Bigg Boss 10 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman says in 9seasons, we have listened that they dont know how to play this game but there is one person who has cracked this formula, that is Om Swami. Clip plays, Swami not changing his clothes for task, how he made other team win, then how he apologized to Manu, Manveer and Mona, clip ends. Salman says this is game, how he made other team won, he is don. clip shows how he made Niti vote for Rohan, how Swami said to Rohan that i wanted you to win, clip ends. Salman says his prince Rohan became dictator. Clip shows Rohan asking to switch beds and how he punished Manu and Manveer. How Lopa said to Rohan that he is dictator. Salman says lets go to stage.

Salman comes on stage, Salman says KARAN, RAHUL, LOKESH and MONA are nominated. Salman says this week, there will be double eviction,

whole world knows that but not inmates. Salman says i want to show you message of great man for me. Clip plays, Swami says to camera that i request Salman to not show anything against me today, i try to butter them with difficulty, they fought with me last week and i couldnt entertain people, if i did mistake then i am sorry greatest hero Salman, forgive me, you know i am bank of entertaining, i need your guidance to show it, i can to anything entertaining, if people dont hate me then i wont be ill and when i wont be ill, i will be greatest entertainer, clip ends. Salman laughs and says we need to tackle it.
Call is connected to house, Salman greets them, Salman asks Gaurav if he is going to church? you are looking priest in suit and pants, Gaurav says its time to leave i think, you look nice Salman. Salman shows them liner of jacket which has tiger on it, Salman says save the tigers, Swami says you are tiger, all laugh. Salman says storm is coming. Salman says one will get evicted. Salman says lets talk about villain of this week. Gaurav says Swami bluntly went against our team so Swami was villain. Bani says i couldnt take part in nominations, when Bigg boss asked Manveer who they mutually decided to nominate so Manveer took names he wanted so Manveer was villain. Rohan says Manveer took my and Gaurav’s name for nominations, he was villain. Lopa says i try to avoid her but she behaves weirdly so Bani is villain. Karan says Manveer was villain for me. Rahul says i am proud of Manveer as he plays fairly so i didnt expect what he pulled in nominations, so he was villain. Lokesh says i know Bani cares for me but she held my hand when i was sorting fight, so she is villain for me. Salman says Mona you would not take Manveer’s name, she says no sir, Swami was villain for me. Swami says they asked me to take off my spiritual chains and didnt understand my emotions, they tried to break it too, it was wrong, Manu is villain for me, Salman says i agree but if you can take off for other team then you could take off for your team too, the dress of yours is not important then. Niti says lockdown task was intense and Swami was villain. Manveer says Swami cheated us as team mate, Manu says Swami is villain for me, he took off those chains at night. Salman says Manveer and Swami got 5-5votes so they will share villain chair. Manver says Swami sit on chair, he sits on floor near swami’s feet. Salman says Swami was called man of series(by Rahul) as he made other team won. Manu says we are tired to make him understand, he tries to create controversy, he want us to keep attention on him and Rohan and Rahul brain washes him, he thinks that he is getting love and attention there, he wants focus on himself. Salman says if there is cricket match between India and england then Swami should be in which team? Manu says if we want India to win then he should be out of stadium, he should not even watch on TV but he is patriot. Salman says Swami till storm is not directed towards you, you are lost. Salman says Swami told Bani that if he was in their team then he would have taken off chains, he would have changed clothes. Swami says Bani can say anything, Salman says you told her that. Bani says i asked him if he would change clothes if he was in our team? he said he would take off chains right then. Salman says he was ready to take off clothes for Bani but not for Manu. Manu says i recommend research on Swami’s brain, Salman says NASA is researching on it, Swami says it happened in real, all laugh. Manu says its his nature to cheat. Salman says there was island where scorpio and fish used to live. Scorpio asked fish to take him to other island, he will not kill her as she is taking him there, on other island, he promised to kill animals and share with fish so fish agreed and took scorpio on her back, half way in water, scropio bitten fish due to his nature, fish asked you cant even swim, why did you do it? Scorpio says its my nature, Swami says they are doing this with me, Salman says Swami scorpio all the best, all laugh. Swami tells some