is fair towards everyone.
Dadi (surprised): Sarla?!!
(She goes and hugs her)
Sarla: We r meeting after so many years, and see how the meeting was. We didn’t know when our friendship had turned into relationship.
Dadi: Yes…these kids didn’t tell me anything. But Soumya will get her rights. (She asks Janvi to do Rudra and Soumya s’ post marriage rituals. Janvi asks Anika to do it as she wanted some time to digest the truth. The elders go from there. Dadi and Others get sad)
Arushi: What happened to all of u? Why didi u all became so sad? Why r u looking at me? Did I say anything wrong? Arrre, new bahu has come to ur home and u all r standing as if someone died….Dadi, I wanted to tell u something.
Dadi: What is it?
Arushi: Why r u doing their post marriage rituals? They have done it before already.

RuMya recalls how they had sat in the puja just after coming back (after marrying), and their ring finding ceremony, etc.

Arushi shows all their rituals videos to Dadi and Sarla Aunty. All realizes it and get surprised. They wonder how Arushi gets to know about all the happenings at of Oberoi Mansion while being in Hostel.

Dadi: Ok then if all the rituals are done then no need of doing it again but u can do if u want. Sarla lets go, I have to talk with u a lot.

Dadi and Sarla Aunty go.

The Next Day –

Dadi asks Ishana and Soumya to make breakfast. They take Anika’s recipe and make delicious dishes. Tej ignores them and does not accept them as his daughter-in-laws. Janvi and Shakti have accepted them. Pinky has mixed feelings towards them as she is happy that Tej has got middle class bahus (which was not expected by her) and she is also tensed that if Om has a child then the whole Oberoi Empire will go from her Shivay’s hand. Soon after the breakfast Sarla and Kusum leave for their home. Kusum is still annoyed with Soumya for hiding the truth. Later all leave for their respective works.

Shivay’s room –

Shivay (is talking with his secretary): So bring down the files which r required for the meeting. The delegates should come ……

Suddenly Anika comes with some dresses.

Anika: Billuji…tell me na, which suits better on me, this white with golden border, or red and black combination ,or this dark blue one or this, what r u doing with the phone(she keeps on blabbering about what she should were and asks him to make a choice)
Shivay: Uhh huh, yes, Sam, bring on the dresses,…oh, no sorry, I mean bring that blue file and send me a necklace,….oh god…I mean send the mails to me for checking.(He ends the call hurriedly)

He goes close to Anika and gives kisses her. She stands there in shock and looks at Shivay surprisingly.

Anika: Shivay, what did u do just now?
Shivay: I had told u know I will give u ur gift soon. So this was it.
Anika: Billu gone crazy.
Shivay: What?!

Anika runs from there. Shivay follows her.

Om’s room –

Om is painting when Ishana comes. She looks at Om lovingly doing his painting. She is lost in him.

Om (sees Ishana staring at him and feels embarrassed, he coughs, Ishana composes herself): Ishana….don’t u have ur dance practice?
Ishana: I just came from there.
Om: ….uh…Ishana….I’m sorry, pls forgive me.
Ishana: For what Om?
Om: Because I didn’t say anything to Mr. Oberoi when he didn’t talk to u properly.
Ishana: It’s ok Om…u don’t need to say sorry….everyone has his/her own perspective…like maa accepted me, like wise papa will also accept me, and…why r u saying papa as Mr Oberoi.
Om: I’m surprised that u r calling Mr. Oberoi as papa when he is treating u as a guest…But I’m sorry I can’t call him papa because he is not treating my wife properly, the day he does that, I’ll again start calling him papa.

Ishana POV:-
I felt very guilty seeing Om’s concern towards me. I don’t know why I’m getting attracted towards him. Every time he comes near me, I feel like my heart skipping a bit. Sometimes I feel I should leave all my vengeance plans and not ruin his life but then again I remember what Tej Singh Oberoi had done to my family and I forget all my guilt. Let’s see till when Om has this concern for, after all he is his father’s son. But one thing is for sure, I should stay away from Om or else I will fall for him and that will be the end of all my plans.

