My heart strings..RagNik Fan fiction (Episode 2)

when he opened his eyes found himself in the same icu room, that green curtain and familiar smell of medicine again irritated him. just then a nurse open the door and smiled at him.
“Good afternoon Nikhil”.
“what afternoon” she gave him tablets on his hand.”
“sister again in the same icu,its boring”
“Ask Dr Swara she only admitted you here”,
“ooh this swara what to do with her”.he scratched his head.
“by the way who brought me here?”. before she could answer anything.
“i know a girl na and where is she..? can i see her”
“she left morning itself”.
“what without seeing me she left, shit oky do u know her name or at least phone number”
nurse give him a ,you are impossible look.
“i will give you the details nikhil .A voice came from the door step.
Dr Swara along with sakshi entered the room.
seeing sakshi he suddenly lied on the bed, pressing his face on the bed. Covered face with a pillow.
His antics made her more angry she throw the pillow by shouting his name.Swara chuckled.
Before she could say anything he start to mock her.

“Nikhil what you think your self,everyday you are putting me on fire and still u r behaving like a new born child.
“Stop it Nikhil am not a joker ,and this is not a joke,,after your birth , these years me and your dad struggling for your health and he died gave me your responsibility to me,how many times i told u be carefull,whats the need of late night driving.but you didnt heard me ,Even you didn’t care about my pain”.Her tears welled up in eyes.He hold her hand forcefully make sit on bed.
“I do mom I always saw the the pain .That’s why am saying stop worrying about me”.
“Aunty he is fine now,Actually i give him an injection thats why he wake up late today,dont need to worry”. swara placed her palm on sakshi’s soulder.
“Listen mom,we are human beings so one day everyone should taste the soil of this earth(pointed towards the celing) but he give me some more time to explore here,then why should i fear about my surroundings”.His voice choked
“No one can win over your talks”.
“so doctor can i leave today”.
“Are you mad nikhil yesterday we found you in unconscious state,still u wanna go?.
He give her a naughty look,stood on the floor.
“Mom once u said na am behaving like a child..then let me stay on my foot..I want to walk some tiny steps without any steps”
“Are you going somewhere”.
“Yah…bye”.He kissed her cheek.
“But where..?”.
without giving any answer he left from there.

Divine Music academy Kolkata name is carved in a stone in front gate.Courtyard is filled with different types of plants and flowers.He stood in front of a buded mango tree which have jasmine flowers on the branches.He took a tender mango from the ground and bite it .He closed his left eye due to that sour taste and moved to the reception area.A big photo frame of a middle aged man hanged on the wall.He winked at the photo and placed his hand on his chest.
Building gallery is filled with many students.They are bcy in filling the Application from who already done online registration.
Office administrator yelled a name.
“Ragini Rose”.
A girl raised her hand from the crowd.
“So You r miss Rgini Rose”.
“Your Form is incomplete.please fill your surname,religion and caste.”He return the application back.
“Sir may I know the connection between my religion and music learning”.
“This the format of our application, do u have any shame on revealing ur caste and religion. Even you didn’t fill the surname”.
“I have no surname” She said in a bitter voice.
“Haha that’s great “.Few students gathered there start to staring at her .This caught the attention of Nikhil towards her while he is in another queue.Her back is facing towards him.
“But sir this is not mandatory.You didn’t mentioned this in online registration. I came here to attend the audition”.
“But you should fill the religion column,without this we can’t let you admit here. she feel humilated became angry.
“Sir I don’t want any admission keep it yourself”.
“Who gonna interest to admit a girl like you here.”
“What do u mean mind your tounge Mr other wise I will force to forget this is an institution”. she said in a rage voice left from there.Nikhil came there and tightened his fist.
“Dude what’s happening here”.
Office administrator looked at him angrily and called next candidate.
“I think she is right why should we fill these columns , identity card , certificates are enough for admission right”.
“Did I asked you about your opinion If u came here to fill the application form do it and go, don’t interfere on other things”.
“Sir chill..I think you need a ice cold lemon sharbath..”.
“What ..I don’t need go from here” He shouted.
“Don’t worry sir I will pay the bill it will cool your brain”. He winked at him by dialling a number in his mobile.

