Bhootu 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anandita Decides To Leave Subodh!

Bhootu 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita tells her side of story to Suchi, crying. Suchi says she must have misunderstood. Anandita says this is truth, she found Mansi’s pregnancy and abortion report yesterday, Subodh did a big sin by first having an affair with Mansi and then getting her child aborted, that is why god snatched Pihu from them. She says she will not forgive Subodh and will go away from for sure.

Pihu angrily tells Gopal that she wants to punish Mansi for trying to separate mamma and papa. Gopal smiles and permits her. She throws stone pebble on Mansi. Mansi gets afraid. Suchi walks to Mansi and confronts why she stooped so low to send fake report to Anandita. Mansi says she can bark and even bite, with this report Anandita will leave Subodh and Aarav will get her married to Subodh. Suchi says she is too disgusting and walks away. Pihu sees Suchi talking to Mansi and gets angry on Suchi. Suchi says she was scolding Mansi instead and calms her down.

Pihu decides to punish Mansi again and pushes her from rocking chair. Mansi falls down and cries. Suman rushes her to rescue followed by Suchi. Pihu warns Suchi not to help her. Babli walks in and lifts Mansi. Mansi alleges that Suchi pushed her and troubles her often. Suman says Suchi came just now. Babli calls Aarav and complains him against Suchi, yells since Anandita and Subdoh came to stay as neighbor, Suchi is venting anger on Mansi.

Aarav walks to Anandita and Subodh’s house thinking they cannot stay here. He hears their fight and stops. Anandita shouts at Subodh to get out, she does not want to hear any explanation. Aarav calls Anandita and walks in. She finds file on floor and gets angry seeing Mansi’s pregnancy report.

Pihu draws Anandita’s sketch. Anandita walks outside house and cries that she feels Pihu’s presence her. Gopal plays flute. Sketch flies and goes near door. Pihu gets happy seeing her mamma singing Mai teri… Anandita says she is going away from Subodh forever. Pihu pleads not to go. Anandita leaves with her bag while Pihu cries holding door. Gopal says he cannot tell her what niyati devi has written in her fate..

Precap: Bhootu and Jeet Gaye Toh Piya Morey maha episode’s promotional video is shown.

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  1. The precap is interesting,finally Suchi decides to confide in Aarav that Pihu is still there in their house and she can see her and even made friends with her…..I hope she won’t be interrupted this time and I wish Suchi tells the same to Anandita …..nothing can bring back her baby but the knowledge that her daughter is still amongst them ,loves and misses them will give the poor mother the utmost joy in this world. Atleast this realisation that Pihu still visits her and enjoys her laddoos would lighten her mood and give her some respite from the unrelenting emotional turmoil of the last few months ….it might also help her to forgive Subodh and reunite with him.
    But the family’s problems seem to be not over yet….Gopal ,as usual ,is hinting at yet another major storm ,as if all that has already happened is very minor and not enough.
    Hope Suchi moves in real quick and check mates Manasi’s evil schemes.

  2. Well, at least Suchi tried. Felt sad for Subodh but after what he done, don’t expect Anandita to trust him.
    Aarav’s Meri Behen Ki Zindegi Barbad Kar Di – sounded disgusting. After the fire incident hoped he would change. But its always what’s best for his bloody family & himself. Needed a chance to patch up with Suchi, so he did. But didnt hesitate to barge into Anandita’s home.
    Today I hated him more than Mansi.