religious analogy indicating that Rohan was Ram and Manveer was Ravan, thats why he took their side, Rohan laughs. Swami says Manu and Manveer tried to attack me so i will be on Ram’s side, Mona says why you touch feet then? Swami says they touch my feet and try to kill me too. Salman says you wanted to teach lesson to them? Swami says yes, if old is mental then they will kill me? if their grandparents dont make them happy then they will kill me? audience will do justice, he screams that from start, they are insulting me, they are abusing me, they say that i eat mountains, they present me like i am devil, i came for good work here, he starts crying. Salman says you came in this house to win Bigg boss, there are two women in house, you presented your thoughts which was wrong on them, for that did you come? Swami says i apologized for that, i cried too, Salman says you apologize later but you say what you should not say, this is your thinking, commenting on girls that they wear small skirts, does this suite you? who gave you right to point on character of woman? this is not your mistake but your thinking, Swami says i never lived with women, i lived people who had this thinking but i have changed now. Salman says you change on weekends, you wear these spiritual chains but nobody comment on that, these women in house are seen by their parents, they boyfriends, their husbands, if they dont have any objection them wearing short dresses then who give you right to say such things? Swami says i promise to not say again. Salman says you say things which we cant even show on TV, you are entertaining well but one problem is your thinking about women, commenting on their clothes and way of living, see religious idols. boys and girls are friends and you give new meaning to that too, Manu and Mona does hi-five listening it. Salman says nothing is happening in house, what you said about Mona, Swami says i am ready to bear punishment, Salman says then you act like crying. Salman says its easy to turn screenplay, even Manveer can cry that he takes you as father. I am outside, if i was in house then.. Swami says i understand, all clap. Salman says shocking was that Swami commented about Manu and Mona but no took up against him strongly, they were Rahul, Rohan, Karan. Rahul says whenever he talks like that, i ask him to go away, Salman says is that solution? you take stand when something physical happens but this was ten times more than physical, Rahul says if a man is saying one thing again and again then how many times you can try to make him understand? Salman says Swami you know our family women, when we go for swimming, they wear swimsuits, but it doesnt matter, Swami says i agree but i never saw all this before, Salman says you wont say nice words to our women too, they are like my family women too, Swami says they abused me too, Salman says action will evoke reaction too, if you say these things outside then you would get beaten, its right that girls should not wear small clothes because men have cheap thinking, this is not women’s fault, our eyes see them wrongly, all clap, Salman says then you say Bigg boss asked you to comment about Mona, all inmates say thanks for clearing, Salman says i come here for that. Salman says now you will say you are playing game, Swami says everything is fair in love and war, Salman says then bear what Manu and Manveer says to you. Salman asks Mona to cry, Mona says i am so happy that you are clearing all this, Salman asks who you thought would take stand for you? Mona says Rahul, Rahul says when Swami got evicted, they were all crying, Mona says i didnt cry, Rahul says when he came back then they were happy then next day they were fighting with them again, these people need to understand what they want from him, Salman says you have to stand up for what is wrong, i was shocked to see episode. Salman says to Karan that Swami was talking about blanket thing about Mona, Karan says yes he was saying that. Salman says just imagine Swami was talking about someone you love instead of Mona then would have same reaction? you had same reaction? Karan says i would have taken stand, he doesnt listen to us but i agree that we should have taken stand, Rahul says he cries too, you get attached too, Swami says i didnt know about traditions of this place, Salman says whole world has this tradition. Rohan says i ignore his words in task as i concentrate on task but i remember asking him to not comment but i should have taken stand. Salman says so you care about winning task only? he keep calling you my prince, Rohan says it was task otherwise i would not even allow him to sit with me, Salman says there are visuals of you laughing on his comments, What if he says anything about Lopa, Bani? Rahul says he cant dare that, Salman says i have seen only one persona taking stand on these things constantly and that is Lopa, all clap, Lopa thanks him. Salman ends call.

