Black heart, innocent soul-ragsan -one shot

hey guys I am back with a one shot ??.

a girl in simple red top and jeans enters a large campus.she admired the infrastructure looking everywhere with utmost curiousity and awe.her eyes twinkled with happiness seeing her dream college’scholar high’.”thanks bappa that you got me till are my strength,my hope.when I remember my parents only you come in my mind, because of your blessings I have reached till here.”girl thanks God closing her eyes standing at a place.

“peep peep”a horn sound startles her and she sees a group of boys on expensive bikes coming towards her.she is freezed at her spot not minding the honking of the horns.she sweat dropped as a bike reached near her but wasn’t able to move her limbs.”move”the biker shouted angrily while a hand pulled her away from the way.the biker looked back with arrogance while she could see only his hazel brown orbs through his halmet.her trance broke as the bikes disappeared and she looked at her saviour.”hi I am sameer”her saviour forwarded his hand smiling.”ragini”she said little startled by the past moments.”don’t worry it happens when you see this college for first time… it’s so mesmerizing…. and moreover those stupid boys could not hold themselves for some time…cold hearted pricks”Sameer said venomously but soon composed himself.

“so new here which course?”Sameer asked excited.”MBA”ragini answered sweetly but in back of her head she was thinking whether to befriend this guy or not.”hmmm… you are a scholarship student…quite good in studies”Sameer analyzed her dressing and behavior reasoning his thoughts.ragini raised her eyebrows feeling confused.”the girls here are dolled up with makeup,they wear expensive and fashionable clothes and the boys who you had an encounter with must know all the popular girls from their family friends…

they are rich spoiled brats you see”Sameer clarified while ragini knitted her brows together hearing him.”I am also doing MBA and those boys too… but we have studied here from bachelor’s only”Sameer spoke with a smile but the mention of those boys brought anger on his face.ragini just stared at him trying to fathom why he is too angry with those rich brats though she saw how rudely they just passed when she still stood rooted to the spot.”Sameer”a guy came running to him but stood questiongly looking at ragini.ragini looked at him innocently while Sameer smiled introducing them”she is ragini, our course and my new friend and ragini this is my best friend neil”.Neil shook his hand with her smiling.”so now I am also your friend”Neil said earning a nod from her.

ragini huffed hearing so much noise from her supposed classroom.she was a person who liked peace and silence but this was gonna get hard for her.neil and Sameer looked at her asking her to come to which she smiled stepping in with them.the whole class went silent seeing the trio making ragini’s heart flutter with fear.she looked at Neil confused who blinked his eyes asking her to sit.”see that bigdail raees(spoil brat) he is seething with curiosity and jealousy”Sameer smirked looking at someone and then at them.neil sighed tightening his jaws while ragini looked towards where Sameer looked a moment ago.there was a group of boys and girls sitting in the row besides them.her eyes recognized those hazel brown orbs see saw in the ground.he was looking at them in anger and a fear settled in her feeling his dark gaze.her adverted her eyes when he looked at her coldly.her innocent eyes made his heart skip a beat but he didn’t let it be known in his features.ragini looked at Neil and Sameer indulging in their talks while a pair of eyes looked at her.

“ouch”ragini bent down to pick her fallen books but frustrated she said”can’t you see idiot…”. the person bent down to her level giving her chills with his piercing gaze.”idiot?huh… you seem to be one not me… and for your information I am sanskar… register that name because this boy is gonna make your life hard”sanskar sniffed hearing her and giving a warning went from there.ragini looked on worried and confused but muttered huffing”Sameer says right he is bigdail raees”. ragini shook her head and moved towards the canteen.she took her food and moved to a table where few girls were sitting.”don’t sit here”a girl haughtily said startling ragini.”but why?”ragini asked innocently but the girl smiled sarcastically saying”just like your dressing your common sense is also low standard”.

ragini was offended by it and parted her lips to speak something but Sameer came there standing arrogantly in front of that group giving a bifitting reply”yes you are right… just like how your heart is small like your dress”. Sameer held ragini’s hand going from there while the girl seethed in anger but kept mum.ragini looked at him who was sitting beside that girl chuckling when she made that comment on ragini, fuming when Sameer came and holding that girl’s hand stopping her from saying anything.