    Pihu, at times can be really mean to Suchi. Felt pretty bad for Suchi when she brushed her off. Sometimes I do wonder whether the kid actually loves her or using her to get to her mother. Its the same as I felt Suchi was only using Aarav :/

    However, the last scene was heart breaking 🙁 Arshiya totally nailed it (y)

  3. Yes,Niharika ,Aarav has his own weaknesses ….according to his mother’s admission ,he loves his sister and so we can say Manasi is his weakness.Let us give him the benefit of doubt as what he thinks about his sister is completely opposite to what she actually is.Even his angry outburst after seeing the pregnancy reports is acceptable as no brother can tolerate his sister being ditched after becoming pregnant,only to get aborted and then left to become insane.As of now that is the opinion he has of Subodh and hence justified in reacting the way he did. Yes ,he will completely lose his credibility if he maintains the same attitude towards his sister even after knowing the truth.And I agree that he has no business to barge into Anandita’s house like that .
    I also wonder from where Manasi manages so much money to pay her hired goons….that too they seem to be on her pay rolls .
    It is but natural for Pihu to become impatient sometimes as she,like any other child ,is stressed to see her parents fight all the time and listening to Manasi’s threats of separating them,,,added to that is her mother’s decision to leave for Kolkota..Still she shouldn’t have snapped at Suchi like that.Though she voluntarily decided to help this unfortunate child selflessly,it does hurt particularly when she herself is staying in that house for her sake only ,leaving her own parents.But Pihu is too young to be self centerd ,Suchi should understand the plight of this unfortunate 7year old who had to die prematurely and leave her mother ….and appreciate her longing for Anandita….though Pihu has genuine affection for Suchi ,there is no denying the fact that Anandita is her mother.What the writers are going to do with these two mothers,I don’t have an idea but it is a complex scenario and everyone is justified in their own way.

  4. Nice comment Lakshmi Ji 🙂 I agree with all your points.

    I guess, watching Mansi winning every time is taking a toll on my patience.

    The way Aarav behaved was completely understandable. I would have reacted far worse if my sister was hurt the same way. What I don’t like is that he is never strong before his loved ones. Be it his family or Suchi.
    When Suchi was continuously blaming him for Phu’s death & collapsed in front of him, he just took all the blame to keep her safe.
    Now when his family is continuously insulting Suchi – he took the easy way – barged into another house who by the way are there only to reminisce their dead child.
    While I do feel his helplessness, at times I also think it’s necessary to stand up in front of your loved ones also. Now how will he react after knowing the complete truth, that has to be seen.

    About Pihu, even she is justified in her place. But the word she chose was really hurtful. Specially when she implied that now Suchi is becoming Mansi’s friend. I guess she is also afraid that Suchi might choose Aarav over her & that’s why helping his family instead of her.
    But after watching Suchi going through heaven & hell for Pihu, this type of accusations from her, does hurt.

    Anandita is Pihu’s mother & will always be the most important person in Pihu’s life. But since Suchi is an outsider, she had to prove her motherhood multiple times & yet in front of general people, she is none to her. So, I guess, I have a soft spot for her 🙂 Plus, I really like Sana since KRISHNADASI so last night when she was crying, genuinely felt bad for her. Pihu is too little to understand what Suchi has gone through for her but one day I would like to watch her realize that with Gopal’s help. 🙂

    Now with the ongoing news of BHOOTU completely revamping its plot with Sana & Kinshuk’s exit – I am horrified. I honestly watch this show for PiChi. Without Aarav even without Gopal I’ll watch. But Pihu without Suchi – that will be the end of BHOOTU for me. Thought it was a fake news but just saw Sana posting an image in her IG saying let’s post it all – I am scared.

    I hope they are not planning to show Suchi dying or handing Pihu over to Anandita & leaving her forever saying Yashodha has to part way with her child 🙁 That would be really heart breaking 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. You are absolutely right Niharika,Suchi is as indispensable to the story as Pihu.Exiting the character at this juncture is not at all fair.Even I don’t mind Aarav exiting as love and romance have never been the main theme of this story. Infact Aarav and Suchi have never convinced me as a couple.For Suchi it is Pihu all the way,nothing else matters to her,she is already in the mindset of a mother,and Aarav is a over protective brother.We can not expect them to be a normal loveydovey couple with their preoccupations.So better this relationship ends and Aarav goes his way.But exiting Suchi from Pihu’s life is not acceptable..The serial will lose its charm without her.But that’s how an otherwise well written story is destroyed.I hope this is only a rumour and we will have the pleasure of watching Suchi with Pihu till the very end of the serial.

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