My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Prologue

Two young girls are sitting on a bench in a park and talking with each other. One girl looks happy and talkative. She tells many things to the other girl. The other one listens carefully. She is Swara .

” He told me so. I think I’m very lucky to get him ”

Swara says , ” Yes may be ”

Time passes. They talk for few more minutes and get up to leave. A young boy comes there . He asks,

” Are you leaving? ”

Swara’s friend says,

” Sanskar!!! We were talking about you now ! How did you know that we are here ? You came just at time !! ”

He looks at her and replies,

” You told me yesterday. I came to talk with you for few minutes as your father doesn’t like us to talk and meet . ”

Swara’s friend gets upset.

” I know. I can’t do anything…..”

Swara feels that she is interrupting them and says ,

” I’ll leave. You guys carry on ”

” Ok Swara.  Take care bye..”

Sanskar looks at her..,

Swara leaves from there. She thinks ,

” I don’t like them to be together. It’s wrong. Her mom is right. I have to take her to correct path”.

She leaves….

Scene ends..

_To Be Continued_

If you like this prolgue of my story , please tell me . I will surely continue it as an FF. If it’s not interesting , tell that too. I’ll be very happy to hear your ideas. Thank you for reading.

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    Angel got a new story on Swasan when she knows nothing about them. Huh? Well I got to know now! Well is this Swasan only?

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