In Bigg Boss house:
Gaurav hugs Manveer. Manu says he talked about her sleeping with men, he says to Gaurav that i dont come near her at night because controversy will be made. Rohan says to Karan that i always stop him to not say rubbish, Karan says i dont talk to him much.
Niti says Rahul said that he wont allow Swami to say anything against Bani and Lopa but nothing for us? Manu says he has double personality.
Rohan says to Gaurav that we asked Swami to not say things, Gaurav says you laugh on his talks, they are asking us to tell him to shut up and get out. Rohan says i dont find the need for that, Gaurav says thats your thoughts. Rohan says all are responsible for themselves here, i dont need to get involved in others fights to take stand. Gaurav says that man says so many cheap things that even if they dont air his words, his actions shows that. Manu says that man is cheap, he didnt say anything to us about girls as we will be at this throat, when he will have no way to your team then he will shut his mouth, we have to show faces to our families too.

Call is connected to house. Salman says you all performed well in captaincy task, he congratulates Rohan, he thanks him. Salman says you tried to change positions of bed when all were comfortable their beds, why? Rohan says captain’s bed is changed, and captain has right to change positions, i tried to people close to me have bed closer to my bed, only two positions were changed. Salman says who had problem with that? Lokesh says me, Niti and Lopa. Salman says did you try to irritate them? Rohan says Lopa and Bani wanted to sleep beside my bed so i asked Lokesh to change position. Salman says isnt it selfish to change places of three positions for one person? if you wanted entertainment then you would made Bani and Lopa to sleep on same double bed as they are both your best friends, if i was in your place, i would have done that, Bani says dont give ideas, he is still captain, salman laughs. Salman asks why you needed Lopa and Bani on either side of your bed? you could have Rahul and Karan on either side of yours, you like to talk with Bani and Lopa? or Karan and Rahul? all laugh. Bani says Rohan never talked to me at night in last 35days, i dont know what he is saying, we never had conversation at night, Salman says you should have asked Lokesh. Lokesh says we was asking everyone but shifting me and didnt even inform, i felt bad. Rohan says all are behind me, Bani asked me that she wanted that bed, no one listens to me, Bani is saying that she didnt have conversations for me. Manu says this shouldnt have happened, its Rohan’s strategy to use Lokesh, i hope she knows it now, Lokesh says he is my friend and i showed him support, all clap. Manveer says there shouldnt be captain here, but many vice captains. Bani said Gaurav and Karan are my vice captains, when Rohan became captain, Karan, Gaurav, Rahula all are vice captains. Salman asks is there anything like vice captain in bigg boss? Niti says i told them this is fictional thing but they are taking it seriously, Salman says now bigg boss will have to change concept, all laugh. Manveer says Bani is master behind Rohan, Salman says its not Bani’s fault if he is following her. Salman asks Manveer if he becomes captain then who will be vice captain? Manu hides his face, Salman says or maybe he will be captain and Manveer will be taken as vice captain, all laugh. Manu says i wont talk 7days then. Salman says Niti you wanted Lopa to become captain but Swami convinced you to vote for Rohan and you did, and after that, how much did you regret? Niti says after bed incident and jail incident, i regretted a lot, Lopa and Rohan are equal for me, Swami says Prince of India Rohan should be captain, Salman says he wants Lopa to win season but wants Rohan to be captain. Salman asks Lopa why she called Rohan as dictator? Lopa says Rohan is my friend, if he had been nice to Manu and Manveer then they would have gone to jail but he said he doesnt feel like giving reasons, if he is like this in start of captaincy then inmates wont listen to him. Manu says i knew i would be going to jail, my team wanted to take stand but i didnt want it. Salman says if you had choice then whom you would have put in jail? Manu says i would put one from each team, i would chosen Bani from their side, she doesnt listen to anyone. Salman asks Manveer who would he have put in jail? Manveer says i would put my team member if they are wrong. Salman asks Rohan what he thinks? Rohan says about what? Salman says we are discussing this for much time, you are here? about what you did, Rohan says i didnt feel like giving them reasons because they didnt want to go to jail as they had problems with rules like toilet and food, the are so called commoners but have more tantrums than celebs, if they had asked me to go then i would have gone in a second. Salman says to Manu if he thought this is trick to break his team? Manu says i dont think so, he wanted us to be dull. Salman asks Bani if it was trick to break them? Bani asks break Manveer and Manu? Manu yes, he is not asking to break Pakistani players, Bani says Manu its okay if i can ask question for clarity? why you have problem? Manu says we will sort after show, or either take initiative for first time to sort things as i do everytime. Salman says there are two groups, who have majority, will have captain and other group will be given punishment even if its not fair, Salman ends call.

