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Hi guys I am back with my next shot + the next one too I know boring hoga but you guys still have to bear me ?
On your special day I wish you luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings .
Have a fantastic birthday and rock it after all Its your day ?????

let’s start and yes thank you for commenting sorry I could personally thank each one of you and silent readers please do comment sit back and get bored I am tho going beach meh ekh – dho bar aunge aur pakkane ke liye till then app safe hai aage read kar sakte hai ????
Episode starts :
Twinkle’s Pov
Ishana and Om got married and everything was seeming to be perfect ,I wished to spend some time with Dada and therefore asked dad for permission he agreed I was on cloud 9 “I would spend some more time with Dada “ I thought to myself, I shifted to Dada’s house with all my belongings.?
A leap of 2 month
“This leep of 2 month brought a drastic change in my life “ I thought to myself sipping my coffee☕ in the middle of the night me and my cravings.
“2 months have passed since the time I have broken all links with my family ,UV my friends and KUNJ “ I thought sipping another sip☕ and munching some puff balls I know it’s weird combination but I can’t help .
“2 months have passed since I have rented this small house facing the mountains of Mount Abu “ I thought taking another sip and munching some chips I know I am eating quite a lot.?
“It has been 2 months since the time I realised what actually had happened that night “ I thought while my eyes started watering .?
Twinkle’s POV ends
Kunj’s POV
“It has been 2 months since I haven t spoken to Twinkle “I thought resting my head on my chair closing my eyes .?
“ It has been 2 months since I have made myself a complete workaholic “ I thought rotating my chair facing the window of my cabin. ?
“It has been 2 months and I have yet not found Twinkle’s location she has changed her number,? Not used her credit cards ?,Not made a single transaction from her bank account? and the only thing she has done is she has returned her engagement ring “ A drop of year trickled down my eye.?
“ I should have not done that …………. I should have not forced her that night I thought by doing so I would make Twinkle mine but that night made my Twinkle go away from me “ I thought closing my eyes thinking about that Incident.?

Narrator’s Pov
That unforgettable night remember guys when Twinkle was full Tali? and Kunj was a bit drunk ?that night Kunj had forced himself on Twinkle and Twinkle being drunk did not resist and she got …..
Narrator’s POV ends
Kunj’s Pov continue …..
‘She got pregnent If I had not called up Dada I would have never known that Twinkle is pregnent “ I thought recovering a call “Hello , Yes , Have you found the girl or anything about her “ I asked my detective ?“No “ he replied , his reply made me he’ll angry? “You are India’s best detective and you still could not find her “ I busted out on him ?“Sorry sir he said “ I don’t need your sorry just find her soon “ I said and hanged the call ?
Kunj’s Pov ends

Precap : ?No yar fir suspense kaise rahega????
Love you all take care ?
Okay challo don’t be sad I have a surprise for you 1+1 episode hai na so how can it be so small

Twinkle’s Pov:
“I woke up hearing the alarm⏰ I work in a hotel here as a receptionist since I am pregnant the hotel staff takes very good care of me and our owner Mrs.Shikhavat is a gem of a person, her husband is my gynaecologist and Mrs.Shikhavat keeps on preparing the foods?????? which I have a craving for though I miss Mom and Dad I have found a Mother and Father here too “ I thought to myself and My thoughts were broken by the ringing of the alarm ⏰again “Urg” I shut it down and quickly freshened up and left for the hotel.?

“Twinkle” I turned around to look for the source of the sound and found Mrs.Shikavat “Yes ma’am “ I replied “Twinkle call me Mom “ she said with fake anger “Ji Mom “ I said and smiled “See Twinkle today you have an appointment and I will accompany you? “ she said that reminded me of the complications I have in my pregnancy being young my body isn’t fit to carry a baby but I cant abort this child its the only reason I am alive “Twinkle” Mom called out which brought me back to reality “Mom you are quite busy I can go for the check up myself “ I said “Who said I am going for you I am going to spy on my handsome husband? who is one of the most innocent man in the world “ she said “Mom dad really Loves you “ I said “Voh tho he has to he has no choice ?“ she said and we busted out laughing?. “Such an Adorable and old couple just like mom and dad “ I thought which brought tears into my eyes ?”Pushpa I hate tears? “ said Dev bhai acting like Rajesh Khanna which made me smile ?“Dev please stop insulting the actor “ said Durga bhabhi another happy couple Mom’s son ,My bhai and Bhabhi.
Twinkle’s Pov ends

Kunj’s Pov :
“This has been the 60th time Leela Ma and Rt uncle have sent me back without talking to me they think it’s my fault that Twinkle has broken all relations with them too I know they are right but I am ready to repent for my mistakes “ I thought as I reversed my car? I found Leela Ma coming back home I immediately stopped the car and went to her “Leela Ma” I called out she turned back ,looked at me and hugged me tight and started crying? “ Kunj please get my Twinkle back “ she kept on saying it I felt helpless infant of her I could do nothing neither did I now where Twinkle is nor did I have her number? “ Twinkle’s Papa had got a call from Kaka (Twinkle’s Dada) only he knows where Twinkle is and according to him Twinkle is fine “ she told me “Ma it is the 60th time I have come to meet you “ I told her she understood my question “Voh Kunj beta Twinkle’s papa and Maaji think Twinkle was not ready for the marriage with you and hence she left but Beta I trust you, only you can get my Twinkle back “ she said looking at me trusting me she has full faith in me I could not make any eye contact with her what could I do I was really at fault I touched her feet and hugged her before sitting in my car.?

