bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 53)

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Hiii, today I will not ask do you miss me or not because I know your answer. But today I have a request. Pls read note.
Part 52
With knocks on door increasing her tension also increasing with passing time.
After doing some quick arrangement ,she open the door.
The person directly entered inside her room and started to jump on bed.
Alia: what the hell is this?
Person: aunty this is my dad’s house, I can do anything.
Alia: listen niaksh, I have some work. Pls go and play at some other place.
Niaksh: nope aunty, I will play here only.
Alia: One minute what do you say’ Aunty’? Am I looking like aunty?
Niaksh looks her from toe to head.
Niaksh: sry, you don’t like aunty.

Alia: it’s kk
Niaksh: but you’re looking like grand ma.
By saying it he started to run around her, she tried to catch him but everytime he used to escape from her.
Alia: once I will catch you then I will show you real me.
Niaksh: till now even my mom don’t able to catch me then how grandma will able catch me.
He run from there leaving alia fume in anger.
As usual swasan come at dining table hand in hand. She excuses herself and went to kitchen to help ragini.
Alia: gm Sanskar
Kaira: alia very bad, you don’t wish anyone of us. But you’re wishing him specially anything special.
Adi also came there and sited beside sanskar.
Sanskar: adi, don’t you think so instead of swara she is reacting.
Adi confusedly looks toward him.
Adi: what do you mean?
Sanskar: see I mean why kaira bother so much of her presence. See again she is ready to fight with her. Don’t you find this weird.
Adi: what weird in this, she is swara frnd. If someone droll over her frnd then this reaction is common.
Swara: Are you sure?
Adi: you also started.
Swara: arre what I said I just asked na. okay look toward her she is still fighting.
Alia: I just wish him what is wrong in it?
Kaira: what is wrong ? Everything is wrong in you.
Alia: but

Kaira: no if and buts, wish everyone good mrng.
Alia: ( murmur) first that small packet and now this big packet.
Kaira: hey what happen? Don’t you know how to wish good mrng.
Alia: gm kaira, gm swara, gm a..
Kaira: haa now fine
Swara sited beside kaira
Swara: don’t you think so you’re doing so much.
Kaira: arre I am doing everything for you.
Swara: you know yesterday night she was with adi.
Kaira( yell): what????????
Sanadi and alia looks toward swaira.

Adi: what happen?
Kaira: vo she told me some shocking news.
Adi: mad girl.
He went from there.
Sanskar came near them.
Sanskar: kaira don’t waste your time on our problem. Go and say your feeling before it become late.
Kaira: what do you mean?
Swara: we know everything. He is so lucky that he will get life partner like you.
Kaira: but if he reject me or break frndship with me.

Swara phones ring,she excuses herself.
Sanskar; you know my condition was same like you, I also have same feeling like to you to loose my love.
Kaira: then what you did?
Sanskar: nothing just follow my heart and propose her.
Kaira: what she answer?
Sanskar: what do you think?
Kaira: yes
Sanskar: hmm , that day is most special for me. But me jerk I myself loose her due to my stupidly.
Kaira: hey don’t be sad I know everything from here. I can see that ow much you’re regretting.
Sanskar: but why can’t she?
Kaira: oye you’re here for helping na. Give me ideas for purposing that dumbo.
Sanskar: dumbo?
Kaira: yeah dumbo, your frnd is great dumbo. See na he is not understanding anything.
Sanskar: both best frnds are same.
Kaira: true , neither swara is understands your feeling nor adi is understanding my feeling. Let us make a deal.
Sanskar: what?

Kaira: you will help me to make me confess my feeling and I will help you to make her forgive her.
She forward her hand.
After thinking something he also shake his hand.
Sanskar: done, we both will fight for each other love.
Kaira: not only fight also win our love battle. Any plan for it.
Sanskar: arre let me think na.
Kaira: you’re expert na.
Sanskar : vo to mai hu
Kaira: don’t fly so much high.
Sanskar: okay listen first stop giving him so much importance.
Kaira: but if I will not give him any importance then how I will able to make him feel like me.
Sanskar: if you will start to ignore him then he will able to realize your importance.
Kaira: great idea dude

Sanskar: now my turn
Kaira: I will give you later first let me find that chipkali.
Sanskar: not fair
Kaira: dude everything is fair in love and war. And this our love war.
She run from there.
He turned other side and find swara still on phone.
He went toward her. She cut the call and turn other side. Both collide with each other and fell on floor like swara is above sanskar.
He romantically looked in her eyes, she also looking in his eyes. Both forget their surrounding and continued their eyelock.
Alia seeing them with some distance and took their photos. She sensed their photos to someone and instruct something.
Alia: ( monologue) do as much romance you want to do. Just some days and end of so called ‘ swasan’
She went near them to disturb.
Alia: are you both fine?
Both came in sense, swara tried to stood but again she fell upon him.
He hold her through waist and looked toward alia.
Sanskar: stop interfering in our life.
Alia: I was just…
Sanskar: I know what were you up to? Pls maintain good distance from me and my wife.
She angrily went from there.

Swara: what was that?
Sanskar: nothing, I just thought to continue our romantic eyelock.
Swara: in your dreams you can continue it, now leave me.
Sanskar: not so soon
She pinch his hand and stand up.
Swara: now continue your romance alone.
Precap: first attempt, will attempt successful or will sbe get another failure?
If this part is not good pls pardon me. Now read note.
Note; Plsssssssssss guys watch sr TV we can’t let colors do injustice with us. We all know how much this show matter to us. If you have twitter then spam colors, we have to force them to change their decision.
And I know how much you all love this show. Plz try your best to save sr.
I know this part is short and not up to to mark because i am so upset due to news. I dont able to concetrate on anything.
Now hope for best……

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