In Bigg boss house:
Rohan says i am trying to be nice to everyone.
Gaurav says to Rahul that he wanted to Lopa and Bani on both sides of his bed, he wants to show his girlfriend that he is keeping team unite, he wanted other person too, i could see it, i tried to make Rohan understand that you are at age where your stature matter so dont bring game and team in all that, Rahul says right, Gaurav says he took step back, i told about Karan that if he is not emotionally fine then dont push him, encouraging is different but you cant force him to play.

On stage, Salman says one girl is coming to meet us. Welcome beautiful and talented Mouni Roy. Mouni comes stage, she dances. Salman says great performance. Mouni says i am excited to meet you, Salman says welcome to season 10, Salman says Mouni has come to promote her film ‘Tum Bin 2’. Salman asks if she acted Nagin(female snake) in movie too? Mouni says no. She says Swami Om came in my dream and asked me to do scene with greatest hero Salman then my career will fly high, Salman says i salute your dream taste, Swami comes in your dreams? Mouni says his words stick to your mind when you sleep after watching Bigg boss. Salman says Swami made his dream travel to your mind, what i have to do? Mouni says you have to enact scene of movie Nagina. They funnily dub scene of movie, nagin music plays, Mouni dances like snake, Salman dances around her, Salman hugs Mouni. Salman welcomes Anubhav, director of Mouni’s movie, Salman says to Anubhav’s movie Tum Bin was superhit and its songs were beautiful. Anubhav says Salman called me and says that whoever denied doing my movie was stupid. Salman asks what Mouni is doing in movie? Anubhav says we wanted massive glamor quotient in song, Salman says you could have taken her whole movie, Anubhav says i asked her to quit TV, she is a star, Salman says i told her myself, Mouni blushes. Anubhav promotes movie, they greet Salman, Mouni and Anubhav leaves.

Salman says one will be evicted today and one will tomorrow. its time to connect call. Call is connected to house, Salman says its time for eviction. KARAN MEHRA IS EVICTED, he asks him to come. Inmates dont believe it. Karan says to Gaurav that we got in problem because of Swami, we dont do anything because respect his age, he starts collecting his things. Bani says maybe there will be wild card entry. Bani says you cant go. Karan hugs Rahul, he says to Manu no hard feelings, he hugs Lopa, she says i will miss you, she weep. Rohan is crying, Karan says dont cry and hugs him, Karan is about to go out but Rohan pulls him and hugs him again, Karan says its okay, Karan leaves house. Gaurav is miffed. Rohan washes his face.

Salman says first celebrity contestant is house. There will be one more eviction. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- Alia Bhatt comes on stage, Salman asks where is Sharukh Khan? you are not able to see him, he is standing beside you, he mimics SRK, Alia laughs. Salman says you have to choose one picture from two, he shows her his and SRK’s picture and ask her to choose, Salman says i am very sensitive so choose my picture, we can omit SRK’s picture, she laughs. Salman dances and twirls on on floor.
Alia enters house. Manveer says poetic lines for her. He says you have lit fire in my house, that no lighter could do it, you are fire cracker yourself, all clap. There will be kabaddi match between Rohan and Manveer for Alia. Comedian jokes that Manu and Manveer are stuck with two things only that is Swami and punishment, all laugh.
Slap game is played again. Salman asks inmates if Bani never accept her mistake? all say yes, Bani is given fake slap. Salman says twist is that there will be more eviction.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    this is rubbish. .salman doesn’t know what is happening in the house as he watches only clips …so how can he decide who is wrong and who is right. ……bb and salman never shows manu and manveer’s backbiting and b*t*hing they always made fun of others and talk rubbish abt girls…remember after lopa won that task against karan and when m3 were talking abt that manu lifting lopa …both manu and manveer’s reaction were very cheap and they talk abt mona’s character who is a cheap girl…look at her dress up and her clothes….cheap lady. ……others r good but there is no clear favourite as of now. ….