Om POV:-
I don’t know what shall I call this feeling but I think I’m falling for Ishana. If I hear anything against her from anyone I feel like killing the person. When that day the goons forced me to sign on the marriage documents, I had only signed in helplessness to save Ishana, but today I feel I took the right decision because I could have never lived a day without missing her. But now I think I should make the first move because I don’t think she is upset or unhappy with this marriage, in fact she has become friendly with everyone within a few days. Go for it….Om.

Rudra’s room –

Rudra is upset with Soumya that why she told the truth to family as he had to hear a lot of scolding from the family and also now they had to stay together, but he remained friends with Soumya. And she tried her level best to justify her actions but in vain. But somewhere in the corner of their heart they both love each other and are happy with the decision.

Rudra: Sumo, u shouldn’t have told about our marriage truth to mom.
Soumya: Rudra, Aai told u so many things that I felt very bad and I blurted out the truth. I know I shouldn’t have done like that as we both never accepted this marriage.
Rudra: I think we should have told about it to the family before. If we would have told then this situation would have never aroused.
Soumya: But Rudra that was just a mistake. We were not interested or neither supposed to marry. The circumstances were like that for which we had no other option.
Rudra(suddenly realizes something and interrupts Soumya): Soumya…..U said that u felt bad when Mom scolded me but why did u feel bad? What am I for u?
Soumya (gets speechless by his question but pauses and answers): Because…u…u r my friend…
Rudra (looks into her eyes): Just friends or more than that?
Soumya (looks at him): Rudra… I have lots of assignments to do, I have to go.

Soumya goes. Rudra gets thinking.

At Dinner Time –

The Oberois r going to eat when they get an invitation card and a big gift hamper from the Ranas. Dadi sees the card and gets happy.

Dadi: See, they have invited all of us.
Tej: What do u mean by that, maa?
Dadi: Tej, they have invited all of us along with all my grand-daughter-in-laws.

All get surprised.

Pinky: But how did they know that Omkara and Rudra have also married because only Shivay had announced about his marriage with Anika.
Om: Arushi. She has told Malika about us.
Arushi (gets shocked): How did u know Bhaiya?
Shivay: It is evident from ur equation with Malika.
Om: After Shivay’s break up, u were the only one who had contact with Malika.
Shivay: What! U never told me about it.
Arushi: Because u would have scolded me if I would have told u about it.
Rudra: But dadi, what is the occasion for which they have invited us?
Arushi: Because, it is Malika di’s son’s naming ceremony.
Om: See this is the evidence.
Arushi: Oh god Bhaiya, u caught me.

Everyone smile.

Tej (shouts at Arushi): It means the media will also know about their marriage…..Can u tell me what problem do u have with my sons?
Arushi: Nothing, bade fufaji
Tej: I don’t want the world to know whom my sons have married….because they r going to be divorced soon.
OmRu (look at Ishana and Soumya respectively, then at Tej sternly): And who said u that we will divorce our wives?
Tej: What do u mean by that? Can u explain?
OmRu: It’s our wish, if we want to divorce them or not, we r not going to take decisions according to ur wish.

All r surprised by their behavior. Soumya looks lovingly at Rudra while Ishana feels a bit guilty for cheating Omkara. Tej gets angry and tries to go when Dadi stops him. She convinces him to come to the party and let everyone else also go. Tej reluctantly agrees and goes from there. Now all r excited to go to the Rana’s party.

Precap – The Oberois have a great time at the Ranas’ house. Tej gets Anika’s health checkup reports. He gets shocked seeing that.

P.S. –
My dear readers, I know many of u don’t want me to make Ishana a con girl and then separation of Ishkara, but let me tell u, just go on reading and see what happens to Ishana’s character. And really very sorry if I posted late or if there is any grammatical mistakes. And for my new readers, I have given the link for my previous ffs. U all can check it out. As always feel free to comment and pls comment a bit more, as ur comments r my support system and do tell me what else is needed to make my ff a bit better. What to do, my exams r there, so I keep reading my textbooks and the only idea that comes to my mind periodic table, refraction, heredity and evolution, surface areas and volumes, nationalism in India and so on. During vacations I read novels, story books, watch serials and cook up stories but for now these r the only thing that comes to my mind. Anyways keep reading my ff like this.

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