“ragini since you are going to stay in this college you should know somethings…Neil and that sanskar are enemies as their parents are business rivals… Neil has a heart of gold while sanskar’s heart is black,Neil respects everyone while sanskar doesn’t knows even the’r’of respect,Neil has a sense of good and bad while sanskar doesn’t knows anything about people… for him only status matters…. sanskar’s group includes all the bad guys who are money minded and arrogant..neil is thankful to be born with a silver spoon but he treats people according to their nature not status….. sanskar is so jealous of Neil that if a girl goes to him or for say anyone talks to him and not him he considers them as also his enemy…. his group is totally evil and I advise you to stay away from them”ragini nodded gulping hearing all this.”I won’t talk to him ever… not after he almost threatened me”ragini resoluted.”Oye Sameer you again started your lectures….see ragini seems too lost because of that”Neil hit slightly on his head attracting ragini’s attention.ragini smiled at him shaking her head and they had food.

“ragini you did the project really well”Ajay Verma, their professor said.ragini thanked him and sat on her bench.”looks like now the competition starts”Sameer told playfully while ragini smirked and giggled.sanskar was seething in jealousy,he was a bad guy but still topper in studies and ragini threatened his position in the class worrying him.

“pass the ball”Neil shouted at ragini who was coming to the court.ragini lifted the ball and went towards him smirking.neil looked at her and they both started playing with the basketball.ragini breathed heavily saving the ball from Neil moving towards her basket.neil ran after her but couldn’t hold the ball making ragini giggle looking back at him.she wasn’t looking forward and dashed in a hard chest falling down.”could not you have helped me Sameer”ragini chided still on the ground thinking that it’s Sameer she dashed with.ragini looked up and stood staring at him with rage.sanskar gave her a haughty look with cold eyes.neil came to them and looked at sanskar with hate.”go away we have to play here”Karthik said while sanskar just glared them.neil gave a dark chuckle saying”is it only yours that you are commanding us to leave…no way that we are leaving”. sanskar raised his eyebrows and challenged him”then let’s play”looking at ragini.neil looked at ragini thinking of rejecting but ragini nodded bravely not letting him take a step.”I hope they won’t humiliate her just because of me”Neil thought worried.

the ball came to ground and both ragsan moved to it trying to grab it but sanskar took the lead.ragini moved after him from one side while Neil from another to snatch the ball but sanskar dodged Neil ragini was after him trying to get the ball, sanskar neared his basket but ragini came in front of him concentrating on ball.sanskar dribbled the ball continuously while ragini interefered keeping hand on ball.sanskar dribbled the ball near to him while in a bid to get hold of the ball ragini neared him unknowingly.ragini’s hand touched his making him feel different but ragini was indulged in the ball.sanskar freezed sensing their closeness while her scent aroused some alien feeling in him.getting the opportunity ragini took the ball and moved to her basket.

“neil”ragini passed the ball to him looking at him and moving forward.suddenly she dashed with someone and was again about to fall but a hand caught hold of her wrist pulling her upwards towards him.”thanks Karthik”ragini gave an awkward smile feeling uncomfortable with their closeness.sanskar gave him a’what the hell was that’ look while Karthik smiled at ragini moving back.”basket”Neil screamed happily attracting their attention.sanskar sighed in frustration and ran towards his side taking the ball.he fastly moved towards his side basket but Neil followed him to prevent him.ragini looked on worried but still moved to prevent sanskar.sanskar fastened his pace but Neil came to him trying to take the ball.sanskar elbowed him making him fall down and scored a basket with a satisfactory look.ragini helped Neil to get up but panicked seeing his blood.she was left furious when sanskar just chuckled hifing Karthik.

“you…. what kind of a person you are? hurting someone gives you joy…. such a heartless person you are…. so blind in your hatred that you stop behaving like a human…. even if you have a heart it’s black… such a cold person you are”ragini boiled in anger with her red teary eyes feeling bad for neil.ragini pointed finger at him saying”just because you have all comforts of life and you get everything easily does not mean that you should become too cold to others… at least hold a life important… everyone is of equal worth regardless of their status even if it’s your enemy”. sanskar smirked evilly saying”you will teach me how to conduct myself?who are you?huh… nothing….I am the one to decide who I feel for or not….arre you should be thankful to me… because of my father’s charity people like you can enter this college or you don’t have the status to see it’s face also….see yourself first…no identity…no family… you are just an identityless girl…. bloody orphan”. ragini felt hot tears rush down her cheeks and a stinging sensation in her heart hearing him say those words with so much hatred and coldness.yes she had listened to it all her life but most people said it in sympathy or did not escalated it to this level of disgust.ragini ran away from there digging her nails in her palm.