    1. Jab show shuru hua salman says k ye season mushkil hai kyunkinismein main na celeb ki side le sakta hu na commoners ki ab 2 hfte se sab gharwale hain but salman ne unki footage nhi dekhi jo m3 kr rhe hain khasker both males aur mannu to hai hi shakuni jb ye kehta hai celebs dikhte hi nhi sara hafta commoners hi hain to unki bhi pol celebs ko dikhae he is only backing m3 aaj mona ko dekha ” i m so happy ” ????really jo tum potray karogi wahi dikhega lopa bani log bhi harr trah k kapde pehnte hain but mona ki trah despo nhi dikhte she says to baba k mere ko a kr touch kyun krta hai hai and all if she thinks k naba puposely krta hai to uski itti himmat hi kyun badhai aur manu salman k age bol rha hai k humare age krta nhi baba k usko pata hai hum usko chodenge nhi to beta tu kal k episode mein bani k hont aur physic awaz k kyun mazak bna rha tha thirdclass jungli usse pehle bani ko mal bola to salman usko expose nhi krega he is biased

    2. celebs are in the house completely dumbest except bani and lopa. manu and manveer are at least playing and they are seen almost the whole 1 hour of the show. then where are your cool dressed up lazy, arrogant, perky celebs? from the 1st episode of this season to this day, so called celebs are less less than commoner and commoners are higher than celebs. You should watch every episode properly. judge anyone by their thinking and acting not by clothes you moron

  2. This comment has been deleted.

    1. What a shameless creature you are. You don’t have manners to speak . Why are you interfering in my matter.i had speak something against a person then why are you scolding me . You can’t stop me . You will never stop me.

    2. Oh my god are you a girl? What are you talking for miss sneha have you gone bonker? And plz shut your mouth up even leave me out but you are not respecting a girl shame on you and swami ji is a imposter my friend it is my opnion so plz don’t overreact ok

      1. Sneha will insult me infront of everyone i will keep my mouth shut . Why. But the way sneha is not giving respect but why should i give her any respect.

      2. Oh sorry but that comment was for that mad girl sneha you got me wrong and the girl to whom she is not respecting is you swastika which i have mentioned in my comment earliar and the meaning of that line “what are you talking for miss sneha” means kya baat kar rahi ho tum sneha so, plz swastika don’t feel bad why will i say that all to you. You did nothing wrong

      3. And look you idiot sneha last time i am telling you just stop your bakwaas against me ok and plz respect every girl because this is not your whatsapp chating this is social site so, be aware

      4. Sorry kp for misunderstanding.

  3. This comment has been deleted.

  4. Manny is the most boring person on entire show. Thank god for DVR sio I can FFWD annoying guy. All he has done so far is to criticize celebs and tell people how great he is . He is using Mona to gain popularity. Omji is another total fake person. Does not deserve to b called swami. He is a total mental case. Don’t like to watch his close ups w camera.

  5. Jahangirmalik

    Salman is supporting manu and manveer.its rubbish.manverr ny bht gandi language use ki wo ni dikha salman ko…Why?

    1. So does mannu so much negativity ?aur wo humesha apne aspass walo ko brain wash kerta rehta hai double face snake aur
      salman ne ye story bichu ki mandna ki bari bhi sunai thi aur ye to clear dikh rha hai celebs kitne ache aur commoner manni manveer hai atleast itta batana tha k rohan ne confession room mein bhi yehi reasons diye the aur rahul ko to bat bhi nhi rakhne dee mannu ki puri sunta hai rahul was right k inke beech mein bol ker bnda khud c bnta hai

  6. Salman with due respest you just favouring manu and manveer u did not stand for rohan please watch the clips before coming to the show wrong stand wrong people .rohan best of luck

  7. I like today’s episodes superb… .karan got evicted nd rahul have to evict tomorrow……happy…..rohan ur fake font know wat to do……love u mannu..manveeri

    Y u all r supporting celebs?
    They r nothing to doing

  8. I can’t believe they evicted Karan, wats the point of voting if they are goin to evict people they want . Of the lot Karan has got the most votes it’s sure but for content boost they took him out !! Not done and that cheap Mona is in the house . No way she got more votes than Lokesh . Now I believe the show is scripted and fake . If the makers can’t take the voters decision then why do we vote

  9. I been watching big boss since it started. I have never seen people like ma veer and Manu. We are alsocommon people but never use the language they use.they accept mona and Lola coming to them but nitba , lokesh , swami cannot go to celebs camp . Big boss only show these three people or baba . Salman ji also prefer them and show their good side . The backwash they speak is never shown . Celebs cannot become like these goonde. Who on the earth can live with these three people it is better to stay away . First time we prefer rishtey Chanel

  10. I can’t still understand why people support Rohan who have no brains and thinking of right and wrong and uses others brains. he can’t be neither captain nor a clever. From !st season to last season, there were celebs who used slang, some were gone physically violent. that time celebs could be goonde but not guilty but this season commoners are guilty for being goonde. what a think!!!! in the one hour of the show commoners are seen maximum time, at least they are doing something….