She descend the step disheartened and took the bycle parked there.Once again look back the accadamy closed her eyes took a deep breath and move from there….
She reached a small and beautiful house near the street and rang the door bell .A lady in late 40 open the door.
“Ragini beta you came early, how was your audition”.
But she didn’t anwered bowed her head and told everything happened there.
“Leave that all beta, I will tell Kavitha about it. Her madam is a family friend of accadamy chairman”.
“Kavitha ..? How you know this aunty”.
“The hospital she is working also a partner of this accadamy. Hospital MD Mrs Singhania’s only son is the in charge of accadamy “.
“You mean sincere medicity”. She dropped into some thoughts.
“What you thinking”
“I forget to ask about him”.
“The one who admitted in the hospital yesterday”
“You didn’t, then call the hospital”.
“Give me your phone aunty my mobile got damaged on that accident”. she then called and enqired.
“He got discharged”.
“Oh that’s good and I found a new job for u..colony people want a new music teacher so I suggested your name and no need to go for that job beta.”
She jumped in happiness and hugged jessy.
“Thank you aunty, but if I leave that job after one month I can able to pay the rent”
“You don’t need to worry about it .First leave that job ..they r giving late night work, we can’t trust them any more”.
“Oky I will inform them tomorrow”.
“Ragini music class is morng bz you want to join the accadamy na so I searched the part time job only. if you r comfortable help me in cake shop till you got a new job”
“Haha what I have no pblm aunty”.
“Oky go and frenshen up I will make ur fav Strawberry cake”.
She came into the room and open all the windows and curtains and look back to the table there is a small ganpati idol.
“what will I do..I can’t study there dream its gonna happen….I heard you r the one who remove all the hurdles from us…how I make it possible “.
Stared at idol for sometime and go to the wash room.

Ragini is bcy in making chapaties in kitchen while Jessy is making cream for cake and poured milk on the bowl.. Kavitha stormed into the kitchen.
“Mumma am hungry..” and hugged Jessy from back and milk split all over her dress.
“Leave me Kavi you again spoiled my dress”.she jerked her
“When you came from hospital”.
“Almost one hour mom…and am very much hungry will eat you”.
“No first cut these vegetables and after prayer only food”.
“Ohh k then I will adjust with this carrot”. she made a pout face and sat on the kitchen slab.
“Ragu bro I called u many times , u didn’t pick up the call and what happened to ur forehead”.There is stich on her forehead which is a gift of yesterday night.
“I will tell u later”.
“Thank god you r safe , you know me and mumma scared,a lot.Anyway didn’t tell me how is ur audition ”
Ragini give a sad look.
“Kavi that accadamy ownership is your hospital MD only na, could you recommend for her admission”.
“Bro u r talented why any recommendations”
“Kavi bro just leave it not going there”. She explained everything.
“Hey bro I will ask Dr swara she is very close to me, this is not valid reason for ur rejection.”
“Ha Kavi do something”.
“Mumma I forget to tell u..kavya will be late today she called me”.
“Oho this girl ..eveytime party”.
“Where is the party tonight..” Kavitha hummed some lines.
“Aunty ur cake is ready”. Ragini took the plate and winked at Kavi.
“Wow mumma kavya and Merin gonna miss this”. Kavi gulped
“Kavi don’t touch, I will break ur hand.. let’s go for a prayer”. Trio move to the hall.
Ragini lighten the candles and took the bible from the table.she covered her head with a stole
Everyone sat on the floor thier knees.
She read some bible versus.
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
She closed her eyes in ectacy …only her destiny know what will bring her in future.

Thank u so much guys I didn’t expect this much of support… Love u all….
How is her name “Ragini Rose”..?
I know many questions running on your mind right?
Introduced 4 characters in this chapter…
I hope you will like #RagNik Ragini and Nikhil in my story hope for the best fingers crossed.
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