“yes papa I have registered in national basketball championship”sanskar said on phone in a informative tone with no emotion in his eyes.he cut the call but hearing sobbing sounds he looked towards the empty dark room where a girl was sitting sobbing violently.he moved cautiously towards her but was shocked seeing the girl who turned around just then.”go away”ragini said hurt with tears still tricking down her face.her eyes were red and swollen due to continuous crying while her cheeks had tear marks with a red tinge indicating she rubbed her cheeks vigorously, her nose was totally red due to continuous crying.sanskar was feeling bad seeing her in this condition but his arrogant side didn’t let him accept his heart’s advise to console her and apologize.he left from there silently but felt miserable hearing her pained him to see her cry not because he was feeling a connection but because he saw his shadow in her,a vulnerable 15year old kid who cried miserably with no one to share pain with ,no hope that one would come and soothe her pain.

he belonged to a rich family but his family comprised of business and money oriented parents who didn’t actually raised him but just paid for his comforts.his childhood went under the love and care of his nanny but as he grew up she also left him on his own.his parents didn’t gave him the required love he needed specially when entering teenage where one needs a support and guidance, to whom he could share his insecurities with but alas his parents were more busy in setting up his future business empire spoiling his life.he started to grow cold in order to not get hurt, detaching himself from everyone who could be close to him fearing his desertion again,he put up this facade of rudeness, arrogance and cold heart to protect himself from getting hurt and be left vulnerable ultimately but still the child in him cried for these fake relations he had created,of his selfish front while from inside he wanted to spread happiness around,he felt disgusted at his hyprocritic attitude,he knew money did not mattered much but scaling that only he made friends, maybe in a wish that they will also understand his pain but those were careless, spoiled brats lost in their attitude which transformed sanskar completely.he thought by mocking others he could forget the joke that his life everyday plays with him but now seeing ragini he cursed himself.
“so bad of a friend you are, there your friend is crying and you are enjoying here”

sanskar gave a sarcastic smile to Sameer who was chatting on mobile.sameer immediately rushed to the place sanskar said while sanskar looked on relieved as now she won’t be alone.after some time ragini entered the canteen with a dull smile but Sameer tried cheering her up.ragini had always felt hurt realizing that her parents are not with her, that she doesn’t even knows about them,in orphanage she didn’t felt that bad as every kid was each other’s family but when she started her school she realized the missing part of her life, her parents.ragini got too sensitive regarding her parents but always stayed strong and brave in front of the world.she went on in life to achieve success as she realized every parent wants the child to be successful and happy so she smiled, spreading happiness and forgetting pain, thriving for success she made friends who became her family.but her the vacuum of her parent’s place could not be filled by anyone and with time she became more sensitive in that sense.and today’s incident just broke her apart but also gave her the strength to not let anyone hurt her.

ragini saw sanskar sitting in canteen with his cold eyes scanning the canteen but when his gaze fell on her though he didn’t wanted to avert his eyes but he did and ragini just got back to talking to Sameer.”Neil is in medical room right,?”Sameer nodded at her query.”ragini you should not let anyone affect you… and especially not those who try to put you down… just hear from one side and throw it out from other ear”Sameer held her hand while ragini gave him a smile not letting her tears brim up.”I hate him”ragini said coldly.sameer patted her cheeks saying”you should not keep such a strong emotion for him…. ignore him…it would be better”. ragini sighed as Sameer gave her a side hug advising her.