  11. K miss sneha ….i think thts enough…u cant just openly insult any person on a public site….who do u think ur???huh???…and ya u shud just shut yor f**kING mouth…ur a copy of swami om

  12. The m3 seen like bad for some people but the actual thing is that the m3 do so because of swamis Ill manner behave but what about R2KG, they like the swamis ill thought, so they kept silent and not take stand against swami even rohan laugh when swami talk bad things. So this show weight of R2KG = 2kg.

  13. That’s why manveer put R2kg in bottle.

  14. This comment has been deleted.

    1. Look sneha i am a boy of 17yr old and i have never ever read such kind of obscene comment ever and one more thing even i also don’t want you as my friend you idiot and not master mister kp ok and now stop this bakwas against me i think you understand now

    2. Do you have any problem. What is your age . You are using slangs so many times . You are insulting everyone . Whoever spoke against swami. Atleast don’t interfere in my matter

    3. Prettypreeti

      Why r u spoiling his site please don’t do It again coz i m not coming here 2 read these nonsense.

  15. I am totally dishpointed with salman. He always support m3. Without watching clip &show. Ye to wahi bat hui kudh kuch bhi bol sakte ho par dusre tumare bare me nahi bol sakte. Manu &manveer always badmouthig towarda celebrate.

  16. Sneha who are you ? You’re nothing but a piece of garbage , you’re shamelessly speaking whatever you want ? You’re similar to this idiot swami , you don’t have manner how to talk , Salman said right to this ignorant , this swami deserves to listen that even more bad than that , use your filthy language to somewhere else stupid women , you’re insulting everybody , what are you? Don’t show your filthy upbringing idiotic women

    1. u r ryt who is that sneha . I don’t ye apne aap ko samjti kya that stupid girl . who the hell is she talk shit about me and anyone . kuch din pahle mere comment ke upper that stupid leave a stupid reply.
      this type of stupids should not be approved to use dis site . this site is for bb fans for not that stupids

  17. Han kiran manu manveer mujhe bhi bohat buray lagtay hain , woh 2 minutes main lokesh Ko ulloo bana detay, aur lokesh ban bhi jati hai mujhe itna bura lagta hai, yeh dono Sara din uski burayi kertay hain samnay iskay caring bhai ban jatay hain , yeh so called brother manu and manveer, bigg boss Ko chahye k manu aur manveer ki woh clips lokesh Ko dikhadain, aur swami chhichochora , nafsiyati aur badtameez lagta hai

  18. big boss always brings vulgar girls and abusive manginas to raise show trp…we are lucky at least they are not showing s*x scenes…in big brother nudity s*x everything shown…aww poor indians…they can’t even see that on big boss…so let them enjoy this vulgarity ?

  19. puja choudhary

    Manu and Manveen worst player worst bekar faltu ghatiya jitna bolo km h inke liye bd jb dekho baith k dusro ki chugli salman sir yha sb ko clear dikh rha h ki kya ho rha show me aap q nhi delh pa rhe h …ue do kutte log pura bb10 kharab kr rhe h manu u are the most worst peraon og the world means itna chip jb dekho bs chugli burai double faces dogle insan tujhe ko lat mar k bb10 se nikal dena chahiye or miss Mona tum is show ki faltu se v faltu ladki ho….i hate u tumlogo ke bare me bolna v mtlb apna mud kharab krna…best of luck Bwni, Lopa n Lokesh….hate u mona manveen n worst manu..

  20. Bring back karan

  21. Puja totally agree with you

  22. Karan is a nice guy but not entertaining dear rishnee

  23. Mona is a good girl, but she Is stupid as well

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