On the way back I kept on thinking why I forced myself on Twinkle that night why did I do so why ?I then thought of calling Dada but he never lifts my calls ☎“ Amritsar I am coming I thought to myself ?


Precap: How Kunj gets Twinkle’s number Twinkle’s gynaecologist and a bit about her job

Hope you guys Liked this episode and I hope I have meet your expectations I know this is a ss but I guess the length of this ss makes it a ff I am trying to end it soon ? but you know na sometimes you need to explain simple things in a complicated way so that others understand what you want to show ?

Love you all take care ?
Silent readers please do comment and even those who comment regularly

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar sidmin loved it sooo much yaar just waiting for the next plz post soon if possible today epi was amazing dev durga Mrs shikawat lovely couple hope twinkle meets kunj soon …??

  2. Hey nice one.try posting next one soon…….

    -silent reader

  3. Sohi

    Wowwwww yaar what a twist I liked it but itna bada suspense plz plz post soon you don’t bore me as I can’t digest more suspense now plz? I’m very curious if you will not post soon then I will become furious now bye take care

  4. Anam_sidhant

    Hey sidmin,(idk ur real name actually?) thankyou so much for the bday wish,it means a lot?
    Going to the episode I told u na that it will be amazing?
    It was mind blowing❤
    Eagerly waiting for the next one?

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome shocking epi….bhot bada twist h….

  6. Awesome epi.. they got separated ??.. loved the twist.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤❤

  7. Hey mili,
    Yeh epi kaun se angle se boring tha.Yeh epi mere liye superrr se bahat upparr wala tha.Maine toh kabhi socha nai tha khi yesa hoga.Itna bada suspense, twinkle pregnant.Usually twinkle does siyaapa’s but this time kunj did siyaapa.Luved it.Post soon

    Lots of luv,

  8. Sidmin di yeh kya tha.Itna bada twist.Par bahat acha tha. kya baat.Yeh epi toh awesom amazing fab tha.Actuall may ek silent reader hu aur silent reader baneka maaza he kuch aur hai par aab may comment karunge if not busy.Bye di.

  9. Awesome episode amazing
    Pldsss asap n reunite den fastly loved it

  10. Kritika14

    Hey Mili,
    I loved this twist! But twinj got separated 🙁 Anyway, you try posting the next one asap!

    Lovess! xx

  11. Supriya18d

    Aaj ka epi to awsm tha yr….Twinkle ki new family to awsm h…..Kunj k siyapee k wajh se Twinkle gyb hogai na bechri….
    Awsm epi

  12. Yeh kya hua???? Yr it was shock for me and it was amazing try to post nxt asap

  13. Amazing episode sidmin and shocking twist tha yar

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Really good episode yrr.. jst waiting to see how twinj will reunite

  15. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shruti di,
    This was something amazingly amazing. You rocked it like anything. Simply amazing. I am out of words to praise you.

    The way you described the emotions were amazing. Now please make Twinj meet ☺

    Loads of love and support ❤❤❤

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  16. Omg Mili kya tha ye haan? firstly do tell me maine last epi miss to nahi kiya hai…. bcz aisa twist dekhakar to mujhe yehi lag raha hai…. seriouslly yarr it was fantastic minblowing n superb epi… matlab chal kya raha tha aur ho kya gaya… twinkle pregnent with kunjs baby? wow yarr u r superb such a suspence queen.. bechare twinj… I hope kunj’ll find out his twinkle soon…. n twinkles new family is so sweet… I just loved todays epi…

    N ya it was not boring at all so don’t u dare to call it boring u get it? else I’ll……. nahin bataungi…

    Well post next as soon as posible bcz I can’t wait for such a brillient ff for too long.. ok?

    Love u n keep smiling


  17. Oye mili meri suspense queen twist queen kya twist laya hai…mar dala muje tune teri writing skills se…honestly I wasn’t liking this SS but now I’m loving it…before reading this episode I was desperately waiting for my revenge made me meet my true love ff but now I’m desperate for this SS next episode too…try posting SS my revenge made me meet my true love ff and tashan to sadda love ff as soon as possible…

    Love you ??

  18. Chiku

    Woah what a twist. It’s amazing ????lovely. Amazing
    Post next soon
    Love u?

  19. Jisha

    Amazing twist.. awesome piece of writing…loved it…u described emotions very well

  20. Baby

    Ohhh goodness mili seriously you nailed the story yr kahan se kahan kitne turns leliye iss story ne itni jaldi awesome loved it to core awesome fabulous dear loved it soooo much you are awesome but seriously this question is there ugghhh why kunj forced him on twinkle and twinkle pregnant a great shock shit yr fabulous am speechless because you always leave us speechless ☻☻♥♥☻☻love you lods sis♥☻♥☻♥☻♥srsly a sudden twist

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