“sanskar don’t you think there is something going on between ragini and Sameer”sahil smirked evilly.sanskar looked on unaffected but the next words attracted his attention”to break Neil and Sameer you should make ragini get close to you”. sanskar gave him a glare saying”yes I will trap her” but jerked as he was turned around and the stinging sensation on his cheek made him realize he was slapped, for the first time in his life.he gritted his teeth looking at the one in front of him with his hand raised to slap the person.”how cheap could you fall?”ragini glared him with red eyes but sanskar just dropped his hand with his anger replaced by a cold look.ragini went from there without uttering any other word.sanskar felt his heart skip a beat seeing her turn scrunching her nose in anger looking absolutely cute.he shrugged off the feeling and went from there avoiding everyone’s shocked expression as sanskar was the one who gave two for one but now his silence startled everyone.

sanskar moved to the university’s back lawn which remained void of any being but there he saw ragini feeding the squirrels and giggling at the squirrels antics who came and ran away hurriedly taking a piece of roti.sanskar for a moment forgot everything seeing her pure smile which illuminated her pure soul.he felt the scene ethereal unlike any other time when he had not noticed such details of the nature which give a joy and warmth never felt with even his closest friends.he automatically had a huge smile on his face with his legs moving towards her but his smile disappeared realising what he was doing.”you…why did you came here?”ragini asked defensively.”just go from here… you won’t be able to trap me…I heard all your plan…go away you heartless creature”sanskar balled his hand into fist hearing her angry words.he stamped his foot and held her by shoulder making her stand.ragini tried to scream but he kept his hand on her lips looking straight into her eyes.ragini’s features softened seeing pain in his eyes, she had all time tried to hide her pain and with that she realized what one’s eyes hold specially pain.sanskar held her tightly bringing her dangerously close that their hot breaths made them feel something alien but sanskar closed his eyes and opened them speaking coldly”yes I said I would trap you… but you could not fathom the tone I said it in… you were behind me and you could not see the glare I gave to them… before I could speak something you just slapped me… you didn’t even let me finish my sentence…I was going to say that it will break your heart and how much bad I am I can’t play with such pure feeling as love….it won’t have only affected you but me also…I would have felt guilty for doing such a thing…I may be arrogant, rude and cold but I also realize other’s feelings are important….

I know how much you are hurt when you expect love and you don’t get it…I have suffered…”. ragini looked at him teary eyed seeing him broken and vulnerable but sanskar didn’t spoke further and left her.ragini balanced herself looking at him sympathetically.sanskar closed his eyes taking in deep breaths trying to calm his nerves.”you can cry…I won’t tell anyone”ragini softly muttered but sanskar just blinked several times putting his cold look again.”I am sorry… to misunderstand you… to hurt you…. for slapping you”sanskar stopped hearing her apology.he turned around warning coldly”don’t come here.. it’s an indecent place for people like you”. ragini could swear she felt worry in his tone for her.her heart fluttered realising that he cares for her.sanskar raised an eyebrow seeing her standing mum.”who are you to tell me that…I will come here”ragini told arrogantly as she didn’t wanted sanskar to feel miserable just because she softened her attitude towards him after seeing him like that,all broken down.sanskar gave her a ‘whatever look’ leaving from there.ragini looked on emotionally hoping that he comes out of his agony soon.

“these stupid had to go for party and now they are not in class…I won’t give them my notes”ragini pouted angrily sitting alone while her lecture was going on.she heard something and turned around looking at her back where sanskar and Karthik sat grinning looking at the phone with earphones in their ears.ragini felt disgusted hearing their talks and screamed loudly”stop it”. the whole class looked at her shocked including sanskar and karthik.the professor called for sanskar and ragini after the lecture to know about the matter.karthik was saved as even the professor knew about the tussle between ragsan so he figured it out that it must have been between them.

ragsan came out of the staff room pale faced.when the professor asked ragini the reason for her conduct she could not utter a word as she felt too shameful to say what sanskar was looking at a punishment for disturbing the class decorum both were given to arrange the books in library for continuous 5days which increased to 7 when sanskar tried you might be thinking it would be a library of almost 2floors but as their college the library also occupied a huge space with 7floors piled up with books from around the world.their reason for worry was that the professor instructed them to set the whole library means all 7floors in those 7 days and if they didn’t then they have to leave their marks.sanskar glared at ragini before leaving while ragini sighed thinking of the punishment.

first day ragsan went to different floors performing their ‘duty’ separately which proved futile for them only as both were too tired to do day ragini came to him hesitant.”let’s sign a truce

…. till we Don’t get out of this punishment we will work together… and after that part on our ways…no fighting till then”sanskar nodded hearing her thinking of this as the best option.they went to library and while ragini kept all the books according to serial number sanskar lifted them up keeping them in their designated shelves.”now I am tired… you keep the books now and I will give you arranging them”sanskar pouted looking cute,ragini tried hard to control her smile but it broke out making sanskar adore her.sanskar came out of his hypnotized zone and arranged the books.ragini lifted them huffing while sanskar chuckled.

“may i””no thanks”ragini outstraight refused his help lifting the books herself as she knew he was tired and also she had to keep up the respect of girls.the sweat which trickled down ragini’s forehead made sanskar to look at her with a new feeling.he had seen many girls,all who cared about their expensive dresses, their makeup,looks, behaving like delicate flowers to gain his attention but this girl was surely different, more indulged in hardwork than makeup,in classes than dresses and her bravery and strongness like no other girl.”done”ragini exclaimed clapping her hands after keeping the books.”there are still these books left”ragini smiled sheepishly mesmerizing sanskar with her child like innocence.ragini shook her head taking other books and keeping them in shelves.sanskar composed slapping himself mentally for his new feelings.after 5hours they were done with the books on the first floor.ragini gave a victorious smile to sanskar who chuckled softly.ragini raised her hand for HiFi but was withdrawing it back realizing that it’s sanskar but sanskar held her wrist hifing with her.ragini looked at him surprised by his gesture while sanskar looked on as if nothing happened.

“I will go by bus”ragini spoke silently when sanskar asked how she will go as it was dark.”come inside”sanskar opened the door of his car commanding her.ragini looked at him unsure but a glare from sanskar and she hopped in.sanskar smiled at her reaction but ragini was too busy shying that she didn’t noticed him.the drive went on silent with a peace covering their heart reminscing the day’s activities and their time together.”stop here”sanskar applied brakes when they reached a weary building which read’shanti anathashram’.ragini thanked him getting down with a smile.sanskar nodded and saw a girl come running to them hugging ragini tightly.”Didi why did you came so late?”girl asked sad.sanskar looked on as ragini cupped the small girl’s cheeks kissing her forehead.”don’t worry bacha I will tell you a story for sure and also repay my time playing with you”the girl smiled widely hearing ragini while sanskar felt touched by her actions.she was an orphan who didn’t had a family but still she grew to be a good human,she cared for everyone and wished to make others life easy around her, giving time to others even when she must be herself tired by her college schedule made him respect her and he regretted speaking those harsh words to her.ragini waved bye to him and he took his car from there thinking something.

“I am hungry I am taking a break”ragini pouted sitting down and opening her lunch.sanskar also got up wiping dirt off the old books with his bare hands.”ragini I…I am sorry… for my earlier behavior to you..I should not have said those things to you”sanskar hesitated but finally said what he wanted to say from last night.ragini widened her eyes hearing his apology as he was known to be arrogant and heartless but now he was confessing his mistake and above that apologizing,she smiled seeing his eyes reflecting his remorse.”ok sorry granted but be aware next time or I won’t leave you”ragini mockingly warned him relieving sanskar.ragini grinned at sanskar hearing his stomach growl while he looked on blushing.”I think I also need some food”sanskar said trying to go away but ragini interrupted”canteen is at the far corner of campus from here…

it will take you almost 20minutes to fetch something and come back….Ihave enough food if you want you can eatfrom it”. sanskar nodded but hesitated to eat with her.”don’t worry I have not added poison in it and nobody is here to see you eating with me”ragini joked while sanskar sat beside her but pouted showing her his dirty hands.ragini shook her head giggling and forwarded a morsel from her hand towards his mouth.sanskar looked on shocked but ragini pushed the morsel in his mouth asking him to eat.sanskar was never fed by his mother and getting fed this way overwhelmed him making a tear trip down his eyes.

“is it too spicy?”sanskar shook his head wiping his tear and fed him again.sanskar felt a connection establishing between the two which he wanted to enhance, she was not like other, she didn’t acted fake to be with him and she genuinely cared.
Neil was surrounded by goons which sanskar recognized as the hired men of their common business rival.neil hissed in pain as everyone attacked him together.sanskar got hold of one of them beating him to pulp.seeing support Neil was filled with energy and they together started beating the goons.sameer who was passing by ran in seeing the situation.the trio fought bravely making the goons run away.”thanks”Neil hugged sanskar while Sameer patted his shoulder in gratitude.sanskar smiled saying”I am tired of this baseless rivarly… just because our parents our rival I don’t think it is mandatory for us too… but that doesn’t mean I want to be your friend but just a classmate”.he helped Neil but that didn’t mean he wanted to befriend him,he was still sanskar who didn’t gave in easily.Neil nodded while sanskar went from there rubbing his red knuckles due to fighting.ragini who just came to Neil panicked seeing blood on his hands.sameer calmed her down telling her the whole incident surprising ragini.

“come”ragini made sanskar sit on the library desk opening the first aid.sanskar winced in pain when the antiseptic burned his skin.ragini blowed air on his hand soothing his pain, not only physical but also his psychological pain was being healed by her.sanskar averted his gaze from her face when ragini lifted up her face.sanskar gave a small smile while his heart fluttered with joy seeing his care.both went back to work to arrange the shelves and like this the day passed.”meet you tomorrow”ragini waved to him leaving the college.sanskar brushed his hair blushing at her every gesture.

ragini was sitting in the back lawn enjoying the silence of the nature.she smiled remembering all her moments with sanskar with blush covering her bad she had found him once and now he was kne of her closest friend,yes talking everyday in library about each other’s interest,likes and dislikes, view point brought them more closer.she felt the need to see him everyday, with her he wasn’t the cold black hearted guy but an innocent soul who could crack jokes,talk heart to heart, care for others.ragini got up seeing it’s time for class but turned seeing a squirrel eating the food she spread.ragini smiled looking at it but soon her face turned pale realising someone’s hold on her waist.ragini struggled trying to get out of his hold but the person didn’t budged.ragini tried to scream but the person covered her mouth.ragini felt herself getting weak even when after constant retaliation the person didn’t left tears rushed down her cheeks thinking of the consequences.

“sanskar”ragini breathed in his name fighting her tears trying to get out of the hold again.ragini gave a strong knee blow to the person making him wince in pain leaving her.ragini looked at the person shocked but running away was a better option than confronting him so she ran with all her might.ragini fell down when the person caught her leg pulling her.”Karthik please leave me”ragini pleaded him in a broken voice but the lust in his eyes did not decreased a bit and he moved towards her.ragini tried getting up but her leg was twisted paralyzing her.karthik moved towards her leaning to her level, ragini sobbed not having the energy to scream more.she cried when Karthik snatched her scarf throwing it.”no”ragini gave him a blow on his face with her fist making him fall back.ragini got up wincing in pain trying to run from there.”ahh”ragini was about to fall when a pair of strong arms caught her.she looked at him and burst into a bitter cry hugging him.”sanskar”ragini cried more when he caressed her hair soothingly.sanskar’s eyes were filled with pain and helplessness seeing ragini in that broken condition but soon it was replaced by disgust and anger for his once friend.he broke the hug and moved to Karthik with rage filled eyes.karthik fumbled to say anything earning a punch from sanskar.sanskar beat him blue and black with blood dropping from his mouth,head.”sanskar stop”ragini was horrified seeing sanskar continuously punching karthik.she feared that some serious damage may happen to Karthik putting sanskar in danger.sanskar looked at her with his anger cooling down and he left karthik.he picked up her scarf handing her and wiping her tears.”you raised your hand on me for this filthy girl…who is she to you?”Karthik asked with his left courage.sanskar gritted his teeth ready to punch him again but ragini held his hand stopping him.sanskar took a deep breath saying”she is everything…my love…my life… and if anyone raises a finger on her I won’t leave him”.
ragini was left shocked by his confession and walked senselessly as sanskar dragged her away from there.”sanskar what did you said there?”ragini asked.sanskar sighed but spoke”ragini what I said was true… spending these 6days with you I felt complete… you are the answer to all my queries… you are the medicine to heal my wounds…I feel alive near you.. I feel loved near you”.ragini hugged sanskar as he broke into tears while confessing.sanskar felt relief rush through him feeling ragini near him,safe.”I love you too sanskar”ragini said in between her sobs while she felt sanskar smile on her shoulder.she hugged him cherishing their moment.

done at last.i was trying to write it from 3days and at last it’s done.maybe I will give an epilogue for it too if I feel like.
thanks for reading my lovely readers.
take care and have a nice sleep.

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